RFM’s Most Excellent Adventure

Hello my lovelies! I’m back and boy do I have a story for you! I hope that you have all been enjoying the down pour of Rob goodness and that this post just adds another element to the pics and videos you all have been perving on. I just want to tell you that this is by no means meant to be taken as bragging. I know how lucky I’ve been lately but it’s because I am out there DOING. I’ve finally taken the big step and started doing whatever it takes to see thePretty in person! And, I also want to say that you SHOULD go to the BD2 premiere next year. I don’t think you would regret it. Even though there will be some downs, the ups are SO worth it!!  Oh, and this has way more Twilight than Rob and it’s gonna be long, so be prepared. So, let’s start with the story…

Erik Odom, aka Peter

This adventure started last Tuesday with a drive to Los Angeles. (We’re not gonna discuss how I got lost and was driving around LA by myself) Well, I made it in time to see three-quarters of New Moon. Yep, right after Edward left. But it was fun seeing it again in the theater. Afterward, Maggie and I met Erik Odom who plays Peter in BD2. We had a nice little convo about the contacts. He didn’t think they were that bad. Did you know they had to spritz their eyes with water throughout the day to keep them from drying out? Learn something new everyday! We also met Jack Morrisey that night but didn’t really talk with him.

The next night, Wednesday, was pure torture. We stayed up all night trying to figure out where to go for the unofficial line. Everyone was tweeting, facebooking, and texting. We made some friends that night and almost got bombarded by an angry mob. When we finally confirmed the right location we were told to split into our groups and stay still. Then security came around and “randomly” picked who would get their wristband first. Tension was high, emotions even higher. We had no idea what the criteria for picking was and were so thankful when we got picked. We walked quietly and with our heads down, so as not to upset the people left. (I did try to peek for my friends but it was so hard to find them) Then we waited for hours to get our wristbands and campsite. Some that were there at the same time as us originally waited over 12 hours!! So hard to watch.

Kiowa Gordon, aka Embry

That afternoon I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with Jackie Zane, Lucinda from WFE. She had some wonderful Rob stories. Basically things we already know, like how kind and funny he is! I found out that Rob likes to drink wine! Who knew?! Later that evening we watched Twilight on the jumbo tron outside. There was a whole lot of screaming going on! After my “nap” Maggie and I ran into Kiowa Gordon from the Wolfpack. He wanted to surprise the campers by waking them up with music. That idea was vetoed and he sang for a small group outside Tent City. It was a hard night of sleep that night. Nokia has lights and sounds that go on until 2 am every day. Eye masks and ear plugs are a MUST!!

The next day was a fun day of milling around and meeting people. Everyone just trying to relax. I met Tink from Robsessed and got my Cosmopolis button! (I think I kind of fangirled inside) Tink is a sweetheart and had a cute little city of cardboard Robwards to keep her company. That night we watched New Moon and yes, more screaming ensued. The comments from the peanut gallery were funny bordering on obnoxious. We had a surprise visitor after the movie, Kellan Lutz! Unfortunately security wasn’t really prepared for him and there was a bit of mass chaos. I was pressed up against the barricade with people yelling and screaming. I waited patiently and was so disappointed when Kellan skipped our section. Trying another area for a pic only resulted in pics of Kellan’s ears and being pushed into following Kellan around. Luckily we made it out of there and my friend, who’s seen him numerous times, got a hug with him. Aww, sweet!

Stephenie bringing us signed BD books!

The following morning we had another surprise. Stephenie Meyer came and brought us all signed copies of Breaking Dawn! She handed them out individually and took pics with us. We told her how much we appreciated her stories and that because of her we were able to make so many friends from all over the world. She was so sweet! Can you believe she signed at least 1000 books for us!

There were so many things to keep us occupied during the time we were camping. They set up a TwiFi lounge where you could take pics with Cardboard BDward. And if you were courageous enough, you could wear a wedding dress while doing it!! They had little contests throughout the week and gave away shirts and pj pants. That afternoon we had our own concert of artists off the BD soundtrack. They were amazing! Charlie Bewley (Demetri) hosted the event and he was hilarious! Not surprising, he is a  Brit boy after all! 😉 He even had Cardboard BDward do a dive into the audience, after he tossed him around a bit that is. After that we watched, you guessed it, Eclipse. Well ironically, I only watched the tent scene. After spending most of the movie cleaning my tent from all the rain.

Mr. Edward Pencil hands

The next morning we had breakfast brought to us by the cast. Or more like the cast visiting us while Corner Bakery gave us some yummy muffins and such. The cast members consisted of Peter Facinelli, Jackson  Rathbone, BooBoo Stewart, MyAnna Burning (Tanya), and Casey LaBow( Kate). I didn’t get pics with Peter or Jackson but had a fun convo with both. We told Jackson that we were Monkey Junkies. He said, “Thanks, but you should really see a doctor for that.”  And then, being the teacher I am, I commented on Peter’s pencil grip (he signs with both his fist and his fingers depending on the color sharpie). Peter said that he was “Edward Pencilhands”. Clever man!

I fangirled again that day when I met Moon and UC from Letters to Rob. They were my first blog experience and if it wasn’t for them posting my “letters to Rob” I would not be here writing to you today. Thanks girls!! They are also super sweet but somehow got me to help them with a Trivia Game on Yahoo movies. Luckily, I won my portion of the game so it wasn’t too first hand embarrassing! I quickly ran outside after that to take a pic with Melissa Rosenberg, Twilight screenwriter. So cool! That night we could stay in our hotels, so Maggie and I hit the LTT/LTR party with Moon and UC. It was so awesome to meet people who you’ve been “talking” to you for years but never met!! And the sangria wasn’t that shabby either 😉

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The black carpet event!!! We saw so many great looking celebrities and was able to take a few pics of them. Many of the fans wanted pics and autographs with everyone but I kept my eye on the prize. There was only one thing I wanted from this event, and it was either a pic with Rob or his autograph. When I saw him arrive it looked like he was only doing autographs, so I grabbed my LTR notebook. (the whole RA banner is a fiasco that I am perfecting for my next adventure 😦 ) Then the girls behind me tell me no, he’s taking pictures too. Well, I found a little niche in the front row and hauled myself up on the barricade. Luckily, there was a tiny bit of space and my friend was next to me. When Rob came by I was trying to snap pics and enjoy the moment. I stood there holding my notebook and making sure Dean was okay with where it was. Rob signed my book and took pics with the girls on either side of me. I stood there watching the whole thing for a second or two before I snapped out of it!

Rob was gorgeous. When I asked him for a picture he said, “Yeah, sure.” But I was fumbling around with my camera and he asked if he should take the picture. I said, “yes, please.” No flash went off so he asked if I got it, and while I was checking he moved onto the next girl. I looked down to see only a blurry Me in the picture! (I knew asking Rob to hold the camera was a bad idea) I think I then may have yelled at him a bit, hope nobody got that on film. I told him he only got me and he said, “Oh, sh*t. Let’s do another one. Do you want me to take it?” “No, I hold it, ” I told him.  I thanked him and he moved on. He took multiple pictures for other people who’s didn’t turn out. Super nice!

This whole experience was amazing! There is no other place where you could experience all of this in just a few days. And although meeting Rob was the icing on the cake; meeting new friends, old friends whom you email with, and bloggers you admire was the best thing about this adventure. I have met women whom I hope will become lifelong friends. The premiere was crazy but being sore and having bruises all over is worth it. Kind of like how Bella feels after her first time with Edward, well maybe not that kind of sore.

Hope you all enjoyed this and I wish that every one of you could have your own Rob moment!!



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33 responses to “RFM’s Most Excellent Adventure

  1. SQueee!!! Love it, love you, love Rob! So glad you were able to be there and have this moment to share with us all!!! I know you’ll treasure this weekend forever. Thanks for posting all the pics. especially the last one! i can’t believe you yelled at him!! Bwahahaha Oh he is a sweetheart just as I knew he would be.

    Clever girl very very clever *wink*

  2. I forgot to mention that Rob really didn’t mess up the pic of us. He must have taken two on accident and I saw the blurry one. So basically, now we have three. One that he took, one that I took and the blurry one of me and a little bit of his smiling mouth! So, you CAN trust Rob with your camera. lol

    • One other thing I wanted to mention (wow, can’t believe I forgot this, too much overload, I guess).
      I was INCHES away from Rob’s ear and srsly thought about LICKING it!!! Then I focused on his mole! Too much TIT for me, I guess 😉 Those body parts ARE gorgeous in person!

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Great recap RFM. It was a very special week. One I’ll never forget. I was very reluctant to go, but it was one of the most amazing experiences. Yes, there was lots of stress, anxiety and exhaustion – especially that first night of getting the wristbands. But all that was more than outweighed by all the goodness that RFM mentioned: making new friends, meeting people that you’ve only known through blogging and other social networks and of course the reason we’re all there: ROB. As for my Rob moment, I was able to walk away with 2 autographs, 2 pictures (yes he was a doll and took a second one – taken by him – when the first one didn’t come out) . I think I called him sweetheart, which he truly, truly is. I also think I may have tried to pounce on him or something because I remember that I said to Dean, not once, but twice, “I know the rules Dean, no touching”. He smiled both times. Somehow, I had the presence of mind to press record when Rob moved on to the ladies next to me and was able to get a cute video that, to my surprise, includes a little tongue action at about the :32 mark.

    People were there from all over the world, so wherever you may be, I strongly suggest to start planning and saving now for next time. It was so worth it.

    Here’s my video of Rob being is wonderful self:

  4. smittenkitten

    I LOVE IT ALL!!!
    Thanks girls for sharing, the pics & vid, the memories & the love…I’m glad ya’ll are home, safe & sound! What a great adventure…

  5. we’re so lucky the two of you could be there and recreate the experience for us – it truly sounds like something not to be missed!

  6. I am so thrilled that you were able to meet so many people.!!! I would have been shaking if I meet Stephanie. Almost as much as seeing the Pretty himself!!! Meeting UC and Moon too! So love those girls.

    Rob really is just so kind and patient with the crowd. I loved that about him. It helped me remember that he really is just a person after all. But seriously, isn’t He just so much MORE in real life!!!

    • dazzledbyrp

      katiebirdie: He’s such a sweetheart. Imagine my little video times 1,000 and that was Rob at the BD premiere. So good to his fans. So much patience. I just FLOVE this guy!!

    • There were so many wonderful people to meet. UC and Moon are so welcoming and sweet. And Tink was just awesome as well. Srsly fangirled!

      Oh, and Rob, yes he was super sweet and calm through it all. Taking mulitple pics for people. He must know how epic it is for us to have that opportunity.

  7. *Jumpy claps* HUZZAH! I’m so mad jelly RFM! You’re so lucky – I don’t really have enough words to describe how epic this is and how happy I am for you! It’s a lot to take in all at once (twss) LMAO! I agree with Rf, too, very clever bb 😉 xoxo

  8. miniaturemom12

    Wooooooooohoooooooooo! …. I mean Squeeeeeeeeeeee!
    So happy for you guys! My cheeks hurt from smiling. Everyone (cast, crew, Stephenie!) sounds so nice! ROB! Gaaaaaaahhhh!
    That video was all kinds of awewome up-close Robface porn!

  9. kristensbestie

    Oh RFM! This is just unbelievable! You got to meet the HHH! And get your picture with him. Just fucking awesome!!!!

  10. Congratulations girls, I am so thrilled for you that you got to meet Rob. It’s great to see him give the time to the people that have put him where he is today. I have saved your video Maggie, I might need to turn the sound about 99% down, no wonder he says he is deaf LOL.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    • The sound is crazy! From the papps yelling at them to the fans wanting them to turn around, it’s insane. And then there’s all the lights flashing! No wonder he goes into an alternate persona for these events.

  11. Here’s another memory that came to me today! I met Papa P and Sam Bradley!!! It was after the movie and we couldn’t have our phones or cameras there but it was great just to see them!

  12. It makes us smile so big to hear adventures of friends do things we would love to do, but will never get a chance to. Me on the other hand, it is probably best I will never see him in person cause it would be Dean that I got up and close with as he escorted me away. I just don’t see how you could even write to tell us. I would be beside myself.

    I praise you for your self-control. I dunno if I could do it.

    Congrats on an adventure of a lifetime bb.

    • I was in a huge state of shock!! I’ve been looking at media pics of that night and can see all my friends and I in the background. Some of them have looks of desperation, mine was calm. Not really sure how that happened because I was squealing on the inside!!

  13. smittenkitten

    It’s rdmickey1989’s birthday….



    ps…you’ll laugh when you see the card Alan made for me, for you!
    pps…*I’ve got the right day THIS year…go me*

  14. I am so thrilled for you RFM! I sat here in my living room, & watched you meet Rob, get your picture with him & his autograph – I was so pleased I got to see you do this on the live feed b/c I believe we have been discussing that very same event for almost 2 yrs now! & finally, it has came true for you!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEE*

    Oh & what a lovely photo of Rob! 😉 I love you my dear friend, and I couldn’t be happier for you. xo

    • Thanks MC! I really never thought it would happen. And you know that, being I told you so for ever! It brings hope to all that you CAN have your Rob moment. You just need to be proactive! I still need to watch the live feed (if they still have it somewhere). This memory is slowly fading 😦 and I need to see how it really happened!

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