Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: I KNEEd you now!

Hello ladies! I hope you’re surviving this slight shower that’s been coming our way! And with all this yummy Rob goodness of WFE gifs (hawt), Rob with a goatee (what?!) and knowing that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of him….I NEED HIM NOW!!!!  I know, it’s asking a lot when the man’s schedule is super busy. So I guess I’ll settle with some Kneeporn today. Enjoy!

Let’s start off in Tokyo with some smouldering, shall we?

Black and white is always nice…

So serious. God, I flove ripped jeans!

And it never hurts to see it twice!

Why, hello there!

Okay, enough with the teasing. Let’s see some NAKED KNEES!!

Love a man that can row, even in that outfit! My what a LONG oar you have there Rob! 😉

But let’s make this a little more modern…

Aww, he looks so content.

Maybe we should *ZOOM* in on that sexy Kneeporn…

Just in case you forgot where our focus was today….

Wait! What was the focus?!

And who wants some Knee Movement?

And finally, a little tongue gif(t)!

So glad the drought is OVER!!! Happy Tuesday, ladies!

Rob Fan~tasy


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38 responses to “Tonguing It Tuesday Robporn: I KNEEd you now!

  1. Sus

    I certainly “knee’d” Rob……He looks very continental, doesn’t he? With the goatee and all?

    Did you see the “Bel Ami” post? Being released “in the first quarter of 2012″….whoopee!!

  2. jolori54

    well well here we are at yet another T.I.T. post that’s got me before bedtime! I fluv any and all body parts so this will be fun to see what people come up with!!! great photos and gifs you have up there lets see if I can add to them before I have to hit the pillow! ….. and yes so so glad the drought is over and doesn’t he just look GORGEOUS and SEXY as EVER! I’m lovin the hair(all of it!!!)…okay back to some kneeporn

    it’s a lil hidden but we get a peek at it!

    okay full clothed but they are protruding for us hehe

  3. jolori54

    there are knees in there somewhere…it’s just the back of them 😛

    okay not kneeporn but it’s some tongueporn!

    okay good night from me and have a great Tuesday all xoxo

  4. dazzledbyrp

    What a delicious little topic. Let’s see what we got…..

    Here’s Tybert checking out his own knee area. (yum!)

    Then there’s these knees (which are hard to focus on when there’s that hunky torso staring you in the face)

    And last, but certainly not least, there’s his knees in the bathtub in Haunted Airman. I think his knees get a bum deal as there are so many other parts to fantasize about. But I’d still like to rub them!

    • Hey Mags! Just wanted to let you know that when you post 3 or more links it sends you to mod. I thought we changed that but it keeps doing it to you so try two and see what happens! I’ll see what I can do from the “inside”.

      Love the Jumping Knees!!! Didn’t even think of those!

    • ok ok now i just looked at these links and I know, I know Im a bloody sticky beak [and you should now know what that means, coz I said the same last week ok] foccccus, focccus here! lol
      But the steamy bath shot pic. Now why on earth did that friggin bath tub have to #1. murky dirty water. #2 just steamy enuff so that…….so that….lol
      And the filming of BD and Rob was being all wooosseeyyy not jumping in next to Kristen… But I gotta tell ya It looked soo bloody cold there on the the jetty thing… i gotta have a tiny weeny amount of pity here for him….

      Im only kidding here K so please , please dont take me seriously…..I dont want to be considered one of those crazy fuckers ppl talk about….. ahem! Coz of this shit im expressing……OK….just saying…..K

  5. Awww Now Dang it!!! See You are going to have that Song stuck in Mah head now and since it’s stuck in My head I’m going to leave it here for you guys so it will be stuck in Your heads Too!!!

    Along with these Pretties

    • Haha! I was nice and didn’t even post any lyrics!! But that vid is awesome so post away! 🙂

    • oilily2001

      OMG!!! This is killing me!!!
      I love this blog but I’m a little shy about my English, but after this comment I had to post! Working will be hard today. I’d rather spend my day ogling Rob. 😉

      Thanks for this blog, you’re awesome!!!

      Greetings from Germany!! Have a nice day!

      • Hello olily2001 Glad to meet ya! Don’t worry about your English, You did just fine! We would all rather spend our days drooling over The Pretty!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! Hope you come back again real soon! You’re always welcome here!

        • oilily2001

          Thank you so much! We’ll see if I can work up my courage. ;-)))
          This blog is really fantastic. I love it soo much! Thanks to this blog I recognized Rob’s knees for the first time! But the knees are not really my preferred parts of his body…

          • You’re Welcome! Thanks so much for your compliments about RA (Rob Attack) Oh Do tell *snickers* what are your preferred Parts? We all have our favorites for different reasons!

            • oilily2001

              My favourite part is simply his head. I’d like to stick it in my pocket and carry it around so I could look at it all day long and whenever I want to. And maybe lick a little bit… 😉 OMG, that sounds gross!!
              There are other parts I’m definitely eagerly interested in, but unfortunately they will likely never to be seen by fans… 😉

          • Hey Oililt2001
            Your Engwish is a little too good;)
            But just make do deary…
            and you worked up enough courage to did ya?
            …and your prefered body part wasssss?
            What dear?
            Keep up the Engwish you’re not too bad at all 🙂

      • Welcome oililiy!!! So glad we could lure you out 🙂 Don’t worry about your English here, RA is a place to learn…about everything!!! There will be no judging!

        And licking Rob’s face is not gross here…it’s pretty much expected!


  6. Did I call someone a “NuttEr” this morning this fine mornan?
    Well consider being called the same this avo……
    Ya bloody Nutter….
    But must admit ya given me a chuckle and a smile, so it cant be all that bad…
    Just hearin the song….NICE!
    With the Black n whites…
    Focus HBM, now focusssss! lol
    ya know RF what they say abgout ‘blacks and not really relivant to white….but just what came into my warp head when I read it…and you’ve probs heard it before…..

    But darlin……lololol
    when ya tried or go BLACK ya never go back……LOLOLOLOL
    sorry I have a stupid sense of humor if ya havent noticed already and you bloody well seem to dredge it up in all its glory….

    hey? I have a stupid question time?
    Now do ya think and Im talking about the B & W here. Do ya think Rob is told how to pose?
    Or does he just ‘lay on his smexy’ and just does what he thinks he should do?
    Im just curious RF. Do you know the answer to my stupid? well question here.

  7. Ok today is a rainy day, cold and sad, brrr! I needed the heat only Rob can provide and look what I found! No knees there but is that for real, or a manip?? I’d never seen that pic before :).

    • Geeeeez louise..
      where did that one come from….
      musta snick outta the wood work…
      Too funny…
      Ho Ho Ho to you to…..
      liked that one….
      Was that V or E/L?
      They look real similar and im not sure which is which?

    • That’s not a manip, at least that’s the story going around. That’s a real Christmas breakfast with Lizzy. I always wonder WHO leaks these? I mean, really. I don’t want my Christmas morning pics out for all to see!

      • Good Mornan RFM,
        Ohh so it was Lizzy,
        I dont know these Pattinson genes…lol
        Claire and Richard have got a perfect mix going on there. lol
        Miss Lizzy’s as purity as her lil bro….;)
        I thought about saving this pic but I didnt for that same reason you mentioned. But twas nice to see it anyway.
        Thanks for throwing it in there.
        Hope your evening has been pleasant. BFN

        • My evening’s just starting over here, HBM! But seeing all these knee pics everyone has added gives it a great start! Glad to see we haven’t scared you off yet 😉

          (and oh! I may have the pic saved but just to stare at Rob in a Santa hat!! hehe)

  8. I guess some of you have already heard and seen this but it never gets old ;)!

  9. Brill post dear! I haven’t been sleeping well lately and now have to work and perv on the Kindle (which is bloody hard!) but you just made things a helluva lot easier with this post m’dear! I just want to squeeze his knees…the gateway to my Robdreams has opened once again! xoxo

  10. eyeonrob1

    *lick, click, save* Mmmmmm, Rob has the most deeeeeelicious long legs with knees that just beg to be nibbled. There really is no part of him that isn’t just perfect.

    • Exactly EOR! Sometimes I think these posts are gonna be silly. Then I get sucked into the Rabbit Hole that is Rob and all of his wonderful body parts! It’s hard to come back to reality sometimes.

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