Thrill Me Thursday…

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Good Morning Ladies, Well it’s Thrill Me Thursday again and I have brought you just a sampling of the most recent panty poofing Robporn available. So, Grab a comfy spot on the floor cause you’ll hurt yourself falling down if you don’t!!!
Just push play on the video and scroll through the pics while it plays Ladies.
 *shamwow mandatory*






SMIRKY ROB is always a win!!!



Have you noticed how much broader he is in the chest and shoulders these days?


 I think we need a closer view of that don’t you?

Holy hell!!! *POOF*

 Is anybody else mezmerized by the way his shirt is stretched over his chest or lost at the sight of those broad shoulders?

He looks like he is just about to spew some word vomit here. LOL Rob looks so Mischievious!!

Check out my tumbler if you want to hear THESE great audio word vomits from Rob.

 “The Tip”

“Awwoooo yeeeeessss” and

 “I can fill every sexual fantasy”

Oh Rob *Melt*


Hand Porn!!

 Look at the difference between Robs hand and the other guys. Even with his fingers folded in his hand is twice the size of the other guys! *swoon* and I can always dierect your attention a little farther down south…

and there is always that winning smile...



 Oh Now, after that smouldering pic with the lucious pucker, I know ya want to see this…

and just when you thought you couldn’t adore him more, he opens his mouth and speaks!!

stay tuned today ladies for news from RFM and Maggie In LA at the premiere!!!

Much Love Ladies!




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25 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday…

  1. Oooh RobsFan-tasy it’s that is just a sample you can sign me up for the entire meal LOL.

    IMHO this round of promotion is going to rival Rome Rob and Cannes Rob in its’ gorgeousness – don’t think any of you ladies will argue with that!

    • smittenkitten

      SO much gorgeousness! GAH!

    • oh trust me it IS Just a sample. I Strongly advise everyone, If you do NOT havt a TUMBLR account you should REALLY GET ONE!! all the hawtness goes there. But a word of warning, before you follow someone blindly check out their archives!! someone posted a hawt pic of Rob and I followed them and the rest of their postings were REALLY offensive and i unfollowed them LOL So as long as you keep that in mind, Please do get a tumblr account!! They are awesome and addictive and you will see all the latest and greatest quotes, vids, pics, gifs and edits of our Boyfriend!! Follow me and I’ll follow you too!!

  2. smittenkitten

    I LOVE “Thrill Me Thursday…” js

  3. thanks for the interview clip. he is just so yummy.

  4. ilovealion

    Thanks so much for the lovely pics and vids. I am completely in awe of the Precious. Each interview gets better and better. He is just adorably honest and a genuine joy to watch. *sigh*

    I’ll admit… i’m having a bit of trouble pulling myself frm the internet the last few days. My Robsession is in full force and I’m afraid I might have a Rob Attack. Is there a doctor in the house?

  5. Okay….I was actually listening to Rick Astley before I clicked onto The Shirelles, and the whole thing was just bizarre LOL! Still it’s true, Rob – we’re never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you! Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!!! ;P

  6. Ok Ladies the last I heard RFM got a wrist band. #191 so I’m not exactly sure what that means. I haven’t heard from Maggie but i’m going to attempt to get in touch with them both here in a few minutes and get some deets for you all.

  7. WOO HOOOO!!! Our girls Did IT!!! Here’s what Maggie Had to say:

    “Wristband #95! Face time w/Rob!!! I can’t believe it’s really gonna happen!”

    • smittenkitten

      Yet another…OMFG!!!
      SQUEEEEE! Off the charts excited for them, that’s great news. 🙂
      RF, thanks for the updates bb…I appreciate you letting us know what the girls are up to out there. They are going to have such stories to tell, pictures to share, make memories & friendships that will last a lifetime!

    • That’s fantastic – I’m off to sleep now and looking forward to hearing their story in the morning.

  8. smittenkitten

    RobsFan-tasy…I didn’t realize you are on tumblr too, now I’m following!
    And one more thing since I’m being a chatty kitten today, I fluv RA…ya’ll are creating wonderful, fun, sexy posts…you should be proud! I may not comment every day, but I come *snort* here every chance I get & I’m always happy *double.snort* when I leave! Much love bb!

    • Awwww {{Grateful Hugs}} Thank you BB! You’re so sweet!!! I wish everyone felt the way you do!! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy it!! It’s for Rob and you Ladies that we do this!!

      • Oh yes, I am on FB, Twitter, Tumbler, Gmail, google chat, hee hee I’s everywhere!!! gotta be to follow the pretty!!

        GN Cared, Sorry I’ve Been slow today, been one of those WTF? Days ya know?

  9. haystackhair

    GAH! Hi ladies! RL is kicking my butt, but I do lurk as often as possible. Lately, I’ve spent my few spare secs drooling over pics of Robhawtness. Soooo psyched for our girls with wristbands! I so cannot wait for BD!!!
    Thanks for a recap of all the weeks hawtness. I barely survive each time he mentions thrusting or the tip! LOL!

    • Hi HSH!! Glad you stopped by! You are welcome. I’m almost as excited for them as I would be if it were me there waiting in line!!! Unf!! so hard to believe they have to ride out the weekend before he comes close to them!!

      We’re with you girls in spirit!!!

  10. This just came in vis Twitter from RFM about what they are up to now:

    “We r on tent city basically til Mon. Supposed activities planned thru out.”

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