The RFM Kimmel Adventure

Hello my friends! I am writing to you late at night after a very exciting day. I hope that this makes sense to you because I’m as coherent as possible after experiencing such an exciting day.

Yes, this is from last time

So let’s start with the obvious. Rob taped his Jimmy Kimmel interview this evening. I had been trying for days to get tickets. I started to get really discouraged when all my friends were able to get tickets but me. But I resigned myself to the fact that I could still hang out at the back door and see if I could get an autograph.

It all started to go down hill when the beautiful banner Cared made could not be printed out from my computer. With little time to do anything about it, I grabbed a poster off my classroom closet and just went with it. Traffic was horrendous, people were already in line and waiting out the back, we couldn’t find the parking structure and drove passed Maggie standing in the front of her “general” ticket line. We finally made it there and I stood with a friend in line to keep her company. Maggie was up ahead and was telling them how I didn’t get tickets. One man said, “I have an extra ticket. Does she want it?” She immediately called me over and I think I may have been pretty exuberant in my “Yes” response. I WAS IN!!!!  There were no cameras or pictures allowed, so you just have my story and some fan pics outside.

Let’s just say that it was surreal. I’m still in shock!  We got in the fifth row which is pretty decent (except for the camera directly in our eye line! We were leaning this way and that to get a good look!). Four rows ahead of us sat Richard and Clare. When they came in Maggie grabbed my leg so hard, I think I have a bruise! Dean walked in and was talking to the employees. He actually SMILED!!! And he looked very handsome when he did. Then our Boy walked in and I kind of felt like I was watching a video. It seemed so unreal! But there he was, black t shirt, black jacket and pants, black socks and some old black shoes. He said he wanted to be comfortable! And that he didn’t know where the shirt was from, it wasn’t his! (Surprise, surprise). “It might be racist” he said! Word Vomit #1.

Kimmel then asked Rob about being a hand model. Which Rob responded with the fact that he had been asked this so many times he might be mixing it up with his dreams. They asked his mum to verify and she said, “Absolutely not.” Rob then told her, “Well, actually I’m more of a butt model. Which you’d never know and can’t refute.”  So funny!

There was also a story of Rob getting rocks thrown at him by a “fan” in Brussels. He liked it and wished they wouldn’t have stopped him. Rob said he liked the “Mayhem.” hehe

Then came the part you all are dying to hear about…the BD Sex Scene!! Rob said it was originally an R rated film, mainly because of Kristen. He was just doing the same old thrust. Cue visual of Rob making some weird movements with his arms! He said they needed to put a leash on him so he wouldn’t move so much. (kinda kinky there!) But then he said it looked more like probing and it was just the tip! LMAO, the audience was roaring with laughter and poor Rob was saying, “I didn’t mean anything by that!” Kimmel told us this movie was very erotic and how would the audience survive? Rob mentioned something about us wanting to see thrusting (at least I think he did and hopefully this is not MY dream). We all clapped and screamed.

Finally, Rob talked about filming with the babies. The robotic ones that were half the size of Kristen and the real ones with wigs that looked like Troll dolls. I don’t know why hearing Rob talk about babies makes me swoon so much!

Rob was his endearing, word vomit spewing self. He was gorgeous and kept twisting his wonky feet and pulling on his hands. Watching him when they played the BD clip was fun to watch. He gets so embarrassed! Let me just say the main things I noticed was that Rob was super skinny and those fingers are just as long as they seem! After the show Rob went out and signed stuff for the fans waiting outside.Unfortunately, you can’t do both but I was very happy with what I did get. Seeing Rob with my Real Eyes!!! The pic with him is for my next adventure!

Hope you all enjoyed this little breakdown of the taping. I’m sure I may have missed something and may think of it later! I’ll let you know if I do. And don’t forget to watch The Jimmy Kimmel show on November 9th. You won’t regret it!

Falling happily asleep now,




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72 responses to “The RFM Kimmel Adventure

  1. I’m so happy for you robsfuturemate, that sounds like a experience you will never forget. I cannot wait to watch it, I will only be able catch it on You Tube but I’ll be scanning the audience for you ladies.

    Fingers crossed that you get to meet him close up at the premiere.

    • ilovealion

      That could be us, VIGGO. Let’s plan for BD2?!?

      • smittenkitten

        We all need to plan for BD2! Don’t mean to be a party crasher, but it would be so much fun for a bunch of us to meet up! Lets DO IT!
        *looks around for my other partners in crime*

        • ilovealion and smittenkitten I would need to cross the Atlantic to meet you and the way I feel at the moment, after hearing the accounts of last night and today, I could probably swim it LOL.

        • ilovealion

          Hells Yeah! I’m in Georgia, but I’m willing to travel.

          Are you going to the Twilight FanFic Meeting in Las Vegas in June, 2012? Hubs has agreed to let me go if my co-author goes, too. Yipee!!

    • Thanks Cared! I will keep you guys updated about BD 🙂

      And yes, you should ALL come out for BD2, I might be recovered enough by then to do it again. lol

  2. you are one incredibly lucky robhoor. i am so jealous. i don’t think rob would ever come to adelaide (we are a very small capital city really). seeing him in person would be unbelievable. live and in person fingerporn. *swoon*

  3. oilily2001

    Wow, how exciting!!! How lucky you were!!
    Can’t wait to see Rob on Jimmy Kimmel! I love Rob in Late-Shows! That’s priceless!
    Thank’s for your report!
    I think I couldn’t handle seeing him live. I continue admiring from far. 😉

  4. I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you got to see Rob on KIMMEL. I would die being that close to him and just hearing him talk would make me so happy. So cute you mentioned his wonky feet as I love them so much and his lonnnnggggggg fingers. THUD. Just think what he could do with those fingers. Haven’t we all thought about THAT? I think movies make people look bigger than they are. I’ve seen a lot of actors in person and they all seem so tiny. I guess it just looks better on film. I would love to see those long, skinny legs in person though. Someday, our Rob will be fluffy fat and we’ll look back on these days when he was skinny and smle……at how wonky and adorable he was/is. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Wish I was there.

  5. I wake up and 80+ things in my Rss feeds. A little slower than last week when I had over 300 everyday. Now you I am just a weeeeee bit Robsessed.

    I am so so so happy for you. I have seen the tweets of the word vomit and I am not sure I would survive it in person. I am gonna presume his parents are here for the next two weeks.

    I sure hope the rest of the world gets to see most of what you saw and it doesn’t get all edited out. After Bill Condon saying the thrusting had to be taken out I was seriously deflated about seeing this movie. Let’s face it, if Rob wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t be going. #truefact

    I am sure it will be a long time before you are able to wipe the smile off of your face. #somegirlshavealltheluck


    • christa64c

      “Let’s face it, if Rob wasn’t in it, I wouldn’t be going. #truefact” High fives RDMickey* He’s the ONLY draw this movie has for me.

      • eyeonrob1

        *fist bumps RDMickey and christa* I’m with ya on that one, bb’s! I will see Rob in any movie he is ever in, no matter how little I’m interested in the other actors or the plot.

    • #somegirlshavealltheluck

      I felt so incredibly lucky last night and so very blessed that a man wanted just to make someone happy with a ticket. So glad it was me!!! SQUEE!!

  6. *happy dance*. Sounds like our boy was his normal adorkable self!! Yay for you on getting tickets at the last minute!!! It was meant to be.

    Isn’t He just so much MORE in person?? I remember thinking the same things. That’s he’s taller and skinnier than I thought, but still broad shoulders. Oh yeah, and his hands. I loved seeing his eyes in person. Such a beautiful green color. He is so sweet too. There just a genuine kindness about him. I knew that he would be better looking in person, but seriously he is amazingly gorgeous in person.

  7. christa64c

    So happy you got to see him! I’m also so jealous that I can’t see straight!
    I’m glad to hear that Clare and Richard are here with him. He always seems to be a bit more comfortable with them here. And lets face it, we love to see them almost as much as seeing him.
    “and it was just the tip.” and “Well, actually I’m more of a butt model. Which you’d never know and can’t refute.” LMFAO! Oh Rob, you delightfully goofy man you!

    I can’t wait until it’s my turn to confirm that Rob is in fact more gorgeous in person!

  8. ilovealion

    I’ve read your encounter with the Precious three times– I seriously think I would be a blubbering stupid mess if i ever saw him in person. If I heard his voice and word vomit, I would probably fall in the floor. If I eyed his dexterous fingers, I might spontaneously combust. So, I’m sooo glad you were able to scream and laugh with him. I’dda been hauled out of there on a stretcher, leaving a husband and four kids. My family thanks you for giving me a glimpse of why I should NEVER attempt to see him in person.

    He really said “tip?”


  9. jolori54

    so so very happy for you girl glad you got to see him in person and experience that and happy that you were able to come back and share with us all!!! I can not wait to see this on tv I hope they don’t cut it all out I like uncensored Rob!!!!!! and they shall make great audioRobs if they aren’t cut! Sounded like a wonderful night for you I am happy to live vicariously through you!! 🙂 Thank you for staring at his hands and feet for me 😀
    all the pics that came out of last night are just GAH!!!!! He was gorgeous as always and some fans got some really amazing photos!!

  10. dazzledbyrp

    Great recap, rfm. I woke up this morning wondering if I dreamed it all last night. Seriously, this was such a great interview. I’ll be curious to see if it all makes to TV. If not, I’ll be wondering what other words of Robwisdom we’ve missed out on in previous TV interviews.

    For those that love the hands, it’s a great treat. Kimmel had a lot of discussion about his hands and handmodeling (which led to the typical Rob word vomit discussion of “buttmodeling”. I, personally was entranced with this feet, which we probably won’t see on tv. I mean, he had them twisted and on top of each other – wonked to the max.

    And this being the first time I had a good, long, closeup look at HHH in person, I’ll tell you this…..he is thinner than I thought, but IMHO, so much more beautiful than I ever imagined. Really took my breath away.

    Seeing the proud mama and papa in the front row also made me swoon.

    • smittenkitten

      So excited for ya’ll !!!

    • newyorkkisses

      Sorry, didn’t realize you were there, too, dazzledbyrp (I guess you’re Maggie then? 😉 ). You two are so lucky to have seen HHH up close. I totally believe you, when you say he’s even more beautiful in person. He has such a kind, happy aura around him. Loved your comment on the wonked to the max feet, lol. Funny how Rob still seems to be nervous at these things, and yet he manages to come across so funny, cracking jokes and everything….

      • dazzledbyrp

        Thanks, NYK. Yes, I’m both Maggie and dazzledbyrp (mostly because I’m a techtard!). Since I was still flying high from last night, I went to Hollywood again this morning for the Grauman’s footprint thing. I didn’t have high hopes as I heard people were milling aroung at 4AM to line up at 6AM for the ceremony at 10:30AM! Not being able to drag myself out of bed in the middle of the night, I got there at 9:30AM, just for the heck of it. I was across the street in a huge crowd, but I could still see and hear and got some awesome zoomed pics that I’ll send to our fearless leaders tonight to post.

        You gotta love our boy (who again was lookin’ exceptionally good). While Kristen and Taylor thanked the fans, talked about what an honor it was, etc., etc., when OUR ROB got his turn at the mike, he waived his arms in the air and said, “I just think all of you should come up here and do this, too!!” (He must have given Dean a minor heart attack).

        How can you not love him!

    • So glad that you were there with me to share in this adventure. And to help me get that ticket!!! Wish i could have gone to Grauman’s but my kiddos needed me today. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  11. roxiesmom2009

    Gahhhh! I’m so jealous Robsfuturemate! I doubt if I’ll ever get to see him, so I have to live vicariously through others. Can’t wait to watch this on TV. I’ll be in Paris on the 9th, I doubt they get Jimmy Kimmel? Which means I can’t watch until I get back on the 13 th! My DVR will be full of all sorts of goodies to watch! But damn, I wanna see him in person just once in my life! I’m so jealous of you guise that live in LA/NYC and have opportunities to see Rob. I doubt if he’s coming to Kansas City any time soon! Thanks for sharing bb! Loved it!

    • roxiesmom2009

      Forgot to mark that I want follow up comments via email…

    • newyorkkisses

      Roxiesmom, I said the same in my comment. I probably won’t ever get to see him in one of these shows in person and thus get all excited when one of us gets the chance to and then shares it with us. 🙂

    • I won’t be able to watch it til the 15th! I’m pretty sure they did an audience pan of our row. I’m wearing my red/white I heart British Boys shirt. You guys will have to let me know if you see me. You’ll see it before I will. But I guess that’s an okay price to pay for another glimpse at HHH. (and boy is he!)

  12. All together now: LUCKYYYYYYYY!!! So happy you got to see The Pretty with your actual eyes in actual life!!! This will be my last comment until Sunday night/Monday, as I’m off to Wales tomorrow! Hope everyone has fun without me *pouts* haha! 😛 xoxo

  13. smittenkitten

    I LOVE IT, every word!!! So happy for you both…
    I lost my internet last night & couldn’t check in on ya’ll until right now, I may have just SQUEEEE’d so loud I scared my dogs! haha!
    I’m gonna go back up & read your post again…

  14. newyorkkisses

    OMG, Robsfuturemate! I’m so happy for you that you got to see The Pretty after all! That man, who gave you the ticket deserves a medal, that was so nice of him!
    Loved your fan account. I probably won’t ever get to see Rob on one of these shows in person, so I got all excited reading your description instead. 😉
    Sounds like Rob’s brain to mouth filter was MIA again. LMAO, he really said all that stuff about butt modelling, thrusting and the tip? OMG, Rob in true form again, love it! And how sweet is it that he got embarrassed, when they showed the trailer. That man does not have an ounce of conceitedness in him, so endearing. *sigh*
    Can’t wait to see Kimmel on the 9th.
    Hope you got some sleep (with Rob starring in them) after all that excitement, mate, and thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  15. AAAAHH, Bel Ami will be released at the end of February 2012 !!!! I was supposed to go to sleep 🙂 and here I am…Congratulations RFM, seeing the Pretty in person must have been incredible. Night (for me) ladies!

  16. SQUEEE!!! No time right now but I’ll be back Laters to read and say more!!!! MWAH!!!

  17. Nicole

    Sounds like you both had a great time there! Congrats ladies on seeing “The Pretty”…yet again!

    Nice to know his parents are here to spend time with him and support him! I can only imagine how he misses them alot, so them being here is awesome for Rob. I bet his parents are lovely people.

    Thanks for sharing RFM. We have some many exciting presscons and premiers to look forward to. Today was monumental seeing the fab trio getting their feet, hands and signatures put into cement for all to see. They looked so nice, and Rob wearing a GREY suit…*FuckME he just turned me to a pile of Goo* 😉

    Can’t wait to see BD, and we got word on Bel Ami too! It has been a great day for all the Rob and TwiHard fans.

  18. eyeonrob1

    RFM…..jealous doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings right now. Guess I’m gonna have to leave Atlanta and move to LA so I can join in on the fun. And even though I’m green with envy, I’m thrilled for you and Maggie. Thanks so much for the detailed account of your exciting Rob/Kimmel adventure. It’s hard to comprehend how he can be even MORE beautiful in person but everyone that has seen him has said the same thing. Frankly, I don’t know if I would have survived all that beauty and adorkableness.

  19. I just want to echoe everyone’s sentiments here and say that I am just beyond proud to be a part of it in some small way! Here’s to hoping you get to see talk to and get autographs from him at the LA Premier!!
    Maggie, Can I come live with you??? LOL

    • I don’t even know how I will survive the premiere. Taking it one day at a time, I guess. So much Rob, so little time!

      Thanks for letting me share my story!

      • Thanks for posting last night instead of waiting till Saturday. as you can see, we were all so excited and anxious to hear all about it. I love what you wrote about him BB! The more we learn the deeper we fall. I’ve heard people say he actually glows and I don’t doubt it a bit. I’m sure he didn’t meant tip the way it came out but i am just as sure once he realized what he said he was tickled we all took it that way. Can’t wait to see it on TV!! Gah!! I totes agree with Smitten I love our botfriend too!!! LOL what a great new term for the Dicktionary as well as robvember LOL Thank God Robvember is just getting started. glad you have a new phone to e-mail me too BB! Take a couple extra posters with you BB to LA ok? maybe you can get them signed coming and going!!!

        • I forgot to tell you!! I JOINED TWITTER!!! I know, stop the presses! You’ll never guess my name, lol. @robsfuturemate, it is! Now I can tweet updates of my camping experience and maybe you can make it into some kind of post.

    • dazzledbyrp

      Come on! Just cleaned the spare bedroom and I’m on my way to the airport to pick you up!

  20. GREAT!!! and what an awesome idea!!! I’m @Robsfantasy. you’ll know it’s me cause i have the Today show Profile pic I used in my video What”d Give

    the last pic in the video, follow me and I’ll follow you BB!

  21. Sus

    Wow, how lucky for you that you got to see The Pretty up close and personal! I would give anything to see him in person. Wonder if we will get to see you in the audience when JK airs next week?

    I barely survived yesterday’s Handprint Ceremony. Rob was so hawt! My boss let me and my BFF (who I work with) watch the Live Stream at our office, and even loaned us his laptop! He knows how much we love Rob. We have pics of him all over our office….LOL!

    Thanks for the report… are one lucky beotch! LOL!


  22. RFM and Maggie, I love the way you write, are you writers? yu have a blog, of course, thanks for sharing, looking forward to your robventure!

    • Aww shucks, Tina. You are so sweet! Especially considering my proofreading skills were pretty much gone by the time I wrote this! I am not a “writer” but Rob has been my Muse and has kind of drawn it out of me. Thanks for coming out and commenting! We really appreciate it.

    • dazzledbyrp

      Thanks, Tina. What a nice compliment. I’m not a writer, but like RFM, Rob inspires me to do things I never thought I could or would do.

  23. Congrats – sounds awesome. I saw Rob on the GN Show in the UK. Really good fun. xx

  24. Great write up, Nicole, @ your experience w/ RFM on Kimmel. As I was watching from my tv set here in Houston, TX, I was wondering if any of you ladies were on the scene in LA. Congrats, on scoring such great tix @ such a short notice. How estatically (if that’s a word) excited you must’ve been! Glad to have heard of such a cool experience of such an encounter with the “one & only” Mr. Robert Pattinson! I’ll be looking forward to that day you get your pic, you certainly deserve a good one w/ him. Cheers, my lady w/ love & hugs! <3, * Nicole ;•)

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