FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Oct 7/11

It’s FanFiction Friday again and we’re into Horror Month here at Rob Attack, so each week this month I will try to recommend at least one Horror/Supernatural/Vampward TwiFic. I even made a sexy Vampward banner…. *Damn he’s gorgeous!*

And, this leads me into my first rec for this week, it’s a brand new WIP by the one and only Savage7289, it’s called Tempt My Tongue. (Savage Fiction With Teeth)

Blinkie By Raum

Now, for anyone not familiar with Savage’s writing, you may want to read this A/N warning:

“Tempt My Tongue

Summary: Bloodthirsty vampire Edward Cullen has but a single goal in his pointless existence – lose his virginity with a human. He will stop at nothing to entice the unusual girl he saves in the street, but can he claim her body without killing her?

Angst, Drama, Horror, Romance, and a touch of Humor as well.

This is EvilStalkerVampWard at his (un)finest.

Rated M for dark themes and smut.

EPOV throughout.

Please read – especially if you are new to my stories! This is the only warning you are going to get!

See Savage’s Blog Fiction With Teeth for further warning information.

That all being said…..I personally love Savage7289’s writing, she is bold, unique and extremely creative. Her stories are a literary pleasure to read and I believe that Tempt My Tongue will be no exception to this description, especially once Bella enters the picture.

The first chapter is intense as Edward seeks out his next victim in a club. He is on a quest to lose his virginity, but this may be without merit because he must do this without killing his conquest first. After he convinces her to leave with him and go back to his hotel room, this is where the intense battle commences, as his Vampward instinctual desires fight to overpower his sexual desires – which one will win?

From Chapter 1

“Kiss first.

Kissing is extremely difficult, and I am often unable to move past the act. The membranes inside the mouth…so thin…so full of blood…

As her mouth comes into my field of vision, I run my cool tongue over my own lips. I wonder idly if such action dilutes the taste of venom or increases it. I dip my head down slowly, making sure I do not inhale at the same time my lips touch hers.

Her mouth is so warm, and her breath fans over my face. It’s almost too much for me to bear, and I have to back off somewhat to force control over my body before I try again. Our lips and tongues touch, and there is so much moisture and the near taste of blood in my mouth – it’s just right there –barely under the thinnest of barriers behind her thick bottom lip. My tongue drags slowly over her lips, and her hand grips the back of my head as she tries to pull me closer to her mouth.

She might as well just open a vein for me.

I pull back, my eyes wide and staring down at her. Her pupils are dilated and her chest rises and falls with her rapid breaths. I watch her eyes as they scan down my chest. Her fingers follow, and she traces the defining lines on my abdominals. She decides to reach for my cock, but I can’t let her do that…not yet. I shift back on my knees and out of her reach.” ——————-

A/N: “I plan for this to be a full-length story eventually, but this is really just the “teaser intro” to (hopefully) pique your interest and get you thinking about it. Once Unexpected Circumstances is complete, I will post chapters for this story on a regular basis. I have not yet decided if chapters for this will be posted on a weekly (normal sized chapters) or daily (itty-bitty chapters – what are we calling these now? Drabble fics?) schedule, but posting will be on a schedule of some sort (as real life allows).


Next, I have an interesting Vampward O/S to rec, it’s set in the Breaking Dawn genre/era and is from EPOV. It’s called Monster by isabellacarsonroxmysox.

Considering we are coming up to the release of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie next month, I thought this was a neat little short story to read. It encompasses an alternate ending to the Breaking Dawn storyline, taking us into the Horror realm. Monster deals with what happens to Edward after Bella actually dies giving birth to Renesmee.

I enjoyed the plot, it is quite original and has a neat twist towards the end of the story; and definitely a creepy Edward! *shivers*

Quote  from O/S – narrated in 3rd person:

“It was his fault Bella died. It was his child that kicked her apart, after all. His smile fell for a brief moment as he recalled scarlet blood on white skin. But his façade was back up as quickly as it had disappeared.

“Hey, Mia,” he said. “Do you want to come into the woods with me?”

The girl nodded and walked until she was standing next to him. They both knew that the woods were a big hookup spot for most teenagers in the area. But that’s not why he was taking her into the dark abyss of trees.

The woods provided sufficient cover for what he was going to do. If he took her in deep enough, nobody would hear her scream.

And she would scream.

He took her elbow, causing her heart to speed up dramatically. He dismissed it and began walking her at a human pace towards the beckoning darkness of the woods.” —————————–

Summary for Monster: “Edward is a vampire. Plain and simple, cut in stone. And he’s not a good vampire, either. So every Halloween, he chooses his victim from people who have trusted him for the last year…

Twilight – Rated: T – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 1 – Words: 3,518 – Reviews: 12 – Published: 10-12-09 – Edward – Complete”


*Update 13/11/11 – NOTE: It has come to my attention that this rec has been deleted from but is now available in Google-documents, so the links below have been updated to reflect this change.*

Now, I am going to lighten things up a bit with my last rec, instead of Vampward we have Gropeward in the amusing fic called Seven Weeksby yesmrcullen.

I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this as a WIP, but it is now Complete at 19 short drabble-type chapters. The story is told from mostly BPOV, but we do have some EPOV, which really adds to the intensity of this Romantic storyline and the character’s UST.

From Chapter 4 – BPOV:

“”Bella, you’re still awake?” you ask quietly. Your husky tone makes me shiver. “What are you doing?”

“Reading,” I say breathless as I grip the book tighter.

Your nose skims along my ear, and you quietly chuckle. “Is that so?” I slowly nod.

Your hand slides over my shoulder and down my arm. My eyes flutter.

You remove the book from my shaky grasp and toss it on the other end of the sofa.

My heart and breathing speed in anticipation.

You gently sweep my ponytail to the side and begin to unzip my top in the back.

I don’t have the courage to say no. I know my cheer top zipper stops half-way down, so you can’t completely remove it alone.

Then I wait for your next move.

You gently rub my shoulders, asking how your son behaved. I tell you he was good.

Your hands dip and glide over my collarbones, stroking tenderly back and forth.

“Relax,” you whisper in my ear. “I won’t hurt you.”

I believe you and I try, but the sensations running through my body are too strong.

Your hands continue, inching lower until they brush across the tops of my breasts. My core aches with need.” —————————

*fans self* This Fic is so well-written with wonderfully pervy characters that will have you smiling and maybe even a little turned-on! 😉 I can’t really give much of a story synopsis because of the way the story is presented with short, concise chapters in a developing drabble-type format; if I do I will ruin all the fun you’ll have reading it.

I will say though that Gropeward is pretty hot and a naughty, pervy Daddy and I loved him and Cheerleader Bella. I’m certain you will enjoy Gropeward as much as I did.

Summary for Seven Weeks: “Edward is the single dad. Bella is the new babysitter. Full *DISCLAIMER* inside. Rated M for content. AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 19 – Words: 13,946 – Reviews: 1233 – Updated: 9-28-11 – Published: 9-19-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete”

Seven Weeks in g-docs.


So, three recs this week, I hope I have something up there that you will enjoy. Please let me know what’s owning you in the FanFiction world and Happy FanFiction Fridays my friends. xx MC



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34 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Oct 7/11

  1. Nicole

    Hi MC,

    Great rec’s there…Yes I’m an avid “Savage” reader. I read all her stuff, and if we are taking VAMPS bb…then it goes without saying that I must rec’d her story, and my personal favorite of hers….”Hide and Drink”. I am reading her New story above as well…like I said, I read all her stuff.

    I read Seven Weeks last week and I agree it is a very well written and fun story. It goes by real quick and the UST will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

    Well you all know I read more BDSM stories than just about anything else, but I do read Vampire Stories, and All Human stories like…”The Breakers”, So I’m going to rec a few awesome stories today.

    First up is a rec from the lovely Melbie. She had been telling me and several of us to read this story and how good it was and it would take your breathe away, so I did. SHE WAS RIGHT…Totally awesome story and this EDWARD is to DIE FOR!! This is probably one of the most touching stories I’ve ever read. This Edward is 18 years old, and Bella is 25 years old….she used to babysit him for the family when she was a young girl. He has a special gift and way about him. She is newly divorced and her world is upside down until Little Green comes back in the picture! You simply must read this story. I won’t give anymore away, but the wriing is so good, good plot and characters, and the author is so nice. Only one other story has had this kind of emotional effect upon me, and that was *EP*.

    Little Green & EasyBella- by BettiGefecht

    Character(s): Edward & Bella
    Genre(s): Romance/Hurt/Comfort
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Bella and Edward have met before. She only remembers a silent kid, he
    doesn’t remember her at all. Years later they meet again & feel a connection
    that isn’t of this world. Original “Cherry Exchange” contest entry, now
    extended. AH. ExB. Lemons, no smut.


    The next story is RomanWard and was rec’d to me by my RAoR twin, and fellow PattinH00R…RDMickey…Thanks Dianne for rec’d this story. I’ve enjoyed it so.

    The other story that I have to rec’d is by an Italian author! I love all things Italian and am of Italian lineage so this story was a perfect fit for me. The writer is a Literature and Scholar who speaks 4-5 languages, and reads Greek and Latin too.

    Very well written and there is Italian and Latin woven into the story…which I just loved. This is RomanWard and it is a history lesson, you will learn so many interesting facts and latin phrases and poems.
    Really unique, and very different, but so good and so heartfelt! I love historical stories like this too. This is a Vampire story, so in keeping with your Vampire stuff for the month of October…this one fits the bill.

    She updates every Saturday, and right now it is 15 chapters in. She also responds to all her reviews, so I have rather enjoyed that too, and getting to know the person and writer behind this work.

    De Immortalitate, by Raum

    “The life of the Roman patrician Antonius is put at stake by his father, Felix. When Felix brings to his only son a new slave, Bella, more reasons arise for Antonius’ concerns. Felix’s secret can change Antonius’ and Bella’s destiny.” ExB AU/vampires.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Chapters: 15 – Words: 50,178 – Reviews: 685 – Updated: 9-30-11 – Published: 6-25-11 – Edward & Bella

    • Nicole

      I forgot to post the link for De Immortalitate…

      • Hey Nicole! I can’t wait to start Easy Green and Little Bella – it sounds like such a fabulous story! De Immortalitate has been on my TBR list for ages – that one sounds fab too.. *sigh* so many stories, not enough time!

        • Nicole

          Hi Ally,

          You will LOVE both of these stories! A big bonus is that the stories are very well written by two very intelligent and nice woman…and they both respond to your reviews!

          Enjoy Ally and have a great weekend bb! Drink some of that lovely AU Shiraz Vino for me too…LOL!

      • christa64c

        This one sounds great. So original and who doesn’t want to think about Edward Antonious running around in a short skirt? LOL!

        • Nicole

          Oh bb you are so right! I must say that in Chapter 14 there is a scene where he give her a tunic to wear, and he is only standing there in his LOIN-CLOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THUD!!!

          I told her in my review that my jaw hit the floor and that I had wild visions of seeing Rob in the wearing said Loin cloth while filming *Unbound Captives*…has anyone heard about this movie at all????

          Gah, Rob bare backed, riding a horse bare back in a damn LOIN-CLOTH…*OH HELL YEAH!!*

  2. rita01tx

    Great rec’s MC! Can’t wait for next update of Tempt My Tongue!
    I’m so please to report that Moneybeet has picked up Lovegame again…now that’s one scary, EVIL Edward story!!

    Every night she goes about her business ignorant to the man who watches her from her window. She doesn’t understand what is coming. She couldn’t know the horrors he would subject her to in the name of fascination. E/B, DARK. Nom for Immortal Sin Awards
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Horror/Romance – Chapters: 14 – Words: 65,925 – Reviews: 585 – Updated: 10-1-11 – Published: 9-14-09 – Bella & Edward

  3. Nicole

    There is another Vampire Story on TWCS I wanted to rec’d today as well. It is also a Historical type of story, but so well written…I just wish I could review for the author. *I can’t send out reviews of any kind or a rating on TWCS and they dont’ know what it is either*.

    The Parachutist, byCamilla11


    It is 1943 and WW II is devastating Europe. Edward Masen is a 23 years old American parachutist sent by the OSS on a secret mission, meant to help the partisans fighting the Nazis in Northern Italy. There he meets a girl concealing a terrible secret. They fall passionately in love and plan to marry as soon as Italy is liberated. However, while going back to the Allied lines and trying to reach Anzio, where the Anglo American forces are struggling to break through Germans’ opposition, Edward finds his nemesis, in the form of two Volturi warriors.

    Edward becomes a newborn vampire, fierce, desperate and bloodthirsty. Will he succumb forever to his inner monster or will he be able to recover at least some of his lost humanity? Will he see his love again and resist the urge to kill her?

    The Parachutist got second place in the Shimmer Awards 2011 as Outstanding Story

    I’ve also just started this fast paced and updates everyday…called Worship. Very good story and so much going on and all, but fun! I got this rec’d via Rose Arcadia who made a nice blinkie for the story and posted stuff on her blog and on tumblr! It peaked my interest so there you have it.

    Worship- by beegurl13

    Character(s): Bella & Edward
    Genre(s): Angst/Romance
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: “Age shouldn’t matter. When you meet the person that completes all
    the unfinished parts of you, it shouldn’t matter about anything else.” The
    story of a brazen young man, an invisible woman, and an unholy worship. E&B,
    AH, rated M, drabble fic.


  4. Hi ladies! Great recs as always MC! I’ve reads several fics this week:
    “Seven weeks” was really great, addictive and a quick read, Thanks Nicole :).
    “Melting in the sun” by blackstarshining is a WIP but seems very promising.
    Summary: Bella Swan, a city vet has moved to a small farming community to escape from life. She wants nothing of friendship or love, but the owners of the local pub, a heartbroken woman and two young farmers, may not give her much choice.

    “Inside Man” by Ooza is great as well, I’m totally addicted and rooting for Edward.
    Summary: With his parole fast approaching, inmate Edward Masen is looking for a friend. College student Bella Swan stumbles across his profile on a prison pen-pal website. Their friendship is formed over written words, but will it last once he rejoins her world?

    • Nicole

      Hola bb! Yes “Seven Weeks” was good, fast read! Glad you liked it!

      Melting in the Sun looks good, and I have OOza’s story on alert…too funny you mentioned *Inside Man* bb, as that was going to be one I was going to start on Saturday!! Kinda remined me of “A Pound of Flesh”, but still different. The banner is beautiful and Ooza also works as a Beta for some of the BDSM authors I read…which is how I got exposed to her stories, as one of the authors rec’d her story.

      Speaking of bb…I’m still loving you story *Homework*…anyone who loves a Cougar story and a GeekWard story should read this one, and throw in some French and some poetry and viola’!

      Homework- by HisDenOfSin

      Character(s): Bella & Edward
      Genre(s): Romance/General
      Rating: Rated: M
      Summary: Bella is a jaded teacher in Forks, Edward is her new student. Can he
      surprise her?


  5. Another one I’m reading is “I thee wed” by SydneyAlice. It’s complete and a wonderful story.
    Summary: Wedding planner Bella Swan is hired to plan the wedding of the year. What happens when she breaks the cardinal rule of wedding planning and falls for the groom? How can Edward keep a promise without breaking the heart of the woman he truly loves?
    Happy Friday :)!

  6. Hello MC and all!!

    I hope everyone is well 🙂

    These recs sound fabulous MC! I can’t believe that I have not started Savage’s new story yet, this is a first for me, as I usually jump on board as soon as the first chapter posts .. but I will be starting that ASAP – and the other two stories look fabulous too – more for the list…

    Horror theme.. hmmm.. I don’t read a lot of horror genre, but my favourite one I have read is Buried Amongst the Begonias by Durty Nelly. This story has been around for ages and there was a time that we all thought it was a WIP that had been abandoned – but Durty Nelly is posting chapter 20 soon. It is not for the faint of heart, this story, but it is really great, it had me hooked from the beginning – the only downfall with this one is that it updates so slowly.

    I was so excited this week to see an update for My Viking *ally drools at the thought of Edvard*.. and now I am hanging for the Breach and Fan Fiction, Sex Gods and Single Girls updates.. ooh and Shhhh… I am pining for Purrward!!

    Have a great weekend ladies oxox AV

    • newyorkkisses

      Hey Ally! I absolutely LOVED Buried among the begonias! A completely psychotic Cullen family and gosh is Masen hot *ded*. To everyone considering reading this, but being put off by it being a WIP, the way it is written on her blog (with 18 chapters up), I thought this was the end of the story, it would have fit perfectly regarding closure.
      Of course, since I now know that there are 2 more chapters up on, I’ll read those two asap. 😉

    • christa64c

      AV- I stumbled upon this story late one night and didn’t stop reading until early into the next morning. It’s absolutely memorizing. I was so upset when she stopped updating but it looks like she’s back! This is not for the faint of heart! If you’re feeling brave, give it a shot.

  7. Thanks MC and ladies for the really interesting and varied rec’s this week. My TBR list has just increased in length again.

    Nicole, while I do enjoy Inside Man, I thought it went outside it’s Friendship/Romance genre with the addition of Angst but given what you read it’s nothing that you cannot handle.

    Have a happy reading weekend.

  8. THANK YOU for your rec for “De Immortalitate,” dear Nicole!


    Raum from Italy!
    ps: The Parachutist is one of my faves as well!

    • Nicole

      Ciao Bella,

      Wonderful for you to drop in today!! I think everyone who reads your story will love it…without a doubt it is very well written and I’m loving where this is going. Mystery, Romance, Vampires, History, Lessons in Latin and Italian from an intelligent Italian author…Hell what is not to love!

      Abbracci, Nicole

  9. smittenkitten

    This is a FANTASTIC FicFriday…all great recs! I can’t wait till this afternoon to come home, add everything & see this rest! GO GIRLS, YOU ROCK! 😉

    Totes agree with Nicole on LittleGreen & EasyBella…I’m in love with this story, it is absolutely wonderful in SO many ways! The author, Betti, sent me such a nice message about my review…I’m really looking forward to the next chapter. This fic has my heart! *hugs to Melbie* & have ya’ll seen her new vid? WoW!

    Happy Friday!

  10. Oh I so love vampires!! I did before Twilight. AU stories have always been my favorite. 🙂 It took me awhile to find this story, because I couldn’t remember the title exactly, but I found it! I read this probably two years ago, right around Halloween. It’s dark and violent at times, but I loved it.

    The Masque of Red Death by jessiecherrie. So good for a dark Vampward. *insert evil laugh here*

    I would also rec. Toye by brattyvamp. No link though, she recently pulled all of her stories. 😦 Someone out there must have it saved though.

    As for Savage7289, I love her and all of her stories. Hide and Drink especially. I got the alert for her new story, and am looking forward to more of course.

  11. kalaekalae

    Thank you MC… 🙂
    … and ladies 😉

  12. miniaturemom12

    Thanks guys! Adding and adding. Enjoy the weekend.

  13. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies! Thank you for the recs, MC! I love anything Savage writes, so I’m ecstatic that she’s decided to write a new fic. The one-shot looks great, too, and Gropeward? Yum! That little excerpt you gave us was all the reason I needed to put it on the TBR-list. 😉

    I can now announce that I finally finished reading EP, whew. That fic took me ages, but it was so worth it.
    So, this week I started something new and I really enjoyed this fic, which is a two-piece, one fic told from BPOV (which I recommend you read first) and then one told from EPOV. It has very little repetition in it, so it’s not like you read BPOV and then experience exactly the same just from EPOV, there are so many new aspects in each fic. It’s called “Stockholm Syndrome” by smmiskimen and it can be found at The Writer’s Coffee Shop. (If any of you don’t have an account there and would like to read this fic, leave me your e-mail-address and I’ll send you the pdf.)

    Stockholm Syndrome BPOV
    After Bella’s first day at Forks High School was dismal she decides to relax. What happens when the day doesn’t go as planned? What will she do when Edward decides to make her his?

    and Stockholm Syndrome (EPOV)
    Edward catches sight and scent of Bella on her first day at Forks High. What will happen when he decides to take her? Will Bella survive? Dark Edward way OOC. Canon pairings.

    Hope you have a great weekend, ladies!

  14. Afternoon Ladies! so glad this blog has archives and MC Maintains a library of all her great recs. It’s my one stop shop when ever i have time to read. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I’ll be off Now. Happy Fan Fic Friday

    Great Job as always MC! Mwah!

  15. Thanks ladies, it warms my heart to have your thanks & praise! 😀 And, thanks for all the great recs.

    Next week I have a special treat for you all! A few of our lovely RA commenters & huge supporters have approached me about covering a certain Edward that many of us have a soft spot for, & I, in turn, have asked them to co-host FFF with me, so please come back next Friday for a special post!! xoxo

  16. haystackhair

    Sigh. Adding to my list which is longer than the holy peen. It’s hard (TWSS) to keep up with all the new recs. Why do I have to work????

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