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RA News Anchor TheMissMod

 Hello, and welcome to the flagship post for RA News with me, TheMissMod!
As you all know, there’s a lot of Rob news swirling around on the blogosphere, so it seemed only right to report on what’s being said about The Pretty. Every Saturday, I will be bringing you the latest Rob news, and asking you to comment on the stories. It feels nice to have a proper job here at RA now, as opposed to the random crap I used to post! The news desk is very comfy too!

To kick off RA News, we have our Rockin’ Rumours section!

This week, an inside source has told me there are rumours that HHH is back in London. We don’t know if there is solid truth behind this yet, but if this is true, then we hope he gets to spend some time with his family while he’s there!

Another rumour floating around the internet is that the Twilight cast are going to be immortalised at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. Robsessed and Celebuzz have confirmed that this is in fact true, and a tweet from @EntNewsUSA earlier in the week said “Don’t get too excited but…R-Patz, Kristen and Taylor Lautner are in LA on 11/3 for their hand and footprint ceremony!”
This is very exciting stuff! It’s about time Rob got his name down in a few places – we’re just waiting for that Walk of Fame star now, Rob!

Those are just a few of the rumours circulating right now, some of the hottest in fact! Let’s see what you have to say about them in the comments!

The next segment in the RA News line-up is entitled That Was The Week That Was!
In this segment, we will look back at what Rob was doing this time last year, so let’s see what Our Boy was up to week beginning 15th October 2010!

– Heat Magazine printed this load of tat (credit to Darja over on Robsessed for the scan): 
“R-Pattz is an artist. He is also sensitive, complicated, busy and a bit of a wally. How to express all of these chatacteristics in one go? Why, grow a big, bushy trampish beard, of course! Well, bad luck, R-Pattz. It’ll take more than stinky facial hair to stop us fancying you.”
It’s things like this that make me feel ashamed to be British. I mean, really??!

– Rob was voted the Ultimate Dream Male Passenger by British female voters, after a poll was conducted by MPH, The Prestige and Performance Motor Show. Not only that, but their chosen Robmobile was a Ferrari 458! Women want Rob to give them a fast ride…..it was only a matter of time until somewhere printed that information. Covertly, of course, but still!

Those were some of the main stories on this day in 2010! I’m sure there were loads more, but we don’t print them here. We are a respectful lot, thank you very much!!!

Now, the Rob Shipping Forecast. 
In this segment, we take a look at some of the newest, craziest and coolest Rob-related items that could be delivered to your door!
With the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I ever encroaching, the merch has started rolling in, and Hot Topic has  a few items available already. They have a range of t-shirts, wristbands, stationery and some movie prop replicas, to name but a few items! If you’re interested in nabbing a nifty nick-nack from the Hot Topic Breaking Dawn store, then you can click this ‘ere link and get browsing: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/PopCulture/BreakingDawn.jsp
If you plan on buying something, tell us what item takes your fancy in the comments!

Now, Etsy is a great little internet store, and there are some great little Rob-related items on there! For instance, I came across this “Twilight Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson PDF silhouette portrait” by happythought, based in Edinburgh. This cool portrait is available for £7.79, and it would be a great way to disguise your love for HHH! Just pretend it’s an ancient relative….nobody will ever know!!!

The next cool item is this Rob bottle cap necklace by theheartofdonna. You can get yours for $10.00/£6.49. It’s really rather lovely – GQ Rob *sigh*

…and then there are items that can only be described as just a little bit disturbing. I’m sure you remember when JAG posted about the custom Rob knickers over on RAoR, and if you thought THAT was scary, then perhaps it’s time to set up camp behind the sofa. While perusing the interwebs for trinkets, I found this Make Your Own Body Pillow offer from RedBellaPanties.
Now, I’m not about to slag anyone off, make no mistakes. She’s making money off these products and that’s a great and innovative achievement…I guess it’s just a personal thing. Me and Hug Pillows have always had a bit of a dodgy history. Hug pillows are actually very popular in Japan, and the anime/manga fandom holds a lot of love for stuff like this. Recently in the UK, The Boyfriend Pillow came to my attention as well – literally a pillow with a shirt on and a fake arm, presumably made so that singletons don’t feel lonely. I can only imagine what they were smoking when they thought that was a good idea!
Body/Hug Pillows, however, are a different breed of monster. I tried sleeping with my Cardward once. It was not comfortable. As a reporter, it was only for research purposes, and I am damn glad of that because anyone who keeps that up must be brave…all those papercuts….*shivers*. Pillows would, of course, be much comfier. Not that I’m about to try one out. The only thing I think of when I see Hug Pillows, quite frankly, is this:

Buuuut I guess haters gonna hate! That’s it for today’s RA News round-up. Leave your reactions to today’s stories in the comments!

And now, the weather: it will be a mostly dry week for the majority of the fandom, with only a slight chance of light showers in the South of England amidst rumours that HHH is on home ground once again. Apart from that, The Drought is still very much in action, and it looks as though we won’t be out of it for at least a few more weeks, when there is predicted sunshine and heavy showers for most  in the Breaking Dawn: Part I premiere area.

Have a good weekend! xoxo



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11 responses to “RA News, With TheMissMod

  1. Brilliant TMM!! This is perfect for those that don’t have time to peruse the internet very often. Or for those of us who get tired looking at other sites and not seeing much happening! Oh, the Robdrought!! But I do have an issue with your “random crap” comment. What’s wrong with that? I think I’m offended over here! lol

    Aww, the infamous Rob sightings. My only issue with this one is why are there no pap pics from LA? I hate to actually want those, and hate that LA’s infamous for it, but he always gets papped there. So why not this time? Did he really leave LA? Don’t get my wrong, I would be very happy if he was spending time with the fam before the BD hoopla and if he’s not hounded by the papps even better! But it just makes a girl wonder, you know.

    • LMAO! I just got fed up of the inconsistency, so here I am now at the RA News desk! XD
      See, now I would have posted those photos, because unfortunately there are some damn fine photos that those scumbags have taken, but in accordance with RA law, it’s frowned upon to post that sort of thing here – unless doing so for a good cause i.e. ranting about the papz and/or planning to send a steaming bag of crap to their door haha! x

      • rita01tx

        Meh, airport photos would probably fly (pardon the pun) as it’s pretty much expected that they’ll be there and he’s not as surprised by them as by the scum buckets that stalk his every move on the streets of LA!
        But yeah, someone tweeted that he was on a BA flight to London, so I’m surprised he didn’t get papped in LA or London…maybe they will surface later.

  2. christa64c

    Love the news round up MM! So many rumors surround Rob. This will be so helpful with weeding out the crap.

    Rob might be home? Good for him. His last visit with his family seemed so short. I’d hoped that he had to hurry back to LA to attend meetings for upcoming roles. But so far news regarding his future projects has materialized. *insert sad face here*

    • rita01tx

      Great flagship RA News post TMM darlin’!
      IF the rumor is true that he’s in London (and I’m leaning towards believing he is), he will have a week to chill with family and friends before the first BD premier in Paris on 23/24 October!
      Squeee! Not long now!!

      Has it already been a year since we saw so much GrizzlyAdams Rob?
      Personally, I would love to run my fingers through any and all the soft hair on Rob’s lovely body, from head to Happy Trail (oops! RobGutter…again!)

      Your funny merchandise reminded me of how Rob laughed about Glitter Lube so I went looking for a YouTube vid where he mentioned it. I found this rather long one (Glitter Lube ref at 2:14) but since there were loads more funnies from Rob and co, I thought you all might get a kick out of it:

  3. Nicole

    LOL TMM…Love all the news bb. Some stuff I have heard, and some was new to me, but I have been very busy the past week or so, and hadn’t had time to surf the blogs too much for new info on HHH…and free time which has been little has gone to reading FF updates and such.

    It is always good to hear the news, and or rumors. Alot of the rumors are just that and don’t always know the mysterys surrounding “The Pretty” and where he is, but it is always entertaining in any case.

    But on another relevent note…did you all see the new pics and gifs of the HHH in BD???? Smitten and I were up late on tumblr and OMG…Looks like the HHP is up late too… ;).

    Here is what I’m talking about ladies, and please don’t drown yourself in drool like Smitten and I did!!

    So ladies what do you you think of those pics and Gifs???? Any opinions on what is causing the “tented sheet”?????? Inquiring minds like mine want to know, and SEE!



  4. Nicole

    Here is one more of these pics I forgot ladies…I enlarged this picture set with several different photo editors and viewers and it sure looks like one Huge HHP to me, but you be the judge! Smitten, RDMickey, Melbie and Myself….*Officially are DED____________________


  5. Nicole

    TMM…Yes I forgot to thank you for the nice post and all….*Nicole smacking self upside head, as my mind is in RobGutter since last night*. Nice merchandise and fun stuff there.

    It would be nice to debunk alot of the rumors that surround him and as the intelligent lady you are, I’m sure you’ll do just that!

    LOL…Boyfriend or fill-in Hubs pillow…that is pretty cool! ROFL 😉

    • Great First reporting Job TMM, See I knew you’d be good at this. and RFM is right, i don’t have to jump from blog to blog, i run 4 as it is i gave two fics going research, write two blogs a week videos, manage all the problems and now i have a new surprise coming up very soon. (i’m in cahoots with a fellow RA Author to do a lil somethin somethin soon) and that is just my on line life, not to mention RL I just don’t have the time to keep up with the Pretty’s RL. You’re doing us all a great service Ma Lady! Mwah!!!

      Now, Nicole, I was so Taken by the pretty’s beautiful sweet face in those gifs when they first came to me two days ago that i never notced the “tent effect” until i read your post and looked at your gifs and Lo and Behold You were right!!! I about died!! There IS a BIG OL TENT in that sheet and then *sad Panda* I realized if you watch the leg movements, you will realize it is just his knee and when he straights his leg you’ll see his foot pop out on the far left and the tent goes away.*sad sad panda*

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