Monday Madness…Rob is a Thief!

Hello Everybody *waves*


Hi Ya Girls!

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with some post ideas but it always seems that at the last minute I seem to pull a rabbit out of the hat so to speak. Our Cared gave me a few ideas and I will put them all to use eventually. They are are stored up there in my Bwains with all the other ideas that are still percolating. This post is a combination of an idea from Cared and a conversation I had with Rita. (Before she abandoned my ass to go on vacay!! LOL (JK Enjoy yourself GF! I know you can see this and can’t reply so naner naner naner. Miss You Much!)

Several weeks ago Rita and I were talking about whether or not Rob could step out of The Twilight and into a new role or was he going to be type cast now? We both immediately agreed Rob’s acting ability is so great that he will easily be able to shake free of Twilight (just look at RM, WFE, BA for proof of that) but also that he would always be stuck with (followed by) Twilight as his major reference.

UNLESS he did another “Fantasy” type role that could at least compare to if not outshine Edward…er…no sparkle pun intended, honest! I seriously don’t think anything could out do the popularity of Edward.  However I do think there is a role that is a serious part and also fantasy that Rob could do quite nicely that would leave the Twilight a little farther behind him.

I thought that title would get your attention and it is true! Rob is a thief! He is a thief of hearts, of lives, of time, of dreams, of fantasies, of imaginations…But I think he would be so Hot as The Prince of Thieves! Remember how Hot Kevin Costner was in the role? (I don’t of course cause I am FAR too young to remeber that. *cough*splutter*cough*

There would be Lots of finger porn and Jaw and Back porn for us to swoon over if Rob played this part.

Rob looks Great in everything *almost*

Oh yeas, he could wear anything!!

And I think he would look really Hot in out fits like this…

Rob. in This ^^^ Hell Yeah!!

And we all know our boy has the smoulder down pat!!

S M O U L D E R ! ! ! (as if I needed another reason to post THIS) *FM*

And remember the line in the movie that said, “There was a man from Knottingham who tried to cross the river! What a Dope! He tripped on a Rope! Now look at him Shiver!” which of course means there would be a WET ROB!!

And lets not forget it is called Robin HOOD and we all know how great our Boyfriend looks in hoodies…

C’mon now, ya’ll KNEW I was going here!! And YOU’RE WELCOME! LOL

and we already know Rob knows how to use a bow and arrow and that he is a great shot!

SWMNBN Is doing the same thing with SWATH (and for the record I thought about Rob doing this long before the JF interview and before I knew about SWATH)

Personally I think Charlize is going to F*cking Rock this movie! (Psssst! Cared! I heard Viggo was up for the huntsman but didn’t get it!  😦  (Life just isn’t fair is it bb?) I think they should have made Rob the Huntsman. Not to keep him and KStew together but because after all Rob/Edward has gone through Chasing her in Twilight, I think he desreves the right to hunt her down and (attempt to) Kill her!! LOL

Plus, If they can do this for SWMNBN…

Just imagine the pics and manips that could come from a movie like this!

Seriously, someone needs to make some manips of Rob from these.

I mean after all it has his Name all over it,

“ROBin Hood Prince of Thieves”

so tell me girls, if Rob were to be in a remake of a fantasy movie, which one would you choose? What do you think of Rob as ROBin Hood?? 


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31 responses to “Monday Madness…Rob is a Thief!

  1. Okay, first things first, when I read the title of this post, I immediately thought of this song (even though it turned out to be completely irrelephant!) m

    The Robin Hood thing would be fab! Oh, this post is another Fisher Price moment! 😛 I have to do some REAL reading in a minute so for quickness I shall just list scenes I’d like to see. Rob as: A knight *sigh*, OMG Princess Bride remake with Rob as Westley/The Dread Pirate ROBERTs! *Jumpy claps*
    “As you wish” was all he ever said to her…That day, she was amazed to discover that when he was saying “As you wish”, what he meant was, “I love you.” And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.” ❤

  2. ilovealion

    good morning, RF.

    Hmmm. I have never been a Kevin Costner fan, even though i loved his Robin Hood movie (um… I was in college when it came out, so I’m pretty old, huh?)

    I would love to see the Precious in Legend. Have you seen that movie with a young Tom Cruise (he was just as unattractive then as he is now). It’s pure fantasy with goblins and unicorns and fairies… completely ridiculous. TC plays Jack, a romping forest dweller who falls in love with a really pretty girl (can’t remember her name). When the bad guys cut off the unicorn’s horn, darkness falls and the hobgoblins and devil-people take over the land. They kidnap the pretty girl and the devil seduces her to the dark side.

    Tim Burton plays the ultimate bad guy. Cloven-hooved devil-looks like pure evil-makes Hell Boy look like Little Red Riding Hood. He plays the part wonderfully cause it for reals gave me nightmares!!! When I picture the devil-I see him. His mouth is full of huge white teeth-the better to eat you with- and legit fangs. He has HUGE-ASS horns from his head, too. OMR!!!

    Everything about the movie was pretty good… except Tom Cruise. lol

    So, The Precious as Jack… and someone other than KS as the pretty girl-gone-bad. I don’t think she can pull it off the way this other chick did. Oh… her name is on the tip of my tongue… she played Sloan P. in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (Damn these movies I’m talking about are super old!!)

    Okay… Enough about Legend and fairies and demons. **I do hope you realize that my rec is completely ridiculous. I would never want the Precious to play a romping forest dweller–unless, of course, he’s romping in said forest with me**

    ttylater, sweets.

    • ilovealion

      Oops. The bad guy was played by Tim Curry-not Tim Burton (duh) and the chicks name is Mia Sara.

      There. Fixed my mix-ups.

      • miniaturemom12

        I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise so I didn’t think I saw Legend. But since you mentioned Tim Curry as the devil, I’m trying to remember if I have. I can clearly see and hear Tim Curry as a wicked demon.
        That’s it, just wanted to co-sign on Tim Curry as evil.
        I don’t have any suggestions for our boy’s next projects.
        Unless he’s willing to play the stud in a few Jude Deveraux or Johanna Lindsey romance novels. No pressure Rob, it’s totally up to you.

    • Hi BB! Love that movie, parts of it any way. “Blacker Than black as black as pitch.” That line and the voice of the imp has always stuck with me. Tom cruise is and always has been a snoozzzzzzz for me. I couldn’t be less interested. even if he asked I’d say NO! *skin crawls* I’d date Tim Curry First LOL at least he can be amusing. And he did mke a great demon/bad guy! And you’re also right that he makes hellboy look like a sissy. I do think that with todays technology that a remake of Legend with Rob in it could work very nicely!

  3. Very funny post RobsFan-tasy. ROBin Hood – love the play on words. LOL

    My favourite fantasy movie is LOTR but as Viggo was so well cast as Aragorn I would have to move on to Star Wars. I would like to see Rob play Hans Solo. Once I have a face-life, liposuction and a few acting lessons, I’ll be all set to play Princess Leia.

    Legend is a good choice ilovealiion – all that romping around in the forest!

    • Hee hee ROBin Hood(ie) Prince(no explanation needed) of Thieves (explained that already) See it DOES have his name all over it!

      STAR WARS?????? GAH!! I’m Not Now nor have I ever been a star wars fan! *don’t hate me* I just never could get into that movie.

      On a side Note I think our boy could be quite stunning as Sir Lancealot in King Arthur or as King Arthur himself in a remake of Excalibur.

    • ilovealion

      Um… Rob as Han Solo is doable in more ways than one.

      Thanks for the image… gun slung low on his hip and the white flap shirt showing his chest hair. As I’ve said before, that would make my wookie purr.


      love you guys!

  4. dazzledbyrp

    V’lane. Prince of the Seelie. Death by Sex. Rob.

    • I’m very torn on that as I think he would be a very good Barrons too. Plus Barrons would get to play all those scenes where he is brings Mac back to reality, js.

      • See, I knew you two would be torn between which one he would be. Barrons is so much tougher and so much harsher than Rob yet he loves Mac with his entire being. And he will not let her die! Then there is V’Lane Sex God extrodinaire. So Gorgeous and exudes such an over powering sex appeal your Panties go *POOF* when he just crosses your mind yet he is unfeeling and uncaring. To quote Jane, “Decisions Decisions”

        So I tak it you both have enjoyed this series? Are you done with it yet? if not, where are you at? I’ve been waiting to hear your comments on these novels and your Rob related thoughts.

    • Nice Pic BTW. I see your point but I also see Cared point too.

      • dazzledbyrp

        I’m about 2/3 through book #3 – and loving every minute of it. I got sidetracked by the week I spent at the BD premiere, but I picked it up again last night.

        When I picture Jericho Barrons, he is dark and built much larger than Rob. I guess that’s why I picture Rob more as V’lane. That and the whole death-by-sex, makes you pull off your clothes and immediately “assume the position”, well….. that also makes me think of Rob {{blush, blush}}.

        This is how I picture V’lane:

        And especially this one (for when he’s really putting on the glamor):

  5. dazzledbyrp

    More V’lane:


    (are you panties still on???)

  6. OK GF You started this so you might as well grab your Laptop and get a comfy spot on the floor so you don’t get hurt! Might as well take a sham wow with you on your way!! LOL

    First, Barrons:

  7. Now for V’Lane! Sitting down yet?

  8. And If someone were to write this up as a Fae Fever Twilight cross over fic, as I want and am planning to do someday,
    V’Lane after making Her Priya

  9. That’s all! LOL Still with us or did you internally combust??

    Cared,Your turn!! LOL

  10. dazzledbyrp

    Are you trying to kill me, girl, or what ????

    I’m just leaving work. How am I supposed to drive home after that little display of smexy hotness?? Forget that! Tell me how I’m going to walk from my office to my car. I’m a mushy, pile of jello at the moment.

    P.S – Okay, okay. Now I get the Barrons part of Rob.

    • LMAO! nah not kill you just let you see boh sides through my eyes. Barron’s is very fiftyesque in my eyes just more muscular with tats!

      Heh heh heh, i guess you’ll have to crawl? or “pour” your way down to your car *snickers* oh! jello and barronsward for the win!!! heh heh heh

      and I tend to see V’Lane in White alot. Dunno why. If only i could transfer the images of them in my mind onto the PC. I swear your computer would melt and there would be no hope of survival for the female population! we would all be priya, Rob’s Priya that is. Oh wait! We already are LOL

      It will be interesting to hear you take when you read the final book. i still think this would be a F*ck Hawt crossover fic! Dont you? I have tons of research and manips on the topic! i mean think about it, you combine the following:
      ROB, FIFTY SHADES, BARRONS, AND V’LANE, MAGIC, AND IRELAND! Now THAT is a recipe for EPIC Hawtness! how the hell could it fail???

      • I’m sorry I missed the conversation, I was the other side of the Atlantic fast asleep through it all. I think I have solved the problem, you know the way VLane always disappears as soon as Barrons appears – problem solved Rob can play both parts! LOL

        I am nearly finished Book 4 and still loving it just as much as Book 1. I’m looking forward to the day that you do write a crossover fic and I’m volunteering myself for the job of Ireland adviser, js.

        • LMAO @ missing the conversation. That usually happens to me.

          This is true abou Barrons and V’Lane however that changes soon. Show down time ladies. However if Many actors have pulled off multiple roles in one movie so I know Robert Can do it! He can do Anything!

          Rob May be old enough to be a grand pa b4 i get it done but Imma do it! and if you are volunteering your services I knows imma do it. We can’t loose with great team!

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