Rob being, well…a little bit jumpy!

I’m sorry, but there’s just no way I can NOT do this post after RFM’s “Giggles” post last week!  That poster of “Find Jumping Rob” just won’t get out of my head!!

No doubt, you all remember the day we saw the original Jumping Rob photos…

Still not sure if they were just having some fun down time or whether this will be in Breaking Dawn…can’t wait to find out!

Anyway, the fandom went wild and the net was flooded with Jumping Rob manips!  I was going to post a few of them, but RobsFan-tasy found these 2 vids for me that will have you in stitches!

OMFG!! I was sitting here laughing my ass off …tears streaming down my cheeks!

This second one has some different Jumping Robs but a lot of the same from the first vid.  Absolutely worth watching, though!

See what I mean?  Here’s the template if you want to make your own and share them with us!

Anybody else notice his funny toes?  Hmmm, now where have I seen his toes before?  Oh, now I remember!  Hang on…lemme go look.   Found it!  Check out this still from The Haunted Airman…

Wonkey toes!!

Wait…what?!  You mean our Rob’s NOT fuckin’ perfect after all???  Blasphemy, I tell you!  Nope!  That man really IS perfect…wonkey toes and all!

Love ya!!




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27 responses to “Rob being, well…a little bit jumpy!

  1. When I saw the Where’s Jumping Rob I knew these pictures would appear again soon, they are too good to be put away for long. I think even the man himself laughs at them. I love the Jumping Rob doing a Tom Cruise on Oprah’s sofa, I hope he was declaring his love for us all. LOL

    There are a few pictures on this site that I did not spot in the videos –

    Great post Rita. Happy Sinday All.

  2. Oh Lordy I love those vids. You know imma collecting more Jumping Robs to make another Jumping Rob meme vid. We sure had fun finding these though. But then you went and added the feetsy gif and ya knows i had to find a funky feet vid! I had just seen this not 10 minutes before you posted this post i ran back to get it so i could post it now! it’s not all in english but it don’t need to be. ROB “Body language” is the universal language of LUST LOL

  3. haystackhair

    OMFG!I’m LMAO!! The one with ET is EPIC. Thanks for the laughs bb! Now off to stack 1000 bales of hay. WAH!

  4. Great post Rita! So glad that Rob and I (I love saying that) could be an inspiration to you 😉 Those vids were awesome!! I saw so many good ones last week but there were a few in there I hadn’t run across.

    Some of my faves are the Edwardsicssorhands, and the Rob acceptance speach where it says “He’s right behind me isn’t he?”.

    And thanks for throwing in the wonky toes. I had never seen that pic before. Probably because toes freak me out a little. But Wonky Rob Toes are just fine!

    • rita01tx

      Hey RFM, darlin’! You and Rob def inspired me LOL! Gotta say the “He’s right behind me isn’t he?” JR is my favorite!! Maybe because Rob’s facial expression is just perfect for that quote LMAO!!

  5. I got a little distracted (imagine that) and forgot that I wanted to post this vid I saw last week on my Giggles search. Rob HAS seen his meme and here’s what he thinks about it!

    I want to know which one he thought was “actually really funny”

  6. Well…..I think Rob is a little pigeon-toed, and his feet are so big (like other parts of his anatomy)…….*tee-hee*

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