Thrill Me Thursday The One and Only Robisms Dick-tionary

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hello My Lovlies!

I am happy and proud to bring you

The One, The Only, The Complete …
Robisms Dick-tionary

in book form!

To see the full book just click it BB!! Turn the pages and Enjoy!!

You should all give yourselves a hand as these definitions came from all the Pervy Rob fans at RA, NTSI, RAoR, TCS, and LTR!!! Thank You for all of your creative genius!!

I do hope you enjoy my little creation here. I do have it on PDF so if you want it just e-mail me at

Much Love to you all,





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42 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday The One and Only Robisms Dick-tionary

  1. rita01tx

    Absolutely LOVE it, BB! The photos really set it off beautifully and what a great idea to make it in book form! Very clever!

  2. Love the DICK-tionary, hysterical!!!!

  3. That was amazing!!! I had to read the whole thing, even though I know what they mean, just to get the full effect! The pictures are perfect and it adds a whole new dimension in book form. And it will be super easy to link to for the Newbies!!!

    *bowing down to the master*

  4. ….and I went through and read the whole bloody Dicktionary….
    am I crazy or am i crazy….
    like duh!
    you’re lucky you explained yourself in the cougar dept…..just lucky i tell ya…..;)

  5. dazzledbyrp

    That book is brilliant, gf. I just read it cover to cover. I know that was a lot of work – especially with the photos and video links. Brava!!! Just brilliant!!

  6. Fantastic job RFT – that should be on the Best Sellers List!

    Don’t think I didn’t notice RFT, I’m LMAO.

  7. Very nice RF, bravo! I’m proud to say I knew most of the words in the Dick-tionary. My favorite is Cream-de-Rob…;)

  8. i loved it. it’s amazing work. i never realized how many robisms there are. very nice pic selection too. i can now proudly claim to be a robcat (pattinhoor works too) 😉

  9. Very neat idea RF. One of the fastest ones I have been able to read since this cougar has been doing this awhile. The illustrations were purrfect. Now, can someone tell Rob we need demonstrations……you know….just to be sure we REALLY understand.

    • Dear Rob,

      Would you do us the honor of Visiting us here at RA and demonstrating as many of the definitions in the RA Robisms Dicktionary as possible? We have plenty of volunteers who would love to help in any and all ways possible. We Promise Not to “Attack” you! And as always your very own private suit is ready and waiting (with attaching swinging doors to MY room *snickers*).
      You devoted and Loving Staff here at RA
      RF, RFM, MC, TMM, & Rita01tx,

      How’s that RDM? LOL

  10. Brilliant work RF, I would so love to possess this book in a hard bound leather edition and it would be one of my most prized possessions *dreamy sigh*

  11. christa64c

    Loved it! I laughed out loud several times. And nearly PMSL when I got the the definition of Robbed and saw my name… so awesome! The pictures were perfect. You outdid yourself RF. You really did! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

  12. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Shit week AGAIN!!! I needed this! Hot chocolate and the Robster’s DICK-tionary = a happy TMM! That reminds me, I was in HMV a few weeks ago, on a spontaneous RobQuest with a friend, and we found out that a Cannes Rob poster had been *gasp* DEFILED! There was bright pink lippy on it! Only Rob fans would do that, eh?!! LMAO!!!

    • You are welcome Dear Heart! I have had those weeks myself.
      I know it always irritated me when i go to our local walmart and see a Twilight. NM, or Eclipse Poster and see that they had scratched out Edwards face or scribbled over his face but they never touched the others. I always thought Jealous Much? LOL and some how you just knew it wasn’t a kid that did it but a jealous man LOL

  13. Ah! Just discovered a new one, SWMNBN=She who must not be named, LMAO! I understand, TMM, my week was crappy too :(.

  14. newyorkkisses

    RF, this is absolutely amazing! You must have put so much work into it. Even though I’ve been reading all of your Rob-isms posts, this sums it up with a whole lot of eye candy on top, love it! 🙂

  15. Nicole

    Excellent Idea RobsFantasy!! I loved your book…all the best Robisms with RobPorn…You ROCK bb!! 😉

  16. somanywards

    L ❤ V E it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great job BB*

  17. I’m a newbie and this DICK-tionary is now my bestest friend. Finally, I learn what HHH means. Well, Duh!! So obvious now. See what he does to my brain. Too tough!

  18. OMG…that in f’ing incredible! Great job! Will you leave it permanently on the blog here? I hope so…..

    Wow, you are too good to we hOOrs!


  19. shoegal2547

    This is Robtastic…RobCat signing in! 😉 I’m not introberted, but I do enjoy HHH! ;0

  20. ilovealion

    What a wonderful way to begin my Friday… perving over The Precious. Now, this is one reference book that I would gladly keep in the bedside table for frequent… um… perusal. Get your minds out of the gutter. I would use it for educational purposes only.

    RF, you rock, woman. I don’t get over here to say it often enough, but thank you for feeding my addiction with thoughful posts and smokin hot pics. I agree that a published version of your Dick-tionary would fly off the shelves.

    I love that you used Carrie’s name for the addict. Thanks for keeping my name out of it. haha I was sitting next to her in therapy, but i was too tongue-tied from the Japeen picture to introduce myself. ROFLMAO.

    Okay, back to work (YUCK).

    Thanks again, sweets.

  21. Glad you stopped by BB, You always make me Laugh! Thanks BB *BLUSHING* You’re very sweet to say such nice things.

    Hmm you shouldn’t a said that about your name, now I may have to make a revised copy with a few additional names to add in here and there! LOL

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  23. luvtwilight72

    That was awesome, I LMAO at some of them!!! Your Dickionary was amazing the pics were hot too!! Thanks for sharing.

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