Rob’s Mates are Great…Bobby Long

Yes, here I am again, taking you along another one of my adventures!! Hope you’re all enjoying living vicariously through me! Hehe. I’m hoping to make it worth your while one of these days with the Ultimate Adventure…meeting The Man, Himself. But for now let’s take a trip to Santa Monica and the quaint guitar shop that is McCabe’s.

Here's the best shot of our Mates (that wasn't in your face papp pics)

It was a cool night waiting in line for McCabe’s. This time both Dazzledbyrp and Roslyn Selene were able to join me, along with a few other Robfriends! It sure makes for a great night when you have such wonderful company to enjoy. We made our way into the guitar shop with the perfect seats in mind. You know, to be able to scope out all possible entrances for Bobby’s mates and to still be able to see Bobby himself.  We had seen Bobby at McCabe’s before and had enjoyed all the hilarity and good music that came with it. Last time Bobby had laryngitis and had to “get two shots in the arse” which seemed to make him pretty talkative. I couldn’t wait to see if that was just the shots talking or if Bobby was like his mate Rob when in public, Word Vomit Galore.

Turns out it wasn’t because of the shots! Bobby says he’s very quiet but don’t believe it. Although his voice may be quiet, the amount of words is not. We had a wonderful night of listening to him play his guitar and tell very humorous stories. Bobby is an amazing guitar player. Just watching his fingers fly around the frets is mesmerizing! And he has a deep gravelly voice to go with it. (kind of like someone else we know!)

Here’s a little sample of what we heard that night. Although Bobby kept reminding us that we couldn’t record there, which led him to be even sillier!

So now that you’ve heard him sing you’re probably wondering how funny Bobby is really. Well  here are some of our favorite moments:

  • Whilst driving down the highway from San Fran, the convertible roof blew off. “I had to hold it down with my

    Signing autographs for us

    hands.” (Does every Britpack member have car trouble in the US?!)

  • “We eat Jolly Ranchers all day, they’re good.” He also told us when he gets older he wants to “settle down, shower every day and find someone to watch his kids so he can eat Jolly Ranchers all day”!
  • Bobby told us he was drinking beer in his cup. “No its not, it’s water. Just kidding, it’s a milkshake. My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.”
  • Here’s your Rob tie-in: Someone in the audience yells out “Is Robert a bad influence on you?” (after the beer comment). Good ole Bobby either misheard or classically diverts with a comment about drinking Rockstars and how hyper they make him.

I’m sure these are much funnier coming from Bobby himself, so get yourself to one of his shows!! Who knows? Maybe you too will have paparazzi there asking YOU if you saw Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart inside! And then of course you should make a quick trip to the back alley just in case. Not that it worked for us, mind you. But it’s definitely worth a try!!

Until next time,


Head on over here to Bobby’s site for more music and vids. He has a new EP coming out soon, so keep your eyes open! What do you guys think of Bobby? Who wants to go to his next show?!


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13 responses to “Rob’s Mates are Great…Bobby Long

  1. dazzledbyrp

    It was a great evening. If one can’t see Rob, the next best thing is seeing Rob’s friends. And it’s even better to see them with sister Robsessors.

    McCabe’s is a cool, intimate venue with a 60 year history. Bobby is so talented. He’s a great guitarist and he has that singing from his soul thing going on, similar to his buddy Rob. And when he talks in between songs, I always picture the hysterical conversations that must go on when the britpack boys get together.

    We kept hoping that Rob was there somewhere (let’s not talk about our back alley/dumpster stalking after the show). He wasn’t and I’m actually glad since, as RFM mentioned, there were a couple of sleazy paps lurking outside. (They even followed us at a safe distance when we went to check out the alley). They really are sickening. But, paps aside, it was a fun night. I hope we can do it again soon. Which Robfriend/musician is coming to L.A. next????

    • I wish I knew who would be next!! No one is signed up yet as far as I know. But we still need to see Sam, Johnny and Marcus. Unfortunately, Marcus seems to only play in the UK, so that’s going to be a little diffiuclt.

  2. Oh RFM, I’m so happy you posted a clip of Who Have You Been Loving? That’s one of my fave songs by Bobby! I think it’s funny how similar they all are! True friends to the end, eh? The Brit Pack Forever!!! ❤

  3. eyeonrob1

    SQUEEEEEE!!! Bobby is coming to Atlanta on November 16 and I’ve got TICKETS!! I’m so damn excited! If anyone out there decides to come to the show, let me know. I’d love to meet other Robssessors. I saw Sam back in June and he was FANTASTIC. All I have to do is head to the UK to see Marcus and I will be able to cross “see Rob’s friends perform” off my bucket list. So glad you got to see Bobby, RFM!

  4. You becareful there EOR Bobby on the 16th and then Breaking dawn on the 18th could prove to be fatal LOL

  5. smittenkitten

    How fun gang! Thanks for sharing…

  6. Another great post RFM..You seem to be having a fine old time following my fellow country men around…LOL…Well they nearly are…I’m Scottish…But living in England..More boys to add to my to do list!!!!..Pardon the expression..LOL…

    • Thank you, my dear! Well, my bio does say, Lover of all things British but ONE Man in particular! LOL. I’ve been in love with all things British since I watched Mary Poppins. I could listen to these boys speak all day! One day I’m going to make it to England. We can visit, lol.

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