Swingin’ Saturday: Blind Date!

Hi there! I know it’s Horror Month, but I’ve had a crap time these past few weeks and needed to have a laugh, which is why this post comes to you today.

Ladies, get yourselves dolled up and perch on a comfy stool because today, we’re playing Blind Date!

…thankfully, today’s contestants are considerably more well-rounded than those lads *ahem*. So, let’s cut to the chase and meet our three Bachelors!

*Studio applause*

TMM: So chuck, what’s your name and where do you come from?

Contestant #1: Hello, uh, I’m Edward Cullen. I come from Forks, Washington.

TMM: Alrighty! Tell us a bit about yourself then, Edward.

TMM: Thank you, Edward. Let’s meet Contestant #2! Tell us, what’s your name and where do you come from?

Contestant #2: Hi TMM, I’m Tyler Hawkins, and I’m from New York.

TMM: New York, New York eh? That sounds lovely chuck! Tell us a little more about yourself.

TMM: Creative and mysterious, aren’t we Tyler? A bit of a rebel too? I’m sure that will go down well with our lovely ladies! Thanks chuck, now it’s time to meet Contestant #3. What’s your name and where do you come from?

Contestant #3: I’m Jacob Jankowski, and I live in Ithaca, New York, but I come from Polish lineage.

TMM: Another New Yorker, eh? A very cultured one, too! You know Jacob, languages are a big turn on for a lorra lorra women! How would you tell a woman you loved her in Polish?

Jacob: Kocham Cię. And if I wished to propose, then I’d say Wyjdziesz za mnie?

TMM: *Fans self* Blimey! Is it me or is it hot in here?! We’ve digressed slightly here Jacob, please tell us all a bit more about yourself, chuck!

Well, there you have it, ladies! We’ve met our three gorgeous guys, so now it’s time for you to pick your very own Blind Date! Who will it be? Will it be Bachelor #1? Could Bachelor #2 be the man for you? Or did #3 steal your heart? Step behind the screen and tell us in the comments! That’s all from me this week, ta-ra! xoxo

PS: *Jumps in Robmobile and drives back to RA HQ* Credit for the Contestant photos goes to the lovely ladies over on Robsessed! DA NANANANANANANA DA NANANANANANANA RPAAAAAATTZ!!! Goodbyeeeeee!



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43 responses to “Swingin’ Saturday: Blind Date!

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA Feakin Brilliant Post There TMM!!!!
    Bachelor #1 I’m very “fair skinned” some would even say pale. Is that what you meant by tickle the Ivories? *gigglesnort*
    Bachelor #2 I LOVE me some chocolate and whipped cream, where would you propose we eat these treats *snickers*
    Bachelor #3 Elephants huh? how would you measure *ahem* your trunk?? *WEG*

    • Nicole

      OMG…I had similar thoughts on the whipped cream, but mine including Strawberries, and other fruits….I know exactly who and where I’d like to eat them off of too!! **Hint, you have to watch out for those commercial whipped cream aerosol cans…they have teeth and can bite ya bb…ROFL! Speaking from experience. Best to make up a batch of real Creme’ Fresh and put into a restraunt grade whipped cream dispenser!* 😉

      On the other hand…I’ve had these dreams of eating “Spaghetti and Meatballs” , and Drinking Vino off of HHH…*YUMMY…well sue me…alot of my pervy thoughts include Italian food*…I did actually have a dream about this one…*snickers…I never can look at a plate of S&M the same ever again! No wonder my family gives me strange looks when we are all sitting around at big dinners eating this. They don’t know what I’m think as I see and then eat my meal*.

      Pervy minds think alike!

      • LMAO Nicole!!! Now I’m going to be thinking/dreaming about that…..*eyes glaze over*

        • Nicole

          LOL..Which part bb??? Remember that part in my poem about “You don’t know what my eyes see”….well this is kinda a reference to that dream bb! Like I said it is awful…to have such pervy thoughts seeing spaghetti and meatballs now, but OMFG…that dream was…well DELICIOUS to say the least!! **ROBHAZE setting in now…I have to try and think of something else or I’ll be useless for hours….ROFLMMFAO**.

      • Been there mahself Nicole, strawberries whipped cream, glass of wine and…heh heh …alot, ALOT of energy!!

        Maybe that is why it is acronymn’d as S&M BB!!! LOL

  2. OH THIS Could be FUN LMAO!!!

    • *Giggle* THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Or, if you bribe the producers, we can arrange a foursome for you and the contestants…… 😉 Also I’ve just noticed that my Horror Month pic comes up as a banner on the site! Fanks – or should that be ‘FANGS’?! Hahahaha……..:P

  3. Excellent idea TMM, see you’ve been inspired by Robsessed Torture Tuesday ;). Bachelor number 2 is it for me. I love me a rebel but I wouldn’t say no to a roll in the hay with number 1 and 3 as well :p…

    • Haha yeah, just HAD to do a Blind Date post with those pics, it seemed too good to be true LMAO! Also, I was just asked if I wanted to have Robert Pattinson’s soup for lunch……I just laughed. Cream of Pattinson? DON’T MIND IF I DO! LMAO!!! Best keeping that to myself, though….. ;P

    • Nicole

      Me too bb…We’ll Take TYLER HAWKINS FTMFW! :),

      Jacob is very close behind though!

  4. rita01tx

    Ummmm, I’d have to go for Bachelor #1 cause it would be wonderful to have a man read my mind to know how to please me in bed!
    Bachelor #2? Well, I love me a rebel too , but it’s too sad to see them eventually conform when rebelliousness doesn’t pay the rent or put food on the table…been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
    Bachelor #3? My runner up! Love animals of all kinds, especially elephants, but he killed it with the wish for a large family…not into Rug Ratz!!

  5. Aww,Rob ‘s rug rats would be so cute ;)…

  6. christa64c

    I’m a comparison shopper. I’m afraid I would need to take each one of these gorgeous men out for a test drive before making my final decision.

    Who wants to be first? Don’t be shy. I won’t bite. Well, I might but #1 would see it coming, #2 would probably like it and # 3, well, you would learn to love it because right now I’m not sure I could keep my hands or mouth off of you!

  7. “#1 would see it coming, #2 would probably like it and # 3, well, you would learn to love it” LMAO Christa! XD

  8. jolori54

    I’ll take bachelor #2, #3 and #1 please!!!!!! they are all just such a great catch I can’t choose between them so I’ll give em each a chance 🙂

  9. Nicole

    TMM, what a cool post today!! BTW I love your new Avatar…is that you? Very pretty.

    Yes #1- Would be reading our filthy minds and all, but we could maybe use this to our advantage and plant some pretty graphic and naughty things in our minds for him to think about! Just think of the advantages there too…he is really strong, won’t ever go bald or look any different…when he makes love to you, you can literally go ALL night with little to No down-time. You just have to get him past his initial…”I want to protect my virtue speal”, but after that he’d be good to go. 😉

    #2- A bit of a brooder…like your James Dean types. Sometimes a loner, but very intense to be around, and sex with him would really be intense. He seems like he is the kind of man that is all consuming, Good looking, Smart, Romantic, loves his family, protective, fun with a bit of Rebel in him. I think he’d love whatever we did to him, or for him. I kinda have a thing for these type of dominate type of men! (Tyler seems the most in the FIFTY SHADES genre to me…maybe that is why I lean a bit more with #2).

    #3- A little shy at first, but a man with such quite regard, Very Romantic and passionate, who loves with all his heart, soul, and body when he does fall, and a man that is smart and who adores animals. All wonderful characteristics to have. This is the type of men woman swoon over as he wants the wife, home, and children and you could teach him so many things and vice-versa. Easy going family man type!

    Decisions-decisions…I’m with Christa on this one….I’d want to try out each of these three!

    Fun post bb!

    • Nicole, you are really putting all sorts of images in my head today…not that I’m complaining though LMAO! Yes that is me, thought it would be better to distinguish between who’s who if I put a pic of my face up lol! Thanks for the compliment :’) xoxo

      • Nicole

        LMAO…well you know me bb…I can be quite pervy! The more HooRs on the board posting, and the worse my thoughts become…*TWSS*. Gah you get RDMickey, Melbie, PullMyDaisey, Xyan, Floren, SpunkRandsomLuver, Christa, and a few others all on at the same time, and we can really set the board on fire…*and i’m not talking about the BG either*.

        Speaking of Melbie ladies…if you all are on Facebook, or Twitter, Tumblr or have her email address…please send her some love today or when you can! She just lost her precious Dolly…her beloved Greyhouund. I think it is a good time to send her our love and thoughts and help out a Fellow PattinH00R. We’ve all been in this bad situation and I think it would mean the world to her.

        Thank you all in advance!

  10. What a horrible experience to love an animal you love :(. I’m going to hug my cat right now.

  11. A lorra lorra years have passed since I watched Blind Date. As far as I can remember I am entitled to ask the contestants some questions, so TheMissMod, please send them around to my house and I will do so! I can’t remember who gets to pick where we go on the date but a private jet flying us to dinner in Paris would be fine with me, js. Who am I kidding, I would take a bag of chips while on the ferry crossing the Mersey, it’s the company that counts!

  12. OMG Cared, Rita, please forgive me for the ol’ mixaroo! I’ve been on the wine tonight and am a little tired lol 😛

  13. Wow, you certainly gave us some tough competition. So let’s see here…
    #1- Will always be my first love. But really, he’s moodswings give me whiplash.
    #2-Has a lot of passion and I’d love it in the bedroom but the broody, introverted sh*t’s not my fave quality.
    So that leaves #3. I like that he’s innocent but willing to learn! 😉 And since most of you don’t want to bear his children, I think he might be the man for me.
    But noooo, he’s not the perfect man either. You all can fight over these guys, I’ll take ROB any day 🙂

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