Rob being, well…a Ramblin’ Man!

Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man
Tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best I can
And when it’s time for leavin’ I hope you’ll understand
That I was  born a ramblin’ man


Ramblin' Man

Been grumbling about having to waste  hours at the airport and sit all cramped up in cattle class for 11+ more hours just to get home to Texas this coming Saturday so I can spend Thanksgiving with my family…wishing somebody would just invent teleportation already…I got to thinking about how much time Rob has to spend at airports and cooped up in planes (even if it is probably First Class) to promote his films and, when he can, go home England to see his own family and friends.

London! Home Sweet Home!

Guess, in comparison, I shouldn’t complain!  At least I can do my travelin’ without being hounded by the f*ckin’ paps everywhere I go.  The thing is, although he doesn’t like them…at all…he expects them to be at the airports.  It’s not a surprise like the maniacs who jump outta the bushes at him and stalk his every move on the streets.  Yeah, those guys are the ones I’ll bet he wishes he could just nuke out of existence!

Seriously, you want a shot of my hat hair?

Getting through security is a nightmare for our boy, but sometimes we get the most epic shots ever!

You want me to take off my...WHAT?

Rob’s butt anyone?

What the hell is so fascinating about my butt?

Hat hair AND butt…FTMFW!

Just get it out of your systems, ladies!

Awww, just one more hat hair…I FLUV his hat hair!

Are you done with the hat hair already? Sheesh!

Watching Rob stalk his way into and around airport terminals just cracks me up!  I call this his “Terminal Two Step”…

Where's my vampire speed when I need it?

Don’t quite get it? Here it is again…

Gotta step up the pace...

Once he hits his stride, though, even Dean has a hard time keeping up and has to reel him back in…

C'mere, Rob! Don't make me chase you!

Awwww, Dean! Don’t be so hard on our Pretty!  He just wants to get in…get through…and get out (twss) without being molested!

Do your job, Dean!

Bwahahahah!  Perfect sweatshirt for this shot. Hell’n she didn’t respect his privacy…I got no problem not respecting hers!

I'm so close to freedom, I can taste it!

And then he disappears to wherever it is he’s going…

I'm outta here!

But I digress!  Airport paps…yeah, I look at those photos.  They’re out there and I look at them…I can’t help it…it’s ROB and I just gotta look.  I analyze each shot to see how Rob’s taking all the attention.  And strangely enough, there are more shots of him smiling than I expected!

Just passing through...don't mind me!

So, come Saturday, November 12th, I’m outta here myself for 3 whole weeks!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!  And, if I don’t see you then, happy Thanksgiving!




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24 responses to “Rob being, well…a Ramblin’ Man!

  1. edwardseternal1

    I agree any pic of Rob is worth a look…
    I love how he smiles so shyly some times…
    Great post…
    Have a great trip… be safe !

    • rita01tx

      Thanks BB!
      And let me just take this opportunity to tell you how much I love Awake and Simply Coffee…blew through both of them non-stop last night! Got you on alert so I don’t miss the updates.

      • I agree, it is expected at the airport, wrong but expected. some air port people are getting their pockets lined with paparazzi money. Damn em all!! But those who follow and harrass him on the streets should be shot!!! :I
        I look at the photos too. you’d have to be made of steel not to. He’s so Beautiful!!!

        The “I’m outta here” Picture? I hate to see him go but I LOVE to watch him leave heh heh heh :O

        and I thought the “Good Luck” Sweat shirt said Good LICK” LMAO!!! 😀

        and Rita? Never ever ever Post a Rob pic with the caption, “You want me to take off my WHAT?” in a room full of angelz and hOOrs!!! LMAO cause they’ll tell you!! 😛

        Ya Gotta Love this man!!! He just goes right along happy as can be and if he’s not happy he just clams up and refuses to sink to their level!!!
        Love you ROB!!! 🙂

  2. smittenkitten

    Good Morning Rita & RA family!

    That MAN, his guitar & that song…purrfect together bb! The combo evokes some kind of longing~heartachey feeling in me. Ya know, I think Rob is doing the best he can & I LOVE it when he smiles! Some of those shots are Epic H00r Porn…Gah!

    Are you packed & ready to come home to Texas? You can survive the airport & the flight with ff, read bb read! The last time I was at the airport the battery was low on my Kindle so I hooked up with all those people charging their phones & several ask me what I was reading…I wanted to be honest like FluffyLiz & say “ff porn” but I didn’t cause I was afraid someone might want me to share! I tried really hard not to be all squirmeee in my seat, you gotta be careful what you pick out to read, you’ve got a long flight & no relief…moans might draw unwanted attention, haha!

    Prayers for a safe trip & a wonderful visit…next time we need to do a Texas h00r get together!

    • rita01tx

      I wish, Smitten darlin’! Tend to be a last minute packer and I don’t have a Kindle so I might actually pick up a for real book at the airport. Course, last time I bought a real book, I got 50 pages in and put it down…never picked it back up. Went straight back to FF LMAO!
      Definitely think we should have a Texas hoor get together some day…maybe meet half way, like at the River Walk in San Antonio!

  3. rita01tx

    Hey! I almost forgot about this Cosmopolis news I saw on Robsessed! In case you missed it:


    7pm – Exclusive presentation of the first ever images of ”Cosmopolis” and masterclass ”Working with David Cronenberg”, with the Canadian filmmaker and actors Paul Giamatti and Sarah Gadon – Estoril Congress Centre.

    Oooh! Hope we get to see some of that!

  4. There she goes again, getting songs stuck in my head! lol.

    But seriously, I agree with you Rita! I feel kinda creepy looking at the pics but can’t stop myself. That one with the black shirt….ded….every time. How does a man look so good while he’s traveling around the world?!

    And that good luck sweatshirt cracks me up! It’s like “good luck trying to keep your eyes away from all this.” LMAO

  5. Sus

    Have a great time, Rita, bb….will someone else be keeping us up with the posts?

    Love Rob anywhere….but you can often see him looking pissed off when he’s being papped in airports. I have always wondered how the pappz figure out where he (and other celebs) are.

    See you on the other side… travels!

    • rita01tx

      Shhhh…I’m busy banking a couple of posts so RFM doesn’t have to worry about it for awhile.

      As to how the paps find out…you can’t tell me some airport personnel aren’t on the take!

  6. Morning ladies, While we are on the topic here I just wanted to say that in the next few months RL is going to try to kick RA in the arse. Some of our authors may have to leave for short periods of time. Some for as long as two months. rita is trying to cover her posts but it’s difficult to come up with a month or more of posts in a short space of time. so ladies if you would like to do a guest post sometime or have a great idea for a post or know someone who would like to please let me know. I don’t know exact dates yet but we are going to need some short term help with posting. Thanks Ladies

  7. ilovealion

    Hi ladies of RA!

    I’m guilty of looking at pappz pictures, too. If he looks relatively happy, I don’t feel as guilty. When he looks sad, i wanna punch the papp in the junk and tell him to leave the Precious alone. Can i be more hypocritical?? *looks down with shame*

    Thanks for all the wonderful pics, sweets. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, darlin’! I feel the same as you…completely conflicted about looking at pap photos. Sometimes, it’s the only way we get to see him at all, so {raises hand} I guess that makes me guilty of perving on The Pretty at all costs. Just hate that it costs him his privacy. Why, oh why, does he have to be so damned gorgeous that we can’t resist temptation…got no self control?

      • I agree totally but the truth is if they would out law that shit like i sugested in the “Pattinson Petition, Light of Day Law”
        1) We would never see them to feel guilty about looking at them
        2) They wouldn’t be available for any one to post or drool over and
        3) most importantly They wouldn’t be allowed to hound and harrass and stalk the pretty in the first place, It would be illegal!!!

  8. somanywards

    Love these pics BB!!! Thank you for all the pretty 😉
    November has been very full an I’m not around as much as I’d like to be 😦 …but I absolutely LOVE seeing all of his verbal “bliss” from the conference, and interviews in posts and on tumblr!!!
    Ladies I love every one of them and it makes my day-thank you for not letting me miss the biggest moments 😉 !!!
    Thank you Thank you Thank you***

    • rita01tx

      {jumpy hugs!} Hi BB! You are missed but we understand how RL can get in the way. I’m with you on blissing out from all the Rob goodness coming our way. My Lord, that man continues to enchant me in every way! Can’t get enough and look forward to years and years of perving on The Pretty!!

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