Rob being, well…(trying to be) Incognito!

Rob can run, but he sure as hell can’t hide.  It’s a game of cat and mouse he plays, just to test us!

He’s tried everything he could think of to throw us off the scent but, no matter what he does, we’d recognize Rob anywhere!

If he thought that chopping off all his gorgeous sex hair would fool us, he had another think coming!

They won’t recognize me without my sex hair, will they?

Rob? Rob who?

Well, duuuuh! Of course we’ll recognize you, sweetheart!

Hey! They’ll never expect to see me wearing a pair of geeky glasses. That oughta do the trick!

Geeky glasses? Check!

Naw, baby! Those things just make you more adorkable than we can stand! LOL!

Adorkable? Riiiight!  How about, maybe…a beard?

"Oh, Rob! Is it really you?" Uh oh...busted!

Uh, no sweetie.  We’d know you under that beard any day of the week.

Oh!  Well, I guess I’ll just go over here and hang out all by myself for awhile then…

"And I waited for you but you're long gone...stray dog..."

Aw, hell!  Rob singing that f*cking song just DIES me!  Anyone else see an album cover in this this photo?

Wait! I know just the thing!  My trusty beanie will hide my oh so recognizable sex hair, right?

Sex hair all covered up? Check!

Crap! Beanie doesn't work either, does it?

No, darlin’…you gonna have to do better than that!  Give it your best shot!

OK! Big guns it is! Now, if this hoodie doesn't do it, I'll just have to, well...

add my darkest pair of RayBans! Hah!

LMAO!  Oh, you silly, silly Rob!  The finger porn…and maybe the muffin porn *snickers*… gave you away!

And don’t you know by now how much we love your hoodies?

You do? Well, shit!  {Finger porn?  Muffin porn? WTF???}

I give up...just have me then!

Why, thank you, darlin’!  Don’t mind if we do!!

As a last ditch attempt to hide from us, Rob took refuge behind some of his adoring fans!

Oh shit! This might not have been my best idea...why aren't they wearing skirts?

Good one, Rob!  I actually had to look twice to find you…ROTFLMAO!

The closest The Pretty has ever come to being completely unrecognizable, was this!

Hah!  You nearly had us fooled, Rob!  Actually, if we hadn’t known it was him, we’d have been hard put to recognize him.  Still, something always gives him away, doesn’t it?  His fingers, shoulder, chest hair, nose and jaw porn,  not to mention that ever lovin’ smile, completely blew his cover!

Better luck next time, darlin’!  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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28 responses to “Rob being, well…(trying to be) Incognito!

  1. LMAO! Brilliant post Rita! That photo of him hiding between those girls’ legs is priceless! Uh-oh….’hiding between a girl’s legs’…..MIND IN THE GUTTER! MIND IN THE GUTTER! IT’S SUNDAY!!! QUICK, GET THE HOLY WATER!!!

  2. NOTHING can keep us from recognizing our sweet Rob. GAH did you see his gorgeous THIGHS when he got out of the car in TORONTO heading into the airport to come back to LA in that E video? I freeze framed it and I might have drooled. Legs that go on for days with long, shapely thighs. I can’t help but have dreams of licking up the inside of his thighs and well…maybe carrying onward. UNF. UNF. UNF. FUCK.ME.ROB. GOD I LOVE THIS MAN and want his sweet, sexy ass. I bet he’s not even happy about the sexiest man alive in the UK Glamour. Just means we’ll never stop following him around gazing at his sweet face and form and longing for more. SIGHHHHHHHHH I’ll never get over Rob. NEVER.

    • rita01tx

      PMD darlin’…I don’t think he even BELIEVES it! I’m sure he thinks we are all crazy and maybe we are, but majority rules and the majority says he’s the sexiest motherfucker on the planet! Can I get an AMEN Sistas!?

      And, yesh (sorry, I’m drooling)! I saw the hunky thighs on our man…couldn’t miss ’em!

    • Yayyy!! someone else who sees the sex appeal in those sexy Strong thighs and all that it implies *hotshivers*

      nah he’s probably conflicted about bein the sexiest man on one hand he’s blushing and thrilled and on the other hand he’s like: “Oh God it’ll never end!” LOL poor baby!

  3. rob, in beanie. *swoon* *clunk* oops, i’m okay. with all that robporn i am feeling no pain. why rob wearing that face paint kimono thing? also does anyone know why he shaved half his hair off? i know it was for a movie but why would his character need hair like that?

  4. The kimono he wore in “Water for elephants” as his introduction and welcome to the circus. His half hair (LOL) was for his character in “Cosmopolis”, his most recent film and probably one of his weirdest and interesting so far.

    • rita01tx

      More of an initiation, I’d think, MDoF darlin’! Although we didn’t see the proof (dammit), they apparently shaved his poor balls, too!
      Well, I should hope not really, but the dialogue implied as much LOL!
      I think Rob’s part as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis will be one of the most interesting and challenging role’s he’s played so far and I CAN’T WAIT to see it!

  5. LMAO Rita – the beanie may not work but he should have borrowed the hat from the Policeman/Traffic Warden that was standing behind him, scratching his head and wondering WTF (sorry don’t know Canadian uniforms except Mounties but that’s a whole other dirty little secret). It would even match the rest of his outfit!

    • rita01tx

      That’s one of the reasons I chose that particular photo…the policeman in the background just compliments the “oh crap” look on Rob’s face to perfection LMAO!!

  6. That third pic, with the fan, is so priceless. Her facial expression is so unreal, it’s like she’s staring at an angel. *giggle*

    That last pic with him hiding among their legs…I think his hand is wrapped around that one girl’s leg, who’s wearing a skirt. OMG. Skin on skin contact. *swoon* I wouldn’t have been able to remain standing for too long, if he was doing that.

    Personally, I bet I could recognize him with a bag over his head. Just by his ass and thighs alone. Yep, MmHmm.

    • rita01tx

      She WAS, Katiebirdie darlin’! She WAS staring an an angel! Don’t you know that girl will carry the memory of that moment for the rest of her life? I know I would! He has no idea what he does to us and for us!

      Yep, you’re right! I see his hand around her left knee…DEAD!!!
      He’s VERY young int hat photo…probably after GoF and before Twilight, before the whole world acknowledged his HAWTNESS. Otherwise, I imagine they would have all fainted on the spot! Or better yet, piled on top of him while he was down and groped the shit out of him!

      Even in a full length burka, we’d recognize him from his feet and lanky walk LOL!!

      • ah it would take a stone cold woman to be touching Rob and Not look at him that way! Our boy may need a fashion consultant when he’s on his own but he could wear a sandwhich board and nothing else and still be the sexiest man alive!! Hmmm wonder what the sandwhich board wpuld say??? LOL @ the possibilities!

  7. I love that WFE pic!!! After reading the novel, I had high hopes that they would keep that in the film. And they (he) exceeded my expectations! Did you know that allegedly it was Rob who would add more to that costume to make it crazier?! None of the cast had seen the full affect til he came out of the trunk. There reaction was the Real Deal!!!

    Love a man willing to have everyone laughing at him!

    • rita01tx

      I can absolutely see Rob having a big hand in that costume. His uninhibited sense of humor is such a part of his charm!!
      How could anyone not love that in our Precious??

    • jolori54

      oh yeah I remember that too, something about him having say in the costume and that he kept saying no it needs to be shorter 😆 love him to bits for being so into his work and giving it his all!!

  8. Awwwww daymn the pic with him touching the ladies almost killed me. Lol

    • rita01tx

      IKR? Doing these posts are a great reason (like I really need one) for looking through my RobPorn stash. Hell’n I had forgotten I even had that one until I came across it again today.
      Why can’t it ever be me he has his hands on *whimper*?

      • and it also helps you to see things you might not have noticed before because of Rob’s Blinding sex appeal prevents you from seeing anything else at first!! I looked at the cop pic seven times before i noticed the cop in the bg LOL i still wouldn’t have noticed it if Cared hadn’t pointed it out!

  9. jolori54

    I adore him no matter what he looks like…..he could be bald for all I care and he still pulls it off 🙂 great post hun, love the photos you shared and the vid of course I swoon each time I hear him sing!

  10. Thanks, Rita….great post! I’ve never seen the one of Rob peaking out from the fans’ legs….LOL! Do you know when and where that was?
    Finally, my wordpress emails are coming back so I can see them! YAY!

    Lovin’ Rob… way he can be incognito. Not with us around!
    Happy Sunday to all!


  11. Sus I think that is from his Harry Potter days as one of the girls in the photo was in HP with him.

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