Tonguing It Tuesday: Holey Moley!

Holey Moley, it’s Tuesday!! With the Robdrought indeed over and all the wonderfulness that has been pouring down on us, I had a hard time focusing on the task at hand. A Rob bit that we hadn’t featured! So this week we are going to examine Rob’s beauty…marks, that is! You know; moles, freckles and what not. The thing I love about them is that they are unique to each person. We all may have them but each are different shapes, sizes and locations. So let’s take a look at some of Rob’s beauty marks!

I’ve been looking around for the newest mole porn we could get. So here it is!

Lips, jaw, moles...done

Here’s one that has a special place in my heart (yep, I saw Rob this day!)

Panty poofing smile

Let’s broaden our search with some freckles and moles, shall we?

Is it getting hawt in here?!

This one has a little bit of everything!

Take it all off, baby

Let’s cool down a bit with some jawporn. What do mean that doesn’t cool you down?


Fine, let’s try some arm freckles. Seems harmless enough.


And who knew there was a song with lyrics about a mole?!

So if you survived all that, I’m gonna kill you know with some new tongue for you to enjoy!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, ladies! And show us your favorite beauty marks in the comments!

Robs Fan~tasy


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23 responses to “Tonguing It Tuesday: Holey Moley!

  1. Okay, so it’s not Tuesday! Not sure what happened but I was trying to be so prepared for my Rob adventure I guess the brain wasn’t functioning properly, I blame Rob, seeing him in person is too much for a girl to handle, lol.

    Enjoy anyways! 🙂

    • smittenkitten

      LOL, that is too funny bb! & I have enjoyed it…it will make my Monday better!

    • I’m not surprised that you are feeling a little Robfused at the moment, you are still in sensory overload, you lucky girl. BTW I think you should do this every week, I’d happily skip Mondays LOL. I love Imelda May and that song is perfect, inside out.

    • eyeonrob1

      Heh, heh….still suffering from Rob dazzled brain, aren’t you RFM?? Hell, I would be, too, bb. As long as I can see any parts of the Pretty, I’m good. Doesn’t matter what damn day it is.

  2. Talking marks….
    I have a birthmark on my left anfle size of a 5 cent piece which resembles the country I was born in. [ true story]
    I have another larger B/M on my upper thigh shaped as gawd knows what. But it is very light and you can hardly see its there.
    And I have alot of large type freckly frecks on my back…..anything else ya don’t know?
    Oh yeah I have another B/M which has also faded on my right front elbow….
    so there ya go….Come to think of it they all have faded over the years..I’ve just noticed right now…

    Like the post by the way….Inside out indeed…lolol

  3. s/b ankle not anfle….WT is an anfle…

  4. jolori54

    hahahahaha getting a little ahead of ourselves are we?! Damn I was wondering where my Monday went thought all the robporn this weekend especially today with the Cosmopolis stuff I seen/heard was messing with my brain …..buuuut enjoy I shall!! I have licked all these plenty times I gotta say! and okay so a couple of my faves as some of you may know are….

    the one in his palm

    the one on his wrist

  5. jolori54

    the one by his elbow

    there are a couple in this one

    and I’ll leave it at that as I am late for bed so I shall see ya all later! xoxo

  6. smittenkitten

    Fantastic pics RFM & Jolori…thanks for jump starting my heart!

  7. Bloody hell! I came back from Wales and thought I’d lost a day LOL! Fab post though! Love the Imelda May song too XD xoxo

  8. Ok so it’s all about sharing. I spent a few hours last night, watching interview after interview, so I’m feeling very much like I felt in the beginning of my acute fondness.

    These are my personal pics that I took from the WFE premiere in NYC. What I loved most, is that he didn’t wear a touch of makeup. He really is that perfectly imperfect in person. 🙂

    There. Are. No. Words.

  9. rita01tx

    Ladies? Are we forgetting the most kissable…lickable Rob mole of all????

    Yes! The one leading to his Happy Trail!!!!!!!

    • miniaturemom12

      Yessssssssssss!!!! We have a winner!

      • eyeonrob1

        *ding ding ding ding* The Happy Trail Mole FTMFW! Thanks, rita, for pulling us back down in the gutter where we belong. FLUV it!

    • Rita, I love that it zooms right in on the mole!! Love it!

      • Tell me? LMAO!
        Oh dear should I say this or not?
        To be a hoor or not to be?
        Tis thee question of the day….
        OH, Fuck it! Ima gonna just say it…..and it’s this….
        Please. Please tell me ever so kindly if that “mole’ that was brought to life…..LOL
        -as in zoomed in on,,,,
        Is it in itself treated like a ‘bus stop’….
        ya know paused at whilst ya know…….ya know? lol
        Sorry my mind went gutter express…..But you put it out there GF and I just, well I just recripocated…that’s all

        • rita01tx

          That mole is poised at the beginning of Rob’s Happy Trail leading to the Promised Land! And we ALL want to follow it to its final destination and worship HHP!
          Ain’t no shame in being a hoor here BB!

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