Wandering in a Winter Wonderland…of Wallpaper

Okay, so it’s not quite December yet. And it’s not even winter yet, but I like to be prepared. And, like I’ve told you before, I like to decorate! So let’s bring out some Winter Cheer and get our home, office, personal, whatever kind of computers in the Rob Holiday spirit!! I’ve done most of the dirty work for you this time. So sit back and pick your faves! (don’t forget to click for larger)

After yesterday’s post maybe some of you are in the mood for a Robward Wonderland.

Better put on a warm coat for these snowy faves!

Or you could find someone to snuggle up with by the fire (I highly recommend this, especially with this man!)

Ho ho ho! (No, I’m not talking about you h00rs!)

Maybe something good will be under your tree this year? I heard that you girls are a little bit Naughty 😉 But I’m sure these will do for you!

And it’s always the season for RomeRob!

So now you have enough wallpaper for the holiday season! But maybe you want one for every day of the month. What else do you ladies have in your spank banks? Any NEW creations?


And thanks to Jules, Dreamysim, Thinking of Rob, and many others for their wonderful works  of heart!



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24 responses to “Wandering in a Winter Wonderland…of Wallpaper

  1. Sus

    OMG, do I love these! What more could one hOOr want for Christmas? These are fantastic!

    thanks, bb…..Happy Robmas!

  2. Rob on the bear skin rug would be a lovely Christmas gift, if Santa happens to be reading this particular post. I’m just saying…

    Or if the rug is not possible, then Edward laughing and giggling in the sheets would be a fine substitute. Again, IJS.

    Be still my heart…

    • Both great options! Hopefully you’ve been a Good Girl, hehe.

      • Most definitely good. Yep.

        • smittenkitten

          And btw, katiebirdie…what are you doing up? My meds are keeping me up & I’m suppose to go back to work tomorrow. But guess what…a little birdie I know rec’d Creature of Habit & now I’m up reading *and coughing* instead of sleeping *and coughing*…I’m really liking too! *not the coughing part* 🙂

    • smittenkitten

      OMG, you know that’s my FAVORITE scene in BD…I LOVE IT!!! I wish I could save it as a gif. When I lick to save, it’s a still shot… 😦
      So anyway…now I’ve watched it for about ten minutes straight, really enjoying it over & over…& over! Thanks bb, I needed that!

      • I saved it on my iPad when RSM sent it to us, then added it to my photobucket account. The only time it’s animated is when I view it in photobucket, so I bet it will work for you in your account also.

        Got home late from work, and couldn’t get to sleep. Sorry to hear you’re back on meds. 😦

  3. smittenkitten

    Wonderful wallpapers! Thanks, RFM…

  4. jolori54

    Great great GREAT selection here!!!! I love and drool over em all! I haven’t really made any new ones for this season, not sure if I’m goin to or not, but here are some from previous years….

    these ones are smaller than my usual but ah well

  5. jolori54

    and some other goodies

    would definitely love to have him!!

  6. jolori54

    my RobSanta from last year

    and some garland for your tree or around the house

  7. jolori54

    and of course we can’t forget Rob wrapped up in a bow all for me erm I mean us 🙂

  8. jolori54

    new creation freshly made…….can I just say I FLUV the look he gives here it dies me DED

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