Rob’s Mates are Great…Lee MacDougall

 It’s your friendly RA So Cal gal!! One of the things I love about living in Southern California is the great adventures you can have. I also  love the wonderful music I have been introduced to because of Rob. And when you combine the two together you get to see terrfic  shows like the one I witnessed last week…the talented Lee MacDougall. And since most of you couldn’t be there with me *wipes a tear*, I’m going to take you there now.

Aww! Look how young those mates are!!

The night takes place at the infamous Hotel Cafe. Unusually for the Cafe and for Lee himself, it is very quiet and only a handful of people are present. But that doesn’t detain Lee, or us for that matter. I learn from my new friends the low down of what Lee’s mate, Rob does when he comes here. And imagine the scene unfurl before my eyes, knowing that tonight that’s never going to happen. Rob had hopped on a plane only 4 days before! We enjoy some lovely company and listen to the great voice of Albert Aguliar while patiently waiting for Lee.

What a cutie!

Lee arrived on stage with just his guitar and his wonderful accent. (I could just sit and listen to these boys all night!) He played some songs off his new EP and also did a few of his older songs. The best part for us was when Lee actually came down off the stage and walked around with his guitar and played. We were sitting so close to him, we could have reached out and strummed the guitar for him!

It was such an intimate atmosphere, Lee told us little stories and we laughed and heckled him right back! My favorite thing Lee said on stage was, “I’m going to play you a song.” We all started chuckling and then Lee realized what he said. His face was so cute! He then proceeded to try that again and finish his sentence this time! Lee’s music is heartfelt and covers a great vocal range. One minute he’s singing sweet and high and the next low and gravelly.

Singing his little heart out

After the show Lee was kind enough to sign our CD’s and pose for pictures. I got  kind of  tongue-tied whilst handing him my CD and just said my name. (With Rob I’d be lucky to even say that!) He offered his hand to shake and said, “Lee.” Then he proceeded to ask if my name had any different spellings (Maggie, I’m lookin’ at you!) and signed my CD. It was then that he noticed my I heart British Boys shirt. “Nice shirt,” he says to me. “Thanks,” I reply. “I need to get a shirt like that,” he says, “without the bottom part.”  He later decides he needs one that says “LA girls”. “Great! I’ll make you one,” I say. And then add, “no, I can’t really  do that.” He laughs and after we take a few pictures (and I may or may not have rubbed my arm on his package. WHAT?! It was a total ACCIDENT!) We go outside and enjoy the rest of the night.

 And now we need to bring it back to the man we created this blog for. Did you know that Lee wrote a song for the film How to Be? Unfortunately it didn’t make it in the final cut but I thought you’d like to hear it. So, here you go. Just imagine poor Art going through his quarter life crisis!
I hope that was entertaining for you because I have a few more Britpack concerts lined up in the future! And if you’d like to hear more of Lee just visit his website.
Update: Lee MacDougall replied to my facebook comment, “It was good seeing you…and your shirt! ;)”  SQUEE!!!
Until next time,


So what do you guys think of Lee MacDougall? Have any of you seen him live? Aren’t Rob’s mates fab?!


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37 responses to “Rob’s Mates are Great…Lee MacDougall

  1. I like the few things I’ve heard from Lee. “Falling in Love for the First Time” is one of my favs! I think it’s about Kristen, RPOV…..

    Glad you had a good time! Sounds fun

  2. Great experience, RFM!! Congrats!!!!!!

  3. I’ve seen three of Rob’s mates in concert, and was impressed by all of them. The music is really diverse, but each one is talented in their own right.

    My favorite is Johnny Flynn. I’ve seen him twice, and he is amazing. So sweet too…

  4. dazzledbyrp

    I was with RFM at Lee’s show. I wasn’t that familiar with his music, but he definitely made a new fan out of me. His CD is now on my iPod. It was also fun meeting more Rob fans at the show and comparing Rob “war stories”. And Lee, himself was similar to how I would expect Rob to be – soft spoken, very nice. small tight waist (okay, I had to put my arm around him for the picture – so sue me!). I loved being at the Hotel Cafe knowing that Rob has left some of his aura there after his many visits.

    This was my second field trip for my course in Rob Related Music Appreciation. (Saw Bobby Long earlier this year and will be seeing him again in a few weeks). Rob opens up whole new worlds for us, being the little (sex) God that he is.

    • rita01tx

      You guys have all the fun! *fume* None of them ever get to my neck of the woods, darn it! I had seen Lee’s name connected to Rob’s but didn’t know he was a musician, too. Are ALL Rob’s friends musicians? Now if someone tells me Tom Sturridge is a closet musician, I’ll fall off my chair!
      Speaking of Johnny Flynn, I saw his song Brown Trout Blues listed on what was purported at the time to be Rob’s playlist. I found it on YouTube and absolutely LOVED it…the vid was funny as hell, too!
      I’ll go find it, unless RFM plans to put it up in a post featuring Johnny.

      • IKR? This sucks that we are hell and gone from anywhere Rob will ever be! *POUTS AND FUMES* :.( but it’s Still a great pos BB! Thanks for sharing your adventures girls. the rest of us will just have to live vicariously through you!

        And may I make the following suggestion? Since you all are gearing up to go on a camping trip soon may i suggest you pack a case of De-Icer so that if you ever meet ROB Face to face you can not only UNfreeze yourselves but then you can Kidnap THE PRETTY AND BRING HIM HOME TO RA HOUSE and his penthouse apartment!! *GIGGLES*

        • Okay, my comments are going all wonky! This one’s for you, Boss!

          A De-Icer is a wonderful idea!! But we may need it sooner than that. Rumor has it someone is back in LA 🙂 Guess you guys will have to wait for the next post to see if we needed it!!

          • dazzledbyrp

            RFM: You bring the de-icer and I’ll bring a chisel. Frozen ice sculpture or stone statue – take your pick. Ysela told me today that she’s all set to pick us up off the floor at McCabes, if need be. So I guess Rob being back in LA means no dinner before the show and more wardrobe agonizing?? I think you should stick with the Brit Boys T-shirt. It seems to work a bit of magic.

            I wish you all could join us in these little adventures. Experiencing the great music of Rob’s friends and going to new, interesting venues and meeting new Robsessed people is almost as good as running into Rob at one of these events. Well,…, actually, it’s not, but it sounds nice to say that, doesn’t it??

      • I wish you could all be there to enjoy it with us! But instead, I’ll keep posting my adventures and you can live the fun with me!!

        I’m hoping to see Johnny live someday but not sure if that will be any time soon. And this is going to be a new series, so maybe we should hold out on the vid just in case. 🙂

        • rita01tx

          OK, RFM…no Johnny vid! Hey, just chatting with the boss and she asked me to tell you her internet is taking a siesta so she’s unable to continue the torment! LMAO!! No email either. She’ll let us know when she’s back up, but in the meantime…lemme see what else is going on here!

          • LOL!!! I’m glad to hear that! No tweeting for her, whew! And you see how quick she is to get me all tied down with Lee? Just so she can swoop on in on Rob!! Not so fast boss lady. I’m not that easily swayed! (pass the message on Rita. but don’t worrry “you’re not an owl!” HP referrence)

    • So glad you were there Maggie!! I couldn’t have done it without you, that place still scares me a bit! Glad you had a great time as well. Now bring on Bobby!

  5. smittenkitten

    How FUN!!!
    I love that Lee replied to your fb comment *and your shirt*…so cute & flirty!

    • IKR? Me thinks she might be able to persue the talented LeeMac!!! Bat your eyelashes girl and get a smaller sized shirt so that it will be “easier to read” *gigglesnort* hell i’ll mak him an I ❤ LA Girls shirt (I knows how!)and he can introduce me to the Pretty!

      • Hahaha! Don’t think I didn’t think of that already!! I couldn’t believe he responded. And yes, I did see a little bit of flirt in it as well. I don’t think Rob (or Lee for that matter) would like me to date ’em and dump ’em just to get to Rob. But we could become good friends, who hang out with each others friends!

  6. Nicole

    Sounds like you had a nice evening RFF. Nice story and he seems rather nice from what you’ve told us.

    Hey bb, we all need shirts like yours!!

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. oh girl you are so luck twitter is frozen (WTF? is going on that twitter isn’t working?) cause if it wasn’t i’d be following LeeMac right and would have tweeted this to him! Rob’s Mates are Great…Lee MacDougall /via @wordpressdotcom re: I ❤ British Boys meets I ❤ La Girls

  8. and I AM SORRY IF you are really upset BB! i was just playin. You knows I Love You.

  9. kristensbestie

    Squeeee! I clicked on the link for his Twitter and saw that he is in KC next week! Any of you girls in KC? I could drag another non-Robloving friend with me, but what fun would that be?!

    RFM – loved your story and I giggled when you just HAD to mention that you touched his package. ACCIDENTALLY!!!

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