Monday Madness ~ Oral Fixation

The Apple of My Eye…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello, My Lovlies!
I was watching some Breaking Dawn trailers and looking at some BD stills and looking back at how we managed to get here to this RobDrought…
It all started with an apple.  Just a beautiful, perfect red apple.  Remember the first time you saw this? And then I got to thinking… (no, it didn’t hurt…*much*) although the book shows a woman’s hands with the apple,
It was actually ROB/Edward who offered up the apple….
Rob is really fond of apples, ya know…
Well, I couldn’t stop at just posting this cause everything is Epic here at RA, right?
 (right? Bueller? Bueller?)  So, I went searching and found THIS! LMAO!
Of course, apples are nice but what I’d really like to hear from Rob is this…
But then I got to thinking…again, OW!  *grabs two asprin and swallows them* *splashes cold water on my face*  Would you accept an apple from this man?

"It'll make all you dreams and fantasies come true, Dear."

What if he looked like this?  Would you STILL take the apple?

{notice that I didn’t doubt for a moment you would say Yes! 🙂 }

C'mere, I got somethin' for you."

I know I would, even if this was the result…

Because we all know that we would have lots and lots of happy RobDreams that would be pure Heaven…

and that “Prince Charming” will come and save us…

and wake us with a kiss…

Even if we were still hung over after we woke up, or perhaps we were just dazzled…

We can cling desperately to the knowledge that soon there will be Breaking Dawn…

If it doesn’t hurry up and get here and get us out of this RobDrought, we’re all going to be…

But when it does, I’ll be in the center of the theatre looking like this…


Yes, it’s true…we all go a little insane sometimes, especially during a RobDrought of such epic proportions!

Hope you enjoyed my “oral fixation” on this Mad Monday.






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24 responses to “Monday Madness ~ Oral Fixation

  1. rita01tx

    LMAO!! It’s raining gifs…you know I love gifs! Where DO you find them? Snow White and the 7 Robs just cracks me the f*ck up! And the SoapyMayhem manip? GAH!! I’d take whatever he had on offer…DED!!

  2. SW and the 7 Rob’s now wouldn’t that be trouble..
    sleepy….nah dreamy perhaps….Im kidding!
    dopey….somethime….just kidding….quite the opposite actually….
    “headboard Eddie baby”? on yeah! hurry the fuck up November i say…lol
    juggling Robowski….to funny
    tatooed Rob…sorry i just can’t see it…
    Christ! that chicks curly hair remind me of mine when I get caught out in the rain….i wish i were kidding..but im not!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Brava, GF!!! That was a brilliant, hilarious post! Standing ovation!!!!!! Mmmwwaahhh!!!

  4. Okay, I may be a little creeped out by the kid singing. I don’t know if it’s the voice or that pics of Rob accompany it but the Juggling Gif save the day!! I just saw that on my many research escapdes and wanted to use it for something. Thanks for putting it in RF! hehe

    The Seven Robs= Yes, please!!

    And Helena Bonham Carter is freakin awesome, love her!!!

    • Oh i thought it was cute as hell! LOL

      i do agree, the seven Robs Yes Please! as if anyone of us could handle more than one actual ROB! LOL Just one smouldering look is a panty dropper. Seven would be death by over excitement before we even got down to the nitty gritty! LMAO But i’s willing to try!!! 😀

  5. HOLY GIFS BATMAN!!! What a fun post! I also see we have a new guest in the Penthouse! WELCOME HEADBOARDMAMA! I trust that Rob has helped you settle into your room? ;D xoxo

  6. Oh, and before I forget – I meant to post this on RF’s biiiiiiiig post about the Rob Drought, but I forgot, and since we’re still in a drought, I’ll post it now – my poem entitled, aptly enough ‘The Drought’:

    The Drought

    Of late, many things remind me of you.
    But the memories don’t seem to want to stay –
    It is as though I’m subconsciously pushing you away.

    The endless photographs I see of you
    doing inconsequential things
    have no effect on me.
    No matter what is said, no matter what I do,
    I cannot think of you for long –
    oh, surely this is wrong!

    Before, my dreams were plagued by you;
    But now I’m plagued by sleepless nights
    in which I try to see you, try to hear you –
    In which I wake in tears, surrounded by my greatest fear –
    That you have left me.

    Perhaps I’m acting so very strange
    because right now you are far away.
    They say absence makes the heart grow fonder –
    You left, and now I have no heart of which to speak;
    Your absence has made me weak.
    When you are near, my heart is here –
    And only then am I strong.

    For now, I’ll try to keep you in my thoughts;
    I will lock away that velvet voice,
    those piercing eyes of yours,
    and save them for a rainy day,
    when my sore heart implores
    you to return, lest I go mad.

    And so, for now, I wait.
    And so, for now, I’ll hate
    the misery that falls on me;
    Without you, in this drought.

  7. loulou7860

    great and fun hunnie, adore all made me laugh so much, thanks bb. Adore my Rob!!

    • Hello and Welcome to RA. I don’t recall seeing you here before but I just wanted you feel at home and make sure you were greeted.

      Your welcome! I Love the gifs as well. Always a great gift to find out you brought a little cheer to someones day.

  8. ohI forgot to tell you all that THE ENFORCER made the “Prince Charming” wall paper in purple and the Eyes in the sky Dreamy Rob picture as well. She does such great work i can always think of a story to build around them.

    • rita01tx

      Ohhh, I love Paula’s work! Hit us with her stuff ANYtime BB!!

    • Nicole

      Hi RF and Ladies,

      Love all the GIFs…YUMMY. Just Poetry in motion is what I see them as. LMAO, I love the gifs of Rob juggling the apples…too funny.

      That YouTube Viddie with the little girl singing “Apple of My Eye”…how adorable. Well you know what they say bb, “Out of the mouth of Babes”, therein lies the truth.

      Nice posting and I love all the RobPorn and stuff you all post. Guess we will really be drooling tomorrow with Tongueing it Tuesday huh?

  9. Oh My girls I boo boo’d again *face palm* *heavy sigh* i assumed the eyes in the sky pic of Rob belonged to The Enforcer as i found it on her page but she like me, was so taken by this beautiful pic that she was just showing it off!! It in Fact is a creation by our very own Nicole aka PattyPattz1 which she has entitled “Safe Harbor” Thank You Nicole for creating such pretties for us to view! Keep em coming *TWSS* Send me some more of your beautiful work and I will PROUDLY give them a page in the WP tab!!! (PLZ?)

    on a side note to CARED “Safe Harbor” SEE!!! I’m not the only one!!! Is someone up there trying to tell me something here or what? LOL

  10. jolori54

    awww that video was just all kinds of cuuuuute!!!!! this whole post made me smile and giggle!!! I would most definitely take anything Rob was offering me 🙂 the headboard gif dies me every damn time too *fans self* I love when he tries to juggle, his expressions are just always fascinating to watch, then added bonus of fingerporn!!!

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