FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Nov 4/11

FFF Housekeeping: Before I start this week’s recs, I wanted to let our RA readers know that MC’s FF Library is now up to date, with an alphabetical list of all the FanFiction recommendations that have been made on a FFF, plus there is a clickable icon for the Actorward Community on

I have listed the title of the fic with the author’s name, both contain a link, to the story and the author’s profile, respectively. From now on, after each FFF post, I will update MC’s FF Library list with the new recs. I hope you will all like this format; I pondered many options, but felt this was the simplest and easiest for our RA readers to access.

If you have a suggestion or ever encounter a problem with anything listed in MC’s FF Library (a fic’s link or something is out-of-date), we would appreciate an e-mail at Thank You.


Alright, now on with today’s recs. This week I have two WIPs for your reading pleasure; both are near and dear to my heart, and both, IMO are wonderful stories. Oddly enough each story deals with a musician; one with Bella as a singer, the other with Edward as a composer.

In this first fic called It Isn’t Over Yet, written by my good friend reyes139we have Bella as a singer; this story was inspired by the song Someone Like You by Adele.

It Isn’t Over Yet was first published Sept 8/11; we now have a Prologue plus 5 chapters, an update schedule of every two weeks and I can guarantee you will be immediately drawn into this heart-wrenching story. In an A/N reyes139 states, “Disclaimer: This story will be very harsh at points. There will be heart wrenching moments… I warn you now. You may hate a character or two but I promise no matter how bad it gets … there will be an HEA…. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and so this will be a journey of growth, humility, and finding the simple joys in life… the things that truly matter.”

The story starts out with a detailed Prologue, offering us a back-history of eight years of Bella’s life. This is an intensely passionate story about a girl who puts all her love and trust in one man, only to have it all thrown back in her face.

It Isn’t Over Yet  is set in Naples, Florida, where Bella moved, with her parents, so her father could take a new job there as chief of police. It was there that she befriended her neighbor’s children, Emmett, Edward and Alice and they became the best of friends. They were inseparable from the time they met, and Bella even became Edward’s girlfriend. But, all this happiness came to an abrupt end when Edward harshly and cruelly broke-up with her before going off to Medical College. He was a Senior, she a Junior, and he left her behind, devastated.

Bella briefly explains how her life sadly progressed after that fateful day. She not only lost Edward, but all his family as well because she just couldn’t bear to be around them. She pushed everyone away in the first year, but in the second she made one friend, Lauren, who became her treasured confidant. Throughout the next six years, Bella’s life coasted along with the end of High School, then College and then towards the end of the Prologue, and after Bella has briefly recounted those empty eight years of her life, we experience her powerful performance as a famous singer. We learn that her music became her salvation; she had kept journals after Edward left, that eventually became intense lyrics to her successful songs.

So far there are  four riveting chapters, after the Prologue, that are told from BPOV;  we go back in time and relive Bella’s experience in greater detail. I literally bawled when reading chapter 1 when Edward leaves her; it was one of the most tragic break-ups I have ever read; cruel and painful!

This story is intense with Bella’s emotions running very high; reyes139 masterfully projects all of Bella’s excruciating pain, suffered throughout her life, after Edward left. It Isn’t Over Yet is labelled Angst/Romance, and so far it had definitely lived up to that description. So if you like this type of emotional storyline, then give this gem a read!

A Teaser from Chapter 6 – to be posted approx. Nov 7/11:

“It felt good to make them see I wasn’t just his girl anymore. No, I was Isabella Marie Swan and I didn’t need him, well at least to their knowledge.

The only person that knew what was hidden deep inside of me was Lauren.

She was my sister through and through.

With my new status came a lot of outings and events with my fellow peers.

We had basketball, football and soccer to cheer for. Our season was amazing. We took both state championships in basketball and football. We were unstoppable and I had never had so much fun in my life.

It felt good to forget during those hours.

I was someone else.

I mattered.

I was appreciated and felt wanted.

It was more than he had given me while we were together.

I had never realized how one sided everything had been. I watched all around me constantly, seeing people in love, couples just being and accepting the other for who they were.

I wanted that but couldn’t see myself with anyone else but him.

How do you let the love of your life go?”

Summary for  It Isn’t Over Yet: “Everything they said, everything they did, everything I saw was about him and his memory. He left me. Yet here I stand eight years later, still drowning in his memory and the destruction he left behind. M for language and future lemons B/E promised HEA

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 6 – Words: 16,110 – Reviews: 165 – Updated: 10-24-11 – Published: 9-8-11 – Bella & Edward”


My second rec today is also a WIP, titled Awaken. This amazing fic is especially close to my heart because I have the honor of being a Beta for this special story, written by my treasured and very talented friend Edward’s Eternal, also the author of Simply Coffee.

This captivating story is not a drabble, but starts off with short, concise chapters that will get longer as the story progresses. As of today we have 7 well-written chapters and we can expect three updates per week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Awaken is told mostly from EPOV, but we will see some of BPOV.

The story begins with Edward, who is a “brilliant aloof composer”, pondering his life in the early morning hours. He is discontented with many things in his life, but at the moment, especially unhappy that he agreed to attend a fundraising event where he will have to meet five fans and answer their questions.  This is most displeasing to him because he likes his privacy, and due to certain circumstances he is highly sensitive to most environmental stimuli around him; smells, lights, closeness, etc.

After a torturous afternoon of ridiculous questions and overzealous fans, it finally comes time for Edward to greet the last fan and last question; this is how he meets the lovely Bella. She quietly but intelligently asks him a question regarding his favorite musical composition; he is shocked by her accurate assessment of the score and gladly answers her insightful question.

But, after the event is over, Edward can’t get Bella off his mind and has his bodyguard, Emmett, bring her to him to speak privately. They chat naturally about the piece, and Edward, finding himself captivated by her intellect and charm, invites her to dinner. After spending a wonderful evening together at Bella’s apartment, where she cooks dinner for him so he can have his privacy away from the public, he realizes he needs more time with this unique woman and invites her to spend the afternoon with him the next day and then to attend the event Gala with him that evening.

This is as far as this entrancing storyline has progressed, but I can give you an insiders guarantee 😉 that we are in for a superb literary journey through Awaken.

Excerpt from Chapter 7:

“This girl, she is…? ” his voice trailed off questionably.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders. “Fuck if I know my friend. She just …is. I can’t explain it to you when I can hardly understand it myself. “

He stepped in front me and placed his hands on my shoulders. “Sometimes Edward, things happen that we don’t understand and we can’t explain. Often they are bad and you know that better than anyone. But sometimes they’re good, and we have to open ourselves up to them and allow them to happen. No matter how scary it seems, no matter that it’s not a guarantee, sometimes we just have to try. You understand?”

I nodded at my closest friend. One of the few people in the entire world I could trust.

“It’s a strange feeling Carlisle.” I admitted, still feeling anxious. “I can’t control it. I don’t like not being in control. It hasn’t worked out so well in the past.”

“That right there is the point Edward. It’s the past. You can’t change it. But you can try and see what the future holds. I know how you struggle, Edward. I know. But you can choose to move forward and not be stuck in a holding pattern of fear for the rest of your life. And this is a start. I’m proud of you for this. Really.”

Overcome, I could only nod my thanks as he clapped me on the shoulders once again and walked away laughing, obviously trying to lighten the mood.

“Now, try and not scare her away before dinner alright? I’ve gone to a fuck load of trouble to get her in. I don’t want to have to explain an empty seat beside me.”


Always had to have the last word.

This time I let him.

But I had to smile. Because he was making sure Bella would be with me tonight.

And then I resumed pacing.”

Summary for Awaken: “A brilliant aloof composer, hiding from the world. An unexpected meeting. How will he react ? Can she help him change his vision on life ?

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 7 – Words: 7,308 – Reviews: 274 – Updated: 11-3-11 – Published: 10-25-11 – Edward & Bella”


So there are my recs for this week, I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Both fics dealing with a musical theme, but one being high Angst/Romance, the other encompassing Romance/Hurt/Comfort. Please share what’s been owning you in the FanFiction world this week! Happy FanFiction Fridays! xx MC



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21 responses to “FanFiction Fridays – Recs for Nov 4/11

  1. Nicole

    Hi MC,

    Both your rec’s sound great. I’ve added them to alert for now and will be back on later with some of my rec’s.

    I just had to pop in when I saw your email for the post come in as I was checking my email. It has been a rough couple of very busy weeks, and then all the good TwiHawtness and keeping up with everything in RL, and Twilight, FFn has been a monumental task.

    I like the idea for your FF library and how you have them organized. Seems very logical to me.

    See you later in the morning or afternoon.

    Ciao bella, Nicole

  2. Nicole

    PS…MC I forgot to say…I love Adele’s music. How inspiriing to say the least, and it sounds like a good read.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi MC and all!

    MC – “It Isn’t Over Yet” sounds like my sort of story – I can’t wait to read this one and Awaken sounds fab too.

    This week I have been furiously reading more Actorward stories and I have had two misses, but the one I am currently finishing will be a winner I think..

    However, I did read a story this week which I just adored – I got an alert from one of the communities I am a member of, and I was curious and I started the first chapter and I pretty much didn’t put it down until I finished.

    If We Ever Meet Again by pattyrose. This story is complete and all EPOV. Summary: High School for geeky Edward was a nightmare of mistakes, missed opportunities & insecurity issues. Six years later when fate hands him a second chance, will he know how to take it? Or will the insecure boy inside rear his head again?

    I love pattyrose’s writing – and honestly I could not put this down .. really fabulous and it had that special thing I always look for – that “connection” that raises the ordinary to the extraordinary.

    Looking forward to hearing what everyone is reading this week!! AV oxo

    • newyorkkisses

      Hi Ally, your rec sounds great, and it’s complete, yay!
      I love Geekward fics, so I’m going to download it now, thank you. 🙂

    • smittenkitten

      Good Morning Ally & Gang
      This sounds very good…I’m with NYK too, love Geekward fics! LOL, I think I love almost all the Wards…haha!

      MC, adding your recs…thanks bb! Love fics that have E&B with some type music theme/background in the story…again…almost all the Wards! 😉

      I’m gonna check out the FF Library this afternoon…thank you MC & RA gang for creating an organized fic list! *hugs*

      Hope everybody has a wonderful Friday!

    • Thanks MC both those stories seem interesting and just a little bit different, just what I like. The library looks great and I expect it will get plenty of traffic. Great to see the Actorward link there too.

      Ally – I have been reading If We Ever Meet Again from early on as Geekwards are my other weakness. I cannot recommend it highly enough and the recent ending/epilogue was perfect.

      Yesterday found me squeeling like the fan girl that I am, as Pure Revelations posted four chapters one after another. The tone of the first two included some fun and fluff – then the next two had me reading faster and faster as I read in time with my racing heart. Talk about running the gauntlet of emotions in one story. If you haven’t started this story yet, now is a really good time as it appears that the secrets are starting to be revealed and the mystery starting to be unraveled. I don’t know how ilovealion has been able to continue to write about Edward’s Python as she was traumatised by that picture of SnakecharmerRob that was posted here recently LOL.

      Pure Revelations by georgialion

      E & B share a class at UDub, but not much else. She’s shy & reserved as she adjusts to a new life. He’s angry & isolated because of his upbringing in the mysterious and secretive LaVerrot Estates. Fate brings them together, but will their love be allowed?
      Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Suspense – Chapters: 59 – Words: 388,172 – Reviews: 1566 – Updated: 11-3-11 – Published: 1-30-11 – Edward & Bella

    • Alllllllllly!!!!!!!!!!!!
      where have you been? oh wait thats me that has been MIA!
      muah BB!

  4. edwardseternal1

    Thank you my lovely friend and beta MC for the rec….
    and I think I just found a new story to read as well !!
    and personally … mineminemine… ok ???
    Giggles !!

  5. newyorkkisses

    Hi ladies!
    Thank you for these recs, MC, they both sound amazing! I’m in the mood for emotional fics at the moment, so you made my day with those two fics, bb. 🙂

    Maybe the reason for me loving those kind of fics right now is that I have been reading “The Worst of Weather”, which was rec’d to me by abcoolie, this week.
    Bella comes home for Christmas break from her freshman year away at university to be unexpectedly all shaken up. Snideward. Spitefulward. Slightly Darkward. Rated M for lemons and fluffiness in future chapters.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 9 – Words: 52,741 – Reviews: 908 – Updated: 1-25-10 – Published: 12-1-09 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    If, like me, you loved “The Blessing & The Curse”, you will be totally pwned by this one!
    There is also a EPOV of this fic “Rose like Thunder”, which I’m going to read next.
    Edward’s POV of a plotline parallel to “The Worst of Weather”. Snideward. Spitefulward. Slightly Darkward must face the consequences of his choices. M for lemons and fluffiness in future chapters.
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Romance – Chapters: 9 – Words: 85,272 – Reviews: 466 – Updated: 6-29-10 – Published: 2-12-10 – Bella & Edward – Complete

    Unfortunately the fics have been taken down, but I have the pdfs, if anyone wants them.

    Regarding the FF library, I love the layout, MC! It’s easy to navigate and has all the necessary information without overloading you by too much text in between the links. Great job, thank you so much for your efforts with this!

    I just downloaded the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack, so I know what I’m going to be listening today. 😉

    Have a great weekend, ladies!

    • I loved both versions of Yellowglue’s stories too!! There is a really HAWT scene, I think chapter 7 maybe (yeah, I remember the story that well), that just about killed me.

    • Hi
      I know your post was a few months ago but do you still have the PDF of worst of weather and rose like thunder? I would love to get them I have read the first 7 chaps as on twilighted and it has been driving me insane that I can’t find the rest of it any where. Thanx

  6. The second story sounds really cool. Added to my long ass list. 🙂

    I don’t have anything to add to the theme this week, but I am reading something that I am really enjoying!!

    Edward Cullen, Dick for Hire by FictionFreak95. Absolutely in love with this Edward, because he’s hilarious and smart. Outstanding storyline too.

    While looking for the link, I noticed there is a sequel called The Dick in Me. Just downloaded that one. *happy dance*

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  7. Thanks MC and ladies for the recs :). Nothing new to read for me since I’ve been super busy all week. I hope to bring more of my contribution to next week’s FFF. Talk to you later, have a nice day ladies!

  8. oh my gawd it has been far too effin long since I have had a minute to come here!!!!
    I missed you guys while i was off working for endless hours over the last couple of months…but i am on the downlow…awesome recs am clicking and saving…
    I can’t wait to get back to writing my purrwards happily ever after….miss you girls so much! muahhhhhhh!!! oh…and recs? damn I don’t have any cause I aint had time to read…let alone…write…so…oh…i am really loving confessions of an underpaid peen….she had to be a penis in her past life i swear to god! lol….hugs

  9. kalaekalae

    Thank you MC

  10. rita01tx

    I know I haven’t been very active lately with rec’ing stories, but I’ve been worried that I was burning out on FanFiction (perish the thought)! Nothing has really grabbed me recently…until I stumbled onto THIS!

    Achulophobia by LittleMissInnocence
    Something lurking in the night stole her father away when Bella was 5 years old. Determined not to be the next victim, she hides from the darkness and the monsters out to get her. A/H
    Twilight – Rated: M – English – Angst/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 13 – Words: 48,093 – Reviews: 155 – Updated: 8-10-11 – Published: 9-11-10 – Edward & Bella

    This story sucks you in from the get go and Lynn’s writing style is a pure pleasure to read! Dare ya to try to stop reading it once you start!!

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