Breaking Dawn is No Joke

Thought that title might get your attention! Breaking Dawn is a serious movie. There’s the epic wedding, the much-anticipated honeymoon, the demon baby that grows at light speed and then falls in love with a teenage werewolf…wait, what?! Come on now, doesn’t this seem a little bit nuts? Even Rob thought that Stephanie Meyer had gone crazy! But the thing I love about this franchise, the actors and even fellow bloggers and friends is the ability to laugh at it all. So let’s put a smile on our face for this middle of the week blues with some BD funnies.

So first they have this demon baby…

Then she has to be delivered somehow…

And then there’s the imprinting…

See! It is kind of weird. And speaking of  imprinting…what if Bella was the one who imprinted?

Not that I can blame the girl. He is hot if you’re into that older father figure type. But let’s go back to the REAL story. What happens after Breaking Dawn…

Hopefully after the end of this franchise we don’t all end up like this:

Although, I think I may already be close to be institutionalized. I’m camping out for the Breaking Dawn premiere tomorrow with Maggie (aka dazzledbyrp)! Follow me on Twitter @robsfuturemate for updates on my adventure. And stay tuned here at RA for more details from Robs Fan~tasy and my whole story when I return on the 16th.

Behave while I’m gone! 😉




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9 responses to “Breaking Dawn is No Joke

  1. Good luck! Send pics….better yet, send Rob over to my house! I only live about 45 minutes south…LOL!!

  2. rob said during a panel that harry potter fans had nothing on twihards. that twilight fans were clinically insane. lol. gee, wherever did he get that idea? we may be fruitcakes but we’re HAPPY fruitcakes 😉

  3. morning ladies,
    the last i heard from anyone was that maggie was at their hotel room waiting for RFM to arrive and they were going to go see new moon.
    nothing eles to report since then.
    hope everyone is doing well.
    keep your fingers crossed for our girls!!!

  4. smittenkitten

    Good Morning Gang,
    RFM & dazzledbyrp…Ya’ll have a great time & I’m wishing you both h00r luck! One of the best parts of my NYC experience was getting to meet & visit with the peeps all around us, so I know ya’ll will have fun with the other crazies! Keep in touch so RF can post deets…& take lots of pictures too.

    ps…I think the movie is going to be FANTASTIC, very excited that it is almost here!

  5. Thank goodness for this post! Tbh I’ve been in a generally shit mood before and after Wales, with a short intermission of happiness when I met Ryan. I need a laugh, and this suits me just fine! That top drawing reminds me of stuff I see on the noticeboards in Starbucks XD

  6. Hey gals! Just stopping by to let you know we checked into our hotel and saw NM last night. We met Jack Morrisey (sp?) and the guy who plays Peter in BD 2! Super nice! Will check in later 🙂

  7. eyeonrob1

    This was one hilarious post, RFM! I needed the laughs today. Good luck at the BD camp out, ladies! Have fun and get as close to the Pretty as possible. Try to get in an ass grope, a deep sniff, or a hand touch for me.

  8. Happy Hunting RFM to you and Maggie.

  9. haystackhair

    LMAO! Great post, I needed that. LOVE the expression on Rob’s face, and that quote goes perfectly with it!! LOL!!!

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