Oh the Things You Can Say!

It’s Press Junket time!!! And one of my absolute favorite things about Rob is the Word Vomit he brings while being interviewed. What is Word Vomit, you might ask? Basically, it’s the spewing of words from a person with absolutely no filter. I’m sure we’ll all agree that Rob is the King of this, right? And although we have only had a few Rob interviews so far, he has given us so much to enjoy already.The first one that made me giggle was in Brussels, it was a brave fangirl’s birthday…

Are you 3 years old?  LMAO!! The poor girl couldn’t figure out the joke, she just asked Rob to kiss her. She was probably shaking in her boots! But she did get what she asked for…awwwww.

Now that was sweet, so let’s take it to the complete opposite end of the spectrum with Rob’s story about Edward’s thrusting and the Executive Producer’s “borrowing” Kristen. (check out the 1:06 mark)

The one where Rob calls all of us crazy and you should just give up trying to understand women. Thanks a lot Rob!

The one where Rob wants Twi fans to bring french fries and mayonnaise to events. (I’m on it Rob!) 1:30ish

And whether you’re a Robsten, a Nonsten or an IdontGiveaCrapsten, we all know Rob is not gonna hear the end of this one!

And for those of you who want to go back in your little bubble (like me), I leave you not Word Vomit but Hope For All. (or just me, lol) 1:35ish

By the way Rob, how many times do we have to tell you…We Love YOU!! Looks like we all have bad taste.

Until next time, because you know he’s just getting started,


So what did I miss? What was your fave Word Vomit so far?

PS- Tonight I’m going to be hanging out at the backdoor of Jimmy Kimmel with this amazing banner made by the lovely and talented Cared. Let’s hope I get it signed and have a story for you when I return!


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80 responses to “Oh the Things You Can Say!

  1. jolori54

    those are all great and wonderful RFM I don’t really know what my fave is yet but I did make a few audioRobs(mp3s) of some of the ones I have saved so far and listen to them on repeat(as always!) I think he’s pretty dead on about women being crazy LMAO speaking from what I’ve been seeing around a lot lately! He talked about being naked and that pretty much made me lose all my train of thought he talked about his pre-teen crush(which I knew that already as he’s said it before) …I liked a part where, well it wasn’t even in the interview it was right before they started, where he was talkin into the mic and he says “do I have to turn it on” and his giggles throughout the whole press 🙂 I’ll try to come back in the morning and post some links to the mp3s if you all want! Have a good hump day! xoxo

  2. rita01tx

    Latest snag from Robsessed…taking about six packs (I FLUV his giggle!!!)

    • is it just me or does the announcer in this video sound like a slightly hungry “classic” Transyvanian Vampire??? LMAO Rob snacks anyone???

      NOW I know why Rob wants us to bring french fries and mayonaise to see him in person LOL to distract all the humger announcers!!! Bwahahaha

    • “Six pack’?
      Would that be a Heineken six pack. LOL
      His laugh is contagiously. funny…

  3. Happy Humpday ladies!
    Yes Jolori PLEASE post your MP3’s you are now my solE supplier of sound bites for our boy!!!

    and if we all have “BAD TASTE” and we all love Rob…Dear God in Heaven what the hell would “GOOD TASTE” look like???? most of us can’t remain coherant, vertical and dry when Rob is around. If That is BAD I don’t wanna be good!!!

    *snickers* and i am pretty damn sure he wouldn’t taste bad!!!

    • So would that mean RF that those can’t remain WHAT?
      Dry? lol
      Well the other alternative would be “moist” lololo
      Someones fav word 🙂 i think.

      Im not going to go there. Sorry.

  4. This is an excellent post RFM! All the videos are great! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite quote, I just love hearing him talk & laugh & giggle; it melts my heart! xo

    And, to everyone mourning the demise of the Sex Scenes in BD…..

    • B R I L L I A N T !
      No wonder poor Bella fell preggos. lol
      How much practice did she get to get it actually right.
      Talk about Robsten porn! lololol
      Loved Bella’s new Vampirish look.
      She looks fierce ans strong I thought. My goodness what the change in color of eye can do. Loved it, thanks MC that was good.

    • I just left a comment on YT for this. Thrustward was leaked to start with, so what is the point of editing it out now ? How can the birth scene be ok, but how she gets pregnant is not ? ? ? Yea, that’s educational *snort*

      • RDM please do not get me started on my opinion about them cutting out thrustward! I have my soapbox real handy and wouldn’t be a damn bit ashamed to pull it out climb on and sound off on this issue!! Gah I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut but it’s really very difficult to do when it comes to idiocy!!!

      • Nicole

        BB…I couldn’t agree with you more! They leaked this stuff, or had it leaked along time ago now, so why bother to cut the film?

        They can give us the “Exocist meets Carrie” birthing scence, but no smexing? WTF…we already saw a bunch of it, and they tried to say it was a fan in Brazil that leaked it. That may be true, but then how did the fan in Brazil get ahold of all of this. I read several accounts of SM’s laptop not being secure and leaving it laying around all over the set and hotel and such. Hmmm, I guess any fan with a jump-drive or computer savvy could upload or copy the scenes if the evidence is left laying around. My question is it looks odd that so many laptops were left laying around for everyone to walk by or have access to. This is where I think Summit did it intentionally…to get more fans to the movies once we had viewed some stuff that may, or may not be in there. I think they stadged some of this stuff for publicity, and higher ratings and sales.

        • *Climbs on soap box* *ahem* Yeah, imma do it! I can’t stand it. Before I get started I’d like to say that compared to some of the movies available to kids, Twilight and the Twilight saga is pretty tame and mild. but SM and summit are the ones who are making this a moral issue over what our kids watch. that being said, The very fact that they removed these scenes not only kills me is downright stupid! Think back to Twilight, it was approved for 13-year-olds, and yet it shows James physically attack Bella. He stomps on her leg and breaks it, it shows Edward biite a chunk out of James’ neck and spit it across the room. It shows Alice Jump on his back and rip his head off his shoulders and throw it in the fire! It shows Bella laying there bleeding, it shows Bella lie, not only to her father but her mother too, now all these things were deemed approprate for teenage viewers!! the other twilight movies are the same, it’s ok to show Bella jump on the back of a motorcycle with a total stranger, it shows her spend her college money to “build two wheeled death machines” it shows her attempt suicide! in the Battle scenes it shows several heads, hands and arms get ripped off bodies and burned, it shows jane physically torture people just for the sheer JOY of it and all these things were deemed ok by stephanies meyer and summit studios!! W.T.F??? Now, here you are Bella is literally throwing herself at Edward and he’s too moral to take advantage, he won’t sleep with her unless they are married, the virtuous, moral thing to do, so they “do the right thing” they get married with the approval of both their families, married in the eyes of God and approved by the state of washington but they aren’t allowed to show “under the covers thrusting” On their Honeymoon because it’s too graphic for teenagers?!?!?!?!?!?!? too suggestive? Duh OK! NOT!!!!! We can show people being murdered for blood lust but God for bid you show a married couple make love on their wedding night! Breaking headboards is too violent!? GET REAL!!! WAKE THE F*CK UP PEOPLE!! (meaning SM and SUMMIT) I don’t know about you but i’d rather my child, of any age, learn from watching a movie, a teenage couple abstain fron sex until they get married (with the approval of both families, mind you) and then go on their honeymoon and have sex than to have them learn to lie, be violent and abusive, waste their college money, kill and toture, and burn bodies. some bodie needs to get a reaiity check and have their priorities cheked while their at it.

          • Nicole

            Totes agree RF! I like your take on this.

            Who the hell does Summit think they are fooling by playing head games with us and the Actors? Everyone knows that SM wrote the books for teenagers, but the movies haven’t followed the books much, and a recent poll showed that it is woman between the ages of 30 to 65 that have spent the most amount of time and money $$$$$$ on all things Twilight! We are Rob’s and Twilight real fans and followers…not the teens or tweens.

            Your right bb…it is okay for kids to play Grand Theft Auto or go to other violent movies, but for a married couple to have some smexing between the sheets is not to their liking…go figure huh?

            • IKR? they know WE are The fans more than the teens and the tweens, They know this, they have done many reports on it. Remember water for Cougars?? I do! and it’s about damn time they reallize the $$ lining their pockets is coming from our purses NOT a child’s allowance. You cater to the ones who put your dinner on the table summit. it migh have started out as a teen fiction but Rob brought to adult women around the world and they need to wake up and realize it. *putting soap box away now* *but not too for out of reach* 😀

            • Sus

              Amen, Nicole….ITA with you 100%! And I’m an ElderTwiFan, and I want the friggin’ sex scenes in!!!! Screw the tweens and teens…..

              BTW….didnt Rob “thrust” in Remember Me? I will have to go back and look again, but I’m sure he did!

          • As a parent I totes ‘get’ and ‘agree’ with what you said here.
            Money talks [even in this saga] and bullshit walks. Dosent it?
            In other words.
            The bottom line is the rich get richer [movies companies] and the poor…. [well in this case fans, coz they are being sold the movie] and they pay money to go see it. Not that it is not ‘worthy’ to be seen. far from it. Totally far from it.

            $$$$ is usually the bottom line to these large companies is probably what Im trying to say. In a simplier way. I hope this makes sense.

          • *pats you on the back* there. there bb. We are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo with you. I totally agree and it seriously deflated my excitement to see this movie. I go to see Rob, if he wasn’t in it, I would have probably watched it.

    • The sad thing about this is that they are just begging people to use the leaked pics and vids!

      And just a reminder that there WILL be sex in this movie. Just no visible thrusting (which is a shame). RM was PG13 and was pretty hawt!

    • ilovealion

      LOVE LOVE LOVE this video. Holy crow – There are several clips and pics that i’ve never seen before. Excuse me while i watch it over and over (at work with my door closed) js.

      thanks so much for posting this!!

  5. Great fun post rfm and best of luck for tonight. I’ll be scouring You Tube for you LOL.

    Thanks to you Rita for another look at that infamous Jumper in that video.
    I told ilovealion that it was an Aran Jumper and she jokingly asked was Aran the Irish word for sexy. Many a true word is spoken in jest!

    • ilovealion

      Aran could also be an acronym. ARAN sweater is one that Accentuates Rob’s Alluring Neck. (and by alluring i mean drool inducing). You could also use Attractive or Arousing. js

      That sweater makes his shoulders look soooo broad… and those neck muscles are just begging for a lick. Speaking of lick… um… never mind. I’ll try to keep my other pervy comments to myself. Cared usually calls me out when I take things too far into the gutter. hehehe- heart you VIGGO 😉

  6. RFM or Cared. Can you post that poster with a link? It is cutting off the sides and I wanna blow that up and see it.

    The word vomit, I hope he never ever changes. I learned a long time ago while watching him, never to be drinking while watching. It is just to messy when I spew it all over everywhere and have to clean it up.

    I am exactly like him. I say what I think. Hubs says I have tact of an oozie. But in my opinion, it is…what it is. I don’t need it candy-coated. Now I watch him and smile and do fist-bumps.

  7. Sad news update!
    My computer went wonky and I can’t print the banner!! Unfortunately I have to work today, so I guess that’s my project for the Premiere. Don’t worry though, I’ll have something for him to sign and will report back!

    PS- I’ll be wearing my I heart British Boys shirt in the you tube video! Hey, it worked with Lee 😉

  8. christa64c

    Over the last couple of years and subsequent press junkets, Rob has managed to reign in his word vomit a bit. I don’t know if it’s a Scummit thing or not but I thought his press junket with Reese was far superior (verbally) to the Eclipse tour. I didn’t have a lot of hope for this round with Ashley, but it seemed as if he’s loosened back up again and was having a pretty good time. He let loose a couple of zingers that really made me laugh. I can only hope that he keeps the momentum going while he’s back in the U.S. I keep his interviews on my DVR and use them as rewards or daily pick me ups. I feel bad for putting that kind of pressure on him. But I can’t help it. He’s my sunshine!

  9. ilovealion

    Thank you sooo much for posting all the videos in one place. I am jealous that you will be in the same vicinity of the precious… ask him for three kisses. If i were there, I think I’d ask for 41… Just so he’d know how old his future wife is. Oh, wait, you’re his future mate and I’m already married. Oh well, like he said before… there’s always hope.

    To Cared: You are a banner/blinkie goddess. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • I love that video MC, I should bring it to the cinema and play it on my phone while watching the PG13 wedding night scene.

      Ilovealion, I’d be even luckier than you if I was receiving kisses in accordance with my age – for once it would be better to be older LOL

  10. jolori54

    okay I’m back with a couple audioRobs for now……

    talkin bout Edward thrusting

    *daydreaming and drooling at image*

  11. jolori54

    *shakes head* me don’t think so Rob!

    there’s no need, I think it just comes naturally for you Rob 😛

  12. Nicole

    Hello ladies. Nice post RFM.

    I love Rob’s Word Vomit! I’m a very open, and blunt person myself, so I actually like it when people speak to me, and say exactly what is on their minds/heart.

    You can be joking, or use tact and still get your point across, but I prefer raw honesty over any trite…walking on eggshells stuff. I’m not one to hold my emotions or words in.

    I do know that you never know what to expect out of Rob’s mouth. Some things are funny as hell, some I think he says as a means to be provocative…like the comment about he and Kristen being married already in the eyes of the church, and not liking vagina’s from his Details magazine shoot, but all in all, I like most, find his word vomit endearing! It is just Rob, and there by just another extension of who he is.

    Love all the viddies you posted too. Even if I’ve already seen them on YT…you can never see them too many times! I especially love the viddie of the deleted sex scenes. Gee are we to believe that somehow Summit didn’t leak stuff out for some extra publicity to gain even higher box office ratings and stir us all up to get us there? Somehow, I think Summit staged alot of these leaks. Nice viddie in any case…and I wouldn’t be surprised if Summit has that viddie yanked down and that person will have to close their account. It seems to be the way of Summit. They have made a fortune off of Twilight and all things related, and they will ride the money train for as long as possible and steam roll anyone in their path to do it.

    I just hope we get some of the sex scenes in BD that we think we are going to get, but I have my doubts with Stephanie Meyers watching all the filiming so closely. I think she would not approve of what we saw and therefore have those scenes cut….j/s. But, it wouldn’t stop Summit from leaking and garnering some much need attention to get all the TwiHards there to pay good money to see this stuff just the same. It is all about money with Summit. Rob is just the conduit that they are using to gain their billions!

    Again…lovely post. I’ve missed everyone here, but have been so busy with work, home, and helping several friends pack and move.

    Ladies have a lovely day and don’t drool too much over all the RobPorn coming out. Ciao, Nicole 🙂

      • Nicole

        Thanks bb.

        I’m still excited to see BD. I’m going to support Rob and see what if any smexing is left. Make no bones about it. The ladies are going to see Rob, not help out Summit!

        I’m even more excited for Bel Ami, and Cosmopolis though…if truth be told. I’m dying to see some of Rob’s NEKKID body! *Naked is just no clothing on, but NEKKID is when your clothes are stripped and you’ve been UP TO SOMETHING…TWSS*… 😉

        I have absolutely no shame with this matter at all! I so want to see all of Rob’s sexy body, and I do mean ALL of IT!!! I’m a PattinH00R and proud of it!

  13. Rob, take it OFF, please!

    Thanks for the post RFM, I love no-filter Rob :).

  14. Maggies is at Jimmey Kimmel (not so) Calmly and Patiently waiting for the Arrival of THE PRETTY!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

  15. smittenkitten


  16. smittenkitten

    I’m SO excited for them…can’t wait for more deets!

    *h00r luck girls*

    Thanks RF for the update! xo~

  17. RFM may get in too!!!
    The both Next in line!!!

  18. Maggie said she just got a wrist band!!!! i’m guessing that means she got in and hopefully RFM Did too!!!

  19. Latest Message from Maggie:

    No cameras allowed. Rob will be taped at 6:30- 1 and a half hrs from now!

  20. Message from Maggie:

    OMG! I just got moved up. I think I’m really getting in. I’m feeling woozy!!!
    Cell phone has to go off. I’ll email when we’re done – if I’m still alive.

    Message from me: Why do I feel like aproud Mama “beah”?? LOL

  21. Brilliant post bb. Oh, how we’ve all loved Rob’s lack of filter, right from the early days of “playing his own trumpet” to when he was asked if he had a problem with doing sex scenes with Kristen, and said “nah, we do it all the time”. Bless his word vomit, it’s what we live and breathe for.

    As for RF’s soapbox moment – sweet girl, you are so fucking right. Am I being a dumb twat by asking – why the fuck did they film that stuff if they had no intention of putting it in the movie? Is it possible they WANTED something to leak that wouldn’t make the final cut? Everyone, from the producers to SM, knew it was in the script and that it was being filmed, and that was a long time ago. Now, just before the movie is released, we’re told those scenes are cut. Call me cynical, but the whole thing stinks like dog shit on my shoe. But thankfully we have that great vid of the stuff which is probably going into some shithead studio execs private collection – and for those who want to keep it, here’s the link that was posted on RAoR Refugees which has a download button in the top right hand corner. So stick that up your arses, Scummit!


    • Nicole

      Fluffy….*Nicole running to Tackle fellow PattinH00R*…Where have you been? Been missing you and the other ladies…*Le Sigh*.

      I love how you put stuff Fluffy. Yep, I smell a frigging RAT in the Woodpile and it smells like this particular RAT is Summit! I totes you on what you’ve said bb, and thanks for the viddie.

    • Sus

      Hey, bb! How are ya??? Thanks for the sex vid….It’s going to be REALLY interesting to see what ends up in the movie or not!

      Will be in London Dec. 19- 30th……want to hoist a couple?


    • dazzledbyrp

      Wow! I never saw this video nor some of this footage. Downloaded immediately. Ef U, Scummit.

  22. Haven’t read all your comments yet, but updating with this…Maggie and I both got into the show, no chance for autographs since we were inside but will report back with full details!!

  23. dazzledbyrp

    OMG RF, I just read your posts. We both got in. We saw him and we lived (to tell the tale). RFM will have the whole story shortly, but it was wonderful, so wonderful. He is TOO, TOO beautiful for words. He took my breath away. The interview, if they don’t cut it, is one of his best and most outrageous. Don’t miss it. We see he signed autographs and took pictures with everyone that waited outside. We were a little sad that we missed that part, but you couldn’t do both, so we just feel so fortunate that we got to see the inteview and be that close to The Pretty. Dean and Dick and Claire were there too.

    I can now die happy!

    • Thats just Freakin Awesome! I envy you Both. I cannot wait to hear the tale. I can’t believe you were that close to the Pretty and his Parents!! you shoulda tried to talk to them LOL who knows, you might have gottn invited for tea LOL
      RFM Please go ahead and do your story as tomorrows post if you want to bb. You’ll be doing me a huge favor.

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