Thrill Me Thursday…he’s Coming!!! (twss)

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
Since Our “Boy” has been in Hiding I know We have all felt like this…
But, Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, I know you’ve probably seen The new BD trailer that came out yesterday.And Yes I am going to post it again but come on,  Who can get enough of this,

 yeah, you knew I’d go there and you know where I’m going too….

I wish i could be here!! LOL

I know I can’t get enough of that gif!!!

And now….The Newest BD Trailer Release…

(Now I have to show you all of them while I continue to Ramble…LOL.)

It occured to me, yeah Nov 18th IS 35 days *whimpers* away and that’s a Loooooong time to go with out “The PRETTY”  BUT… there are promo tours and premiers scheduled Before then.

I recently heard HE will be in Paris as soon as Nov. 10th *perks up** raises one eyebrow* that’s only 25 days away! And he’ll have to get there before hand so we may see him a day sooner, that’s ony 24 days away. (Yes I am the eternal optimist you’ve heard tell of!) and we will be sleeping 1/3 of that 24 days so that’s only 16 days away!! Woo Hoo!! LOL (Hey, I’ll take whatever comfort I can convince myself of! 🙂 ) But the whole Point is, soon, Verra Verra soon He will be coming (twss) out of Hiding and we will be seeing photo shoots (???) *maybe? HopeFully???*

I see you with that come hither Stare BB and I would LOVE to Share that SofA with You!!!


It's getting Colder. I may just have to snuggle up with Rob on that Bear skin rug in front of a fire!!

and HHH’s F*ck Hawt self will be cruising up the Red carpets…

Yeah Baby, You walk that Red Carpet Like The Royalty You ARE!! Rawr!!!

And signing Autographs for Fangirls (hopefully some of Us will be among them)

OH! The Hands, The sex hair, The Smile, The scruff, The JAW *DED*

and Probs Wearing a F*ck Hawt suit to make all our panties go *POOF*



*POOF* *SWOON* *Falls off bed*

 Yeah Rob, I know what you’re thinking about my little Comments here…
But it’s true Baby, One Look from you…

And all we can do is

(GAH! Doen’t that look just say he’s doing all he can not to jump on you (ME)??? Jump Rob Darlin’ JUMP!)


But the Point is…In just a few short weeks Our Boy, The Pretty, The Sexiest F*ck HAwt Man Alive or EVER will be out and about.

The Twilight is over, the Darkness is Fading and soon, It will be “Breaking Dawn!”

                                                         (and Breaking Headboards *snickers*)

And I can’t wait to see BD because, WE MISS YOU ROB!!!!

*special thanks to Melbie for her edits and the last gif MWAH!!!*

Love, As Always,




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43 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…he’s Coming!!! (twss)

  1. Why am I having trouble logging in Rit…..huh?
    Is just me or does this bloody worldpress just hate me?
    I keep typing my comment and losing it. WTH!
    Ok now i gotta think of the crap I just rambled about and type it again…

    Oh yer, I gotta tell ya Rit, jacobowski pic is my fav one here GF. You know that dontcha?
    The hair, the dirty and if that aint sexy enuff he plays a f..ken vet FFS!. lol
    AND there’s that romp with Marlena….
    RPATZ in a suit…man, oh man it should be a damn crime. [just saying]
    Like the pic with this comment below it:
    the suit Rita the suit…..
    Thanks for posting today I didn’t think you were gong to, coz you usually do it a lil earlier and I thought you may have decided to give it a miss…not that there’s anything wrong with that. But you surpirised me that’s all.
    Enjoyed the vids..
    Thanks again..

    • I’m sure you’re a little out of it after all those pics and gifs, I am, but it was Robs Fan~tasy that posted them!! She is amazing, isn’t she?

    • Hey HBM Sometimes WP can be a real pain, like posting you comment in the wrong reply spot or posting the same comment twice, but for the most part it’s one of the best blogging sites around. They are doing alot of updating and there in lies the issues. it’ll even out in time. Just be patient. but if you continue to have issues let me know! I’ll contact them for you. or direct you to their complaint page.

      I was having dificulty getting a few gifs to work properly which is why my post was late, Sorry BB but better late than never eh? Especially when we’re talking about HHH! There may be an occaision or two where I don’t post in the near future due to some RL Issues heading my way, but never fear I’ll Be Back! LOL
      Thanks for commenting, Glad to see you came Back!

  2. You know..before I even launched the post. That’s a catchy title you have there. Thrill me……He’s coming. Do I even have to tell you girls where my mind went?

    The post is just full of WIN. Paris was a pantykiller. Robowski….my death. Rob in motion *thud*

    Being the optimistic person as well, I must say… It is less than 16 days bb. Rob is in Paris Oct 23 and 24 ! ! ! ! ! SQQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Oct 23, 24 – Paris
    Oct 26 – Belguim
    Oct 28 – Stockholm
    Nov 5 – BD convention in LA
    Nov 14 – BD Premier in LA
    Nov 16 – BD UK Premier
    Nov 18 – Berlin Premier

    Yea…I’m not obsessed at all *SNORT*

    Now….more moving porn

    Cause I am gonna DIE

    And we will have FRESH spankbanks coming soon!!

    • Nicole

      Yep Paris was a Killer alright…Lest we forget bb of that FuckHAWT pic of Rob with the HHP!!!…ROFLMFAO, Sorry bb, but I had to GO THERE!

      Yes the Spank Banks are going to get alot fuller!

    • eyeonrob1

      *looks around with shifty eyes while typing mickey’s dates ^^^^^ into I-phone calendar* Thanks, mickey. Fluv you for NOT being obsessed. *SNORT*

    • Wheeeee a fellow optimist after mah own heart LOL I coulda so went on with this post all night, adorkable Rob, Dirty Rob, Scruffy Rob, Smirky Rob, Smexy Rob, F Me Eyes Rob, Word Vomit Rob, Shiteous Nikes *hopefully* Rob, Sexspender wearing Rob, *says a little Prayer* all Coming soon!!!! *SQQUUUEEE*
      can’t wait to see more of this…

    • rdmy1989
      I just had a sticky [as in sticky beak. lol]
      at your both links….
      well, well that first being a little larger than i think ive seen before…..
      quite impressive isn’t it? lol
      …..well the second, Robs lookin a lil tongue tied there, lol

  3. You’ve brought it down to 16 days already, try taking off the time you will spend daydreaming about The Reappearance – that should bring you down to about 2 days! Just enough time for a facial, waxing and hair do. LOL

    • Shizz BB, It’s Take a year of non stop primping for me just to Be presentable for normal men LMAO! For the Precious! I don’t even want to think about it LOL But I can Dream….Oh Boy can I dream LOL


    …sorry for the Caps abuse there ladies…

  5. OMG I fllluuv the selection of pics and gifs and the perfect commentary to go along with them #you’re all hoors after my own heart, hehe#

    And TMM, feel better soon bb!

  6. ilovealion

    Rob on the red carpet…
    Rob on green velvet…
    Batrob on white fur…
    Red, green, and white means Christmas has come early. (refer to Santa Rob from yesterday’s post and the holiday is complete) hehe

    I’m seriously in Rob withdrawal. I’m glad you’ve pointed out that our drought is about to be over. I’m ready to jump back on the wagon (among other things *wink*) Did someone say spankbank?

    Great post, sweets. Thanks for your time and effort to keep us addicts in constant supply.

  7. Super excited for his return!!! New pics will be nice but I can’t wait for the plethora of Word Vomit the boy will be spewing during Promo Time!!

    Oh, and the fact that I’m gonna be at the premiere and seeing that Pretty face hopefully closer than I did at the TCA;s. Which basically means without binocs:)

    But before all that Robowski is coming to my house! ANd hopefully some DVD extra’s that I’ve never seen. Good month, good month.

    • Oh You Lucky hOOr you!!! Is mags going too? I think I hate you now!! LOL J/K but I is GREEN with envy!!!

      • Hopefully I can convince Mags to come too, she’s on the fence! Just keep pushing her to come with me, I’m gonna need all the support of friends when the push comes to shove. Yikes, it might get scary but hopefully will be worth it!

        And no need to be jealous, bb. I’ll post all about here so you can live vicariously through me! 😉

  8. christa64c

    Rob on a press junket is readily becoming one of my favorite things. The WFE tour was magic! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of you Hoors who have a chance to get up close and personal with the Pretty. I’ll be sitting here in Iowa cursing my parents for moving us to a place that Rob will never visit!

    RF- I loved that *Squee* emoticon. Too Cute!!!!

    • eyeonrob1

      Totes agree, christa…I’m a Rob press junket junkie. It’s the reason I finally broke down and got a DVR and subscribed to TIVO. Then it took my techtard ass about a week to set up the fucker and learn how to use it. But during a Rob drought, that delightful system brings a smile to my face and a moan to my lips. And if it gets too bad where you are in Iowa, bb, just get thee to the closest airport/bus/train station and get as close to the pretty as you can. It’s worth it.

    • Oh the word vomit…cannot wait….

      *tee hee* Thanks BB I has a whole folder full of *giggles and cuteness like that just waiting for the right place to put em.

  9. dazzledbyrp

    Rob is coming!!! Rob is coming!! Oh Rob, come, baby, come! We’re waiting, panting, moaning for you to come!!!

    Wait…..where am I?……..

    Before I fall too far into my little dirty gutter, let me just say: GREAT POST (as usual) RF. My panties are all in a twist just shortenig the days til this G.D. drought is over and Rob comes to us in all his hot glory.

    Feel better TMM.

  10. Nicole

    Nice post today RF. I think we are all anxious to see what BD has in store for us…especially us Pervy Minded H00Rs!

    The Drought has been awful, as usual, but soon we will see pics and hear storys of The Pretty all over the place, so we will all have big smiles on our faces. 🙂

    We will have alot of EyeCandy soon so do your mental exercising now to get yourself in shape for alot of Perving!

    • *WAIT!* You mean there’s some UNpervy-minded hOOrs???? Where???
      *looks around* Whew! I thought they were here LMAO! but i can see we are all pervy minded!!! Is there any ther way to be??? Didn’t think so.

      I am anxious to see anything he is in BD~Bel Ami~UBC

      My mom was telling me she saw something on the internet about Rob being up for a role in a movie Called “Akira” but she couldn’t tell me anything else about it. She did show me the page but I was super busy at the time and it had a bunch of pics of Rob from the Details shoot. She didn’t check the date and can’t remember where she found the info. Does anyone know? is this old news? Is it a Rumor?

      • Oh, that was a few months ago – he was rumoured to have gone to a casting sesh for Akira (a film adaptation of an anime series), although apparently he just got the script and never took the project any further.

  11. Nicole

    Oh btw Rob’sFan-Tasy…Look at your email. I’ve sent you info on Swovie who has agreed to help you with your manips. I sent you both each others email addresses and she is also on NT with us.

    Ciao bella…

  12. eyeonrob1

    RF…this post is all kinds of delicious. Rob in that dark grey suit and black shirt is TH-FUCKING-THUD for reals. Love the jumpy, clappy SQUEEEE kitty, too. I’m counting the days until the pretty comes out in the daylight again and I can listen to that voice and see that face. Warm up the TIVO, ladies.

    • Warm up the Tivo??? hee hee everything i got is already Hot for the PRETTEH!!! LOL Kitty is cute huh? Reminds me of all of Us LOL.
      Oh The voice, the voice, the voice, *melts into a puddle of hot goo* I so want to hear him sing again, something, new, soft, slow, sexy and deep, growly and sultry hot…. his voice a caress that builds to a moan and finally a growl…his fingers strumming along the strings with a masterful hand…gliding across the keys with all the grace and elegance of a lovers hands…*passes out thinking about it*

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