FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Sept 23/11

It’s been a crazy week for me, so I have just tried to keep up with my WIP list, which has now grown to be about 60! I know, I know crazy right? But, I just can’t help myself because I keep getting all these great Recs from people I know would not steer me wrong.

Take my first Rec of the week, for example. The lovely Cared sent me this new WIP called Plight Thee My Troth by  Gingerandgreen. It is a lovely historical fic set in the late 1700’s.

"Made by the awesome and wonderful Cared."

In this story, we have the handsome and debonair Lord Edward Mason and the lovely young Miss Isabella Swan.  In the Prologue, we see them get married, but then in chapter 1, we jump back a bit in time to where they first meet at Em’s home, Cullen House; he is Edward’s cousin.

From Chapter 1:

“We dismount and stride towards them, apparently of one mind. But as we approach, Em’s enthusiastic greeting drowns out my call of apology and concern.

“Goddesses of the Manor!” he booms, “Did we frighten you?”

I eye him with astonishment. He bows, then reaches to kiss the hands, first of the taller girl with fair hair and a delighted smile, then the more cautious, auburn doll who stands by her side.

“Ladies, may I introduce my friend and second cousin? This is Lord Masen of Forbrigg, in Norfolk. You may have heard me mention him.” He winks at the smaller of the pair. “Edward, these here are the beauties I was telling you about. May I present Miss Swan,” he offers me the opportunity to approach the fair-headed girl, with a somewhat proprietary air.

As I doff my hat, bow, and kiss her hand, I watch Em’s antics from the corner of my eye. He waggles his eyebrows suggestively and rather crudely, given the company he we’re in. I take this to mean he has boasted of my accomplishments and wealth to the ladies already, which annoys me.

He knows I want to make my own conquests. In time – all in good time.

“And this is her lovely sister, Miss Isabella Swan.”

When I take the hand of the younger Miss Swan, his clowning and my annoyance cease to exist.

She truly is beautiful. Her eyes are large and round and deep, their rich brown intensity evaluating my very soul, at least this is how it seems. Strands of her hair fall all around her face as though unwilling to be trapped by her simple bonnet. Her skin is both pale and very flushed, and her expression is serious as I press my lips to her gloved hand.

“Miss Isabella,” I murmur, and she breathes back,

“Lord Masen.” “—————————–

After their proper 18th Century introduction, Lordward shows Miss Isabella “.. how a gentleman behaves” and they spend some time together in the company of other family members and friends. But, by the end of  chapter 1, it would seem that Sir Charles, Bella and Rose’s father, may have plans for Lord Mason. I guess we will just have to keep reading to see how this wonderful historical tale will play out!

Now, personally I love historical fics when they are well-written and historically accurate, and IMO this story meets both of those criteria. We only have a Prologue and  first chapter so far, but the author says that her “…aim [is] to post one chapter a fortnight.” and since the last update was 09-11-11, we should have chapter 2 on 09-25-11. Please give Lordward a read, he is definitely *SWOON*-worthy!

Summary for Plight Thee My Troth: “England, 1795. Lord Edward Masen and Miss Isabella Swan promise to love one another for all time; but will the harsh realities of life allow two souls from very different backgrounds to fulfil their vows? EPOV, AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 2 – Words: 6,554 – Reviews: 73 – Updated: 9-11-11 – Published: 9-4-11 – Edward & Bella”


My second Rec is called My Facebook Reunion by the fic author of 13 stories, EternallyCullen. Now, I read this a while back, but I wanted to give you ladies a Complete story that I loved because I know some of you try to stay away from WIPs. And, this story is one I know many of us can relate to because it starts off dealing with the connections we make through Facebook.

I really enjoyed this story because Bella and Edward connect right at the beginning of the story and we have both of them throughout the whole storyline. They reconnect via Facebook because of a mutual friend and the fact that their 10 year High School Reunion is coming up.

From Chapter 1:

“Facebook notification. I swear this shit is taking over my life… I can’t even escape it on my phone for God sake!

Edward Cullen has sent you a message

View Ignore

My brow furrows. Why on earth would he be sending me a message? I quickly tap my finger on the screen. View. It takes a moment to open up the stupid application, but it takes me straight to my inbox; where I can open up said message.

Bella, sorry to send you a message; but I wanted to say hello and to tell you that I am glad that you are going to the reunion. I am dreading it and it will be nice to know that there will be at least one friendly face.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your move back to Forks and your job. I always knew that you would do well for yourself and do something you were passionate about. I don’t know if you know (Em mentioned you still see Rose a lot) but after high school I went to London and studied medicine at Cambridge – And I’m working in Seattle right now, but I just got offered a job back in Forks so I can be closer to my family.

Well, Bella; I hope to see you at the reunion.

Be safe

Edward Cullen.

I feel slightly lost for words. It’s so sweet of him to send me a message, and say some nice things too. Wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact I’d barely thought about Edward Cullen since we left school. The only things we had in common were that we were both quiet and were lab partners. Yet he seemed to know a lot more about me than I knew about him. Had he been asking Emmett and Rosalie about me? Surely not Rose as I am certain that she would have mentioned something to me – Or taken the piss at least.

Also, be safe what the hell is that all about?

I flip open the lid on my laptop again. I am so not replying on that sorry excuse for a phone… the key board is too small for my clumsy fingers. Looking at an email I’ve written using that thing is like listening to me tongue tied. It comes out gibberish.

Hi Edward,

Thanks so much for the message; it was nice to hear from you. Congrats on becoming a doctor. I had no idea! That’s awesome. Your brother is an idiot for not sharing important information.

I don’t want to go to the reunion, but Alice and Rose are giving me no choice. I doubt they’d ever forgive me if I let them down… But if I am honest, I am dreading it. They are the only people (apart from your brother, Jasper and Angela Weber) who I’ve kept in contact with since school. But I’m glad you are going too – as you say; be nice to see a friendly face :o)

Anyhow… I guess I had better let you go – Thanks again for the message.

Take care

Bella :o)

Wow. Bella Swan typed a smiley, two in fact… in an email. Now there is a first.

I lean back against the couch, my papers forgotten for a few moments. It was strange that we’d not seen each other since school… Him being pretty much my best friend’s brother-in-law… weird.

I click on his profile quickly to see what more I could learn about the quiet Edward Cullen. Did he like to read? Movies? For all I know he could be a freaking sky diving doctor… one who likes a spot of BDSM on the side. Ewww?

Oh. My. Word. Edward. Got. Hot.” ———————————

After this first Facebook encounter their romance continues to grow and flourish. Doctorward, who is a sweet, kind and loving man in this story, is  just what Bella needs as she deals with a terrible, past relationship. My Facebook Reunion is a wonderful love story that I am sure you will enjoy.

Summary for My Facebook Reunion: “28 year old English teacher, Bella Swan is dreading being dragged to her 10 year reunion with Alice; until a certain social networking site offers her a very welcome blast from the past… BxE, AH. NC-17 for Lemons in later chapters. *COMPLETE*

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 44 – Words: 146,580 – Reviews: 2200 – Updated: 8-17-11 – Published: 9-2-10 – Edward & Bella – Complete”


And, I have a One Shot to Rec this week for my Slash readers, and I know there are a few of you out there.  This O/S “…[should] come with a ‘ShamWow Panty’. Make sure to find a private place to read this and a towel for cleanup.” 😉 It was written by bornonhalloween and it’s called After the Smoke Clears It’s VERY hot with a sexy Actorward and Jasper as a Firefighter.

A/N and Summary  for After the Smoke Clears:

SQUEEZE MY LEMON: This slashy one-shot was written for the DirtyCheekyMonkeys for their Squeeze My Lemon challenge on 9-14-11….

Summary: What happens when wide-eyed, innocent and undeniably gay firefighter Jasper Whitlock is sent into a burning building to rescue his lifelong crush, Hollywood’s latest actor du jour, slightly older and decidedly straight Edward Cullen? Sparks will fly! AH, M/M Slash

Disclaimer: These boys belong to Stephanie Meyer, oh lucky Steph. This story contains M/M lemonry, so please avert your eyes if it’s not your thing!

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 1 – Words: 17,782 – Reviews: 30 – Published: 9-18-11 – Edward & Jasper – Complete”


That’s what I have for you’ll this week, hope there is something there you might enjoy. Please let me know what’s owning you in the FanFiction world this week; I love to read all your comments! 🙂 xx MC

Please Note: I am now clearing out and starting to re-vamp FFF Library to make way for the new alphabetical list, so please bear with me for a bit longer. Thanks for your patience – RL has been owning my big-ass lately!!



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  1. Hi MC and Ladies

    I hope everyone’s week has been a good one! Great recs this week MC, the lovely Cared told me all about Plight Thee My Troth and I have not started it yet, but I will very soon – she never steers me wrong! The other stories look fab too.

    Now, I have a really special rec this week. I discovered this story quite by accident – it has only recently completed but I am still really surprised that this story only has around 580 reviews. It is called She Will Be Loved by knicnort3. Now I will start with the warnings first, this story is categorized angst for a reason. I cried while reading this story – mind you, I do tend to cry at pretty much everything, but what happens to the Bella in this story is just heartbreaking.

    I don’t want to give too much away, as it would ruin the story – but honestly – when the plot opens up about halfway through, I didn’t see it coming – so it certainly has shock value. Also, when you start reading it you might think that Bella is weak, or wallowing in her own depression, because yes, there is drug use factored into this story and usually I hate my Edward and Bella’s doing drugs, but in this case, if I was in her shoes, I would probably want to enter some other dimension too. So, if you can handle a bit of angst – I am sure you will just love this story.. and if you do read and review – please tell her I sent you!! This is not a long story – about 113K words and 17 chapters.

    I have also kept busy this week catching up on my Shhhh… chapters – I got behind and I missed Purrward so much – thank God for Robshandmonkey for creating the best Vamp ever J

    Can’t wait to see what everyone is reading this week.. lots of hugs! AV oxox

    • Nicole

      Hi Ally, I bookmarked your rec and will check it out. Seems like we have such similar taste in our reading!

      Yeah “SHHHH” is def a classic bb. Drea has been cranking out the chapters too. You can count on VampWard or PurrWard for a good read!

    • newyorkkisses

      Hi Ally! Hope you’re doing well. Your rec sounds great and since I’m an angsth00r it’s going straight to the list, thanks! I also have to catch up on Shhhh. I read the chapters posted on and will now have to go read it on TWCS. Purrward owns my add. 😉

    • smittenkitten

      Hey Ally! adding it, angst & all…I’ll save it for when I need a good cry!
      Love ya bb!

  2. MC, I’m so delighted that you have fallen for Lordward. In my head I call him Swoonward, I wonder what title the readers will bestow on him, Darcyward maybe, I can’t wait to see. You know the expression, ‘fans self’, well I think given that Plight Thee My Troth brings us back so believable to 1795, ‘fans self’ while reading this story is a very appropriate expression to use. LOL

    My Facebook Reunion sounds like a good read too, thanks. After The Smoke Clears has an Actorward, honestly MC you cannot go more than one week without finding one for us. I am going to see can I track down an AA Actorward Anonymous meeting for us to attend. When I stand up I am going to tell the group that you are my enabler. LMAO

    On a serious note, I see that lambcullen has withdrawn from fanfiction. Whispered Words and False Promises has been removed. If anyone has that fic saved to date I would love a copy of it please, I saved in back in April but there have been updates since. I have her completed fics on pdf if anyone is looking for them.

    Happy Weekend and Happy Reading all.

    • smittenkitten

      Good Morning Gang!
      I agree with Ally, the recs sound FAB! Adding them all & for some reason I think I may have to read the slash O/S as soon as I finish typing this…I’ve never read slash before, but ‘After The Smoke Clears’ seems to calling my name!

      @ Cared…need your email addy!

      Everybody have a beautiful Friday. Texas got a little rain this week scattered across the state, hopefully mother nature will help those that have been dedicated to putting out the fires! hmmm…maybe that’s why the O/S seems so interesting! *grins*

    • Yes Cared, Lordward rocks! Please let Gingerandgreen know of my rec, so she can view the post if she wants. *& good idea, I will definitely need to get out my “18 C period fan” for more Lordward chapters.

      Also, I have My Facebook Reunion on pdf if you want it; you have my e-mail, just let me know.

      & yeah, even a Slash Actorward is hot; I think the AA Group would be a good idea! Maybe we should start one here on RA. Oh, that’s perfect RA’s AA! lmfao Oh cared, so much fun! xo

    • Well damn. I wish she would have at least completed WWaFP. I had loved that story and had read almost all of her work. I had not saved it since it was not completed. Guess I will go update my WIP list.


    • roxiesmom2009

      Well damn. Lambcullen is gone? I hate stories left hanging but what can you do? I loved Whispered Words and False Promises. Oh well. I’ve just got to let it go…..le sigh…

  3. rita01tx

    Well, I’m madder than a wet het! I have not had ONE alert in my inbox all week and I’m jonesing like an addict!! Don’t know what’s going as I have no problem entering FF through a story link or signing in and checking my account, but NO ALERTS…at..all!!
    Gah! So I’ve been manually going through my TBR (which is HUGE) to see which stories SHOULD have updated and then via via going in to read the updates. What a drag!
    However, this is how I discovered that YellowGlue was pulling her stories on Sept. 18th, including The Worst of Weather and Rose Like Thunder. Hell’n I was pdf’ing them as fast as she was pulling them!
    Oh, and I’m reading my pdf of The Office by Tby789. Triple X HAWT…and no, RFT, it’s nothing like the TV series (UK or US version)!!

  4. Nicole

    Hi ya MC…I had put Cared story rec on my TBR list, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Does sound like a nice story and I do love reading period stuff like this.

    I had read your other rec’s and the oneshots too. “After The Smoke Clears”, is very well written and I don’t normally seek out slash, but will read on occasion. This one was very good. The plot was so interesting and it flowed very nice. I actually sent it to Drizl and RobsHandMonkey to read as I know they love reading some slash too.

    Nice rec’s bb, and I look forward to your reVamped (pun intended) FF library!

    Oh, another thing too, I friggin love your reading so many WIP at once. See I’m not the only one that Juggles so many damn stories that sometimes the updates will kill you! I Friggin love that about you bb…LMAO 🙂

    So in addition to my numerous updates, LOL, these are the new stories I tore through this past week.

    First up is this really awesome story called “The Breakers”…OMG this writer is wonderful. The plot, the characters, the UST, some angst in the right does, some lemons and the backstories on the characters…so good. I feel like a starved person and can’t consume this story fast enough and I so want MORE. This so reminds me a little of “A Pound of Flesh”, but is so different too. This takes place in a small fishing village in Maine, and this Edward was wrongly imprisoned so he spent 7 years for not even committing a crime. He gets out and it is one surprise after another…in a good way, but he has a hard time adjusting to real life and coming to terms with his past, of which he has lost all his family.

    This Bella is so independent and has a wonderful little girl that is simply the story stealer in this one. You will love her and her insight into Edward! It is beyond touching to read. I’m so loving this story it isn’t even funny!

    The Breakers – by les16

    After spending 7 years in prison, Edward gets a new start in the fishing village of Corea, Maine. Can a little girl and her mom, Bella, see beyond his past and can they all find love again…or will the ocean swallow them whole?

    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 14 – Words: 123,421 – Reviews: 2499 – Updated: 9-18-11 – Published: 6-19-11 – Edward & Bella

    I also read a completed VampWARD, BDSM story called “Innocent Blood”. This is a Vampire story and has similar undertones to “Hide And Drink”, but then it is so different with him being a Dom and then him falling in love with Bella and her being so determined to help him, as his life leading up to being a Vampire has been so bad and she grasps an understanding into why he behaves the way he does. There is a HEA too, and it is complete.

    “Innocent Blood” , by XxBloodyredrosexX

    Character(s): Bella & Edward
    Genre(s): Horror/Romance
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Edward Cullen hunts down innocent girls and uses them to enjoy
    himself. One day, he hunts another victim, Bella Swan. Will desire for her
    make him forget about his little games? warning:DOM/POSSESSIVE EDWARD.

    • newyorkkisses

      Thanks for these recs, bb! They sound great and I haven’t heard of either, yet. Squeee!

      • Nicole

        Hi NYK…Oh BB…you will love and adore “The Breakers”…Trust me on this one. It will blow you away!

        She also has a blog for The Breakers too…check it out.

        LOL…and you know how I love my BDSM stories!! I have one other to rec for this week.

        Yep another BDSM story and all human…Bella is the Dom here…*snickering I could see being one to Rob…LOL. 😉

        Plain Jane By Day Domme By Night by vbfb1

        Bella is just plain Jane secretary by day but at night, she is Mistress Izzy Domme extraordinaire. What happens when her days and nights start to merge?

        I like to through in some DomErella here and there too, and this one is really cool.

        • Nicole

          Ooops Jizz typing there….I meant to say THROW in!…Damn Nicole get you mind out of the RobGutter for a few minutes!

        • newyorkkisses

          Your recs never disappoint, bb. I’ve stopped counting how many fics on my TBR list were a rec from you. 😉

          • Nicole

            Thanks bb…Well great PERVY minds think alike…LMAO.

            I think we all rec some really good stuff around here. Hell that is why my TBR list is longer than my leg, and I’m almost 5’8″ with long legs, but I can’t ever pass up a good rec from one of my Sister PattinH00Rs/Angelz!! I want to read them all!!

    • Nicole, my luv thanks for all the recs, I should hire you! lol Yep, love me some BDSM Edward, always stimulating. The Breakers, I am going to start tonight *DAMN YOU* I heard it was excellent, so onward I go… & yeah fuck-it what’s another WIP, along with the other 60+ . Oh, but The Education of Professor Cullen completed today, so that one’s going to the Complete File now! – that’s one more down…. & ah that was so sweet of you to say, love you too bb Thanks for reading, commenting, recing!! xo MC

      • Nicole

        MC…You will so adore The Breakers.

        LMAO…sounds like we love our PERVY BDSM stories bb…Kindred Spirits I tell you. I have many amongst my PattinHooR sisters from RAoR and here.

        Yep I saw that sheviking was concluding TEoPC tonight. I am going to read that a bedtime with other updates. I’m reading her “Taken in The night” Too…a repost of her original story “Taken”, and “MyViking”…can’t wait for more from Edvard!!!!

        Enjoy your reading!

    • Breakers was already in my TBR list. But Innocent Blood was not. ADDING to the list.

      • Nicole

        RDM, you will love The Breakers! OMG he is even better cause of this little girl called Peyton in the story! **SwoonWard with Tatts**.

        I love Vamp stories in FALL. It is one of my weird rituals. I read Vampire stories of all manner in Fall because of Halloween and all. I don’t know why, but I go looking for those kinds. Even better if it is a BDSM VampWard…piling on the extra kink is good with me. 😉

  5. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies! Thank you for these recs, MC! I’ve bookmarked “Plight Thee My Troth” and will download “My Facebook Reunion” to my Kindle tonight. Sounds like a very sweet, light fic.
    And LMAO at the pic! So true.
    I’m still working my way through EP, currently at chapter 65, so everything from now on is new to me as that is how far I got the first time and I’m dying to see how they will get out of the situation they’re in.
    However, so as not to leave you without a rec this week, here is a fic that I read a while back and loved, it’s “Hurt” by Winndsinger.
    What if Bella wasn’t beautiful when she first met Edward? Shy, scared, alone, and hurt Bella comes to Forks at the request of Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who thinks he can help her battered legs regain their strength when other doctors have failed.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Tragedy – Chapters: 31 – Words: 181,229 – Reviews: 1397 – Updated: 1-25-09 – Published: 1-2-09 – Bella & Edward
    It is complete, even though it’s not marked as such.

    Have a great weekend, ladies! 🙂

    • Hey nyk, I have a pdf version of My Facebook Reunion if you need it. Thanks for the rec, sounds good & Complete (nice) & Yeah, EP is excellent, but a LONG read. xoxo

      • newyorkkisses

        Thank you for offering MC, I just downloaded it using FLAG.
        Yeah, EP’s a monster length-wise, but such a gem. The action is picking up fast from chapter 65 onwards, so I’m on the edge of my seat at the moment.

  6. Nicole

    These are also the other stories I read…

    I re-read the reposted story by TMM or “Mistresses”. It is very well written, thought provoking and has all kinds of twist and turns in it. I so can’t wait for more on this one.

    Mistresses , by TheMissMod

    This is a re-issue of a story I pulled a while ago. When Bella moves back to Forks to care for Charlie, she doesn’t realise the truth of the lives her friends lead. When Edward returns from a New York business trip, her world is rocked even more.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama – Chapters: 14 – Words: 29,232 – Reviews: 15 – Published: 9-20-11 – Bella & Edward

    Another BDSM-VampWard Story I read this past week and was pretty interesting with all kinds of twist was “Master To You” This story is very different and also brings up the fact that right after Edward was turned into a Vampire he was first a Submissive to another Vamp! There are all kinds of twist and turns in this story. His old Master enters into the story as well.

    “Master To You, by Vamp_Luvor

    After Isabella’s transformation into a vampire, her life changed as well. Edward changed and her whole world changed. Sweet Edward is no more and Bella has a potty mouth. Sit back and enjoy the ride between Bella and Edward. This is a BDSM story, if that offends you, don’t read it. You have been warned, there are also a lot of lemons. E & B will have a HEA.

  7. Nicole

    Oops…I forgot to post the link to TMM’s story.


  8. Nicole

    I was also so happy this past week when two stories I’ve been reading updated. One is killing me. It is such a good story. The UST and Angst is off the charts, but it is so exciting and mysterious as well. OMG, I have loved this story from the start, and Ally the girl who writes it was ill, and she posted on her FFn profile that she is feeling better and would be posting soon. Well when I saw her 20th chapter I about had a heart attack from being excited. This story is well written, the character developement, and plot is awesome, but she will leave you hanging with a cliffe. And damn it, she did it on her last chapter too. Gah I adore this story. I’m glad she is recovering, and I so look forward to reading more on this one.

    “Guardian”, by ChampagneAnyone

    Character(s): Bella & Edward
    Genre(s): Drama/Angst
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Orphaned at 8, Bella Swan is placed in the care of her God Mother
    Esme Cullen. Heiress to Cullen Swan Enterprises, Bella grows up hero
    worshipping 17 year old joint heir, pseudo step brother and self appointed
    guardian Edward. ROMANCE ANGST DRAMA


    The other story that I was surprised by was Scilla’s “OTI”…another lovelys story and FluffyLiz is the prereader for. So many lemons, very well written, all human and exciting…if you haven’t read this one or hadn’t heard of it, it is wonderful.

    “Open For Interpretation” by Elvis4Scilla

    • smittenkitten

      Hey Nicole,
      Guardian…just WOW!
      We talked about the story several months ago & you explained why it hadn’t updated & how wonderful it was. At the time I just thought I would have a quick little look at it *I try to stay away from WIPs, you know this about me* anyway…couldn’t stop reading it that night, so glad I did & it was very much worth the wait for an update! Your statement above…”The UST and Angst is off the charts, but it is so exciting and mysterious as well” PERFECT description bb, OMG it’s so good! AND the last chapter, HOLY HELL…she’s back!!! This fic will probably be one of those that I add to my list of *best of the best* when we get down to it, it has that much pull & power to me.
      LOVE IT!
      *so happy for the author & her family too that she is feeling stronger*

      • Nicole

        I totes you Smitten. This story is in my top 10. It just sucks you right in there and you feel everything that these characters are feeling. It is one of those that is so unique in the start and the backstory, character developement, and plot are so well put together! Anyone who loved the Angst, Mystery, and that “I can’t live without you” Love/Lust/Passion and something different at every turn or every chapter will love this story!

        I have email Ally and she is so sweet. She was even working on her story while in the hospital…Goodness it broke my heart, but at the same time I just loved her determination and willpower!! I’ve always remained patient and understanding where she and this story are concerned and I will continue to pray and do what I can to hopefully see her through this time in her life. She should be a published author to say the least. But her courage has always just blown me away.

        I believe Ally is back and this story will really be huge. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to see someone offer to publish this for her. It is right up there with UoEM, MoTU, TRL, and EP.

        So glad you love it too bb!

    • Nicole, I was going to email you when I saw the Guardian had updated! I am looking forward to seeing Ally complete this story, because it is a really great story. It had not updated in months, and I didn’t even need to re-read the story to know where I was up to! Hell, some stories I read two weeks ago I can’t remember! I really think The Guardian will become a FF classic..

      • Nicole

        You know what Ally, I so agree with you! This story is so good, and the reviews are way to low for its caliber. It reminds me in some ways of “The University Of Edward Maser”, or UoEM…I think this could be a huge classic in FF fandom…it started out being a really big one, and then she fell ill.

        BTW she is Ally as well and a fellow AU girl!! I just seem to love the AU people and your Wines, cause so many good authors and nice people are right there with you bb. I do hope and pray she heals and continues with this story. I’d love to do something for her, like maybe make a banner or something. She has several, and Lolipop has made her some wonderful Manips for the story, but I gravitated to this like a magnet and it has stuck with me ever since. I agree…it has stayed fresh in my mind too, and damn the girl left us with a cliffe….Holy Moly I’ve been dying here for MORE!

        Good call bb, and I couldn’t have said it any better. You Rock!

    • Oh I was going to start Guardian 6 months or more ago, but didn’t knowing she was very very sick and in the hospital. I got the alert when it posted. Will have to start this one soon.

      • Nicole

        OMG bb, it is wonderful! I thought Rob himself had come to tell me about it…I was that excited to see an update! *Don’t I frigging Wish he’d come to visit me…THUD*.

        You will love the story!

    • roxiesmom2009

      Dear lord, I love Guardian! I was so excited it updated! I can’t wait for it to be complete, then I’m going to savor it and read it all over again. I rarely do that, with so much new stuff to read, but I will re-read Guardian.

  9. Nicole

    Gee I almost forgot this other BDSM story that is only three chapters in that I started as well…*Smirking cause I’m so on RobPorn overload today…my brain is so jizzed up*

    “Under His Control”, by Nawal

    Bella a shy 24 year old photographer feels she has no control over her life due to her dysfunctional upbringing and desperately wants someone to help her.She accidently stumbles on a BDSM site and is hooked.Though she has no idea that by attending a play party , she will get alot more than she bargained for.

    Warning; Submissive bella, And exremely possessive and domineering Edward.

    I have a few others, but will have to come back later…I’m going out for a quick run to cool off!!! *Literally speaking*

  10. Hey Girls!

    Nicole, I see you are on fine form my love! I always love when you have some BDSM recs for me. My TBR list just got a little longer.

    I have another rec that I nearly forgot, I rec’d this at Twific on Sunday, but I need to do it here to …

    Ladies, brace yourselves for the biggest asshole Edward I have ever come across – Paradise Lost by b.krumova This story is a WIP, but I have been reading it for only about two weeks and it has updated three times since I started. It actually updated this morning.

    Honestly, this guy makes Roughie look like a choirboy. I am not sure what makes me love an Assward, (cause I tend to really love them – they are my Kryptonite!!) At first, I thought I was taking a huge risk, because the author didn’t actually know whether the story would be a HEA for ExB, but she said in her A/N last week that it would be .. how the hell she is going to redeem him, I am not sure, but the cracks are showing already, I am going to love watching this Assward fall!!

    Summary: A passionate night three years ago, leaves Bella Swan pregnant with her roommate’s brother’s child. Now she wants her child to know his father. He wants to crush her down for having it in the first place. Rated M (NC-17), for violence, sexual scenes and language. This story contains verbal abuse. AH, Very OOC,

    Enjoy Ladies! oxo AV

    • Nicole

      Hi Ally, Yep this week I’ve been in a voracious reading mood. I’ve read so much stuff and fast too, plus kept up with my zillion updates and read a book, plus everything else in my life, like contracts and the newspapers that I read.

      LMFAO…Oh i love the comments you wrote about this rec! It is so interesting sounding…I’m gonna have to jump on this one to read too!

      Thanks Ally…You and I can tag team AssWard and fix his shit right up!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the rec ally, I love me some assholeward, gonna read this weekend ’cause, you know, I don’t have enough WIPs! 😉 xo

    • roxiesmom2009

      I was reading that one too, but I stopped. Her Edward was just too awful. I don’t know how she can redeem him. I know she is not a born English speaker, so I cut her some slack, but her spelling and grammar are terrible. If the story is good, I can forgive, but I just couldn’t stand her Edward. For each his own.

    • newyorkkisses

      You’re definitely not alone there, Ally. Assward owns many of us. 😉

  11. kalaekalae

    Thank you MC

  12. jolori54

    Thank you dear(and the rest of ya in comments) for all the wonderful recs I will have to check em out and add to the list sometime! and oooh I came runnin when I seen you put EPOV up there(although I checked and that was already on my list) and a slash as well up there 😆 I just got done reading a slash story called Best of Both Worlds I had to say it had me in tears a lil here and there but it was so good I loved it! I was lookin to start a new story tonight guess I will start with that O/S!
    I also got done reading Four Summers by BrattyVamp which was another good one, love her stories(the ones I’ve read so far anyway)
    thanks again have a great one all!

  13. Well I am here, late….but here.

    I finished the massive Help Wanted this week and also consumed Lolashoes Let Your Light Shine. Tonight I will start the sequel A Life Extrodinary. I said forever ago I would read her trilogy before BD and it is getting her before you know it.

    Oh I can give a rec or two. I have rec’d this many times before over the past year or so and it just completed for those that wait til it is complete.
    Everyones got secrets…dirty little secrets. Bella Swan is tired of her life, so will a swinger’s party have someone swing her way. BPOV and EPOV. Warning…LEMONS AHEAD
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 36 – Words: 315,119 – Reviews: 980 – Updated: 9-14-11 – Published: 5-25-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    And the Vid to go with it for some visual stimulation

  14. roxiesmom2009

    *waves*. I am really late today. But shit, I had about 12 stories update today (wtf?) and about 6 of them were “drop everything and read” types, so I’ve been frantically reading all night and I’m still not done. My eyes are crossing and my contacts are glued to my eyes so time for beddy bye.
    Thanks for the recs MC. I’m reading the first rec and the second one is new and added to the neverending list.
    And also to the rest of the gals, more stories for that list!
    I spent the week reading updates, Words With Friends and The Vagina Monologues. Seriously if you are not reading The Vagina Monologues, run don’t walk. It is so funny. Laugh out loud. I usually like an angsty story, but need some humor every now and again. Oh and it’s complete!

    I assume everyone knows about Words With Friends, but if not, here’s the link

    Have a great weekend dolls!
    Mwah, Roxie.

    • roxiesmom2009

      Oh and MC- you are in good company….I’m reading about 60 WIPs myself. I get these recs and I just can’t stop myself and there I go starting another WIP! Oh and I always have a few complete stories I’m reading for the rare days when I don’t get an update! I think I’m crazy!

      • Nicole

        LOL RM…I’m so glad I’m not the only crazy person around here that has tons of WIP and constantly adds to the list!! Looks like were in good company here with MC huh?

        ALL ABOARD….*Were going off the rails on the Crazy Train…….Nicole singing Ozzy song to myself and laughing* Sorry RM…I’m a bit jizzed up and in the RobGutter after RDMickey put up all that RobPORN above…now my poor brain is only thinking wicked thoughts and Smexy stuff!

        Have a great weekend and keep reading!! 🙂

  15. My heart is in my mouth, seeing my story quoted here. Thank you so much, Midnight Cougar. I feel very honoured by your rec, and so grateful to Cared for spreading the word – isn’t she the best? As I told one reviewer, PTMT is a mix of romanticism and gritty historical realism; it will earn its M rating. I hope that those who read it enjoy it as much as Cared does 😉 And I hope that I am not too distracted by all the other wonderful recs on here to finish writing it! Update on Sunday, I promise.

    • Hi gingerandgreen, I’m thinking when you get to the part that earns the M rating, I suggest you offer free fans and smelling salts to readers with each review! LOL

  16. Good Morning Ladies WIT will e updating very soon. Sorry I haven’t been around Much. Having some RL issues and the rest of the time I’m writing. Hopefully the next 3 Chapters of WIT will post within one week of each other (RL permitting of course)

  17. Squeals….I had a day off and I came here straight away…to click copy save past and link like a bitch….lol…I am sooooooooooooooooooo missing my hOOrs!!!

    all of you are so awesomely wonderful do you all know that!!! I am like a little gnat that buzzes in here for the few minutes I can and then off to post a chapter and run over to facebook tease you all with Rob rush over to twitter and bitch about work…ACK!!!!!! I missss you guys….oh November hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry!!

    okay what am I reading? SERIOUSLY??? WHO THE HECK HAS TIME WHEN I WORK constantly? but I am clickin and a savin! muahhhhhhh

  18. ilovealion

    Hi. As always, I’m a little late in the game… but I just had to put in a plug for PTMT. It’s absolutely wonderful. I love the Edward that GingerandGreen has written. He’s definitely swoon-worthy. I love to read about an Edward who is “all man” but a gentleman as well. I can’t wait to see where G&G takes our favorite couple. I expect some sparks to fly when these two finally “come together” – both literally and figuratively. lol

    Cared did a great banner!!! Kudos to you, VIGGO *wink*

    Keep up the good work. This site is wonderful.

    hugs and kisses to you all.

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