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MC features Rockstarward

Today’s FanFiction Fridays: Rockin’ with Rockstarward  is dedicated to nataliefox1901 and newyorkkisses who, in last week’s FanFiction Fridays: Actorward Special Edition, both thought it would be a great idea to have a Rockstarward week!

I actually haven’t read that many Rockstarward fics, but one some of you have highly recommended and have already read,  is TheScreamers by KiyaRaven. I have yet to read this and it is definitely on my TBR List, but I did want to include it in case anyone wanted the link, as I totally trust your opinions ladies that it is a worthy rec! 😀

I am actually going to rec 2 Rockstarward fics and then, keeping with the Horror Month theme, a Fantasy Musicward O/S, just to provide a bit of variety; plus RFM is going to join us this week with a rec of her own.

One of the Rockstarward fics I have been reading, which I absolutely love, is called Faithfully by LailaB. It is an excellent WIP at 31 chapters; full of love, lust, lemons and drama!

Blinkie by: Rosearcadia

Edward Cullen, 35-year-old Rockstar of the band Eclipse, has lived his life for him, always. His career,  his band, his family, his pleasure, have always been first and foremost…….that is until one day, while sifting through albums in his favorite music store, in his home city of London, England, he sees a sexy, dark-haired American beauty stroll by the window.  Enraptured by her stunning lips and incredible body, he follows her to a local coffee shop. His draw to her is undeniable and indescribable, but all he knows is that he has to talk to her…..and, after four hours of conversation, as they say “the rest is history”.

Bella is only 20 yrs old, so with an age difference of 15 years, this also proves to be a challenge in Edward’s crazy Rockstar life.  Edward and Bella’s romance is fast-paced, unique, smexy hot and full of exciting drama, which has kept me reading and anxiously wanting to read the next chapter.

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

Keeping a firm hold on her hand, I start to clarify, “What I meant…what I brought you in here to explain is that I have never, ever, been seen with a woman before, let alone been photographed with one. I am the quintessential bachelor, according to the media, and to be honest, I was okay with that. I welcomed it, in fact, I wanted it that way.” I pause, as her eyes drop to the floor and her shoulders hunch slightly in defeat.

Hooking my finger under her chin, I gently pull her face up, forcing her eyes to meet mine before I continue. “Until now.”

Her breath hitches in her throat, and her eyes widen at my confession. I can feel her pulse racing, as my hand moves to cup her jaw.

Our eyes lock, and the electricity is palpable in the air surrounding us. I slowly lean forward, giving her the chance to stop me, if this is what she wants. Her eyes drift closed, her lips parting slightly, and I can feel her warm breath on my face, as I close the small distance between us. Sparks jolt through my body straight to my dick, when I take her full top lip into my mouth, sucking slightly. In turn, she sucks on my bottom lip, right before I slip my tongue into her mouth. She instantly responds, enthusiastically sucking on it before tangling her own tongue with mine. Thoroughly enjoying the sensation of her tongue-ring clicking against mine, I move to deepen the kiss even further, sliding my arms around her waist with my hands finding purchase on her perfect ass. Motherfucking bliss.

I let out a moan, as her hands snake their way up into the mess on top of my head. When I pull her body flush with mine, grinding my painfully hard cock into her stomach, she whimpers, grabbing a fist-full of my hair and pulling hard, earning a grunt of appreciation from me.

“Fuck…” I groan, as she breaks the kiss.

“Yeah,” she breathes, a shy dimpled smile lighting up her gorgeous face.

“What was I saying?” I ask like a complete fucking dumbass. My mind is still reeling from the best kiss I have ever experienced in my entire godforsaken life. Not that I have much to compare it to, mind you, just a few girls in high school, before I became a badass musician and put the rules firmly in place. But, holy fuck, I could kiss Bella forever.

“Uhm, the media…lots of people or something,” she answers flippantly, her eyes trained on my lips. She looks stunning, with bright eyes, flushed cheeks and swollen lips.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to choose for yourself whether or not you want to walk into that room…as my girl.” I pause, willing her to understand the clusterfuck her life will become the moment we appear together.

“Your whole life will change in that instant, and you will not be able to change your mind. You won’t be able to go anywhere anymore. The paparazzi follow you everywhere you go…”

I look down at my scuffed up combat boots, unable to look her in the eye if she is about to reject me. I have never felt so fucking vulnerable in my life.

She remains quiet, for what seems like an eternity, contemplating what her new life would be like. When I can no longer take the silence, I look up into her big brown eyes. She must see the anguish on my face, because her eyes soften as she speaks the words that will change my life forever.

Summary for Faithfully: “Edward, the lead singer of Eclipse, has always considered himself fulfilled. He has never desired an emotional connection with anyone outside his band or family, until he meets a much younger Bella on European summer tour. Will love prevail? AH/OOC

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: 31 – Words: 192,958 – Reviews: 2655 – Updated: 9-7-11 – Published: 4-7-10 – Edward & Bella”

Laila’s Blog


The next Rockstarward rec I have for you is called Gilded Cage by MissAlex. This short story of 6 chapters, is told from BPOV and will be complete today. It is very well-written with wonderfully descriptive writing which creates some excellent imagery in each chapter.

27 yrs old Bella is a VIP involved with the Seattle Alternative Music Festival. Edward is the mysterious, elusive Rockstar and “energetic frontman of the legendary alternative rock group, Gilded Cage. One of the few bands to have survived the Seattle grunge explosion of the 1990s.”  They meet at the vacant stadium stage the day before the concert, but that evening at the festival party, he quietly seeks her out and the storyline intensifies from here….

I do not want to give any more information because it is a such short fic at 6 chapters and I don’t want to ruin it for you. But, I will say that Gilded Cage is truly a captivating story, with Bella and Edward sharing a distinct connection, this story has been a pleasure to read and I have enjoyed every word.

Excerpt from chapter 2:

The sudden shift in the atmosphere is anything but subtle. Yet from the uninterrupted flow of mindless chatter throughout the grand hall, no one seems to notice except me.

Before receiving visual confirmation, I know.

He is here.

As he enters the room, the gravitational pull I feel toward him is both physical and spiritual; a whirlwind of lust, intrigue and abandon that throws my equilibrium into complete submission.

Somehow, I anchor my feet to the floor, but my eyes are not so easily restrained. They zoom in on his perfect, unkempt hair and drift downward to see if anything about him has changed since this afternoon. To establish that he is not just a wishful concoction of my jaded imagination.

My heart stutters and kneels at the sight of him. He hasn’t shaved since we spoke, and his clothes go against the required attire listed on the invitation.

An open, navy blue buttoned down shirt reveals a white T-shirt underneath with the name and picture of a band I don’t know stamped across the chest. His loose blue jeans are faded and meet with scuffed black leather boots. Many guys in rock bands fake that tortured artist look, feigning complexity, misconstruction, and rebelliousness. For him, it’s effortless and authentic.

He notices me across the room, and suddenly, everything around me blurs except him. The air stills, and so does my breath. Silence engulfs me.

His eyes are distant, unseeing. I blink once. Twice. Determined to demolish the wall that encases him like a desolate prison. His impassivity remains impenetrable, indecipherable. As I look away, I wish that his range of expressions were as extensive as his vocals.

A/N: This story is six chapters and COMPLETE.

I will be posting one chapter per day for six days.

The chapters are shorter in length (around 1000-2000 words).

This is an Edward/Bella story. (with rock star Edward!)

Warning: Angst ahead! There is no severely inappropriate or controversial subject matter, though. I know that the summary doesn’t give away much (this is on purpose), but this first chapter should give you a pretty good idea of the characters and the tone of the chapters. If you have general questions, please feel free to PM me. This story is rated M.

Summary for Gilded Cage: ” *Rock star Edward* ‘And the feeling, it gets left behind/All the innocence lost at one time/Significant, behind the eyes/There’s no need to hide/We’re safe tonight/’ – “I Am Mine” – Pearl Jam

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 4 – Words: 7,212 – Reviews: 250 – Updated: 10-19-11 – Published: 10-16-11 – Bella & Edward”  


My Horror Month  rec this week is a O/S Romance/Fantasy fic called Somewhere In Time by TwilightBEL. It’s a great O/S encompassing a romantic Edward and Bella love story that starts at a storyline based on, “… Dr. Cullen’s theories on auto-suggestive time travel. He believes that through self-hypnosis, one can travel through time seemingly on faith alone.”


Excerpt in EPOV:

…as I stand in the tiny room and gaze into her eyes, for what seems like the thousandth time, and try and think this through. It seems that I am destined to meet her…. I was so sure of it. Now though, after my failure, I wonder about my sanity. She seemed almost as obsessed with me as I am over the photo taken of her in her youth. Why? Why would she fund a doctor obsessed with traveling through time? She must have known something. My going back to meet her makes sense then, doesn’t it? I’m beginning to think that I’m losing touch with reality. What was I thinking? I’m so disheartened. Bracing myself, I lean on the glass display case below her smiling face and hang my head.

I look upon the hotel registrar displayed beneath the glass for the thousandth time, once again, memorizing her signature. The delicate loops and sweeping strokes of her name penned by her own hand. I notice how, like her portrait on the wall, even her signature stands out among the others on the page. And then, further down the page, I see it. Room 416.

My name.

My signature.

The air whooshes from my lungs as I realize the truth. I was there.

I was there.

With her.

I didn’t fail. I just hadn’t succeeded.


Summary for Somewhere In Time :”Beyond fantasy. Beyond obsession. Beyond time itself… he will find her. Edward becomes entranced by the smile of a young woman he sees in a photo taken over 70 yrs ago. Written for SMCC. Now a multi-chapter story!

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Chapters: 2 – Words: 8,970 – Reviews: 24 – Updated: 3-19-09 – Published: 2-3-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete”

Now, keeping in mind that I haven’t read these 2 companion pieces below, but fully intend to because I loved this O/S, what makes this O/S so intriguing is that it was then extended into a full 18 chapter complete fic called Come Back To Me. And, I wanted to include them in case anyone else enjoys the O/S as much as I did.

Summary for  Come Back to Me : “He sacrificed life in the present… to find love in the past. Edward becomes entranced by the smile of a young woman he sees in a photo taken over 70 yrs ago. Full/Extended Version of my one-shot Somewhere In Time. ExB AU/AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Fantasy – Chapters: 18 – Words: 30,767 – Reviews: 148 – Updated: 3-30-09 – Published: 2-13-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete”

And, there is also this BPOV outtake, Reunited: A CBTM Sideshot.

“Elderly Bella’s POV of the night she gave Edward the pocket watch as she reminisces about their time together and the epic love they shared. Companion piece to my multi-chap story, Come Back to Me. *Read that first*

Twilight – Rated: T – English – Romance/Fantasy – Chapters: 1 – Words: 7,792 – Reviews: 15 – Published: 3-30-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete” 


When I mentioned to robsfuturemate that I was doing Rockstarward this week, she said she had a great rec for you; a fic she has been reading and following called There is a Light by belladonnacullen.

Hello H00rs! Yes, this is my first rec here at RA, so be gentle with me! This is a complete story with only an Epilogue that should be posted today. Talk about timing, huh? This epic fic has also won the award for Fic of the Week at the Lemonade Stand this past June.

Present day Bella Swan is telling her daughter, Little One, about the day she met The Masens. But more importantly, their lead singer Edward Cullen….

Bella Swan is 16 when she meets the much older and über famous Edward. At almost double her age, Edward Cullen has to fight these intense feelings upon meeting this innocent but yet mature girl. Bella’s home life is filled with angst, having a drunk father and then a mother that who spends most of her time with various boyfriends. Bella’s teenage years are filled with confusion, but the one thing she is certain of is this: she has never felt this way about any other boy, or man rather.

Bella tells her story in present day, but takes us on a journey through her older memories. It takes a little while to get use to the changing of time, but once you do you won’t regret it. This is a great ride that takes you back to the 80’s and early 90’s. It’s filled with angst and lemons, with some laughter and tears along the way.

Excerpt from Chapter 4:
(for the record Bella is no longer 16 here)

I woke and I blinked, and then I focused, and then I knew. He was still with me in my bed and I was astonished and scared… frightened that with one false movement I’d wake him and he’d be gone.

So I held my breath and I watched the quiet rise and fall of his chest with awe. I studied… the dark brown stubble on his face that the world never saw. I watched the way that his strong jaw, which was always so tense in interviews and onstage, how it was relaxed in sleep. I wanted to trace its contours, but I didn’t.

I followed the beat of his pulse from his neck to his chest, my eyes traveled in the direction that the soft glistening hairs on his arm pointed: from his biceps to his wrists, to his limps hands and long fingers tangled in white sheets. I couldn’t see much more, but his knee was pressed against my thigh, and I focused on the warmth where our bodies met. It was evidence.

“I love you,” I whispered. I’d said it before, to two separate people, but this was different. I tried to tell myself that this felt deeper because I’d fallen in love with him years earlier, but I suspected that it was something more. Maybe I’d fallen in love with the man I saw on stage – his public face, but I loved the face with the stubble more.

“I love you so much,” I repeated, knowing full well I was scared to death to say it when he was awake, and also knowing that my fear was intelligent, because my feelings wouldn’t be greeted with smiles and heartwarming declarations, but with dismissal and perhaps even revulsion.

The sun’s angle changed as the minutes wore on, and before I could move and cast his face in shadow, Edward blinked. Two emerald emergency lights lit the bedroom. My heart fluttered, and I froze. I was the first thing he saw and I didn’t know what he’d do.

And just like I feared, he stirred immediately. His body reacted swiftly and decisively.

Primed for rejection, I was caught completely off guard when he knocked me back against the mattress, when his mouth claimed me and he held my face in his large hands. His knee parted my legs and his body came flush with mine. I could feel his heart pounding, I could feel how much he wanted me… in daylight, in the morning.

“Fuck,” he growled, and I couldn’t tell if it was with frustration or lust. I couldn’t care. He grabbed my ass in one of his hands, lifting my hips off the bed, driving himself inside me with a single thrust.

I gasped. He stilled. His eyes met mine again.

“Don’t stop,” I begged.

My chest rose and fell between us. Edward kept his eyes on mine as he leaned his elbows on either side of me. He kissed me with eyes open. He kissed me slowly. He kissed me as he started to move inside me.

He made sure my legs were wrapped around him. And he kissed my ear, and down my neck, and across my shoulder. His mouth moved in time with his thrusts and he nibbled and sucked and fucked, as I was still stunned that he was there in the first place. Edward’s breathing grew labored and his hips hammered against mine, and my heels dug into his back as my body started to register that this was very, very real.

“Edward?” I half asked and half gasped.

“Fucking fuck,” he rasped with his mouth pressed against my collarbone.

I raked my fingers down his back.

“Fuck,” he grunted as he drove himself into me in a hard, off-beat staccato rhythm. And he knotted his hands in my hair and kissed me, devoured me really, and nearly tore me in two as he came inside me.

I tried to catch my breath as Edward slowly rocked: still moving, still kissing, with lips intent on loving. His hands had gone gentle, reverentially ghosting over my skin.

Finally he stilled, settling on top of me, still inside of me, his nose against mine.

I relaxed.

He was still there.

Even better: he was smiling.

Summary for There is a Light: “This was 1987; before the Internet, before Twitter, before Facebook – this was back when it was still possible for people not to know about things: big things – like bands, and little things – like G-spots. AH, ExB, with some other parings along the way.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 21 – Words: 150,468 – Reviews: 3877 – Updated: 10-10-11 – Published: 5-23-11 – Bella & Edward”



It’s been a whirlwind of a music fics for me this week, I hope you have all enjoyed the recs for this Rockin’ with Rockstarward edition. Please share your favorite Rockstarward fics and also what’s been owning you in the FanFiction world this week! Happy FFF RA ladies! xx MC


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  1. All good recs , thank you MC and RFM! No new fics of Rockingstar Ward that I can think of. The story owning me this week is “Words with Friends” by Nolebucgrl.
    Another story I love is “Perfectly Imperfect” by Lindsay520. This own is just addictive!
    Have a good Friday ladies :)!

    • Nicole

      Both of those are really good. I really love Lindsay’s work and this one is starting to get good right now! **Lemons very close**. 😉

  2. is it wrong that i squeed with delight when i saw the dedication?

    i love faithfully. it is an amazing story. some other good fics are

    truth in music and it’s sequel love in music by katiecav (both are complete)
    After years of toiling away Bella and her band mates get their big break. When Bella met Edward they both felt sparks. In the hard world of Hollywood can they have a happily ever after?

    off limits by lexiecullen17 (complete)
    Womanizing Edward has been told to stay away from his band’s new lead singer, Bella. But with their instant attraction and obvious chemistry, how can he adhere to that?

  3. i only have one other i’ve read.

    i was broken by queenbee78 (wip)
    Rookie journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine- snarky Isabella Swan is sent on assignment to interview Hollywood’s most sought-after guitarist and rumored man-whore, Edward Masen.

    i haven’t found many others. when i’ve gone looking i keep finding post new moon aus where the cullens find bella after she’s joined a band. i think they are about a million or so of them.

  4. Good Morning Ladies, all good recs thanks, the one that particularly catches my eye is Faithfully. Oh MC, I’m still reading my way through the Actorward recs but I’ll have to start Faithfully soon. It appears to have that instant undeniable pull that I just love to find in a fic.

    Have a great weekend all and happy reading.

  5. Hi MC and Ladies!!

    YUM! Rockstarward, just as good as Actorward for sure 🙂

    The story that absolutely owned me this week was the fabulous WIP He’s the One by CullensTwiMistress
    I found this story from a community that I subscribe to, and I thought the summary sounded interesting… and WOW is all I can say. Summary: Bella meets Edward in the most unfortunate of circumstances, his own wedding. Will she ever have the chance to get to know him. BPOV, BxE, no cheating, HEA; I swear! Rated M for language and lemons

    What I fell in love with in this story is definitely Bella, she is funny, witty, loyal and pretty smutty.. (oh, and she reads fan fiction, so she must be alright!!) Please check it out ladies, I am sure you will not be sorry!

    Seeing as this week is Rockstarward, my suggestion for that genre would have been “Your Voice Was All I Heard” by Twimamma – but when I went to get the link, I see she has taken all her fics down 😦

    In lieu of YVWAIH, I would suggest “The Screamers” by KiyaRaven… if you haven’t read this one – you need to!!

    Also, thanks to all you lovely ladies who gave Cared and I new suggestions for Actorward – they will keep us busy for a long time!!

    Happy reading! Ally oxox

  6. Hi everyone. Talking about Rockstarwards, have any of you read Just One of the Boys by TKegl?
    It is a lovely blend of sweet humour, excitement, lemons and love. The characters are cute, the storyline is original and there’s a bunch of cross-dressing that somehow doesn’t feel weird. It’s recently complete.
    “Bella’s dying to break into the music biz, but is thwarted at every turn. When boy band 5Point holds open auditions, it could be her big chance. Of course, first she has to convince them she’s a boy… AND hide her huge crush on the dreamy lead singer.”

  7. I have TIAL on my Kindle! Still getting through it though as life keeps getting in the way, as per :/ I’ve started watching Pan Am, the new series on (I think it’s) NBC(?) and I LOVE IT! It reminded me of a fic I read a while ago called ‘Flying High With Silver Wings’, and I’ve started reading it again. I love love love any fics set in the 60s, and this is brilliant!

    “The year is 1965 and Bella, a Pan Am stewardess, has a crush on the charming, Officer Cullen. Will sparks fly or will this flight have an aborted takeoff? Originally written for the Age of Edward contest, but now continues. Rated M for lemons, AH”

    *Squee* hope you’ll all enjoy it as much as me! Happy Friday ladies!

    PS I’m better now, for those of you who said ‘get well’s XD xoxo

    • Nicole

      That one looks good TMM…I almost went to work as a Flight Attendant, but my parents had a cow…*My dad said NO WAY and that I was off to college and NO Flying all over the World for Me…he and my mom are worry warts, and would have been up wondering about every flight I was on. So school instead and they breathed easy* There is something about those pilots that drive girls crazy…must be the uniforms and knowing they control those big planes…just lends to the sexiness of it all. 😉

      I haven’t heard about this new show yet. I’ll have to check it out.

  8. Edward being a musician, always makes me swoon. *whimper* Especially when he’s an English musician. I wonder why that is… *giggle*

    Unfortunately, the two stories I really love are not available on line anymore, but I have to mention them anyway, because they are REALLY amazingly fantastic. Someone probably has them in PDF form out there, right?

    The Lost Boys by hwimsey. This story has been at the top of my all time favorite stories, since the beginning for me. I’ve been reading fanfic for years now, and it is still my favorite. There is so much to the story than Edward being a musician though.

    Maybe by 107yearoldvirgin. She mentions this story on her profile at, but it’s not there to read for some reason. She says it’s her favorite story, she’s written. I’m sure that if you ask nicely, she’ll send it to you. Great setting, and good music in that story.

    There is a high school story that is quite good, that I can actually provide the link. The whole Cullen family is in a band, but so much cooler than being The Brady Bunch. 🙂

  9. newyorkkisses

    Squeeee! My little h00r-heart is jumping up and down. Thank you for the dedication, MC, that’s so sweet of you, Mwah! 🙂
    Also thank you for these great Rockstarward-recs, MC and RFM (you did a great job, bb, congratulations to your first post, keep them coming 🙂 ). I loved “Faithfully”, but I haven’t heard of the others, so they’re going straight to the Kindle as they’re all complete, love that. Abcoolie also told me about “There is a Light” last week, it seems to be a very popular fic at the moment.
    My favorite Rockstarward-fic would have to be “The Screamers”, it’s in my Top 20 list of favorite fics and has it all: loads of UST and hot lemons, some angst, humor, great characters and witty dialogue and to top it off, Rob has a supporting role in this one, too, and he’s hilarious!
    This is also the fic that I’ve been reading last week and I also started something new last night, which was rec’d on Twi-Fic Review’s Picks two weeks ago (if you’re missing the fic-banter on Sindays, head over there for their weekly rec and leave some love; ). It’s called “La Morte Nera” and it’s totally owning my add right now, because it’s so different from any fic I’ve ever read. It’s like a Twi-Fic with a good dose of “Supernatural“ thrown in and I’m hooked. Edward, Emmett and Jasper are hunters in this one and they’re damn hot while killing off the infected vamps and shifters.
    La Morte Nera, an incurable virus, is ravaging Edward’s world, killing vampires and wolves alike. Now Bella is being hunted by those infected. Is she merely a mortal caught in a world that refuses to let her go or is she the answer Edward seeks? AU/OOC.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Mystery/Supernatural – Chapters: 8 – Words: 71,849 – Reviews: 187 – Updated: 8-10-11 – Published: 6-28-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    This fic is seriously underrated review-wise, let’s try to up that, shall we? 😉
    Have a great weekend, ladies!

  10. ilovealion

    I have heard of several of these fics, but sadly I haven’t read any of them… yet. I can’t wait to dive into them. Oh, and some of the Actorward fics. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!!!!

    Thanks for the recs. We appreciate all the hard work you ladies put into RA.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Nicole

    Here is a RockWard story I always think about…very well written and a really good coming of age story too..

    Rhapsody in B – by Lillibellis

    When a rising musician falls in love with his small-town childhood friend, can their yearly New Year’s Eve tradition bring them together once he rockets to stardom and leaves her behind?
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 12 – Words: 91,135 – Reviews: 2718 – Updated: 6-13-10 – Published: 10-7-09 – Edward & Bella – Complete

    This author wrote “In Transit”, and “We come to Life beneath the Stars”…other story’s of hers worth checking out for sure.

    Another Rockward story is…

    Your Voice Was All I Heard, by twimamma

    Bella is hiding from the same past that Edward can’t forget. Soul mates lost. “You don’t understand, Jasper, I can’t let her go. I still feel her.” Love, Loss, Sex, Lies & an unbreakable bond. Rockerward. CANON pairings with LEMON zest. AU/AH E/B
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Chapters: 1 – Words: 56 – Reviews: 4052 – Updated: 12-22-10 – Published: 4-11-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    Both stories are Complete, so that is a huge plus for some of you who don’t really like WIP.

  12. kalaekalae

    🙂 Thank you ladies, great recs…

  13. Nicole

    I rec’d this one a couple of weeks ago…a WIP, but fits this genre and is pretty good too.

    Hurricane by LiveInDakota

    Supermodel Bella knows how to hide from the world. She’s dating big shot mogul Alec, and he isn’t afraid to use his fist. Throw in Edward – the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands in the world – Fascinate, who witnesses on of Bella’s beatings. He runs to Bella’s aid on one fateful night that will change his life forever. Fast forward a year and he can’t forget it. Music is his only outlet. His new song, however, needs a video… and a video needs a girl…

    What happens when you put them both in a suggestive BDSM situation and roll the cameras? Can they let go of more than just their pasts?

    OOC, Canon (for the most part), elements of BDSM & of course, some lemons. Dark themes, murder, and mentions of abuse. You have been warned.

  14. Nicole

    This is the stuff I’ve been reading this week that are new, but not in the RockWard genre….a couple of drabble fics that are quick reads, and WIP.

    Last interview in Paris, by his den of sin
    Character(s): Edward & Bella
    Genre(s): Romance/General
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Edward is a young megastar actor. Hurt and betrayed, he lives only
    for his job. Can Bella make him change his mind? Does she want to?


    Lost and Found- by, SoapyMayhem
    Category: Twilight
    Character(s): Bella & Edward
    Genre(s): Suspense/Romance
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Widowed mother Bella and her son get by day to day. Their lives are
    forever changed when a mysterious man rents the house next door. Bella wants
    him, but will his dangerous past tear what’s left of her family apart?


  15. Nicole

    New from Drea…Rob’s HandMoney…

    ♥Inveigled by beauty♥

    Edward Cullen is a wealthy businessman who has always had a fantasy of being with two women at the same time. His best friend Rosalie who has on occasion been one of his lovers decided that one night she was going to help him live that fantasy and she was willing to experiment.

    Bella Swan is a bright young lady who is determined to go to an ivy league college and has saved for two years while she works as a stripper for a very upscale gentlemens club to pay her bills.

    That fateful night changes all three of their lives when the passion in that room surely ignites fires in all three of them they never knew existed.

    But will a lie surely put out that fire and destroy all of them?

    This is a short story that has been there in my head for a while.

    It contains strong sexual scenes between Edward, Rosalie and Bella. There will be angst, alcohol use, and very strong vulgar language.

    Basically this is every guys fantasy come to life but with my own twist.

    I will only post this on TWCS.

    Here is a cool FBI Edward story…Mystery and Romance with a twist!

    Do The Right Thing – by LyricalKris
    Category: Twilight
    Character(s): Edward & Bella
    Genre(s): Drama/Romance
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: When a bust goes wrong, FBI Agent Edward Cullen is faced with a
    terrible choice. No one knows of his secret affair with comatose victim Bella
    Swan, nor that the child she carries is his. How can he do the right thing
    when he doesn’t know what that is?

  16. Nicole

    This new WIP by DenverPopcorn is about SealWard…I’m also reading her story SOUL, and that one is good too! I love that it takes place at my college!

    World’s Most Dangerous Dad – by denverpopcor

    Category: Twilight
    Character(s): Edward & Bella
    Genre(s): Romance/Humor
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Edward Cullen leads a double life: Doting dad and devoted husband by
    day, special-op Navy SEAL by night. What happens when the government’s number
    one gun is forced to balance work and diapers? Life’s a bitch and then you
    kill someone. E/B, vignettes.

    Three Chapters in, but looks promising! I have a thing for military stories and especially Navy stories. *my dad was a Captain in the Navy, and alot of military in my family, so I love stuff with our military*.

    Daria has a new story too…this Bella is so damn snarky and in your face. She is independent, liberated to the max, and Edward is her confident classmate and rival, while Carlisle is the HAWT Professor! Check it out…humor and lemons and provocative!

    A Game Of Three – by dariachenowith

    Category: Twilight
    Genre(s): General
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: They say that college is the time for experiments. Some for science,
    some for life. AH/OOC, Carlisle / Edward / Bella. Rated M for adult

  17. Nicole

    Yet another one I’m reading this week….Bella is the Nanny for a cute little guy who is Edward’s and Rosalie’s son. They are divorced and one thing leads to another. *WIP, but funny and some lite angst. She even goes under a alias name for awhile and you’ll know why*.

    Bella? Marie? – by Nyomixx

    Category: Twilight
    Character(s): Bella & Edward
    Genre(s): Romance/Angst
    Rating: Rated: M
    Summary: Learning to trust again is difficult after you’ve been betrayed. When
    Edward discovers that he’s slept with Bella, his son’s nanny, after not
    recognizing her at a club, can he forgive her and risk his heart to love
    again? MA/OOC/AH

    Several more WIPS I started and updates, but I’ve had limited time with moving a friend of mine and packing each evening, plus a client of biz partner died…so I have a couple of hours or so in the late evening to cram in tons of updates and stuff…it has been a challenge to say the least. Not much perving time, or working on edits, or tumblr or sleep. Work and packing and helping my friend…Nicole is starting to get cranky with no RobPorn time….LMAO!

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Hopefully the task master will give me some time to do my stuff tomorrow for my own house and then packing again! *Le Sigh* I need another Vacay!

  18. Nicole

    Ooops…Nice rec’s MC…I almost forgot. I’ve read a few, and the rest I put on my never ending TBR list…*Whew this list is getting longer that the HHP by now*…and we all know how long that is!!

    • Hey Nicole, you are on a roll, all great recs, some I have read. You are making my list longer than HHL L = Leg. Thanks but stop now LOL.

      • Nicole

        LMAO…Well bb…it is All LEG to me…just slightly different! **Sorry couldn’t let that pass by…makes me think of that Van Halen Song where David Lee Roth sings…”Get some leg tonight, for Sure!”…Nicole has been couped up in the office, at home and in my friend’s home packing and sitting in traffic too much. *Too much WORK and Not enough ROB-PORN or Perving Time and My mind is going crazy. Thank God for my Ipad and Kindle and my miffie(hotspot wifi)…I read in traffic alot, or I’d be a basket case* That is when I start all these WIP bb…it is better than getting mad for sitting in lanes of crap forever, so I make use of my boring road time!

        Oh….I will look this weekend for your pics bb. I haven’t had a chance yet. I’ve been packing with a friend every night all this past week, but I haven’t forgotten.

  19. Wow, Nicole, so many recs :), thank you fo that and for mentioning my fic!

    • Nicole

      Your welcome bb! I see you just updated. I have to read last two.

      I also wanted to mention TheMissMods new story….it is yet another one I read this past week.

      It actually is very interesting and fits this Genre of RockerWard. This Edward has a band too! I really like TMM’s stuff…she writes well and is very clever.
      I love to help out fellow RAoR-RA ladies!! We are Sisters in this lovely crazy world of Rob, Perving and FUN!

      The Dealbreaker- TheMIssMod

      Category: Twilight
      Character(s): Bella & Edward
      Genre(s): Romance/Friendship
      Rating: Rated: M
      Summary: At eighteen years old, Edward and Bella made a tipsy pact. Seven
      years on, and three years before the pact deadline, their crazy lives throw
      them together again. Will life be as rosy as they had predicted at eighteen?

      • Faaanks for the rec Nicole! It’s very lovely of you to do that :’D I know I give very little away in the blurb so I will pad it out a little more here for anyone who is interested: Bella’s biological clock is ticking, and when she bumps into old friend (and secret first love) Edward seven years after making a drunken pact to be each other’s last resort if in ten years they’re both single, their lives take a crazy turn. Will they realise the benefits of the pact, or will it all get too much for them?

  20. “For”,oops jizz typing!

  21. dazzledbyrp

    OT for a minute, ladies, but….. are you feeling the raindrops? Look who’s shown up at LAX today????

  22. I think Rockstarward is right up there with Actorward and Britward for me. Faithfully is def on my TBR list, and close to the top!!

    This week I’ve been reading The List in honor of the upcoming movie. Bella Swan is making a list of all the things she would love to be able to do with Edward. She is full of lemony ideas and with Edward’s help she is crossing off the list one, sometimes two or three at a time! It’s a fun, fast read that is getting me more excited for BD.

  23. Sus

    OMG!!!! I stayed up all night last night reading “There is a Light.” I cried so much during that one! Belladonnacullen did a great, angsty job with this one. Please read it! You won’t be sorry!

    Now, I have to go sleep….LOL!

    “Faithfully” is an extremely sexy story. This Bella is really hawt and spunky! And this Rockstar Edward is *whew!* (fans self)! Enjoy…….

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