I showed you mine…

Hello Everybody *waves*


Ya’ll heard me sound off the other day about my opinion on SCUMMIT denying us the visual pleasure of seeing this on the big screen…


and many of you chimed in as well. (thanks for the support girls, I appreciate it alot!) Well apparently we are not the ONLY one who is a little verbal on the topic!

This Poor Kitty Just found out there would be no Headboard scene in BD and is Having a really hard time Coping with it. How ever she has no problem voicing her thoughts on the topic! LMAO

Then Rob found out about it and This was his initial reaction…

Are You F*cking Kidding me??

 No Rob it’s True. But then he realized just how stupid it was on Summit’s part…

Dumb asses! You pay me to spend hours in bed with SWMNBN. Then pull the scene Which means your not going to show all the fans the one major scene they've been waiting YEARS for? Can anyone say Stupid???

 But then The truth was revealed!!! The truth Being that it took so long (TWSS) to film the simple scene Rob was actually costing them a fortune…

Even after SWMNBN passed out from exhaustion, our Boy was still going strong!!!


Maybe I should create an all photo dictionary…called WikiP33nia with just pics like these LOL I showed you mine! Now show me yours? bwahahaha

Anyways, just incase some of you have not seen some of the really great Edits that have came out of the pretty in the last few days, I thought I’d share.

The finished Product


Beautiful profile

Could you imagine just standing by his side?
The Fingers!!! Gah!! *THUD*

Or having your hand in his?



Putting you lips there? anywhere?
Stunning, Absolutely Stunning!!!

Having those eyes look into yours??

Think you can handle a gfif after that??
well, you’re getting one, hang on ta somethin!!


I showed you mine…now show me some of your favorite pics from the last few days.




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23 responses to “I showed you mine…

  1. Sus

    Are you positive that they removed the entire headboard scene? It was in the trailer! I thought it was just going to be toned down.

    In the Rob interview w/Access Hollywood, she talked about it and didn’t say anything about it being gone….it better still be there in some form! Or there might be riots! LOL!

    • I totes agree with you Sus! It’s still gonna be there. As R and K talked about with Horowitz, you can’t fade to black like they do in the book!

      Also, here’s some more proof:
      Jimmy Kimmel said, “it’s really erotic”
      Josh Horowitz said, “there’s a whole lot of Robert Pattinson on display”
      Rob said something positive about it at Kimmel but I can’t recall the exact quote (was a little mesmerized at the moment)

      So it’s def gonna be in there, they are just toning down the thrusting. And like I’ve said before, RM sex scene was pretty hawt for a Summit PG13 movie. OH! And K said they pushed it as far as they could with the rating.

    • i heard they were removing the thrusting Parts BB! IKR? so what’s the point of taking it out now?? I’m with ya Sus!! I think it’s BS!!

  2. rita01tx

    I will wait to pull an epic tantrum until after I’ve seen the movie!
    In the meantime, here’s a photo of Rob taken after the Jimmy Kimmel taping, when he was signing autographs for the fans. I just love the raised eyebrows, the eye shifting and the BLUSH!! Someone either paid him a compliment or just said something comletely inappropriate and embarrassing!

  3. I wouldn’t say this one is my favorite pic, but it is interesting. Interesting place for her hand, you know to support herself standing in the mud, don’t you think? His facial expression is priceless…


    I love that they got to experience this together, and now it’s immortalized forever. Very cool. They look very happy together. I didn’t realize just how close they were standing, until I saw the final product.

    I was so happy to see his parents there too.

  4. loulou7860

    Great post, congrats bb. send u my love from Mexico. xx

  5. ilovealion

    Hi, sweets.

    I could rant all day long about Scummit. I truly wouldn’t put anything past them. Watch, they’ll sell the DVD as PG-13 and then, 3 months later, they’ll put out a director’s cut that’s rated R-knowing that we’ll all go out and buy another copy. They give us fans the finger over and over and over. They know that no matter how outraged we are, we’d rather see our blessed Twilight saga than stick it to them and protest. UGH.

    Thanks RF for this post. I can never get enought of the Thrustward gif. His back and arm muscles are ridic in that clip. And, I’d say he has some mad skills between the sheets. purr

    • HI D!!!! Love the Purr comment *snickers* oh trust me, i could have said so much more the other day but i knew others would agree with me. And I think you are absofreakinlutly right! that is exactly what they will do and we’ll all go get it because it’s ROB. (gotta support our boyfriend) Other wise I’d give them the finger! LOL sounds like we got quite a bit in common there GF!

  6. eyeonrob1

    *blows big kisses to RF* FLUV this post. All kinds of win,bb! ……”Dumb asses! You pay me to spend hours in bed with SWMNBN. Then pull the scene Which means your not going to show all the fans the one major scene they’ve been waiting YEARS for? Can anyone say Stupid???” *snort*

  7. smittenkitten


  8. I like the second kind of sigh ;). Great post RF, thank you!

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