Monday Madness…Heavenly Robert

Hello Everybody *waves*


Morning Ladies,  Usually I try to come up with something funny for Mondays and as I was searching I came across the most remarkable Picture of our  boyfriend! It made me think of an old saying from years and years ago…

Somewhere there is a place where everyone is asWonderful as you are…

  We call it Heaven. This picture is Stunning in every sense of the word! Absolute, Undeniable Perfection in its finest form. Add to that his amazing Voice…  And this Lady is left speechless…Happy Monday Ya’all

Love to you all,


Got an amazing pic or a song of Robs That just leaves you Breathless? Show me!


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31 responses to “Monday Madness…Heavenly Robert

  1. Nicole

    Hi bb, yes that picture is really nice. Looks like a BD London premier closeup. Damn, well with so much RobPorn that had been flying around for the past 3 weeks or so for BD to hit the November 18th start date…girl we have had a plethora of yummy pics to drool over and stuff to look at on TV as far as interviews and such. Then add all the other presscons, and articles and stuff on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, FB and everywhere else…including all the gossip sites and regular blogs about HHH, and I’m still swimming in pure Lust here. *LMAO, but hey I’m not complaining about the content or the amount…just that I’m a bit behind. I have seen BD twice though!*

    Lovely RF and hope you have a nice Monday.

    • HI Nicole Darlin’! That one just floored me. I can still feel my heart tap dance and then stop when i look at it.
      IKR? It’ll be months before we see and share them all Im sure. (YES! a less painful Rob drought when it hits!) Hell BB I haven’t eve thought about trying to get out of the gutter.
      I am WAYYYY behind 😦 and I haven’t seen BD Yet. 😦 *sniff*

      You have a wonderful day too Love, MWAH!

  2. Sus

    Holy shizz…..that one, in black’n’white, nearly did me in!

    Thanks, bb…..we should enjoy all of it we got the past few weeks, because soon there will be another RobDrought! Then we’ll be sorry!


    I’ve seen BD twice, too! And plan to see it more!

    • Hi There Sus! IKR? Good Lawd That man Rawks! I know we always say this fic or that fic owns my add but i has to say it, That man owns MY ADD!!!
      Maybe BD will rock the charts and we won’t have much of a drought? (a girl can hope cant she?)

      Laters BB,

  3. dazzledbyrp

    Hey Ladies. How do you choose a favorite picture of Rob? I must have about a gazillion. Here’s a picture I love. It’s from his recent interview with Shaun Robinson. I enhanced it a bit. I hope it posts. I never tried posting anything from tumbler.

  4. Oh. My. God. I swear something inside me just changed. I felt weird when I looked at that picture up there…he moves me, he really does! Can’t stick around today as I’m sitting here like piffy on a cake waiting for Charles & Alli’s wedding video to upload :’D. I DON’T WANT TO MISS THE FULL THING, IT’S GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL! :’D oh, the excitement! BBL ladies xoxo

  5. Well this weekend I got to spend time with my two favorite ladies ever, and we watched BD1 three times in two days. We literally sat in the theater and watched it twice, back to back. In complete heaven.

    Happy, smiling Edward totally owns me now. Rob is just so amazing!!!

    This is my heaven:

  6. haystackhair

    OMG! you have all killed me DED! I’m still on a swoony BD high. Best.Movie.Ever.
    Robward happy and sexin Bella is my life now. Robward brooding over preggo Bella and telling her she gave him no choice is like a drug to me.

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