Thrill Me Thursday… Thankful for the thrill

Hello Everybody *waves*


 Good Morning My friends,
I just wanted to stop in and say Hello. For some of us Today is Thanks Giving so I thought I’d like to show you some of the Many things I’m Thankful for. Bet you know what they are huh?
Well, at any rate here are some of the things I am Greatful for this year…
Our Boyfriend Rob

Hello Baby!

Black and white photos and profiles…

A Gorgeous profile

Fabulous Fics…

Our Fifty

Adorkable Man Giggles…

Giggly Rob For the WIN

A Loving Heart…

He always finds a way to make us love him more

 Rob’s Hands..

Oh The Large hands and Long Elegant Fingers!

Word Vomit…

No Brain or Mouth Filter

Great Photographers…

So Hawt

Talented ladies who make amazing Edits…


Beautiful eyes, lashes and just recently Goatees…

Those ever-changing stunning eyes *DED* And The Scruff *SQUEEE*

And always Thankful for THIS…*Snickers*


And great gifs…
Love the eyes and the lips here

So thanks Rob for being our personal Prince Charming!

Prince Charming! Yes, Yes he is...


 Oh and off topic here but what they hey, I am Thankful High heels and blue jeans are back in style!! LOL

About friggin time! LOVE THIS!!!!

Hope you all have a great day, catch some amazing food and find lots of Rob Perving time!

And Lastly I am Thankful for all the wonderful online blogging Rob friends I know. You all are AMAZING!!!
Much Love to you all,


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21 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday… Thankful for the thrill

  1. Pretty much everything that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving ❤

  2. I’m thankful for Stephanie Meyer giving us Edward and consequently all the wonderful ladies I have ‘met’ since stepping into her world.

    • When we met Steph I told her how thankful we were to her and the friends from around the world that we have come to know because of her and her story. And Maggie told her that she and Rob changed her life. It’s so true! Without them I would never been anywhere chatting to people I didn’t know from around the world!

    • Ditto tootsie!! My world wouldn’t have much joy in it if it weren’t for the Twilight saga/Rob/blogging/fanfic world/ Cause that’s where I met all of you ladies!!!

      Last night I re read Midnight Sun and then Watched Eclipse while I worked on WIT! Other than fixing half of todays dinner that’s ALL I did so with out them…Life would be pretty Dull for me! And That is an evereyday occurance! LOL

  3. haystackhair

    I’m thankful my ovaries haven’t exploded after oogling those pics! Jeans and high heels FTMFW!!! Happy Turkey Day to all my cyber friends! I’m thankful for all of you and the joy you have brought to my pervy life! LOL!
    p.s. FLUV the dog and cat thing!!

  4. eyeonrob1

    You’ve pretty much covered it all, RF! LOVE those high heels, bb! Happy Thanksgiving to all my US sistahs. *HUGS*

    • Nah I left off a few to save time and space and then i realized I forgot a few like…I’m Thankful for Wonky legs, British accents, Bilingual Rob, Black Suits, Sound bites, “I’ll be you Lover Too.” Sung by Rob and all his other music too, just to name a few. Oh And ShamWow’s Cannot leave them out!!! LOL

      You get *High Five* for fashion sense too!! LOL

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!! We do have so much to be thankful for, I think you ladies have covered it all 🙂

    • Maybe most of it but Dang it, I want to UNcover it all!!! *heh heh heh* Come on Bel Ami!!! Can I get some Amens On that girls??

      • Amen and Hallelujah!!! Even Rob is teasing us with Bel Ami now, It better come soon!

        Happy Thanksgiving my dear blog boss! Thanks for being such a great boss to work for 😉

        • HAppy thanks Giving to you too My dear friend and all the RA girls. Thanks to you and MC for stepping in and saving RA just in the nick of time! Who woulda thought that less than 6 months later we would have 107 members, nearly 200 posts and almost 67,ooo (yeah SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND) hits! WOW!! Couldn’t have done it with out all you girls and RFM and MC got the Ball rolling. MWAH!!! You girls are awesome!

          I bet Rita isn’t thanking me for talking her into writing a blog post every week *snickersnort* Any body else want a Job here at RA? LOL 😉

          • You are so welcome my dear! It’s a fairly easy job to do. Especially with Rob as the subject!!

            And did you get my email about me doing two posts a week? May not be thanking you this time next year! LOL 😉

            It really is amazing what has become of this blog. It’s like the little blog that could!

            • Yes My dear I did and Thank you so so Much!!! If you ever need any help with it or need some one to step in for a day “You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I’ll come Running, you’ve got a friend” SRSLY!! I’ve just been so swamped with all my fics and research (did you see the lovely blinkie cared made for R&R fics up there onthe right?) and trying to do everything in RL I haven’t gotten back to hardly anyone. I owe ILAL, Cared, Rita, TMM an e-mail each. *Shame face* I answered RA e-mail this morning! I forget to check it all the time girls so if you e-mail us at RA I WILL get back to you EVENTUALLY!!!

  6. Sus

    Well, we can all see from the above pics what I’m thankful for!
    Also, thankful that you made this lovely place where we can all come and perve on HHH! Thank you for this !

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American PattinAngels!


    • You all give back with Every comment you make BB!! I Am Proud, damn proud to have you all here!!! And I consider it a pleasure and an Honor that you allcome here! I am thankful for you all!!! {{{HUGS 4 All MY RA GANG}}}

  7. dazzledbyrp

    I’m thankful for all the wonderful people that I’ve met and friends around the world that I’ve made all due to our mutual adoration of Rob – especially those that hang out on this awesome website. I’m thankful to DIck and Clare and Stephanie Meyer and Krazy Kathy for bringing us our amazing mutual boyfriend. I’m so thankful to RFM and RF for pushing me to go to the BD premiere where I got to meet and be mere inches away from said mutual boyfriend.

    I’m thankful for the pics/gifs in this post. Sofa King Hot!!

    Happy thanksgiving to all. Eat, drink, love/perv on Rob, and be merry!

    P.S. – RF: You should be getting some mail tomorrow!

    • OH OH OH YES YES YES YES THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Gah! I saw your E-mail and got so excited and before I could reply my Stepdad did sumpin stupid and causes a big rigamaroar and I totes forgot to reply!!!!! But Have I said Thank YOU yet??? LOL ***JUMPING UP AND DOWN WHILE DOING THE SNOOPY HAPPY DANCE*** CANNOT WAIT!
      Christmas done come Early dis year for RF WEEEE HEEE!!!!!

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