Say What?!

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hearing some of the Rob interviews from the Breaking Dawn press junket. And what a surprise, there was Word Vomit!! We all knew that this was just the beginning of this press time and I for one couldn’t wait to see what else Rob had to say in the coming weeks. Well, wait no longer. The junket has come to a close and before the next drought hits us, let’s enjoy some more of Rob’s Word Vomit. Although in this first interview he calls it something else. But I prefer Word Vomit, it’s much more genteel. 😉

Word Vomit or Verbal Diarrhea, whichever you choose, Rob has given us some more!

And this poor lady asks Rob to be serious about what he would name his baby. She obviously doesn’t know him as well as we do! (2:15ish)

Last time we showed the clip of Rob saying he might be married. I told you he’d never hear the end of it! But with this answer, maybe he will now. (3:30)

Some of my all time favorite Rob quotes are from Moviefone. But this time it’s not just Rob that makes me laugh.

This interview makes me think I’ve missed a whole slew of interviews. Seriously, multiple interviews mentioning Twilight sex toys? Why haven’t I seen these interviews?

Now there wasn’t quite as much Word Vomit as I hoped for and I think I know why. Rob’s figuring out that he has no filter! Please tell me there will still be W.V.Rob in the future. He’s one of my favorites!

This one isn’t really Word Vomit but Rob talking about wearing a wet suit is always win!

And of course we need to show the Ellen sketch…priceless.

Oh to be Ellen for that moment!

So what did I miss? It’s hard to get caught up on everything when you’ve been out in the trenches! Let me know what your favorite Rob moments were in the comments.




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8 responses to “Say What?!

  1. bwahahaha Ya gotta love Ellen.
    That 4th video….Oh Rob! No wonder we love you so!!! Mwahh! Baby! You are so awesome!!

  2. In one week, I had over 2000 items in my rss feeds to go through. Have I made it through all of them lick and saving?? Hells no. But I thought since we know a severe Rob drought is coming, it will be great to have those crazy 3 weeks BD1 run to finish going through.

    Headed out of town for the holidays in just a few hrs until Sunday, but I wanted to stop by and wish those in the US a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends.

  3. haystackhair

    OMG great recap of all the Rob goodness these past weeks. Going to see BD again today. Yipeee! Hope everyone is preparing for a great holiday!

  4. Sus

    I think, at this point, I am almost ‘video’d” out….I’m saving the best ones for the next RobDrought, which I’m sure is coming.

    In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. friends! And I’ll be seeing BD again this weekend!


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