Rob being, well…Fifty Shades of Gorgeous!

Once again, I’ve left a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya’ll to drool over while I’m away!

First thing I thought when I saw this fabulous Details photo was…

Oh My God!  It’s our beloved Fifty!!!

Hell’n I don’t even notice those skanky ho’s…my eyes are drawn straight to the Promised Land!  Let us all take a moment to worship at the altar of St. Mattress!

Now to focus on that face!

Or you might prefer this one…no distractions!

Bless you, Melbie!  You are the best!!

Of course, those of us who have read Master of the Universe each have our own version of Fifty in our imaginations.  I see Fifty in a lot of Rob’s photos…

Definitely in this one…

Ah! Fifty eyes…

Fifty lips…

And the ultimate Fifty photo…Rob’s DOM stance!

Do I need to call the Robulance for anyone?  No?  You want more?

Well, it would be remiss of me not to leave you with my favorite Fifty tribute video EVAH by our beloved Melbie Toast…

I always pause it at 1:13 and I might stroke his face and I might cry just a little bit cause he’s so f*cking beautiful!

So, what are YOUR favorite Fifty photos of Rob?  Can’t wait to see!

Fifty: “Anticipation is the key to seduction and I’m really into delayed gratification.

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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40 responses to “Rob being, well…Fifty Shades of Gorgeous!

  1. Oh Rita, you have really just read my mind for I am missing Fifty Shades so so much… thank you for this post and for mentioning me and for just reminding us that no one will ever replace Fifty Shades as the hottest Edward ever…

    • Thank you Melbie for all of youe lovely edits and for stopping by to leave a comment. there’s alot of love and admiration for you here BB! Comeback any time!

      • Thank you sweetie… Nov has been a total loss for me – been very ill with double pneumonia and cracked rib from coughing my lungs out… still so weak haven’t even been able to see Breaking Dawn yet! Hell.. I’m a mess… hopefully will be well again soon…thanks so much for cheering me up! xoxo hugs

    • smittenkitten

      I totes agree with Rita…”my favorite Fifty tribute video EVAH by our beloved Melbie Toast”…DITTO bb!
      *i had that song on loop the entire time i was reading MoTU*

      • IKR? Love that song and Video!

      • So glad you enjoy that video, which I made long ago after Icy finished MoTU Part 1, thinking that was the END of the story and I missed Fifty so much…but then she started Part 2 and I was so so happy as were millions of Fifty fans! But alas, Part 2 is done and I don’t know if she will ever write Part 3 or if she does it will be as a novel in the Christian/Anastasia series…hope she does anyway … I really want to make a new Fifty Shades video showcasing Part 2 but oh where is the time for all I want to do??? I’m still trying to make new Fifty edits now and then for Part 2 which I post on Tumblr now and then…because, you know… I MISS FIFTY SHADES!!!! And I always will!!! The Master Seducer!!! Thanks again…xoxo

        • rita01tx

          Oh, Melbie darlin’! Hope you feel better by now…just catching up after being gone so long. Sorry I wasn’t here to play when this posted and I hope you don’t mind that I practically LIVE in your tumblr archieve. You have the BEST stuff and it provides me with endless inspiration for my posts!
          Love ya BB!

  2. smittenkitten

    OMFG, this purrfect…I LOVE FIFTY! I wanted to post a *Happy Belated Birthday* wish to my friend Nicole, so I came by here to leave her a note & to my surprise the post is about Fifty! Karma, good vibes, h00r luck…whatever we want to call it, because Fifty is our love & there just couldn’t be any better way to say ~Happy Birthday~ to Nicole other than some FIFTY! 😉

    Nicole, Dianne, Melbie, Floren and FIFTY sucked me in to reading ff…I popped my cherry on MOTU *with h00r courage from those girls* & that fic is truly the reason I have formed a bond & friendship with some remarkable women in this fandom!

    Love ya, Nicole…*Fifty sends HIS love too & a b-day spanking*
    Fantastic post Rita, thanks bb!


    • eyeonrob1

      *tackle hugs Smitten* HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, NICOLE! Wow, Smitten…what a way to pop your ff cherry! It doesn’t get much hotter than Fifty, does it? Rita knows how to get out Fifty hoor-mones raging with this post. THANKS, RITA!

    • Nicole

      OMFG…Yes bb this is Karma! I’m such a FIFTY Shades H00R so this is great.

      I remember when you first came to RAoR board Smitten and I insisted you had to read MoTU as I kept posting Melble’s edits with quotes from MoTU. We sure had so many amazing times on RAoR huh. It is where I first met Melbie, and then Fluffy, Scilla, Dianne, You, Floren, Sus, Deb and PullMyDaisey, and a host of so many other beautiful and intelligent woman who adored “The Pretty” as much as I did. I felt like I had walked into one of my relatives homes in Italy and just made myself comfortable and we talked and ate up all things Rob and FF!! I def loved all the ladies on RAoR and they will forever hold a special place in my heart. The journey into Twilight fandom wouldn’t have been nearly as good without all of ladies of RAoR and the new ladies I’m meeting now here are also so wonderful.

      Thanks for the Bday wishes. I’m having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday out skiing and having fun and all. With my birthday right on top of TDAY it just makes it that much more fun. I’ve had tons of family around and got some really nice gifts as presents. Lots of good times and the vino has been flowing with some awesome food as well. *you burn up a lot of calories skiing and all*.

      Yes bb…Send FIFTY my way and I would love to have him show me a little Birthday present of his own. *Hmmm images of FIFTY in hia Birthday suit, for part of my present…sounds very good to me…LOL* 😉

      • Happy Birthday bb!! Glad to hear you’re having a fab time 🙂

      • Oh my dear Nicole, please forgive me for missing your Birthday but a Belated Happy Birthday to you and so glad you had a good Thanksgiving and Birthday too! You are the greatest. And yes, oh how I remember the old RAoR days with you and our other Fifty H00rs…. Gawd what fun… and you know how much I dearly miss Fifty Shades… no other fanfic character hotter than Fifty Shades…ever… OH HOW I MISS HIM!!!!!

        • Nicole

          Melbie…*Nicole running at you full speed to H00R tackle you*…How are you bb? Hope you are feeling better. I had heard from you, and well…you know me, I will worry!

          Thanks bb for the bday wishes. It has been a very nice Thanksgiving and bday. I’m so thankful for everything in my life, but I’m equally thankful for my friends like you in the fandom that I have come to know and love.

          Oh I miss FIFTY TOO! The books are good, but I swear I still picuture FIFTY as Edward and I see Rob all over the pages and in everyword. You know…I bet E.L. James does too, but she did that to get away from the Twilight names for obvious copyright issues, and of course cause she wanted her books to truly be hers. MoTUI and MoTU2 will still be my all time faves in this genre.

          I see you are reading the Black Daggar Brotherhood series. I read the first six starting over 1.5 years ago, and then read book 7, or Lover Avenged that you are on now, and I’m on book 8 right now. J.R. Ward is due to release book 10 in early next year. Bloody hell….I’d love to see movies made about this series of books…OMG these VAMPs are so HAWT.

          BTW Melbie and Ladies…Peter Facinelli…aka…Carlisle Cullen…. we share our Birthday’s the same day and all. So, from one Italian to another…I hope Peter had a wonderful birthday too!! *He is so much better looking in person…Le Sigh* Besides Rob from his HP days…Peter was the only other member of Twilight that I knew who he was. Somehow, I know he had a great day too!

          Melbie MoTU is beyond HAWT and It is tied for my fave all time in Fanfiction fandom, but it was YOU bb…that really made FIFTY so much more DAMN APPEALING with all your Edits and Quotes!!! I think your Edits on MoTU have traveled around the World 1000’s of times over, and no matter how many times I see them…I still love and adore each pic and verse! So thanks for fueling my Lust filled mind and my eyes with such beautiful pics of Rob as FIFTY, only so my LIBIDO can be constantly Cranked up to DEF-CON 10!!!!! *Snickering loudly…it is really your fault bb…why so many woman like myself adore MoTU or FIFTY even more than just the pages from the story/novely! See what kind of influence you have had on ME and others!! Monumental bb…monumental. We love you and your work Melbie, so don’t ever stop!!

          Then to top that off YOU and BIEL go and do these FuckHAWT Amazing Video’s with FIFTY SHADES…Well hell now wonder were all doomed to adore FIFTY and THE RED ROOM OF PAIN…gah, the things that run through my mind after seeing those vids….*Downright ILLEGAL*….THUD 😉

          • Oh dear Nicole, I am doing much better but gawd I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick…NOTE to ALL: If you haven’t already, get not only the flu shot but the PNEUMONIA vaccine shot too… You do NOT want to get what I’ve been fighting off for 3 weeks.

            I swear I am going to DRAG MYSELF CRAWLING to the movie theater this week to see Breaking Dawn if I have to…

            I know Nichole you and I are two of the craziest most hung up on (don’t we wish) ROB AS FIFTY …. My God I can’t believe how MOTU and Fifty affected my life for so many many months, awaiting those updates with baited breath.. … I was in Fifty Shades heaven…. and I miss HIM so so much… and I really DO want to
            remake that Fifty video because I made it a long time ago and have a whole lot more quote/pics and a much better quality video software and computer… so that is one on my wish list… I also have on my wish list to create an illustrated version of MOTU 1 and 2 with all the pics/quotes and create new ones… ….oh my must do that first before the video… Liz sent me the most beautiful PDF copy of MOTU…

            Yes, we “Fifty H00rs” must keep Fifty Shades alive!!!

            So many hugs to you all xoxo

    • We have that in common Smitten. it was the first time I had ever read ff and the first time i had ever read anything “like that” and it’s all Nicole’s and the RAoR hOOrs doing!! and sweet little Maggie held my hand through it! Fifty got me going and now I can’t stop writing. I wish i could write while I read cause there are so many great fics out there that I want to read and finish reading.

      • dazzledbyrp

        LOL, RF. I remember that well. Yes, there is no ff Edward like Fifty Shades. That story is so damn erotic. And Melbie, your video and edits are the best there are out there. Great topic, Rita. Thanks so much for reminding us of the great ff MoTU. How I wish that story could go on forever……

      • Nicole

        LOL…GUILTY as Charged, and MELBIE and her Edits of FIFTY have Charged up many a LIBIDO Too!!

        Your writing is good too bb, so keep up the nice work!

  3. Happy Birthday Nicole!!! 50 left you a key at the front desk with the letters RRoP engraved in it. I Can’t imagine what its for…

  4. Sus

    OMG….How I love Fifty! I wish there would be another installment, but I know she’s writing novels now. Domward owns me!

    Happy belated b’day, Nicole!


    • Nicole

      Thanks Sus! Yes FIFTY owns me too bb.

      E.L. James or Snowqueens IceDragon as we knew her on FFn is getting ready to release book 3 the beginning of next year.

      Say if any of you ladies aren’t on this site you should check it out. You can setup an account there and follow E. L. James, and the Authors of UoEM, and Million Dollar Baby and other well know FFn writers as well as myself, Melbie, RDMickey, and lots of other ladies from RAoR are there too.

      Or you can check out what I’m reading on there too….

      • I admit I have not read the hard back of “Fifty Shades of Grey” that I purchased ages ago now… I guess I just want to read the original MoTU again, instead! Although I’ve read it several times already!! But I wanted to support Icy and I will purchase her books.

  5. Great post Rita! And such a wonderful video Melbie!! I enjoyed every minute of it and now want to run off to read MOTU again 🙂

  6. ilovealion

    I know that I am in the minority here, but I haven’t read MoTU2 yet. It came out (haha) after I had started Pure Revelations and I haven’t made it a priority while I’m writing. I loved loved loved MoTU and I can’t wait to finish PR so i can read the ENTIRE series again.

    Thanks for all the fifty pics… That crotch shot from Details is just awe inspiring. *wipes drool and changes undergarments* lol

    • you may be in the minority in having not read it but trust me, it’s one of those fics where you want absolutely NO DISTRACTIONS or responsibilities or priorities in front of you that could pull you away because once you start it NOTHING else will exist until you see…

      THE END

  7. eyeonrob1

    “Hell’n I don’t even notice those skanky ho’s…my eyes are drawn straight to the Promised Land! Let us all take a moment to worship at the altar of St. Mattress!”
    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!…..OMFG, Rita! This cracked me up. But isn’t it the truth? How in God’s name could your eyes focus on anything other than that delectable crotch? I just want to straddle that and ride him into the sunset. *moans*

    • Nicole

      Gah a major FIFTY H00R after my own heart!! How are you doing bb? Hope you are well, and I swear one of these days we will have to get together!

      Ciao bella, Nicole

      • eyeonrob1

        *blows kiss at Nicole* Oh GAWD, I’m such a Fifty pervy ass hoor. That fic ruined me for life and I’ll never look back. Yes, sweetie, we SOOOO have to get together. I thought of you when I went to Bobby Long’s concert in Decatur back on Nov. 16.He was incredible and the sweetest thing! I’ll let you know when one of the Rob Brit pack boys comes back for a show and we’ll hit the town! FLUV you!

    • See this is what RA is Missing…The pervy ass comment we used to share on RAoR!! Ya’ll know you’re welcome to do that here right???

    • OMG that photo just KILLS me and is SO FIFTY SHADES!!!! Here is a B&W edit that shows the “promised land” in even more “Details”… THUD THUD THUD…. what a package!!!!! Jesus!!!! **Melbie is DED**

  8. Nicole

    Lovely post Rita! I frigging love FIFTY SHADES!! Love all the pics and of course…anything Melbie does, albeit edits to pics, pics with quotes, or her viddies…she ROCKs!!

    I love everything Melbie creates, but especially everything she does with “FIFTY SHADES”…damn I still go into RobHaze at those pics of hers!

  9. Hey Ladies, Rita is on vacay still. she was kind enough to write three posts in advance for me to publish for her. and for me to comment in her pace. I don’t quite have Rita’s southern flair or her charm But i’ll do my best till rita gets back. But I is just as pervy as she is LOL she’s just more verbal about it LOL

    Rita’s post next sunday will be HER “Live” LOL

  10. Here is a more recent Fifty quote edit…. I tell you, Rob in a suit looks more and more like Fifty Shades as he ages and looks so damn hot he melts all the women around him…

  11. All this talk about MOTU is not good for a monday morning, when I need to get ready for work (grumbles)…All I want to do is start it again until the last drop ;)!
    Nicole, happy Birthday again bb MWAH!

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