Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,

It’s been A while since I have done a “Pick the Pic” post so here I am throwing this one out to you. I’ll be back with More later. Happy hunting!!


Mydenofsin WINS!!!




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45 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday

  1. So here I am..
    Surprise , surprise Its past children o clock…
    and looky and see Im still awake…..
    [yes im being a smart arse]
    [why? who me? never in a million years]
    But then again…
    “stranger things have happened”
    Right? RF
    Right HBM?
    Rightyoh then…
    About the pick?
    Lets see, shall we…
    Bushy post Eddie baby eyebrows…tick!
    Sexy almondish shaped eyes…..Tick!
    I know, I know…lololol
    Why its Orland Bloom..hehehehehe
    Nah…..Of course its ‘OUR BOY”

    good mornan BTW….you’re waking up and its almost almost almost , why its almost children oclock of course:)

  2. I keep forgetting to tick the notify me …..blah blah..
    SO I have to ramble a touch more in order to get that box ticked…..
    Rf what are you havin for breaky? HUH?
    just wondering….

    • Bacon and eggs and toast LOL

      • I would prefer Rob On a matress sandwhich!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA

        • Charming just fucking charming…Rob in a sammich….
          Would that be as the filling or as the bread…
          I suppose that would mean wheather Rob likes to be on top or…..well on the bottom…..What do ya reckon RF?
          Filling or bread?

          So ya havin B & E & T
          Ya know I didnt think you’d answer me…
          Oh I can taste the eggs right now……
          Ya know what I had for tea?
          Pork Snitchel, mushed potatos, salad and eggs…..a simple tea it was tonight….for meeeeea!

          • LMAO Oh BB Rob Is DEFINATELY the Filling Bwahahaha
            And why did you think I would not answer you?
            It’s 6 in the morning for me and I haven’t been to bed. too sick to sleep
            I have to say I don’t know what snitchel is for sure LOL

            • Ohhhh so your a bottom typa girly girl…
              Personally I prefer the bread….WTF have I just admitted……lol
              IDK I thought you would have passed my breaky Q as a ramble and not answer…..But Im glad ya did….thanks girlfriend. your the best! 😉
              Snitchel….dontcha bloody well know what snitchel is……Crumbed meat…Now thats a thought bwahhhhhhhh

              • Sorry that should have said Rob supposedly a bottom typa guy…
                SHIT SORRY! Im tryin to delete…HITF do ya delete again? lol
                Personally I prefer the bread….WTF have I just admitted……lol
                IDK I thought you would have passed my breaky Q as a ramble and not answer…..But Im glad ya did….thanks girlfriend. your the best!
                Snitchel….dontcha bloody well know what snitchel is……Crumbed meat…Now thats a thought bwahhhhhhhh

      • Is it takibng ya ages to reply coz you have a mouth full offfff……
        RF dont let that bloody egg dripp down your mouth or your hand ok
        That’s if ya eating it in the toast or being all polite and using a F & K….
        Man dripping eggs …..Oh yuk! I hate the smell. oh!……dont worry….lol

        • Sometimes the internet is just slow GF! Imma Lady I eat with a knife and fork! LOL I kinda had that suspicion about you being a bread kinda girl LOL Me? I admit Nothing!!! 🙂

          • Oh I kinda had the suspicion ya were a filling typa girl too….
            So does that mean you fucken thought about when i, well when I do ‘the lunch making’lol
            and if I’d be the type to be the bread or the filling……OH Fuck! Im embarrasssed for me and what ya thought…..

  3. Oh I forgot, som of you may not know how to play the Pick the Pic Game! *facepalm* Sorry about that. For those who dont know, all you have to do is Find THE EXACT pictue I have shown you a glimpse of here and post the link to that picture here on RA. The first person to get it right wins that round. the Key words being EXACT PICTURE. All comments are time stamped so even if two or more people get it right the first one wins.

  4. Lmao!! No! I’m ust funning with you girl! So what time is it over there? I’m usually at least 6 hours or more behind all of my friends.

  5. You can always tell me that you’d rather not say. I’m not trying to be nosey, I’m just trying to keep the conversation going that’s all. If you want to know my story well, here ya go

  6. dazzledbyrp

    And WHY are you still sick, may I ask?????

    (Yeay! – it let me log ing at work! Woot woot!)

    • dazzledbyrp

      However, it didn’t put my post where it was supposed to go. Grrrrr…. The why are you still sick, is for YOU, RF, bb!!

      • Hey BB! Oh Hell I dunno. I have Brochitis and a severe sinus infection that just won’t quit. Damn Antibiotics aren’t even touching it. But I always have a hard time getting over Bronchitis cause I am a Chronic asthmatic!! LOL Sounds Sexy Don’t it? LMAO OH God PLEASE Don’t let TODAY be the day Rob checks out this blog !!!

  7. dazzledbyrp

    BTW – This pic is a real tough one. He does that raised eyebrow thing so often. This will require much research…….

  8. easy

    On the set of Bel Ami

    Only coz he looks a lil beefed up , well sorta…..No offense..
    Hey I hope todays not the day either…
    Did I just call Rob Fat?
    I guess I did….But he’s not anymore and I think he reqired to put on the coupla extra for the role……right?

    Good mornan RF , Now its my 6ish [5.47am[ But no E B T for me ah.ah too mant calories…..GF

  9. dazzledbyrp

    MC : Do you know the answer??? My first thought is that it’s from the set of RM – just ’cause there are so many Raised Eyebrow shots from there.

    Still can’t get to the spank bank tho…..darn it….

  10. Yep, pretty sure it’s from Remember me, but there are too many pictures! I can’t find it :(…

  11. I’ll tell you this for free – my guitar is making some weird noises…maybe it’s attracted to Rob – it’s about four or five years old, so does that make my guitar a Robkitten?! LOL! See Rob? Even inanimate objects lust for your bod! 😛
    Anynoodle, here’s my penny’s worth: looks to me like it’s GGs Rob when the poor lad was a bit under the weather! I could be wrong though – it wouldn’t be the first time haha! xoxo

  12. I think I found it, thanks to TMM for the Twilight set suggestion :).

  13. jolori54

    I totally had the answer of Robward earlier and I didn’t have time to log in and play :\ I knew the pic and couldn’t go out lookin for it either stupid RL takin me away from playing!! well congrats Mydenofsin!! That was a great one today RF!!

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