Rob being, well…The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes!

Mornin’, ladies!

At the special request of Eewee333, I’m repostin’ this celebration of Rob’s colorful eyes! Hope you enjoy it!

*  *   *   *  

The French say, ‘Les yeux sont le miroir de l’dme (The eyes are the mirror of the soul).

Perhaps that explains, in part, our fascination with Rob’s eyes.  Somehow, by losing ourselves in their depths, we imagine a connection, or at least an understanding of this complex man.

It’s not just the dark, thick, expressive brows, or the ridiculously long eyelashes that draw us in…it’s the unexpected colors!

If someone asked me what color Rob’s eyes were, I’d say “blue.”  Definitely, blue!

I would be right…but, I’d be wrong, too!  It all depends on the light and/or the photographer, it would seem.

Tripping through my RobPorn, I’ve been amazed at all the different colors of Rob’s eyes!  Aquamarine? Seriously?

But, then they appear to be gray and I can’t figure out why…

Maybe they reflect the color of his shirt?  God, I love that gray shirt from the Sex Drive premier!  Well, I love ALL the photos of Rob from Sex Drive!

If that’s the case, then what are they reflecting that absolutely makes them green?

Like I said, sometimes it’s light, or the photographer.  How else could his eyes look so black in this one?

It’s not always his natural color(s), either!  Edward’s eyes fascinate me when they are gold…

or when they are fiercely black!

Course, RDMickey likes ’em RED!

Me?  I like them ALL!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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7 responses to “Rob being, well…The Man With Kaleidoscope Eyes!

  1. Picture yourself in a boat on a river…with Rob! Robbie in the Sky With Diamonds?!! LMAO! Love it, Reets! Love that last pic too – his eyes were the first thing that drew me to him when I REALLY started looking at him – they’re so captivating and just,…*sigh*. Once I got over them, I realised just how bloody gorgeous the man beyond them was LOL! Happy Sunday! xoxo

  2. Sometimes, specially when he is in TV, his eyes look brownish….but who cares? I love all of them, green, blue, red…I think the expressive eyes he has is what make us all crazy for him. PS: I looooooooove the last pic, I think those are his real eyes.

  3. gawd his beauty just leaves me speechless, and like TMM said above, the man behind the eyes is even more gorgeous #weloveyourob

  4. The funny thing is that I always think of his eyes as GREEN. Is that because I have green eyes as well? Do those of you that think his eyes are blue have blue eyes too? Inquiring minds…

    And yes, whatever color they may truly be, they change so much in amazing ways. They really are beautiful! Mine only get greener when I wear green. I always wanted eyes that would change with what you’re wearing.

  5. And she did it again!!! Getting songs stuck in my head is Rita’s speciality! 😉

  6. somanywards

    Love to get lost in all of the above*

  7. eyeonrob1

    So true, Rita. His eyes are what hooked me in the first place. They are what makes him such an incredible actor, IMHO. No matter what color they may be at the moment, he communicates with them so effectively. My favorite expression, of course, is the panty melting “f*ck me now” stare. Drops me to my knees EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Great post, bb!

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