Rob being, well…Absolutely Inspiring!!

Hey, ya’ll!

I can’t be with you in person today as I’m on vacation in Texas, but I left this behind so RobsFan-tasy could post it for me!  She will do me the honor of replying to your comments on my behalf.

Back on Sunday, October 30th, the lovely Bernadette Lentini-Jones commented:

“I don’t ever think there is a drought…there’s always something to find.”

Well, I thought about that for a minute and, you know, she’s right!  So, my reply was:

“Good point, Bernadette darlin’!  There IS always something to find.  And when there isn’t, we create our own.”

Now, there’s no way I have room enough to include works by everyone who has ever been inspired by Rob, so I will leave you with a few of my favorite treasures by some of the most creative people in all of Robdom!

{You’re going to want to double click these beauties to full screen for the full effect!}

Jules makes it extremely difficult to choose a favorite from the many banners she creates, but since this one is the wallpaper on my computer at work…

Maliciouspipi goes all Mondrian on us with this banner of Rob from the Eclipse premier in LA…just look at how she draws us to his eyes…oh God! eyelashporn!…and his luscious lips, not to mention the jawporn and fingerporn!

Jolori likes to give us multiple Robgasms when she drops in on us with one of her banners

BlueAbyss17404 created this gorgeous painting of The Pretty…

She has since decided to start using her own name, FDASuarez.  I FLUV this painting from the Eclipse press conference…

Ask anyone and they’s tell you that Biel makes some of the very best Rob vids on YouTube.  Her choice of music is always perfect!

Another of my favorite vidmakers is Dukkesa31

Running out of room here, ya’ll!  But I’m not leaving without presenting you with a masterful enhancement by the incomparable MelbieToast!!!


I’m apologizing again if I did not use some of your work!  You know I love you all and there are more Rob inspired creative people working on (RobsFan-tasy, MidnightCougar, Robsfuturemate, TheMissMod) and visiting (special shout out to Nicole and RDMickey who always share their own beautiful RobPorn!) this site than you can imagine!

That’s me for now, darlin’s!




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7 responses to “Rob being, well…Absolutely Inspiring!!

  1. GIANT GAH!!! That’s all I can say….especially dark hoodie Rob…OMG! Off to bed now…..*sigh*


  2. Has it been 3 weeks yet??? NO???! CRAP!!!! WAAaaaaaaa….

  3. mauigirl60

    Squee! Thank you for mentioning me!!! What gorgeous items you have displayed! Each of these represents the uniqueness and beauty that is our Rob! Happy Sinday and may Rob be with you all! 😍

  4. The Oxford Dictionary gives the following definition for the word Muse:
    A WOMAN, OR A FORCE PERSONIFIED AS A WOMAN, WHO IS THE SOURCE OF INSPIRATION FOR A CREATIVE ARTIST – I think they need to update as we all know the true definition of the word. Do you agree ladies?

  5. Mmmm, yes, exquisite…love all of these featured creative pieces! We’re a truly special bunch, aren’t we? Some of us in more ways than one…LOL! Gah, speaking of Rob being inspirational, I’m finding myself reverting back from the deep recesses of my independent creative mind and letting Rob inspire a new 500 word story intro out of me LOL! My old one just wasn’t working :/ All change here for some covert Rob fic! Haha! Just hope my lecturers don’t notice….. 😉 xoxo

  6. Got another Message from Mags and RFM!!

    Maggie:My sister saw me on the news! We met Jackson Rathbone, Peter Facinelli (gorgeous), Booboo Stewart, some new vampires girls. Got a great picture with Peter Facinelli and he kissed my friend! My pics are ob my camera. They’re setting up the red carpet area.

    RFM: Met Erik Odom last night (Peter) super sweet. Had lunch today w/ Lucinda(WFE) Best day! Saw Jackson, Peter, BooBoo, Casey & MyAnna. So excited!! next is something going on with UC & Moon at the TwiFi lounge. Then LTT party! #wishyouwerehere

  7. here is the carpet pic from tent city Maggie sent me

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