Monday Madness…Screw Halloween I got New Rob VIDS!!!

Hello Everybody *waves*

Woo Hoo!! yeah, you heard me, I Love Halloween But I LOVE looking at Rob in motion MORE!!!! So even though it IS Halloween and I have made this whole month about Hallowen, Right now I Found New Rob Pattinson BD Film clips, yeah clips and Trailers with new scenes I have not seen before so Screw Halloween and bring on the Rob Hawtness!!!

 Holy Hell I want that man!!!
*Squeeee* I cannot wait til this is out at the theatre!!!
Some of these vids are very similar but if you watch them all you will see different scenes in them.
ok this one is a fanmade compilation. But I really liked parts of it. 
This last one was apparently recorded over a cell phone during a sneak preview. It’s kinda dark and a little jumpy but you can still see it quite well. And if you don’t hate Jake already you will at this moment.
 Well there we go Ladies That’s all the new BD vids I have. But, I’s not done yet! *giggles* Now, for your viewing pleasure…to get you all worked up…just because I an…here ya go!!
oh! You know what this post needs? More Rob hawtness!!!
Talk about your RobFantasies…*WHEW*
and just to remind you of the Goatee Hawtness…
After all that…I feel like this…
Ok My Lovlies, I’m done now. Hope you had you’re shamwow with you!!
Post your favorite Hot Vids and goatee pics!!
Happy Halloween!!!




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15 responses to “Monday Madness…Screw Halloween I got New Rob VIDS!!!

  1. dazzledbyrp

    Day-uumm, girl! That was one hot little show you just put on there! I think I’m going to have to slither off this couch now and crawl my way into bed, because I’m pretty certain I’m not going to be able to walk at the moment. You should have given the shamwow warning at the start!!!!!

  2. Good Morning RobsFan-tasy, please – did you really think I would be able to focus on the videos when you included the Jumper? LOL

  3. wow. it was almost impossible to decide which to watch first. thanks for the links. here’s a link for a bd scene.

  4. loulou7860

    Hi darling, Happy Halloween… great post, thank you. kisses

  5. haystackhair

    Dammit!!! We got snowed on this weekend and once again I am without power for days! Now at work I finally have internet but can’t see youtube vids from here. GAH! Me want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Happy Halloween ladies and RF thank you for the treat bb – I can’t decide whether to watch, lick, or save the Hawtness first!

  7. Unngh fuck! Just taken a migraine tablet and haev been wandering around the house like a zombie! Apologies if any of thos is smisspelled – thgat would be the tablmets and my fuddled up bwain 😦 Thoiase sexy vids were like a socond cure LOL! Now I’m poff to procratsinate over more work…PS While I’m here, I just though I’d say that I wo’t ve here to post next Saturday as I’m away in Wales for a long weekend, so please let me know if one of the RA ladies would like to fill in for me. You have my email so please drop me a line and let me know who will fill in and what you want to do for the topic, just to put my mind at rest haha! Medicater hoor out! xoxo

  8. rita01tx

    Aw, hell! Just read on Robsessed that Bill Condon had to cut the headboard scene due to the PG13 rating!? WTF??

    • eyeonrob1

      Yeah, what’s up with that bullshit????? Didn’t it have something to do with the thrusting in the sex scene? Apparently, in the PG-13 Stephanie Meyer world, a couple can have sex without it. Hmmmmm…..*looks in Sex 101 textbook* Nope…..says right here on page 10 “Keep thrusting until orgasm is reached by one or both parties”. I rest my case. WE WANT THE R RATING!!!

  9. Apparently yes. It will be toned down a little from what I understand, no leg hitching and stuff like that. Stephenie Meyer’s influence probably :(. Good night girls, I’m off to bed. Thanks for the post RF!

  10. edwardseternal1

  11. ilovealion

    can i just say… you rock. Having all the trailers and pretty pictures lined up to be viewed one after the other after the other… over and over and over. Yeah, I may be here all day;)

    Hope you’re doing well… thanks so much for all the hard work.

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