Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: ARMed and Dangerous

Well now that RF has scared the bujeezus out of us, I’m here to reassure you that Rob still exists!! Last week whilst going on my Ear Hunt I got a little distracted. Easy enough to do when you’re looking at Robporn and especially when you’re looking at Melbie’s archives. It’s a dark rabbit hole to go down, so be sure to leave some Hot Pocket crumbs to find your way out! But this time Rob’s arms were calling out to me!  So today I’m gonna share some pics of those wonderful arms and see if you don’t feel the same way. But be careful, Rob is definitely ARMed and Dangerous…

Pssst! Rob! You don’t look very dangerous there but you do have some nice arms. So let’s just get started with that, shall we?

Even in your first Vanity Fair Photo Shoot you had some well toned arms. Who knew?

The start of the downfall

And pushing up the sleeves to give us a better look was oh so thoughtful of you!

But they say wine gets better with age and your arms certainly did too!

Why, hello there

And one of my all time favorites…


Followed by the photo shoot that keeps giving…

That's a whole lot of Robporn!

And then there’s the next installment in our favorite franchise:

And finally ladies, no arm post should be complete without this (you didn’t think I forgot,did you?)

So what did Rob’s arms say to you? I bet you gals have an ARMful of gifs, pics and vids to show off in the comments. So BRING IT ON!

Robs Fan~tasy

(who is so mesmerized by the gif staring me in the face, that I’ll have to join you later!)


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29 responses to “Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: ARMed and Dangerous

  1. jolori54

    after staring and drooling at that gif for the past half hour 😆 I can’t even keep my eyes open I feel so tired!!! But I will share one pic for right now and hopefully make it back after I get some sleep! I freaking love his arms as much as any other part of him so I’m gonna definitely be licking this post!!!
    *lick* bicep mm’m

    and I actually done a creation a while back with that pushing up the sleeve pic you posted up there…

  2. jolori54

    might as well share a couple more hehe

  3. jolori54

    okay last one and I have to get to bed!

    flex them arms mm’m

  4. dazzledbyrp

    It’s hard to break away from the gif. Brings on the best fantasies. But if I must, well, where does one begin? This is one of my favorites – an oldie but always a goodie (num…num….num…)

    Then of course, there’s this one….because….well, you know….

    And hello there Mr. GodIWishYou’dTakeMeInThoseStrongArmsOfYoursRightNow

  5. dazzledbyrp

    Awk! This didn’t make it to the “There’s this one…..because….well, you know post. WTF?

  6. I seriously have a thing for his forearms. This is such a lovely way to end the day. Now I’ll be dreaming of his arms…

    I hate that this is a paps pic, and that he doesn’t look happy at all, but his arms look so gorgeous in this pic.

    And this pic just makes me mmmeelllt…

  7. Sus

    Just friggin’ kill me now…..*DED* GAWD, I would love those arms around me….I can hardly breathe! LOL!

  8. I hope you ladies sleep well, for me on the other side of the Atlantic, it was certainly a good morning :)!
    Happy Tuesday, I’ll come back later after work :(. I’ll be awake then (yawns)…

  9. dazzledbyrp

    Have to include this one, of course. H.A.V.E. T.O.

    Love the manfur in this pic. I would sure love to be the pillow:

    And one more (I could go on forever on this topic). A little bit of my favorite, tender lover – Tybert:

    OK. I’m going to stop now. Love this post, RFM.

    • Thanks my darling! And thanks for the WFE pic for the post! I still can’t believe we had the same idea!!

      • dazzledbyrp

        I know. Funny how great Robsessed minds think alike.

        You’re gonna have to show me how to post pics from my spank bank. I always have to hunt around google or bing to find a version to post. Probably something easy, but you know….techtard extraordinaire over here. I have some good oned in the spank bank…..

  10. dear Rob,

    Just wrap your arms around me babt and it will be all right!


  11. Now this I have no spankbank for. The arms. If I have to pick a least fav part of him it would be the little arms. But I am sure I can find something………

    Let’s see I read something about wanting gifs. Snort…those I have

  12. jolori54

    I’m back with some more goodies!!!! so I’m just gonna start posting!!

    fluv the freckles/beauty marks all over them too

  13. jolori54

    can’t forget this one


  14. His arms say to me ‘come here TMM, I’ll hold you and make you feel better. And if you’re lucky I’ll let you bite my biceps…so long as you don’t give me germs.’ :/

    HOLD ME, ROB!!!

    Great post RFM! Had to come home early from uni as I’m feeling a bit crap – suspect I’ve contracted Fresher’s Flu haha! xoxo

  15. jolori54

    what were we supposed to me focusing on…..

    oh yeah I remember!

  16. jolori54

    what were were supposed to be focusing on….

    oh yeah I remember

  17. Hi ladies! Back from work, finally! This video has little to do with his arms but I love the song and Rob’s in it, so good for me ;)! Enjoy…

    • Hey! There were arms in that vid!! Plus it’s called Heavy in your Arms. I think it was perfect 🙂

    • eyeonrob1

      God.Help.Me……….this man still takes my breath away every time I see that face and stare into those eyes. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the many photographers who have contributed their talents to the hoor universe by capturing this stunning man’s image for eternity.

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