Rita being, well…BACK INDA HOUSE!!!

Howdy, friends and neighbors!  Just got in this morning from my 3 weeks on the farm in Texas!

It’s great to be back…I missed you all so much, I can’t even tell you!

So, obviously I don’t have a Rob being, well… post today (OMG! I have so much catching up to do!) so, reflecting on TMM’s Saturday post on her sixth Faniversary, and at the *ahem* urging of RFT, I guess it’s my turn to tell you how I got Robsessed!

You see, I was just minding  my own business…checking out the latest movie trailers on Yahoo Movies, when I saw…not a trailer…but this poster for Twilight!

Holy shit!  Who is that fuckhawt guy in this poster?  And WTF is Twilight?  I’d never even heard of the books at that point in time.  But a little research lead me straight to them and I devoured them all within a few days!  Now I couldn’t WAIT to see the movie!!

OK, the movie wasn’t better than the book…they hardly ever are, right?  But when Edward…uh, Rob…walked into the cafeteria, I was a goner!  It wasn’t until the credits that I caught the name Robert Pattinson.  I didn’t connect him to GoF until later but I have since watched GoF about a million times.

It didn’t take me long to start collecting every film he’s ever made…yes I have them ALL and watch them every chance I get.  I loves me a Rob marathon movie day!!

Well, then I discovered all the blogs dedicated to Rob, especially RAoR, and I got deeper and deeper into perving on Rob, especially when I realized I wasn’t alone in my addiction.  One thing lead to another, and I wound up here on Rob Attack perving my little (?) ass off with all of you!

Here’s to many more years of RobGoodness!  You know there will be more in store after…


OMG!  2012 cant’t get here fast enough to suit me!

Anyway, that’s how I became (and still am) Robsessed!

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!




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36 responses to “Rita being, well…BACK INDA HOUSE!!!

  1. he he he you so wound up on being back and perving you can’t even bring yourself to say Cosmopolis and Bel Ami!! LOL Just teasing BB!

    So Great To have you back again!!!

  2. edwardsvamptramp69

    He he he! I love hearing how my fellow pervs became obsessed with the Precious. Thanks for the chuckle before I head out to work ……..on a SINDAY no less.

    I’ll make this short, but I could kick myself everytime I think about it. Back in 2008, a fellow coworker gave me the book “Twilight” because she knew I loved vampires since I was a kid. She said it was a “teen” book, so I kinda snubbed it and threw it in my desk at work. It sat there for six months, never touched, until we all got laid off six months later and I had to clear out my desk. (She had also given me “New Moon”, too, because she devoured “Twilight” in one night and rushed out the next day to the get the second book). It wasn’t until “Twilight” came out on DVD in March 2009 that I broke down and watched it. THAT. WAS. ALL. SHE. WROTE. *DED* Right after that I was scrambing around my house looking for those DAMN BOOKS that I had ignored for nine months! I mean, WTF????? I had this decliciousness sitting in my desk all this time and did NOTHING???? Yeah, biggest mistake evah! Needless to day, I had A LOT of free time now that I was unemployed and my obsession with the Pretty began. Read all the books EIGHT times back to back because I couldn’t stand to read anything that wasn’t Edward/Bella related. Thank the fuck I found FF! I thought I would go insane reading the same four books over and over and over….. *shakes head*

    • Hi there Edwardsvamptramp! Nice to “see” you! Thanks for sharing your story! I too Love hearing everyones How I became Robsessed stories and I Encourage Everyone who comments today to share your story too. The whole RA teams stories are posted here You can find mine here… https://robattack.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/how-i-became-robsessed/

      FAN Fiction saved my life too BB Along with Rob of course! Hope you come back soon and comment again!

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        I adored your Robsession story! Yes, I think we were all resistant in the beginning and then before we knew what was happening….BAM! We did’t know what hit us.

        I had seen Rob before and I never thought he was attractive. In fact, just the opposite. When he presented at the Oscars when “Twilight” first came out, I thought he was so ugly and just didn’t get it! I hated his eyes, I didn’t realize he was shy, just thought he was anti social, etc. But “Twilight” opened my eyes and gave me a chance to do some online perving and I got to see the REAL Rob…………….*sighs* Now I can never get enough.

    • rita01tx

      WOW! And here I thought I was the only one who read them all back to back on an endless loop because I couldn’t leave Forks to save my life!
      Like you, FF got me out of the loop. I kept seein the girls on RAoR refer to something called MotU. Someone else asked what that stood for and one of the lovely h00rs gave her (well, all of us lurkers) the link to Master of the Universe! Talk about starting FF at the top!
      Yup! Can’t read a regular book anymore…don’t think I’ll ever have to buy another book. Just when you think you’ve read everything on FF, someone comes up with a new story that blows you away!
      FF Forever!!

      • LMAO I actually think that was me BB! i remember asking and we hooked up not long after that! I’ll have to go back and check I know what week it was I asked so it shouldn’t be hard to find! I was actually thinking about doing a MotU tribute post but I dunno, You basically just did one last week. Got a GREAT song for 50 though! Damn! decisions decisions…

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        Well, there are certain books that you MUST read if you haven’t done so already……….drool inducing books with leather clad sex gods named Vishous, Revhenge, Wrath, Rhage, Zadist, etc…………need I continue? Tell me you’ve gotten on board the BDB express!! If you haven’t……………DO. IT. NOW. !!!!!

        • rita01tx

          So I’m told by everyone reading Black Dagger Brotherhood! I bought 2 of J.R. Ward’s books…”Covet” and “Crave” to see what the writing style was like. I got through chapter 10 of Covet and just put it down. It did not “grab” me like I thought it would. Could be just the plain fact that holding an actual book in my hands feels very strange to me. Maybe I’ll get back into “real” books again someday. Who knows!

          • edwardsvamptramp69

            Well BB………..you’re just reading the wrong books then! Don’t read about Fallen Angels………………..read about menacing warriors from the Black Dagger Brotherhood! I was a little skepitical at first, too, but I asked for “Dark Lover” for my birthday and I was immediately sucked into their world. You will be too. I promise.:)

          • rita01tx

            For those of you not in the know, these 2 books are from the Fallen Angels series, not BDB!
            I love stories involving angels so maybe I’ll try again.

            Oh! Oh! Speaking of angels, Lissa Bryan is writing a new story called The Better Angels of our Nature. It’s a WIP…2 chapters in and looking good!!
            Bella is a powerful telekinetic, escaped from a government research facility. With her is Edward, her guardian angel, sent to earth to protect her. Can they find safety? Can Bella love this extraordinary creature? OOC/AU Rated M for all the good stuff.
            Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Supernatural – Chapters: 2 – Words: 11,712 – Reviews: 147 – Updated: 12-3-11 – Published: 12-1-11 – Bella & Edward

            I got hooked on her work with Written in the Stars (complete)
            Edward is king of a dying race, his planet torn by civil war. Bella is abducted to become his bride. From college student to Queen… Can she learn to love this strange man and help save his people? AU/OOC. Rated M for lemons, violence and mature themes.
            Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Sci-Fi – Chapters: 31 – Words: 148,156 – Reviews: 4691 – Updated: 11-28-11 – Published: 10-28-11 – Edward & Bella – Complete
            That one took 4 stars in my 5 star rating system!!

    • Welcome Edwardsvamptramp! And thanks for sharing your story!! It’s amazing what those four little books can do, isn’t it?!

  3. edwardsvamptramp69

    FF Forever is right, Sistah!
    “The Office” popped my FF cherry, but Fifty still owns my ass. *dreamy sigh* MoTU will always be a classic along with several others that have since been taken down. I feel for the future generation of pervs who discover the yumminess of Edward, but who will miss out on the “classics” that started the Twilight FF. It’s a damn shame. *shakes head*

    • rita01tx

      Would you believe I STILL haven’t gotten to The Office? *face palm*
      Recently read Emancipation Proclamation and that one blew me away, too! We’ll just have to make up a list of our favorite classics and offer pdf’s to the newbies, right?

      • edwardsvamptramp69

        Yes, EP was outstanding. And if you loved that then you’ll have to read the follow up novella to it “Public Enemy Number One”. It’s the back story to Alec. Trust me…………………it’s a pany changer!

        • rita01tx

          Oooh! You’re right about Public Enemy…that was a “must read!” Hell’n I’ll read anything that woman writes.
          Did you know she’s publishing a real book called “Sempre” to be released later this month? She says “don’t pick it up thinking it’s simply EP-with-names-changed in print, because it’s not. It’s much more (in *gasp* significantly fewer words).”
          The prologue is available on this website … check it out! http://www.jmdarhower.com/index.htm

          • edwardsvamptramp69

            Yes, thankfully I subscribe to her blog so I got the announcement that she was publishing it. I’m so damn proud of all the FF authors who are publishing their own writings!!!!! Makes me feel like a proud Mom (even though I didn’t do a God damn thing). *looks around sheepishly*

            So thank you for telling me. I’m sure there are some readers who may not be aware.:)

  4. MotU was my first. I done had the Best! Nothing else can compare! Thank You Icy Wherever you are!!

  5. Cool story, Reets! Hope you had a good time in Texas! Oh Rob, not one of us has a story that says we can put you down for a while – once we’re in, we’re in for life – you have us hook, line and sinker! :’)

    Also….is anyone seeing snow across the screen, or am I just losing my mind?!! 😛 xoxo

    • LMAO *singing* Well the weather outside is frightful but inside it’s so delightful. and since we’ve no place to go let it snow let it snow let it snow!”

      I made it snow for christmas LOL

      *back to singing* “When I finally kiss Rob good night, how I’ll hate going out in the storm but if Rob will only hold me tight, all the way home I’ll be warm!!!”

      • OH! OH! OH! (Or should that be ho ho ho?!) YOU’VE JUST GIVEN ME MY POST FOR NEXT WEEK!!! AND THE WEEK AFTER!!! Christmas fun with TMM begins next Saturday!!! ;D xoxo

        • rita01tx

          TMM! *jumpy hugs*!!!!!!
          I had a great time but I missed you guys so bad! It was hell not having anything better than an iPad at my disposal. Although I did read a shitton of FF on it. But we’ll get to that later.
          Can’t wait to see what you come up with wrt Christmas fun (ummm, unwrapping Rob for Christmas?)!!!

  6. Lovely post Rita and thanks for the snow *hugs* I think all us hoors have somewhat similar Robsession stories. My teenage daughter was repeatedly telling me to read Twilight – when I finally did I bought the movie immediately and my life has never been the same after seeing Robward walk in to the cafeteria. My first fanfic was The List by Laura Cullen and I too haven’t picked up a ‘real’ book after that *FFF(fanficforever)*

    • rita01tx

      Hi TeamRob darlin’! Yeah, I noticed the snow, too. Very clever of our dear RFT!!
      The List was definitely one of the first ones I read after MotU and Wide Awake! Good thing most of us have pdf’s of the classics before they disappeared.
      I did actually buy a book at the airport on my way home, just to complete my collection. Jean Auel’s The Land of Painted Caves…last of her Clan of the Cave Bear series. You know, I’m having a hell of a time trying to read it. Skip reading like hell to get to the sexy bits cause Jondalar has a wonderpeen!

      • *Hands on hips tapping my toe @ you* Just one book??????
        wonderpeen?????? Rob is NOT in that book! lol

        • rita01tx

          Yeah, I didn’t see the Fae Fever series (they didn’t have the last one) until I got to Houston airport and didn’t have enough hands free to carry them all.
          ALSO, I saw a new author…Christian Feehan…for another vampire books series. Didn’t want to start another series and it was hardback so I didn’t have room for that one either. BUT I may have to change my mind on thhat. Check out the trailer for Dark Predator on this link!!

          • rita01tx

            Well shit! Dark Predator is the 22nd book! It would take me forever to catch up…not gonna attempt it at this point. This point being that I have a real problem reading real books anymore!

  7. Rita, I’ve missed you! Thanks for sharing you story, hun!! Now we have all the RA authors stories, my life is complete. hehe I too would not have recognized Ced unless someone had told me! Boy did he grow up!

    And since it’s storytime, here’s mine:

    • rita01tx

      Awww RFM darlin’! I missed you too! Your story reminded me of the months I spent (and still enjoy) cruising YouTube for anything with Rob. Wow, there are so many swoonworthy fan vids, not to mention all the film clips and interviews! It’s fun mining for RobGold on YouTube, isn’t it?

  8. Sorry for the lateness of my Post Ladies but word press is being aa nitch!! I’ll post ASAP!!! Promise!!!

  9. haystackhair

    Ohhh, I love reading everyone’s stories! I’d never heard of Twilight, I had a business trip and was at the store and decided to pick up a book to read on my flight from Boston to LA. I picked up Twilight and thought it sounded good. I finished it by the time we landed. IMagine my surprise when I got to my hotel and turned on the TV and saw the trailer for the movie Twilight! Robward was EXACTLY how I pictured him! I bought New Moon for the flight home, and got the other two when I got home. I too read them about 8 times in a row. Just couldn’t stop! My first FF was Wide Awake, and I was a goner after that. I went on to The Office, M0TU, CW&IA, EP, and all the epic stories. I just can’t seem to step away from the E&B world! LOL! And welcome back Rita!

    • rita01tx

      Thanks, haystackhair darlin’! It’s good to be back among my fellow h00rs and angelz, perving on The Pretty, trading stories on how we got “bitten” and reminiscing about the best FF stories in the Fandom!
      Being stuck out in the boonies for 3 weeks, I haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 yet and trying to keep up with all the Rob action on an iPad with no sound and a tiny screen really sucked. Hoping to remedy all that this week before I go back to work (blech!) next Monday.

    • edwardsvamptramp69

      Great story! 🙂 People just don’t get it until they dip their toe in and then …………..life as they know it is all over. *wink*

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