Rob being, well…Conspicuous by his Presence!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m damn near OD’ing on all the RobGoodness raining down on us from Paris, Brussels and Stockholm…and that’s just the beginning!  Funny how we thought the RobDrought went on FOREVER, when it’s only been 2 and a half months or so, barring random ninja sightings (and I still can’t believe he actually made it in and out of London without being papped at LAX or London Heathrow…he said in a Paris TV interview that he was in London the week before) since his last appearance at the Teen Choice Awards on August 7th!  Remember?

OK, OK…it seemed like forever to US but, bad as it was, I’m so glad Rob had a break from all the craziness of his grueling schedule.  He deserved it!  I mean, seriously!  I’ve got 34 personal appearances folders in my RobPorn so far for this year alone!  Some have yet to be filled and I can hardly wait!

So, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to wallow in the deliciousness of our boy in Paris…October 23rd and 24th!

Our first good look at the goatee!

In Brussels…October 26th!

He seemed to have a good time in Brussels…at least I could understand the interviews that were not in French! (yeah, I speak Dutch fluently, which is veeeery close to Flemish)

and in Stockholm…October 28th!!!

OMG! I FLUV that black sweater!!!!!

Dayum! Those Swedish fans let loose YEARS of waiting to see Rob in person!  That was just plumb SKEERY!!!!!

So, in closing, just in case you’d like to know what else we can expect from The Pretty, this is his schedule from now until November 18th, as best I’ve been able to work out:

November 2nd…Jimmy Kimmel

November 3rd…Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for the handprint in cement ceremony

November 3rd…MTV First

November 5th…Twilight Convention in LA

November 8th…Letterman

November 10th…The Today Show (early morning I guess)

November 10th…Regis & Kelly (afternoon?)

November 10th…Jimmy Fallon (late night)  What a busy day for our boy!

November 14th…Breaking Dawn Premier LA

November 16th…Breaking Dawn Premier London

November 18th…Breaking Dawn Premier Berlin

November 18th…Ellen (taping on November 14th)

Now, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that’s about when we can expect the next RobDrought to start…

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



Specially for mydenofsin, here’s that Jules banner I was talking about!



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29 responses to “Rob being, well…Conspicuous by his Presence!!!

  1. *Shouts*Dr. Rita, we need defibs STAT! TMM has gone into arrest over the pics! Get Dr. Pattinson to do an examination when she’s resting if you can ;D Seriously, damn boy! Y U SO SEXY?! It’s incredibly distracting…I’m feeling the urge to vegetate in front of his face for hours instead of doing actual work lol! Awesome post bb! xoxo

    • Hell’n I ain’t Left the sweater pic!!! *DED RF* Beyond recessatation!! only a kiss from Rob can save her now that is if you can pry her cold dead hands and lips off of the sweater pic!! LMAO!!!

  2. LMAO! ‘She died as she lived – screen-f*cking The Pretty’ PAHAHAHA! XD
    Good Lawd, with the BBJ-Bone scenario last night (I am thinking of initiating post-gig/pub contact. HELP!) and now this post, I may not be able to move for a week!

  3. I don’t ever think there is a drought. . . there’s always something to find. It’s been a couple of years since he did these photoshoots and STILL there are outtakes showing up that we’ve never seen before!! My TiVo has all the appearances lined up to be taped. . . YAY!

  4. Hi girls, great post Rita thank you :). I couldn’t access the photobucket album, they asked me a password.

  5. Great post Rita!! I’m barely able to type at the moment, never thought GoateeRob would be so gorgeous! I do however have one complaint, why you gotta start the drought talk again?! Let’s hope he starts some promo for that little flick coming out in 2012. 🙂

  6. Morning ladies. I know…I know…hangs head in shame. I have been MIA all week. Well it was not just here, I didn’t go to facebook or any of the other blogs and just a few minutes were spent at tumblr. I only read one chp a night. Why so busy? Well? I spent my spare time licking, saving, drooling, dying over all the new RobPics. I mean. GAH. Just *&^%$%#$&* !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That goatee? Seriously? It just makes me wanna be rubbed raw in all the right places? Must go back and catch up on the posts. To be sure I am not the only one that goatee effected.

  7. Great post Rita – it’s very easy of the eyes.
    In the Stockholm photo Rob himself would say he is wearing a jumper, an Aran jumper in fact. RobsFan-tasy knows that’s my favourite kind.

    • rita01tx

      Aw hell, Cared darlin’! Next you’ll be tellin’ me boots ‘n bonnets aren’t articles of clothing LMAO!!!

    • Make that two for the aran Sweater!! LOL I know that’s what you all call it, a Jumper, but I just can’t get used to that word LOL It reminds me of the jump suits that were so popular in the early 70’s, err…um…well…so I’ve been told yeah, yeah , that’s it, I was Told about the jumpers LOL Don’t really remember them Myself ya know!! **innocently looking at the ceiling**

  8. BBJ-Bone update: So that guy in the pub last night that was the British version of Jackson – in my friend’s band – I requested him on FB and he accepted me shortly after! Score? I think so! XD

    • rita01tx

      High five! The hook is set…don’t jerk the line or it’ll break! Let it play out and then reel him in real slow and gentle like til you can land him safely (sorry, couldn’t resist *snickers*)
      Whut?! It works on guys too, ya know!

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