Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


Good Morning Ladies,
Just when I thought I had ya all stumped Mydenofsin went and got the right pic. So now Imma do another one But this one is going to be a little different. Might be easy, might be difficult, I don’t know. Last week our very own Jolori posted a Zombie Rob that she made. I’m going to repost that picture and you have to show me what the original pic was BEFORE she converted him into a flesh eating zombie. Ok? here we go…

I want to eat your brains...

That’s even creeping me out! Special thanks to Jolori for allowing me to use her awesome Edit!
Good Luck Ladies!


Mydenofsin WINS AGAIN!!!



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3 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday

  1. I can picture the original in my head!! But alas, I have no time to search for it. 😦 So good luck ladies!!!

  2. Come on give me a challenge! Just kidding :)! Thanks RF, I’m going to bed very proud of my performance…

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