Wandering Wednesday: Wicked Wallpapers

It’s Wednesday!!! And that means that you get to go wherever my, RFM’s, mind wanders! This week it’s been wandering around some wicked wallpapers I found on spunk ransom. I hope that some of you are like me (Normal) and that you like to decorate your laptops, home and work computers with Rob. I have seen so many great ones that I change them all the time! And since it is Horror Month, here’s a few to get you in the Halloween mood.

This one makes me want to hold on tight and let Rob wrap his arms around me inside his coat!

I know that this is Rob and not Edward but still, who wouldn’t mind a little nibble?!

And for some smoldering Horror fun:

Here’s a little more wholesome one. Makes me want to go to the Happiest Place on Earth (yeah, Disneyland; that’s what I mean 😉 )

Who’s up for a little Trick or Treat?

*I have a few tricks & treats I’d like to give Rob if he showed up at my door* 😀

Why settle for just one or two Robs when you can have FOUR!!!!

So go ahead! Pick your fave Rob wallpaper for the week, the day, the minute!! And I know we have some creative gals out there, so show us what you got!!

Happy H00r’er Days!!




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21 responses to “Wandering Wednesday: Wicked Wallpapers

  1. jolori54

    those are pretty great, and like you it’s hard to choose which to put as a default for a month much less a week or a day! I try to change mine weekly! I haven’t made any Halloween ones this year, haven’t really done any holiday ones actually but I have a couple from last year you all might enjoy!

  2. jolori54

    here are a couple gifs

  3. Sus

    Love all the wallpapers! Jo, I love each and every one of your wallpapers, always!

    Thanks….1 month til BD!!!! WOOOOT!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    Here’s a good one. Yes, Rob, you are my personal brand of heroin.

  5. Here is another new manip.

    and my 2010 vampire wallpaper I used. Done by Jules.

  6. Gorgeous wall papers even if I personally prefer a simple picture of him on my computer. Still, I’d like to meet him in a dark alley :)!

  7. christa64c

    Wallpapers, screensavers, pantry doors, bookmarks… I have pictures of Rob up everywhere I can get away with it.

    You all do such lovely work. I curse the gods *shakes fist at gods* for not giving me a creative bone in my whole body!! Thank you all of you for being so generous with your creations. They’re all gorgeous and much appreciated!!!

    • rita01tx

      Yeah, but BB YOU write some damn fine FF! Now, if that’s not having a creactive bone, then I don’t know what is!

      • I was about to say the same thing Rita. I have heard alot of great things about your story Christa BB! and Rita and I know just how difficult it i to write a story.

        One of my favorite quotes Is: “It’s easy to write, just sit down in front of a type writer and open a vein.”

        Just remember that darlin! writing a good story is a true talent.

  8. amazing wallpapers, esp. the haunted house one – I can almost picture VampRob inviting me in #shivers#

  9. *Wanders in* I’ve been doing some wandering myself lately! Who’da thunk it?! I have one question….I’m allowed to be indecisive, right? I can switch between Jo’s mantle wallpaper and that haunted house one…right? RIGHT??!!

  10. Well I stand myself corrected! This is my new wallpaper, thanks Nicole, you’re a queen! Check out this GORGEOUS banner from Nicole for my new story “Last interview in Paris”.
    Here’s the link for the story too :):

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