Wandering Through the Desert

Hello Everybody *waves*

It has begun! The Moment we have all feared!

The time we have all dreaded!

The day that marks the great and terrible… Rob Drought!!!

Into the blistering wilderness we walk alone. We wander aimlessly in the vast empty desert of “Rob Desire”, ever searching for…an oasis, a precious haven where can quench our thirst for The Pretty. But It shall not come to pass.
Day by day we will search, wandering from place to place but what we seek, we shall not find. Without  hope, our hearts are in turmoil like the hot winds and raging sands that lash us with the fury of a “Master’s” whip. We are driven onward, always onward …into the molten wilderness. The dry air blows HOT against our skin until we are sobbing for relief. Our skin grows hotter still and our bodies BURN for the one thing that will bring us fulfillment. Each night brings the Black Embrace of Loneliness. In the mocking whisper of the wind, we hear in the echoing Voices of the Dark…


Wondering if  the desert’s hot breath has melted our reason into madness, we are unable to cool the burning kiss of thirst upon our lips nor shade the scorching Fury of the Sun. It has become a thirst we cannot quench! We crave those lucious red lips, soft and moist like a pomegranite…

All about us is desolation.  We will pray for Shade to cool our burning skin. Daily we plod ever onward, desperately searching for those eyes of liquid blue… like twin pools of bright, cool blue waters.

We long for something to shield us from the tearing sands against our skin, longing for the softness and  the Wild Tangle of Supple Bronze Hair.

The thick silken strands soft against our Flesh.

But  then, in the midst of our desperation, loneliness and longing, near maddness from seperation and desire, a vision appears in the distance. What’s that? Can it be? Do our eyes decieve us? Is this an Oasis or a cruel mirage?  Firelight flickers at the edge of the oasis and we must move closer!


Truly, it is a beautiful Arabian tent with tall, twin torches standing either side of the open flap. Please tell us it is not just a mirage conjured up by the Drought madness. It looks so real…our feet are drawn forward against our will.

Suddenly, a devilishly handsome desert sheik with an achingly familiar face steps forward, beckoning us to enter…at our own risk. Hearts thumping, we glide into his desert abode…for him, we will risk all!

“Come. Seek refuge in the tent of the shiek…but you must enter at your own risk.”

Entering his tent, we notice that he is looking at us as though we are something to feast upon. What awaits us now?

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…share The Pretty?  No fucking way!!!
When I see the woman I want, I take her.
Resistance is futile! We will either share him or lose him forever, damnit!  So, yes…we WILL share! For we are all SISTAS!!! And one look upon that well defined, glorious face and we know…though our minds have been driven mad from desertion and longing…that he truly is Extraordinary!!

Suddenly the face before us wavers like the heat rising from the desert sands! The blinding “Sun” of this drought is blocked from scorched our bodies by the looming shadow of a man. But this is no ordinary man. He stretches out his hand and we take it.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

 We smile and say,

“Robert, I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.”

We take his offered hand and turn to smile at him, wondering where he will lead us…
Driven insane by the desert dryness of the Rob Drought, our minds conjure a new image.

and like a messenger from God he leads us out of the desert of Rob Drought to an Island…

flowing with RobGoodness.

Ha ha! Yes, my Lovlies…we all go a little mad sometimes, especially when we have to go without our favorite addiction, Rob! And a Rob Drought is the perfect ingredient for causing such madness. So, if there was ever a more appropriate time for this song, or a more appropriate moment to play it for The Pretty, I can’t imagine it!

That being the case…
Dearest Rob, from all of us here at RA,
this ones for you…

And THIS ONE TOO! LOLHopefully, we here at RA will make the wait a little more bearable for you all…until Nov. 18th.Much Love to you all,RobsFan~tasy  P.S. I MUST give a special shout out of thanks to Paula The Enforcer, Manip Maker Extrodinaire!!! over on NTSI for making the FABULOUS manips that are included in this post! And also to Rita01tx for her Mad Editing skills! I couldn’t have done it without you girls!!Mwah!



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27 responses to “Wandering Through the Desert

  1. Nicole

    Hola bb…I love the Manips and your Viddie with “Survivor”…it fit the pictures so well, and so true. Seems like Rob has invaded our thoughts and very souls and we are always looking around to see him…in everything. Paula…aka “The Enforcer” did a great job, and Rita too.

    Gee bb, I can see you doing some other viddies with Survivor songs (I have all their cd’s and got the email late or I’d have ripped the song you wanted for you, but Jolori had it). Some other songs of their’s I can see you working with that I really like are…”I Can’t Hold Back”, “The Search Is Over”, “High On You”.

    Love the first viddie too!

    Nice post RF!

    • Hi Nicole! Great to see you again BB! I think when Rob goes out of the public eye we miss him so much the fantasies start running wild! Hence the manips LOL. I was talking to Rita about how The Rob drought was like wandering through the desert looking for water. I said someone oughtta make a desert post and she said YOU thought of it. LOL and here we are! *still can’t figure out how somone oughtta became me* L of A was totes Rita’s idea! Ardeth Ray and Indy were mine.

      And yes, we do see him or imagine him in everyone. (Miss Mod sees him in the Post man! 😛 ) *wonders if HER postman rings twice* *snickers*

      Feel free to send me those or any other songs you would like to have a vid made of BB! I’ll get vids made of them eventually! (that goes for everyone. Imma taking request! LOL) Maggie was sweet enough to walk me through adding the film clips so now I’m all eager to get really creative! HEE HEE I still have that S&M Rhianna vid in the works *wicked grin* and a shit load of 50 manips. we’ll see what comes of that! Survivor is a great group and the name is so suitable for this Rob Drought. we are all going to need to be survivors till Nov. 18. The survivor vid was meant to be amusing but I could see the same song with different pics of Rob being made into a really cool “missing you” vid as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting BB!

  2. Oh my my my my…..I LOVE THIS! You know what? Remember when Rita made that hi-larious spin-off of WIT?! Of course you do! Well, I swear Kim, you could totally write a one-shot about this post! Oh, it’s a Fisher Price moment LMAO! ;’) xoxo

    • rita01tx

      Hell’n I thought it already was a one shot LMAO! When I was helping Kimmey research for this post, I only found 1 FanFic called The Sheik, which was based on that old Rufolph Valentino movie…it had fizzled out and the author never finished it, so I didn’t even start reading it.

    • HI TMM!
      Oh I had a bunch of FF titles worked into the story line but we decided to cut them. things like, “We will long for Fifty Shades of Gray to cool our heated skin.” OR “we will need Clipped Wings and Inked Armour to shield us from the sun’s burning rays.” LOL

      I have so many ideas for stories and can’t write them fast enough. I’ve thought about One shots but Imma NO GOOD at writing short stories. Everything I try to do turns into something epic eventually. Can’t figure out if im just too wordy or if I just don’t like “Quickies” *snickers*

  3. Wonderful job RobsFan-tasy. Waiting For You is one of my favourite videos of yours.

    The manips are truly fabulous. I think you should show them around Hollywood – they might be the inspiration for a remake of Lawrence of Arabia.

    I can’t decide which look I love best, Lawrence or Indie, hmmmm.
    Off to ponder on that while humming Midnight At The Oasis!

    • Thank You BB! ah waiting for you took 36 hours and that was my version of a Quickie LOL If I can find a really great song Imma try to do a Fabulous Video. Just need to find the write song. *Hmmm… thinking what I could do with one of Rob’s songs…*

      Oh there are many remakes I could and would want to see him in. Maybe that could be a future post ya think?

  4. ilovealion

    I have been MIA of late… I apologize. No excuses, just RL has me on a short leash without much room to navigate my favorite sites.

    Cared told me to take a look today and I’m sooooo glad I did. Your videos are AWESOME. I absolutely love the Survivor vid. How true it is. I’m currently watching Tangled over and over and over with my kids (it’s a great movie) and I totally see RPattz as the theif turned hero. I think they used him as the model for the character… seriously. Can you IMAGINE if they used his voice for an animated feature film? Would it be horribly pervy for all of us to lust over a G-rated character and check out his package? (yeah, I said it) lol

    *sigh* I’ve been writing my EPOV today, so my mind stays in the gutter when I’m channeling him (haha)

    Of the pics above–I have to choose the IndianaWard as my fav. You know why? Because it sounds like In-Deanna-ward… I can’t think of a better place for him to be than In-Deanna. lol

    Okay…I gotta run. Thanks for the post. I will stop by again soon.

    • Hey ILAL!!! Thanks BB! UR so Sweet! How ya been BB? as you can see betwen my three web sites, Two Fics, Videos, and RL i don’t have much time myself! But Eventually… i will have the sites all set up where I want them and SofA will be completeing soon. Maybe then I can catch up on some fic reading. (until a certain someone retires and we knock out a new and unusual fic all our own. 15 months and counting GF!!! NOT going by fast enough!!!) i havent forgotten all the fics I’ve started, Yes that includes lil TMM and Chances (will always be Chances to me) or shoud i say Everything but the girl?

      Would Love to hear Rob’s version of a Character voice! *tee hee* I can just imagine! Mom’s was playing a game the other day and i swear one of the charaters on there was modeld after Rob. It looked just like him in one of his “out and about” days.

      Well he can just stay out of In-Dianna * 🙂 * but he can cum *TWSS* to Indiana any time he wants. I’ll “Be right here waiting” for him!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Your welcome anytime!

  5. OMR, ilovealion really lowered the tone of your lovely, poignant, artistic and musical post RobsFan-tasy. Typical! LMAO

    Oh, well, I have to choose Arabiaward as I can’t stop humming Midnight At The Oasis and it’s giving me ideas on how to entertain him!

    • ilovealion

      Oh… don’t even! You know you are a pervy hoor just like me. hahaha

      You prefer Arabiaward because he goes commando under his robe. Admit it! And RobsFan-tasy knew what she was doing with those videos. I mean, the cowboy picture alone is enought to make a girl… er um… woman have naughty naughty thoughts. js

      I’ll be coming back to this page often… unless of course my good friend Cared could get me a copy of that second video to put on a loop.

      Thanks RobsFan-tasy… love love love your videos, sweets.

    • *snickers* I have mah reasons for liking Indyward as stated above but I also like Ardeth Raybert! he was so sexy in the mummy! And who doesn’t like tall dark handsome brooding and mysterious???

      Oh did you notice all the changes and additions I made to the right side of the site?

  6. smittenkitten

    Too funny, it makes me smile when I see what ya’ll have been up to…everybody is so creative!

    ps…I agree ilovealion, I see Rob as the thief turned hero! The jaw, the hair, his eyebrows…the smirk! They used him as the model for the character so the Moms would be happy…hot & happy! HAHA! I talked my husband into taking me to see Tangled *my kids are 26 & 23*…it was really cute, I loved it!

  7. Wonderful post RF!!! That sure is one mirage I would glady stumble upon (twss)!

    I’m thinking my vote is for Indianaward or maybe Indiana Pattinson is better. I always see Rob first then, Edward. I just love that rugged look on him!!

  8. dazzledbyrp

    This post is truly classic! I love your openhing prose – besides being beautifully written, it was a perfect description of how parched, and thirsty we all get during these insufferable droughts. And the videos! All I can say is “Oh My”, girlfriend. Both were great, but I gotta say the Survivor one is one of the funniest RobVideos that I’ve seen. You know I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of manips (why mess with perfection, always say), but in this context, it is SO, SO FUNNY. I didn’t want it to end. And ain’t it the truth that you start seeing The Pretty everywhere – especially during droughts.

    As to your question: Although I think the IndianaWard photo is uber-hot, I’d have to vote for Robert of ArabiaWard. I mean, I think that Rob has starred in some of my fantasies – You know: “The Shiek and the Slave Girl”, etc.,etc…….

  9. Well, RF you have outdone yourself boss what a fantastic post! Great manips too. I would gladly polish King Rob’s Family Jewels! 😉 & I flove Indiana Rob – he can drink from my Oasis any fucking day!!

    xoxo MC

  10. christa64c

    Great post RF. I love the idea of an Indianaward. The things I’d let that man do to me with his whip! TMI?
    You had me salivating over the thought of a King of the desert Robsheik. He’d take what he wanted and make no excuses! I can’t stop thinking about his strong, tan arms gripping mine as he threw me down onto his bed of colorful pillows. The way the light from the oil lamps would make his skin glisten as he strode over to where I laid…
    OMG! We’re in a freakin’ drought and your post has me losing vital fluids! You’re killing me!

    • Bwahahahaha TMI? Nah I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing LOL!Damn Girl You just made this post a complete One Shot With those vivisuals!!! *fans self* Hee Hee we’ll just have to keep a trying to do better next time *snickers*

  11. roxiesmom2009

    Great post bb. LMFAO. I like Indiandward the best!

  12. OH! I just realized I forgot to add a very special EXTRA THANK YOU To Rita01tx who sent me dozens and dozens of manips to use in the video!!! Thanks Girlfriend! I Don’t know what I’d do without you!!! MWAH!!!!

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