Rob being, well…a man on the Run!

WARNING!  If you have a weak heart (a.k.a. dicky ticker) you might want to skip this post!!

Hi, everybody!

I don’t usually get to do this, but since it’s all her fault anyway, today’s post is especially for PullMyDaisy2!

She just HAD to get all swoony about Rob’s THIGHS last Sunday!!

(*winks* Thanks for the inspiration PMD darlin’!)

Just thinking about those long, strong, muscular thighs…moving, flexing, pumping…GAH!  And we get to see them in all their glory best when he runs!

Check ’em out!

I couldn’t decide….

which one to post…

so, I posted…

ALL of them!!!

Death by ThighPorn! I am so DIED!!!

Now, can you handle THIS?  I don’t think they can handle this!

When Rob wears light colored pants, it REALLY shows off his gorgeous thighs! {click photo for full screen!}

Ooooh!  My twisty tour of YouTube delivered this deleted scene from Eclipse…watch if you dare!

AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHH! I'm outa here! She's crazy!!

Aw, baby…don’t be like that!  Rob?  Come baaaack, Rob!  Rob?

Oops!  I think I skeered him away! Crap!!  Can I help it if he ignored my warning? *LMAO!*

Oh, well!  At least he left us with some mighty fine AssCandy *snickers!*

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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35 responses to “Rob being, well…a man on the Run!

  1. Rita! You KNOW I have a heart condition, you evil, evil woman!!! Eh, I suppose ROB should be the one to blame – damn you, sexy man!!! 😛 Now I feel a little weak…

  2. evil, evil woman. lol. you almost made me jump out of my skin.

  3. Awwwwww you mentioned little ole me? 🙂 How sweet. Yes, I can’t deny it. I’m a certified, eyes to the crotch and thighs pervy Rob hOOr. I mean LOOK AT THOSE THIGHS. Are they not the most beautiful thing? YES it’s face first, cause how can you not drool over that stare, that jaw, those LIPSSSSSSSSSS for God’s sake (who the fuck thought it was fair to give a man lips that delicious?)…..but those THIGHS. They are SO SHAPELY. So FIRM, Not overly meaty, just finger squeezing good. Oh to nibble on the Rob thighs… lie upon them while tasting his…..WHA, WHERE AM I? Sorry, I forgot where I was…… Never mind me, I’m just one of the crazy Rob perving women living happily in the DARK RECESSES on the edge of the internet. LOL Buhahhahahhahah
    Thanks for mentioning me. I’m truly overcome with emotions. LOL 😉
    No really, thanks hon. 🙂

    • rita01tx

      Now, see THAT’s a truly inspirational description of Rob’s glorious THIGHS! And what with the way you went on about them last week, how could I not run with it…uh, THEM! LMAO!!
      Damned if you ain’t in good company here, PMD darlin’!

  4. Holy Hell! I jumped and screamed, my cat is scared and doesn’t want to come out from under the couch :). Evil, evil Rita!

  5. But those thighs, they’re worth it, whimpers…

  6. Well here we are lost in thighporn, so I kept on scrolling and watched the deleted scene and my heart stopped about 3 sec. BAD BAD BAAAAD Rita!!!

    Get’s paddle and heads to find her. My palms are twitchy!

    • rita01tx

      *gigglesnort* Oh, I’m really afeared, RDM darlin’! You’ll find me in 50’s Red Room of Pain…bring Rob and you can watch while HE wields the paddle. Imma BAAAAD Rita and I deserve a good spanking! *snickers*
      Ahhhh, now I’ve got that image burned into my poor bwainz!

  7. Although I’m not a thighporn girl, I would love to touch. rub. lick. bite. look. Hell anything to those thighs.

    Hum…let’s see if I have any applicable gifs?

    Rubbing thighs……………..

  8. Rita you def proved that our man is sex-on-legs # thighporn is one of my favourites so ded hoor #

  9. Wow Rita! It’s not even Tuesday. lol! Thanks for the warnings though 🙂 I’m not sure why I was thinking that there WOULD be extra E footage that I’ve never seen. I was too busy thinking that doesn’t look like Forks and bam! Great one!

    PMD has been waiting for this day! She always suggests it for T.I.T. And since it wasn’t an offiical T.I.T. ,maybe we’ll do it again for her!

    I don’t know what it is about the E training scenes but man, GAH! Seeing Rob turn into Mr. Tough Guy for a few minutes…whew. I guess it’s good to know he has it in him!

    • rita01tx

      {Ummmm, Rob all buff…in the buff! I’m just waiting for the day we get THAT treat!}
      Well, RFM darlin’! There’s TONS more thighporn out there so I’m sure you could absolutely spoil PMD (and the rest of us) with a TIT full of THIGHS!!
      Ah, crap! And there I’ve landed in the RobGutter…again! LMAO!!

      • *chanting* Bel Ami, Bel Ami, Bel Ami!!!

        • Sus

          Oh, robsfuturemate, I am so with you on this one! Will they just quit teasing us, and release that damn movie? Can you buy a season pass to a movie theatre? I will go see that one over and over, I’m afraid! *sigh*

          Great post….nothing like a little Rob thigh action! WOOT!

  10. dazzledbyrp

    Run to me, baby….run……

  11. hey Reets! fabulous Post. I woulda been ere sooner but as you know i have been distracted by something else *wink*

    hope you all survived Rita’s scare tactics! She about killed me with that one.

  12. My heart is fine, but my vajayjay is……….*returns from changing my shamanties* 😉

    Okay rita! HOLY HELL in a handbasket woman! It is Thanksgiving here in Canada & I just wanna give thanks to you & this Thigh-porn post! *DED* That gif of him running…………..*SWOON*

  13. rita01tx

    You’re welcome, MC darlin’! Happy Thanksgiving!

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