Saturday Challenge With TheMissMod

Hello! I’ve had a few problems with the laptop lately and thought I wasn’t going to be able to post today as it went away to be fixed, but lo and behold, it was home last night all fixed up! I can see things properly now! Before I continue with today’s post, I’d just like to say that my posts will have to be quite thin from now on, as I have a lot of stuff going on in RL that I can see getting in the way of all the fun! :/ I have Uni 3 days a week, with some work spilling over into weekends, and as well as that I’m working on my second novel (currently being edited and re-written frequently lol) and I have my own blog to run for all my wedding planning stuffs. It’s starting to get a bit crazy y’see, so that’s why….ANYWAY! Onwards, to today’s blog post!

I’d started doing this on Facebook in the RAoR Refugees group, and I figured ‘why not bring that over here?!’ so I’m gonna! The Saturday Challenges begin right here! Sometimes they’ll be picture posts which require your participation in a question or task set relating to the given image, others will be search tasks in which you can use Google and the like.
Today’s Saturday Challenge is a picture post! Are you ready, contestants? Here’s your picture:

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, Angelz – Find a song to go with the above picture. GO!

I look forward to seeing what you gals come up with! See you next week for another Saturday Challenge! TMM xoxo


PS: I’d just like to wish all the best to my friends Charles and Alli, who are getting married tomorrow!!! :’D xoxo



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4 responses to “Saturday Challenge With TheMissMod

  1. A one of my fav piano pieces by the wonderfully talented Prince. The song named Venus Di Milo from the Soundtrack Under the Cherry Moon also the CD titled Parade. Soo lovely and soft, just the perfect song for this moment.

  2. ilovealion

    Okay… Edward looks like a peeping Tom in this pic. js

    My song of choice is Every Breath You Take by the Police. It’s very appropriate for our canon Edward… cause, yeah. He was totes a Bella stalker.

  3. Heard this snippet of a song getting lunch today: “Damn, wish I was your lover.” Pretty much fits for every Rob pic out there! Do I win? lol

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