Rob being, well…a great Kisser!

Watching Rob kiss comes second only to actually kissing him in RL…yeah, like that’s ever gonna happen.  Hey, girl can dream, can’t she?

No marathon post this time, but came across a couple of vids by Manu150176 that I’d like to share with you.  They compile all Rob’s on screen kissing into these 2 vids.

Enjoy (I sure did)!

And, because I don’t know when to quit, here’s a behind the scenes clip from New Moon that just tickles me to death!

Well now, I couldn’t very well leave out the groan heard ’round the world, now could I?

I’ve always wondered if that was a spontaneous response on Rob’s part that the powers that be decided to keep or if he did it on purpose!  Hmmmm, I’d love to hear his RL sexy sounds, wouldn’t you?

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!!




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29 responses to “Rob being, well…a great Kisser!

  1. OOOOH pretty blinkie! As for this post……well, funny this should be the topic today because I had a dream about Rob and his kissing skills! It was in his trailer while filming something, and he looked like thiiiiiiiis:

    ….which may or may not have inspired an idea for my next book…. ;D
    Fab post, chick! xoxo

    • rita01tx

      Hot blinkie, right? Courtesy of RFT…she’s got lots more!
      I envy you your Rob kissing dream, especially if he looked like that f*ckhawt Melbie enhancement!!
      In my experience to date, dream kisses don’t taste right…don’t know why!

  2. rita01tx

    Yeah, but I wish I could tell you his kisses tasted wonderful. Unfortunately, ALL my dream kisses…Rob or not…taste kinda like what I imagine the color green would taste, like the smell of fresh mown grass…if that makes any sense. Difficult to describe…dreams are funny things!

  3. You’re lucky, I never dream of Rob…except when I put myself in Bella’s skin for Homework ;)! Thanks Rita for this,uhmm, inspiring post…

  4. OOH, COOOL! So I just got messing around on that site with the blinkies and I made one for us!

    Hope you like it! Oh, and that I haven’t stolen RF’s thunder! 😛

  5. OH! There we are! All sorted! XD

  6. mauigirl60

    Oh, I loved these videos, made my insides all warm and fluttery for a dreary Sunday! Thank you, MissMod – lol!!! 🙂

  7. Haha! You guys, I think we are just going to have to accept with this many of us posting that they are going to be confused!! Avi changes and all 🙂

    Once upon a time I did a study on Rob kissing: upper or bottom lip kisser. I wish I had these vids to watch. It would have made it a whole lot easier!! Great post darling!
    (and if you’re curious, he’s a upper lip kisser when initates the kiss!)

  8. haystackhair

    Ohhh, great vids and blinkies! This warms me up considerably on a cool September morning!

    • rita01tx

      Glad you likey, haystackhair darlin’! Hell’n your avi’s got me all warmed up! Love our sexy man in that f*ckhawt photoshoot…too bad we never got any HQ’s from it.

    • rita01tx

      Wanna busy my nose in his pits…check!
      Wanna help get those sweats OFF of him…check!
      OK, I’m officially a pervy pervy Rob h00r!!!

  9. PS: Don’t forget to check out my little story, I’d love your feedback ladies :D…

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