Robsessed Giggles

Whether it’s because of the Robdrought, the midweek blues or you just want to smile, we’re here to brighten your day. And of course, that means Rob is too! One of my favorite things about Rob is his ability to laugh at himself. So let’s laugh with him (cause you know he’s reading. Hi Rob!) and enjoy some good ole Rob fun!!

Let’s start off with a look at your brain. Your brain on Rob, that is!!


 And when the majority of your brain is thinking of sex and Rob, you have to enjoy a gif like this:

And on National television no less!

But Rob, does it look like this?

Sorry Rob, we do know. Pretty sure yours doesn't sparkle.

 I’m giggling for sure now! But I won’t be laughing if this ever happens to me:

We should all be so lucky!
As long as I don’t look like this when I see him I’ll be good!
And since no Rob funnies can be complete without a jumping Rob, this one is just awesome:

I spy with my little eye...

 Well I hope you’re smiling now! I know it sure makes my day better especially when you hear this sound to go with it:

Happy Wednesday ladies! Keep laughing,


So what about Rob makes you laugh? Show us your fave Rob funnies in the comments 🙂



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43 responses to “Robsessed Giggles

  1. rita01tx

    Just what we need for a dull Wednesday morning in the midst of a RobDrought! I miss Rob’s man giggle sooo much! Apparently a lot of people do…lot’s of vids dedicated to his laugh!

    Oh, and I spy Jumping Rob up on he right beside the blue and while boat!!!

  2. Yep, love Rob laughing! He gets so tickled at himself and things!

  3. Great start for my day! I felt stressed when getting up, feel a hundred percent better now 😉 Thanks RFM for the post and thanks Rob for never failing to make me laugh!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    Laughing about the Robsession helps keep one sane. I think Rob would approve, as he seems to have a great sense of humor.

    So let’s see…. there’s this:

    There’s my favorite pie chart:

  5. dazzledbyrp

    I love his old interviews/conversations with Laura Culpepper.

    There’s the “take my head out of my ass” one:

    And my very favorite – the one about his projects (the project discussion starts at 1:27, although this whole clip is good.

    He was so cute and yummy!!!

  6. This one is great, I love it!

  7. haystackhair

    OMFG, that brain is EPIC!! I’m LMFAO!!!Thanks for starting my day with a good belly laugh!

  8. BRILLIANT! Are there more of those ‘Where’s Jumping Rob?’ things? They should make a book out of them!!! I’m glad I dropped in today! I’m afraid I’m on the fly right now so I can’t contribute any funnies until later – I’m about to have my induction day at Uni! I’ll be back in a few hours xoxo

  9. Yep, leaving too for a very stressful afternoon and evening 😦 Wish me luck…

  10. Right, I’m back from uni! What a day it has been! Now, I’ll share something with you that really tickles my fancy 😉

  11. OMG I’m so glad I stopped by today because I def needed a good laugh after what I went through with my Sister last night! I won’t go into detail because once I start ranting IDK if I’ll be able to stop, but to make a long story short, she told me that I need to “grow up and start acting like an adult instead of spending so much time on the computer looking up vampire shit!” Needless to say, it didn’t end well and I had a very restless sleep because of it, so I def needed a good laugh to lift my mood!

    • eyeonrob1

      *hugs SRL* I hope I’m not stepping over the line when I say this, but I hope you told your sister to go fuck herself. Nobody needs that kind of shit. So welcome home to your happy place with all your Robsessed sisters. Let me pour you a cocktail!

    • That really sucks SRL. It’s horrible when people don’t respect others choices. You don’t have to agree with my love of Rob but don’t give me continual grief about it. It’s even worse coming from your family. Hugs to you!!

  12. OK sharing time now, first are some gifs that I think are hilarious

  13. OK now for some of my fave funny videos

  14. jolori54

    great post thanks to all that have shared everything! I got some Rob laughs I’m sure you will all enjoy so just sit back and listen 🙂
    (for those who don’t know just click where it says to download and you could either save it or open it and listen)

  15. Thanks for all the laugh additions ladies!! I sure needed it after today. I picked up one of the childern at school and pulled a muscle…not fun. But seeing your gifs, vids and pics have sure made it more bearable!!

  16. Hi ladies! Thanks for your messages, I really loved them :).
    Ok, sit down because…the drought is OVER!

    And thanks for the review some of you left on Homework, I updated yesterday (big day for me!).

  17. Really funny post RFM. That was a great pick me up this morning, thanks. I love the new meaning to Twilight Years LOL.

  18. Hey, I’m gonna fix up the problems with ‘Mistresses’ today for those of you reading the re-issue! Oh, and also I’mma do a couple of Rob Drabbles and put them on a little later. Hope you like them! xoxo

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