Congratulations RITA!!!



Congratulations Rita!!!


For winning best friend/family relationship

in a short story

on the

Emerging Swan Awards!!!



You Rawk Darlin’!







Rita Won? Cool!!!







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14 responses to “Congratulations RITA!!!

  1. rita01tx

    Daaawww! Thanks, darlin’! I still can’t believe I actually won!?!?!
    HUGE thanks to Cared for nominating Another Fine Mess in the first place!!

  2. Congratulations Rita, you story epitomises fun and friendship, just what this fandom is all about. The girls on their Free The Pretty road trip lived the dream for us all. Now that you have lost your fanfic writing virginity, I’m looking forward to seeing what else you produce.

    Congratulations also to ilovealion who tied for the win with Twilight On The Prairie in the One Shot Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Western/Historical category, and the other half of georgialion, georgiaedwardlover, for Short Story Best Cullen Lovin for Bare Encounters.

  3. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Jumpy claps* ..don’t worry, I haven’t done one, I was just making an excited noise! CONGRATULATIONS RITA! You deserve this win! AFM rocked my sock drawer so hard the whole thing fell apart! PS I also made a reference to it (and WiT) in my book because it was just so damn awesome! Here’s to reading more from you, Reets! And to you winning many more awards in the future! xoxo

  4. I thought your Congratulations Post needed some ROB [porn BB!

    • rita01tx

      Love it! Love it! Love it!
      You guys are all making me blush!!!

      • Any excuse RFT LOL I love those HP DVD extras.

        Since we are talking awards, it’s the last chance to vote at The Tomato Soup Awards for your own RobsFan-tasy aka DeltaDawn’sDreams and all your other favourites, voting closes tomorrow.

  5. somanywards

    Congrats BB*

  6. Congrats Rita!! I”m gonna read your story next 🙂 It sounds so fun and like an adventrure I would be up for having!

    • rita01tx

      Thanks RFM darlin’, hope you like it. First chapter is a lot of introduction to the girls, so the REAL fun starts with chapter 2!!

  7. My dear Rita: I send you many congratulations for your win! WOOHOO!!! Wow, that is so excellent! *hugs* xoxoxo MC

    RF, what a wonderful Congrats post! 🙂

  8. miniaturemom12

    Way cool! Congratulations!

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