Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Obsessive Cullen Disorder

Well, in honor of the last week of Breaking Dawn month, I thought we should perv over the man who got most of us started in this Robsession…Edward Cullen. For some of us we loved him as a fictional character and Rob’s portrayal took us over the edge. For others of us we met Edward on the big screen and some even  in our own living rooms. Whatever the case may be let’s honor the man himself with a little good ole fashion perving!

Starting with the moment he walked into the cafeteria

And then there was that all out cocky grin (love it!)

To the New Moon slo mo strut

And of course the moment when we see more of Edward than ever before

In Eclipse we get to see Edward’s romantic side…

and his angry side(smexy)

Which leaves us with Breaking Dawn part 1 where we see how adorable Edward looks in his tux.

And then there’s the part we all were waiting for…the honeymoon! And let me warn  you that this gif has never before been seen here at RA. So prepare yourself.

It brings a whole new meaning to the word Honeymoon, doesn’t it?!  So if you’re still alive after viewing that a couple (hundred) more times, show us your favorite Edward porn! And it doesn’t have to be real fake porn like this! 😉

Robs Fan~tasy



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24 responses to “Tonguing it Tuesday Robporn: Obsessive Cullen Disorder

  1. Sus

    Oh, Edward, my Edward….look how far you’ve come! And how far we’ve all perved along with! I so love him……

  2. Yeah, Edward Cullen pretty much owns me. He had me at, “I just want to try one thing. Stay very still. Don’t move.”

    Although the scene with the sunglasses and “cocky grin”, always makes me weak. “Not that guy. He just looked.” *happy sigh*

    Eclipse Edward is my favorite though. BD Edward’s hair is just too dark for me.

    Edward Cullen is my life now.

    • He had me at “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen”.

    • eyeonrob1

      Oh, HELL yeah, katiebird…..between the scene at the Italian restaurant and the “I just want to try one thing” kissing scene, I was a goner. Hooked on Rob (and Edward) for life. I’ve got a terminal case of OCD.

      • Favvorite Edward/Rob Twilkight moments/Quotes that make my inner fangirl squueeee her panties off:

        Hello. I’m Edward, Edward Cullen
        Well, as long as I’m going to hell anyway
        i just want to try one thing, Don’t move
        The slow strut across the street
        I’m very protective of you
        The whole restaurant scene
        the whole first time in Edward’s bedroom scene
        It does in my world
        So the lion fell in love with the lamb…etc

        oh shit, this is just pointless, I’ll be here all night! Love you Robward!!

        • I know! While perusing all these gifs, it just reminded me how much I love the original Twi!! They all have great moments but so many of them happened in the first movie.

          • The first one def. has the best one-liners. 🙂

            “You better hang on tight, spider monkey.”

            “What’s in Florida? Floridans”

            “Money. Sex. Money. Cat.”

            “How long have you been 17? Awhile.”

            “See! You’re dancing!”

            I will say that BD1 does have some funny scenes though. Charlie has some of the best lines too. The humor in that movie reminds me of the first one. *giggle*

  3. he just brightens up your day…. and dampens your panties 😉

  4. smittenkitten

    Holy hell! I’m not sure which gif and or picture up above, I love more…they evoke feelings & different reactions to different…umm…girly parts!
    *wicked grin & thanks*

    some to share…
    Sexy mofo*


    SO gorgeous…

    Just cause it owns my ass right now, f*ck me!


    • OH MY Smitten You is a hOOr after my own heart!! “It’s an intriguing idea” GOD I could watch just that sceene for a week!!!!

      the shirtless still… UNF I just wanna lick every one of those shadows on his body just for starters 😀

      Forest edward is so Hot! can we just gather up a bed of leaves and… *wicked grin*

    • eyeonrob1

      *hugs smitten* Damn, bb! You picked some winners to post here. I gotta tell ya…..I wish Rob would get to the gym just a wee bit more and get that New Moon shirtless scene body back. That was the best his body has ever looked. I’ll always perv on him but if he ever muscles up a bit, I’m double dead. Fuuuuuuck me.

    • Loved the tent scene smile! Was so tempted to add that (and many more) but this post would have gone on for ages!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. smittenkitten

    opps! Must have posted too many links, sorry RA gang… 🙂

  6. dazzledbyrp

    I was trying to find a picture of Edward in the snow on the mountain top in that dark blue shirt in Eclipse ’cause I FLOVE Robward in those shots, when I came across this picture. I don’t think I ever saw it before but…. OMR….UNF!,.. THUD!….DED!…..

  7. That Last gif is def a WIN BB!!

    the slow strut smile dies me every time!!

  8. Thanks bb! The last one is truly panting melting! I found myself staring at it repeatedly while trying to proofread the post. Bad idea 😉

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