Monday Maddness

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hey girls! Did ya ever have one of those weeks when RL kicks you in the add and you fall behind on all your Rob Perving? (I know you have!) and last week was NOT the week to have that happen so of course, it did happen to me!! LOL I knew I was waayyy behind when my mom started telling me stuff about Rob that I DIDN’T KNOW!!!! {{WTF??? SERIOUSLY????}} So of course I jumped on the net and started searching for all the latest (re: Funniest and most interesting) Interviews i could find from our boy. Unfortunately I could not find the Ellen appearance so if you have it feel free to post it! Then it occurred to me I had just spent six hours chasing after the pretty! Someone with a Rob Blog should post all this in one spot so everyone could find it without having to spend 6 hours searching! Oh Wait! I have a Rob Blog! LOL So with no further delay, I bring you all the latest and greatest Rob Interviews!!!

Rob On Jimmy Fallon. I could Not find Part two. Does anyone else have it? If so embedd it BBez!!

Rob On David Letterman

Rob On Jimmey Kimmel

Various BD Interviews

Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood all about the hadboard

Access Holywood about Graumans


Regis and Kelly

 So There you go ladies!! What did I miss that I haven’t shown here? Post em if you got em!





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19 responses to “Monday Maddness

  1. Thanks RF! Here’s the Ellen cameo in Breaking Dawn LOL!

    • smittenkitten

      Thanks Hisdenofsin for posting it…too funny, I laughed so hard when I saw it!

      RF, you didn’t miss Ellen…I think Rob & the whole crew will be on there Friday. *i hope that’s right… 😉

      • Thank goodness!! i hate knowing I missed out on something Roberful!!

        Maggie sent me an e-mail saying they were ligning up on the rde/black carpet but i just got on line and that was about 3 hrs ago!! Gah!!! I hate RL!! I think imma crawlinto my PC and never come out!!!! I’ll go live on tumblr with Rob! LOL

    • Nicole

      LMAO…Yeah I saw that and cracked up so much. Ellen is funny as HELL!

      Thanks for shariing bb!

  2. Bwahahahaha LMFAO!!! Leave it to Ellen!! Even so that little clip makes me want to see this even more!! And You’re right Ellen, he is lookin good dude!! But then,…when doesn’t he???

  3. christa64c

    I had the same week, RFM. I would have missed everything if it weren’t for all of the wonderful RAoR h00rs posting some of the goodies on fb. I haven’t caught up yet. But I’ve at least seen enough so i won’t break down from withdrawal. Thank you so much for posting the interviews. You’ve already made this week better than the last one. *flips finger at last week.*

    • hahaha You’re welcome BB! You tell all them RAoR girls they are welcome to come play here with us too!! I know just how pervy they can get and I’d be right there with them if FB Didn’t kick my add out every 5 minutes. I miss and I know several of the other girls here miss them too!

  4. Nicole

    Hey RF…don’t feel alone bb! I’ve had the same type of week(s) now going on 4 weeks! I’ve been so damn busy with work and all the stuff I have to do at home…then add to the fact that my beloved dog, Haley has been ill again….Nicole has been doing her best to keep up with RobPorn, go to NT, Tumblr and FFn for updates, and getting little to no sleep just to maintain everything. I’m a cranky PattinH00R, and I haven’t had alot of fun, or Perving time. I also haven’t had time to do any edits…which pisses me off, but I can only do so much.

    Hope your week starts to level off and get better bb! I surely can’t wait for a little more quiet time and calm in my life. Damn and all this gorgeous RobPorn being posted with all the BD stuff…just killing me! 😉

    • Awww so sorry haley is sick again Love. I hope things get better for you too!! and anyne else having RL trubs!! I wish so many times I could divide myself / clone myself into at least four people just to run this blog LOL not to mention RL issues and things I’d like to do for myself that i never get to do! but that ain’t happening so girls, know I understand and i hope you’ll understand if some days the posts seem a little odd/off the wall or if the tabs and extra pages don’t get updated as often as i’d like. It’s still in my to do list which I am sure is as long as all the TBR lists out there!! LOL

  5. Hello friends! Big day today, BD premiere!! Wish us luck! Can’t wait to tell you guys the full story on Wed. when I get back. I can feel all the love over here on the BLACK carpet 🙂

  6. I have been a fail the past 2 weeks and I don’t see it getting any better til after Thanksgiving. It has been long days at work and it was all I could do to watch some vids and lick and save all the pics. I mean I had over 200-300 entries daily in my rss feeds.

    I have been in RobPornOverload and it has been so damn good. I haven’t even read hardly anything so I cannot even contribute on ff friday’s. But the drought will be back soon and I will have more time to perv.
    I love you girls, but let’s face it. Rob came first!!

    How does this week fair? Not any better. The little spare time I have will go as follows:

    Mon – BD1 Premier and washing clothes

    Tues – watch Twilight

    Wed – watch New Moon (without fast-forwarding)

    Thurs – watch Eclipse and try and get some sleep

    Fri – be at work by 5am, leave at 1pm. I see BD with a girlfriend at 430pm and 7pm – back to back. Hubs will be waiting for me when I get home. Hubs said he is resting this week because he knows I will need to be taken care of Friday night. Multiple times. Such a sweet hubs. *grins*

    Sat – sis and her family are coming in and oldest son from college. Girls are headed shopping, the guys are going hunting.

    Sun – Thanksgiving at my parents and then we head out of town to mother-in laws for the holiday.

    Schew…. can I breathe yet ? ? ?

    • Don’t feel sorry girls. I have not been to twitter, tumblr, facebook, nothing!! I finally made it to facebook yesterday for about an hour. The first time in over 2 weeks.

      My spankbank is full of new pics, gifs, etc. Sooooooo Sooooooo good. One day I might even open photoshop and edit a few. GAH. The Glory days. Nothing better.

    • I understand girls believe me!! We can all meet up here when RL backs the “F” off and share all the goodness to make sure no one misses anything. That’s what sistas do right? 🙂

  7. ilovealion

    I could watch these videos non-stop. Thanks so much for taking the time to post them all for us.

    Cared sent me the Tip Clip-and I’ve watched it over and over an over. It’s more than just a gratuity. lmao.

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