Thrill Me Thursday

Hello Everybody *waves*


I was working on my fic today and without giving anything away I started listing reasons why we love Rob. It was really quite easy and soon I had far more reasons  than I could use in my fic.  Rob is such an amazing man I thought we could try to see if we could come up with 100 different things to love about him. We all could probably do this quite easily alone but I don’t want to hog them all LOL. I’ll give ya all a jump start but after that it’s up to you! So message your Girlfriend and fellow Rob pervs, Pull out you pornfolios and open up your tumblers, start the music and let’s get started ok?

#1 because he's Beautiful


#2 Rob butt. Let's face it no one else could make us smile the way YOU are smiling now just by looking at their Add!!

#3 Adorkableness has to be in the top five

# 4 A GREAT Body


#5 Just F*cked Hair


#6 Rob's Large feet (that we rearely get to see)


# 7 Whatever this is that makes me love this picture so much. I don't Know what THIS is but I lurve it Alot!!!

Ok Ladies I know I have left you “Loads and Loads” to contribute. Lets hear it for the boy!!! 😀


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27 responses to “Thrill Me Thursday

  1. I have an unusual love for his pits. Not that I want to smell them or anything but I LOVE pics where you can see his pits. I know, weird. But it is what it is. I love his arms period, Bicep porn is HOT. And do we even need to mention fingers???

  2. Listen to what Imelda May has to say here as she sings this on behalf of us all.

  3. My favorite parts of Rob are his eyes and mouth. They are also vying for the top stop.

    After that his hands/fingers. They are amazingly talented. 🙂

    After seeing that pic, I would have to go with his smile and laugh, which leads me to this….

    Like I need another excuse to watch that…

  4. ilovealion


    I ‘m certain that we can come up with 100 different things to love about the Precious. He’s gorgeous, obviously, but my obsession with Rob (not Edward) didn’t develop until I saw him / listened to him in various interviews. He’s easy on the eyes, but that’s not what “attracts” me to him. I think a lot of people (maybe him included) think we’re focused on his looks… but for me it goes deeper than that. He’s adorkable and funny and self-deprecating and sweet. He loves his family. He doesn’t seem to be cynical, and, from what i’ve seen, I think he has a truly kind heart. He’s not into status symbols and stylists. He adopted a dog that was about to be put down. He’s gracious to his fans. He’s not perfect and doesn’t profess to be. He’s a wonderful actor. I think he’d be someone I could hang out with and have a good time… he just seems to be “normal” and not entrenched in the Hollywood glitz and glam.

    He’s a true gem… the total package (yeah his package is nice, too-especially in those freakin hot button fly jeans)

    Dang-I really wanted to get through one post without a pervy comment. lol

    So, there ya go. Add those to your list, sweets.

    Oh, btw, I’ll be sending you a few pics from Cochran in a few minutes 😉


    • ok that’s 19 – 31! A woman after my own heart!

    • eyeonrob1

      *stands and claps* Well said, ilovealion!
      O.K. here is my contribution to the “What I Love About Rob” list:
      – his voice, whether he is speaking or singing. It just melts the panties right off me.
      – his taste in t-shirts. Anybody remember the “Get off my Dick” t-shirt? Classic. The long lost Stoli. Yet another classic.
      – his wonky walk
      – his love of animals, especially elephants
      – his “fuck me now” shades-of-Fifty stare
      – the happy trail
      – the Holy Peen
      – the little crease between his eyes when he is deep in thought
      – the smoochy sounds he makes when he kisses
      – his wave to the audience when he comes on stage
      – his beautiful frame in a suit
      – his love of reading
      – his intellect
      – his musical talent
      – his loyalty to his friends
      – his love of beer and other alcoholic beverages

      Dear Lord……I could go on and on but you lovely hoors have already done a fucktastic job getting this ball rolling so I’ll shut up now and let others have a turn.

      Great post, RF

    • oilily2001

      Well said! I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly how I think about Rob – it’s the whole package! Though I wouldn’t mind seeing any more of his package! 😉

  5. Let’s hear it for the boy indeed! Also, gotta love how Rob just came (oo-err) up in my search bar when I was looking at some fancy new Ray-Bans: :’D xoxo

  6. haystackhair

    I just got back from sneaking out of work to see BD for the third time. it just doesn’t get old. Happy, sexin’ Edward will be the death of me. And while it is true Rob is a hot mess, his adorkable personality makes him truly irresistable. I’d love to hang out with him. Oh, and f*ck him senseless. LOL

  7. I’m going with his humbleness (34), his love for his family and friends (35), his sense of humor (36). and did we do word vomit already?

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