Rob being, well…Hot in Bed!

No more pussy footin’ around!  Layin’ all my cards on the table!  Tellin’ it like it is!  THIS is where I wanna be…in bed with Rob!

Damn, that man just does something to me and I’m sure I’m not alone!

Baby, Baby, You did something to me,

I couldn't sleep at all last night,

Just a-thinking of you,

Baby, things weren't right!

Well, I was tossin' an turnin'

Turnin' an tossin'

Tossin' an turnin' all night!

I kicked the blankets on the floor,

Turned my pillow upside down,

I never never did before,

Because I was tossin' an turnin'

Turnin' an tossin'

Tossin' an turnin' all night!

Now, I ask you...

would you kick this man outta YOUR bed?

Can I have a unanimous and resounding NO FUCKIN’ WAY!?!?!!

Giggling between the sheets with Rob is my idea of Heaven!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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45 responses to “Rob being, well…Hot in Bed!

  1. NOM NOM NOM. Rob in bed. DELICIOUS> Did you see the GIFS from WFE’s sex scene on tumblr and on another Rob site? GAH. ALL LIT UP LIGHT so you can see his face, his back, his arms, his mouth kissing her and his jaw as he’s humping her and her grasping his belt as he undulates underneath her. GAHHHHHHHHHHHH Then you wanna get higher horny wise? “THE SLOWEST BURN” just updated and it’s the hottest lemon I’ve read in a DAMNED LONG TIME! OW OW OWWWWW HAPPY SINDAY OR SURE! YEASSSS HAL-LE-FUCKING-LUIA PRAISE ROB.


  2. LOVE that song Reets!

    He certainly leaves me tossin’ and turnin’ all night – sadly he’s never in the bed, but there’s still time to work on that one 😛 #delusions of grandeur..but that’s okay! Sweet Lord above, I’ve just seen those WFE gifs, and I think I’m addicted to the one of him taking his shirt off….SCREENSAVER FOR MY MIND!!!

    • rita01tx

      Aaaw, I love the vid with all the photos from American Graffiti! Gosh, they were all such BABIES (with hair and all) back then: Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Harrison Ford, etc. I even remember wearing my hair like that one photo…all teased and flipped with tiny bow in front (yech!)

  3. Hey… guess who’s here?! Had some trouble logging in, thought perhaps I’d been away so long I’d been barred LOL!

    Ahh, but the VF09 photoshoot – how could I not comment? Those pix have fuelled many a steamy fantasy… how have I shagged thee, Rob, let me count the ways (a lot, let me tell you). Lord above, has he ever looked sexier, or more shaggable?

    • rita01tx

      FluffyLiz darlin’! {jumpy hug!!!} Glad you could make it here today! I was hopin’ that title would lure ya’ll out to play *snickers*!
      I woke up this morning from what must have been a Rob dream but couldn’t remember any visuals. All that stuck were the words “Remember Me eyes” and Starbucks kisses, of all things! WTF???
      It’s so strange that, in that photoshoot, he looked more mature…older even, than he does today!? Must be the Edward make-up and shit.

    • Welcome back Liz!!! We would never revoke anyone’s membership here. Thanks for the recc!

    • eyeonrob1

      *squeals and tackle hugs Fluffy* Happy, happy, joy, joy……Fluffy’s here to play! We have missed you. So agree on the VF shoots…..all of them are just…..*moans* Lord help me……the pics have certainly fueled many a Rob fantasy for me. You’d think there would be another one soon with all the BD promos. Let us all head to the altar at the Church of St. Mattress and pray for another fuckhawt photo shoot.

      • Thanks EOR – I really must try and get on her more often, but there’s so many sites to have to visit now. We were so spoiled with RAoR – it was a real one-stop shop: a place to catch up with friends, perv over Rob, see new pix and vids, get ff recs, the whole nine yards. Now there’s Facebook, Twitter, this site, Twi-Fic Picks – so many, in fact, that I hardly have the time to visit them all! Probably the one I go to most is RAoR Refugees on Facebook, but this site is the most like RAoR and I do pop in from time to time, but just haven’t left a comment for a while.

        • eyeonrob1

          I know what you mean. RAOR was home. But RA is most like RAOR (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and I split my time between here, Robsessed, and the RAOR Refugee group on Facebook. Hell, between those three, I spend so much of my at-home time on the computer that little else gets done. But one must prioritize and Rob and my hoors come first 🙂

    • Sus

      Hey, bb….was wondering where you’d been! Welcome back!

      • Well Ya’ll Im Just about to give up! I’ve spent more than two days working on a video, have barely slept at all and when the video was finally done I couldn’t get into youtube to up load it. After two hours of trying to get into you Tube I then had to wait an hour for it to upload, Now I am trying to get to WP to Post a blog and My New video and guess what? I can’t get in to the dashboard to post it!!! WTF is going on? Srsly?? I push the log in button and Nothing happens. I go to WP log in account page and they say I don’t exist!!! So If you Don’t get a post tomorrow (err…today (?)) It is NOT from a lack of tryin I promise you that!!

  4. Pooshanks, meant to say that I’ve written a guest review over on today’s Twi-Fic Picks, if you fancy checking it out. It’s former RAoR h00r, Deb24601’s 1929 – such a good read with shamefully few reviews. If you visit the site, please do leave a comment or a review of a fic – all the stories on the database are complete and it’s our reviews which make it work and which will keep it running.

  5. Only a few blurry pics at the mo, I’ll let you know when clearer pics pop up. RA’s roving reporter, TMM *Salutes*

  6. Don’t know how many more links I can post, so I’mma have to love you and leave you with this one: xoxo

  7. eyeonrob1

    rita, my love, thanks a million for this post. What a great way to spend a Sinday…images of Rob in my bed.

    • rita01tx

      You’re so welcome, BB! One of my favorite photoshoots, especially these photos *sigh*! But damned if I don’t agree with you that it’s high time for another extensive photoshoot…hell’n I’d be happy with outtakes from the VF Annie Liebowitz shoot. Where the heck are they?

      • Gosh, yes, there must be hundreds more pix – we only saw about four, which was pretty rubbish. Do you think Annie’s got them all stuck on the wall in a basement shrine, where she goes to drool over Rob and play with her “toys”? Lord, I hope not, cos if so, that beyotch is never gonna let us see them! In future, it’s probably best to only let male photographers take pictures of him.

        • rita01tx

          Whadda ya bet she’s got them copyrighted and plans to publish a coffee table book of Rob’s photos to sell for big bucks! Blackmail, I say!!! Cause I’d pay through the nose to have it!!

        • eyeonrob1

          O.K. I thought I was the only one that thought those Annie pics of Rob were ordinary at best. We all know how beautiful Rob is and those photos she took just did nothing to showcase the pretty. I bet she DOES have the best ones hidden in some secret vault somewhere just waiting for the right time to put them in a book and make a shit ton of money off of them. And yes…….I’ll be the first in line to buy the damn book.

    • Holy fuck, he’s gorgeous!

      • rita01tx

        Can’t breathe! Someone call the Robulance, I’m having a RobAttack LMAO!!! (now I know what RFT meant when she named this site)

        • YUP! Now Ya’ll Know!! When you see a Robpic and it rips the breath right out of your throat and you clutch your heart cause he’s so beautiful you don’t think you can take it…That’s a Rob Attack and all those pics Belong HERE and so Does ROB in the flesh!

          • rita01tx

            Hey BB! Our beautiful man is leaving me breathless with that lovely scruff! Now I’m wondering what he would like like with just a ‘stache!

            • A Goat-tee is my least favorite look on any man. I have seen gorgeous men just look ridiculous or evil with a Goat-tee but this man? Rob? Our Boy? F*ck!!!!! Is there anything he can’t wear, do, be, achieve and not look absolutely stunning and perfect?? NOPE! he is The Ultimate in sexy!!!

        • eyeonrob1

          Thank God my DH is so accepting and encouraging of my Robsession. I swear….I’m sitting here constantly moaning at all of this Rob Paris hotness while he watches a football game. Bless his sweet heart.

  8. Is anyone else having trouble with Robsessed? I’m still getting the post from 3 days ago? I can’t get it to update.

  9. Have you ladies seen this new Biel video, *squeals like a fan that I am!!*

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