Robert Pattinson: Poetry In Motion

Hi all! It’s TMM again here to wish you a happy Saturday! Today, I thought we would do something a little poetic. To quote the great Johnny Tillotson, Rob truly is ‘poetry in motion’. So, I thought that I would elaborate on that a little and delve into the old poetry files to find something that describes Rob. Now, as some of you might know, I wrote several poems inspired by Rob, because he really is such an inspiration, and I believe that conveying that through the written word can be extremely powerful and intense. In the same way, many famous poets the world over have written some of their greatest works about a love of theirs, be it unrequited or real, and that’s proof enough that someone like Rob really can touch our lives so powerfully. Today, I thought it would be cool to go poem searching until we’ve each found a poem that to us speaks about Rob, in whatever way. But before I reveal which poem I picked, I’ll just prove that Rob really IS poetry in motion:

…yep. Definitely true. It’s almost hypnotic, isn’t it??!

Now that you’ve wiped the drool from your keyboards and you’ve come (twss) crashing back down to earth, it’s time to share the poem I picked. It’s pretty much my favourite poem ever, and it’s Tennyson’s ‘Fatima’. I think it perfectly captures the way we feel about him, what it’s like to be in our position, especially in a time of Rob Drought, I thought it would be nice to share this with you all:

O Love, Love, Love! O withering might!
O sun, that from thy noonday height
Shudderest when I strain my sight,
Throbbing thro’ all thy heat and light,
Lo, falling from my constant mind,
Lo, parch’d and wither’d, deaf and blind,
I whirl like leaves in roaring wind.

Last night I wasted hateful hours
Below the city’s eastern towers:
I thirsted for the brooks, the showers:
I roll’d among the tender flowers:
I crush’d them on my breast, my mouth;
I look’d athwart the burning drouth
Of that long desert to the south.

Last night, when some one spoke his name,
From my swift blood that went and came
A thousand little shafts of flame
Were shiver’d in my narrow frame.
O Love, O fire! once he drew
With one long kiss my whole soul thro’
My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.

Before he mounts the hill, I know
He cometh quickly: from below
Sweet gales, as from deep gardens, blow
Before him, striking on my brow.
In my dry brain my spirit soon,
Down-deepening from swoon to swoon,
Faints like a daled morning moon.

The wind sounds like a silver wire,
And from beyond the noon a fire
Is pour’d upon the hills, and nigher
The skies stoop down in their desire;
And, isled in sudden seas of light,
My heart, pierced thro’ with fierce delight,
Bursts into blossom in his sight.

My whole soul waiting silently,
All naked in a sultry sky,
Droops blinded with his shining eye:
I will possess him or will die.
I will grow round him in his place,
Grow, live, die looking on his face,
Die, dying clasp’d in his embrace.

Someone once said that we should compile a book of Rob poetry, and perhaps this could be part of it – we choose existing poems that remind us either of Rob or our fandom, and include these with some of our own poems, if you’d be willing to share them. Let me know if you think the Rob Poetry book is a good idea – just send an email to and address your email to TheMissMod.

For now, I’m interested to see what everyone comes up with for their ‘Rob poems’! Post them in the comments ladies! xoxo



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7 responses to “Robert Pattinson: Poetry In Motion

  1. Love this post TMM & I love poetry. I will have to search for my fav poem to represent Rob b/c I think a Rob Book of Poetry is a fabulous idea!

    But, until then, I am very partial to Shakespeare, & I adore this quote from “A Midsummer Nights Dream”, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;…” – even though we often focus on Rob’s outer beauty, for me his beauty is SO much more – a truly beautiful man within too!.” 🙂

    Saying that though, I also have a few gifs that I think show Rob’s poetry in motion. *sigh*

    xo MC

    • Ah yes, gotta love a bit of Shakey! XD Good God, he’s just like Jimmy Dean in that first gif! I know he purportedly hates the comparison but that will always be my nickname for him. Sorry Rob, but it’s stuck, chuck! 😛
      Thanks for your contribution, MC! xoxo

  2. Nicole

    TMM you are so right bb. Rob really is a beautiful Poem, Sonnet, Sonata, Symphony in motion. Seems like we can’t EVER get enough of him.

    GIFs to me are Rob’s beauty in Action. So many good ones out there too!

    Lovely poem too!

  3. rita01tx

    I would love to see what everyone else comes up with, since I can’t seem to find anything appropriate. Hell’n some of the classic poets are all about the doom and gloom. That ain’t Rob!
    Although I’m more of a narrative kind of gal, I thought your Tennyson poem was lovely, TMM darlin’!

  4. That poem is perfect TMM!! Last night, “my whole soul waited silently”. But alas, he never came to me. *sniff* Still had a great time with friends and wonderful music, all because of Rob, himself.

  5. spunkransomlover

    OMG TMM that poem is so Rob! I think it should def be in the Rob poetry book, which I think is an awesome idea too, btw! As for finding a poem that reminds me of Rob, well had you asked for a song or a certain line from a song, it would’ve been no problem because there are probably hundreds, but it was hard(twss) to find the perfect poem. In the end I came up with this

    The Definition of Beauty is
    That Definition is none —
    Of Heaven, easing Analysis,
    Since Heaven and He are one.

    “The Definition of Beauty” by Emily Dickinson

    I know it’s short, but it reminds me of Rob’s heavenly beauty!

  6. great post BB. Love the poem too! sounds like a good idea just need more deets and see if we can get some of the other members to comment and give their thoughts, opinions and contributions too.

    As I have said before this poem does, always has, and always wiil remind me of Rob. I think it speaks Volumes. hell you could write a whole fan fic based on the story this poem tells.

    Left Behind
    By Elizabeth Akers,
    AKA Florence Percy

    IT was the autumn of the year!
    The strawberry-leaves were red and sere,
    October’s airs were fresh and chill,
    When, pausing on the windy hill,
    The hill that overlooks the sea,
    You talked confidingly to me,
    Me, whom your keen artistic sight
    Has not yet learned to read aright,
    Since I have veiled my heart from you,
    And loved you better than you knew.

    You told me of your toilsome past,
    The tardy honors won at last,
    The trials borne, the conquests gained,
    The longed-for boon of Fame attained:
    I knew that every victory
    But lifted you away from me,
    That every step of high emprise
    But left me lowlier in your eyes:
    I watched the distance as it grew,
    And loved you better than you knew.

    You did not see the bitter trace
    Of anguish sweep across my face;
    You did not hear my proud heart beat
    Heavy and slow beneath your feet:
    You thought of triumphs still unwon,
    Of glorious deeds as yet undone;
    And I, the while you talked to me,
    I watched the gulls float lonesomely
    Till lost amid the hungry blue,
    And loved you better than you knew.

    You walk the sunny side of Fate;
    The wise world smiles, and calls you great;
    The golden fruitage of success
    Drops at your feet in plenteousness;
    And you have blessings manifold,
    Renown and power, and friends and gold.
    They build a wall between us twain
    Which may not be thrown down again.
    Alas! for I, the long years through,
    Have loved you better than you knew.

    Your life’s proud aim, your art’s high truth,
    Have kept the promise of your youth;
    And while you’ve won the crown which now
    Breaks into bloom upon your brow,
    My soul cried strongly out to you
    Across the ocean’s yearning blue,
    While, unremembered and afar,
    I watched you, as I’d watch a star
    Through darkness struggling into view,
    And loved you better than you knew.

    I used to dream, in all these years
    Of patient faith and silent tears,
    That Love’s strong hand would put aside
    The barriers of place and pride,—
    Would reach the pathless darkness through
    And draw me softly up to you.
    But that is past; if you should stray
    Beside my grave some future day,
    Perchance the violets o’er my dust
    Will half betray their buried trust,
    And say, their blue eyes full of dew,
    “She loved you better than you knew.”

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