Thrill Me Thursday…Amazing Face

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

Even though it is posted on the top right over there on the side bar I felt it neccessary for the post I am about to do to RE post the following warning:


OK, now just in case that didn’t get your attention and you weren’t listening, Maybe if you hear it from ROB himself You’ll believe me…

“It’s Dangerous For YOU!” 

You have been Warned!! 😛

As you can tell by the post title this is about the most amazing face. Two days ago I had a little “Accident”, you see I tripped and fell deep into the darkest recess of my Pornfolio. Don’t feel sorry for me, IT WAS FUUNN!!! LOL

But it has taken me two days to climb out, with the following pictures clenched between my teeth, so that I coud show them to you. Ok NOW you should feel sorry for me cause I’m no longer swimming among thousands of pics of “The Pretty” LOL

Wihile I was there I got to noticing something about our boy Robert, He has the most AMAZING face! Oh Don’t Roll your eyes girls! I know what your thinking, “Well DUH!” Right? am I right? I know I’m right. But Imma show you my PURDY Pictures anyway!!!!

So what I want to know Ladies,

Is, How can one Man…

Look so very Different…

Every time you see him?

Yes, I can hear you all now, “It’s because he aged in between those photos and they aren’t in chronological order either.” That’s what I though too at first. But look at these two photos of Rob on Leno.

*F*ckin cute ain’t he?”*

Yeah, I know they are a couple years apart and the hair is different But still very different,

It’s Like OMG Right?

Then I noticed this:…

*gulp* Rome Rob!!! *SWOONS*

These pics were all taken in the same day

And yet,

Verry Different…

Besides the obvious fact that our Man Robert hasTHE MOST AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL FACE EVAH I bet you are asking yourselves, What is her point? Right? well… to be honest. I DO NOT have one LMAO!! I just wanted a reason to post The Pretty’s pretty picture cause HE’S VERY PRETTY. SEE? SEE HOW PRETTY HE IS??!! HE’S VERY PRETTY!!!!

Latere BBEZ!!!



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26 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…Amazing Face

  1. It’s cold, I’m ill and tucked up in bed looking at The Pretty on my Kindle. That amazing face is the only thing that makes me feel just that little bit better. Great post RF! Although it is a shame you had to *ahem* swim ashore…if that was me I’d be treading water for a few days! *snicker, cough, sniff*

    • *cough-cough-cough*
      *walks in wearing flannel jammies, fuzzy cow slippers and carrying a box of tissues and two cups of hot tea*
      well scoooch ober sister we’ll be sick an adbire da Purdy togever” *sniff cough*

      • *zips up warm hoodie and moves to the big leather recliner* You know, last night I had some fever dreams – only one worked in my favour. The first one was that I made cupcakes for Jessie J, then I played a haunted piano (curse you, Horror Month lol!), and then there was the third dream *sigh*. I dreamt that I was tucked up on the couch coughing, and Rob walked in. We were snuggling and he kissed the top of my head and said ‘do you want me to make a you a hot chocolate?’ So he did. With marshmallows. The fire was on, too. *Sigh* Rob, Y U NO HERE TO DO THAT FOR ME?!! GET YO ASS HERE BOY!!! *giggle, wipes nose on sleeve, coughs*

  2. Preaching to the choir. 🙂 Sometimes it amazes me too. He really is quite beautiful. I love that you are showing only pictures of Rob as himself, not in character. Well, except for Art.

    He is MUCH better looking than Edward. 🙂

  3. sorry to hear some of you are sick. i hope you get better soon. we are into into spring here so hayfever has hit big time. the only thing for it is to stay inside and look at pics of the pretty (however will i bear it?) 😉

    wonderful pics by the way. HHH is just so delicious when he laughs. btw where is the ‘dangerous for you’ gif from?

  4. Omg the Greek pic hits me in the heart every time I see it, now on to the good stuff. Is it in the air? I’m sick too do u guys want some of my homemade chicken noodle soup? It’s fantastic. Lol

  5. Morning Ladies. Passes out all the feel good meds to all the ladies. Hope everyone is feeling better soon, but sigh….flu season is upon us.

    Yesterday’s post got me to thinking. I have only made 2 wallpaper’s ever. Well, I have never claimed to be good in PS. But I wanted to try and make a spooky, but panty dropping wallpaper.

    It isn’t the best, but it let’s me know just how hard it is to get all the layers to do what you want them to do and just how talented some ladies are. It looks much better as a wallpaper ladies – promise. 1920 x 1200 size for your licking pleasure.

    • rita01tx

      Yowzah!!! Damn, RDM darlin’! That’s an awesome WP…whaddaya mean it’s not the best! Smokin’!!!

      • BB. I am proud of myself. I am getting better and better and I am proud of what little I can do. With no training and going through just clicking buttons. It is all self learned. I have only been using for the past few months and I mostly edit photo’s. Instead of merging many things together. Thanks for the sweet comment.

    • dazzledbyrp

      I didn’t know that you made this RDM. I saw it on Melbie’s tumblr and thought it was just awesome. I made it my wallpaper for October. Much Kudos, BB.

      • I don’t tag my stuff, I did in the beginning, but not anymore. You will only be able to tell by the source of who posted. However, I have had some re-post my work and that is ok to. I do it to share. But it has occasionally struck a nerve when they say they did it and it was me.

        I am excited you are using it. I am using here at work as well as another co-worker. I think it looks better as a wallpaper than just looking at it as a pic. Don’t you think?

        • dazzledbyrp

          RDM: I’ve made videos and enhanced photos, but I have no clue where to begin as to making wallpapers. I think so many of them are so artistic. I’d love to pick your brain. RF or RFM can send you my email (are you listening, ladies??) and I’d love to hear from you as to what you did to create this little gem.

          And yes, the one that you made is awesome as a full screen wallpaper.

    • newyorkkisses

      This looks amazing, RDM! I have a soft spot for Vampward and this one is scorching hot. 😉

      • Oh I agree. I have saved Gasping Darkness forever for this time of year. Gonna start that one tonight!!

        I think we all have a soft spot for Vampward. I mean….most of us are here because of Twilight bringing Rob to us. Then with the ff’s and well…on lalalala

        • newyorkkisses

          Oh yeah, original Vampward was definitely the reason we all got hooked. The moment he set foot into the cafeteria I was a goner. What I also meant to say, was that I have a soft spot for evil Vampward, the way he looks in your wallpaper. I’m a sucker for fics like Toye and Grasping Darkness where he lets his true nature out. 😉

    • shoegal2547

      *clutches heart, can’t breath, thud, yields to gravity* Standing ovation for Midnight Sun wallpaper! ;0

      Would you…

      But, RomeRob…priceless!

  6. what can I say about The Pretty that hasn’t been said before . . . I swear that sometimes when I look at him I feel sure that God is a woman and created the perfect man (as only a woman could), to make women the world over swoon!

  7. newyorkkisses

    RF, discussing the Pretty in any kind of way is ALWAYS making the most valid point there is IMO, lol. 😉 Those pics are all amazing, one makes you swoon more than the other…*sigh*
    And I totally agree, I have often asked myself how he can look SO different in pics. And it doesn’t really have much to do with his age, as you demonstrated, we could pick out any timeframe and display the pics that were taken of him during that time and you’ll have like 12 different Robs. 😉 And every one of them is drool-worthy of course.
    His look on his first appearance on Leno is one of my favs, btw. Just the right amount of scruff and that shaggy hair that you just want to grip and run your fingers through…*thud*.
    Sending tissues and warm Rob thoughts to those of you, who are sick. Feel better soon, ladies!

  8. dazzledbyrp

    When I first fell in love/lust with HHH the first thing that astounded me was how different he could look but how each look had it’s own attraction and erotic vibe. I mean, for example, there’s Sex Personified:

    then there’s Mr. Hot in a Tuxedo:

    and there’s this kind of natural, beanied, JustLetMeEatYouAlive look:

    All beautiful. All to swoon on the floor for. All our Rob!!!

    • eyeonrob1

      You hit the nail right on the head, dazzled! The unworldly beauty is what catches your attention but what causes the addiction/obsession is his uncanny ability to change his look and keep you staring to see what comes (twss) next. His face is like the world’s strongest hoor magnet.

  9. jolori54

    what a great excuse to post any photos of Rob, I like it!!! And yes he is beautiful and gorgeous beyond words that I could ever describe him! …..and since this is still Horror Month I zombified Rob for us so here are a couple so far I have done!

    and he is still hot!!!! okay maybe that’s just me a few others 😛

  10. HOLY SHIT LADIES. I had to come by. I made that wallpaper yesterday and what do I do tonight? I start Grasping Darkness. I have wanted to read for so damn long but I waited til this time of year for the vamp fic. That wallpaper – it is WINDOWWARD! ^&%$#^$&%*^()^^%$#$@$

  11. christa64c

    You can’t explain perfection. You can try. But ultimately all you can really do is just accept that the man is the sexiest and prettiest thing on Earth. Don’t try to analyze why, just sit back and enjoy the view. That and read copious amounts of lemony ff while visions of the Pretty run through your head.

  12. ilovealion

    I have found out a couple of very important things with this post. First of all, you can lick a computer screen and NOT get electrocuted. Secondly, the beauty of the Precious transcends hairstyles and clothes and facial hair… He’s just so damn pretty.

    Thanks RFT– we appreciate you.

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