Monday Maddness…Heatin it up with a Special Guest

Hello Everybody *waves*
Well, Ladies it’s cold outside and so far we have been pretty tame here on Rob Attack so I think it’s time to turn up the heat! And today we have a very special guest joining us. What do you think Rob is it a little chilly in here??

Crank up the heat RF baby!

You heard the man…

Is that better?

  Well Ok Rob I can fix that for ya Darlin’…

How's that Love? All Better now?

I just want you to be comfortable and warm. Are you sure it’s ok?
Ok Ladies now that Rob is happy, and sexier than ever,
 As the head hostess of Rob Attack hOOr House (uhh…does that make me a “madam”?) it is my job to make sure you are happy as well. I know better than most that after surfing for Rob porn all day no raoring fireplace is going to get you any where near Hot enough to survive this cold weather but heh heh heh *sing-song voice* I know what wiiilllll….
  And then we add…

Damn he's got sexy arms and hands *THUD*

 and throw in a touch of this…

some sexy Eye, hair and goatee porn mixed with a little full body porn...

Not to mention the man fur… Uh…err… Where was I?
OH! and did I mention this…
And As if that weren’t enough….

Bottom lip porn *drools* Imma HAVE to do a Bottom lip porn post! *whimpers*

Hey Rob, are you ok with this Darlin’?


Ok, Just Checking Cause I did want to show the girls a couple more things ok?


 OH Rob! Your mind is Always in the gutter! THANK GOD!!! LOL Just a couple more. Please?

Yeah, ok. Anything for you RF.

Thank You Sweetheart!! MWAH! *smooches* Ok girls just one more (or two or three) *giggles*
 So there ya go girls. Is that Hawt enough for ya? heh heh
Well Rob, You have over a hundred women all hot and bothered and revved up over you. How does that make you feel?

"Ain't Nothing wrong with a litttle bit o' bump and grind"

Well you heard it for your self ladies…Why Rob!!!…*surprised look* 


Uh Rob, Whatch doin there Baby? Do you need some help with that? heh heh
Sorry Ladies I have to see to our No. 1 guest right now. If you’ll excuse me.
Laters Babies!

I put this in last well,...because I can and it's F*cking HAWT and I'll find any excuse to use it!! LOL



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19 responses to “Monday Maddness…Heatin it up with a Special Guest

  1. Oh my……I think I forgot EVERYTHING!!! Excellent post m’dear! HE HAS ALL THE THINGS!!! I’m surprised that women still exist and y’know, haven’t been wiped out by him by now…. 😉 Also ‘throw in a touch of this’ does that mean we actually get to TOUCH him?!! Please, please oh pleeeeeaaaase! If not, I’ll just ask Santa if he can fix me up for that – I’ve been a good girl this year after all ;D xoxo

  2. RF you’re def trying to kill us and this post coupled with Rob talking about fulfilling everyone’s sexual fantasies . . .*spontaneous combustion*

  3. miniaturemom12

    Wow! Idek what today’s post is about, but it’s awesome! Oh that man is so pretty! I’m going to go back and take another ride, before I start work, thank you very much.

    • Miniature mom Just ignore me LOL I was just trying to be funny 🙂 But i do agree he is so pretty so GF THIS one is for you!!!

      • miniaturemom12

        Ignore you?! You’ll be lucky if I don’t follow you home! This was the first post in a while that made me have to actually catch my breath! And that last pic is just sofa king stunning. No wonder I didn’t know what was going on by the end. You rock, don’t doubt it!

  4. ilovealion

    I am a card carrying member of the Peen Patrol, so I watched all the videos that you posted with glee. There were several pics scattered throughout that I had never seen before. Love love love the gifs… hehehe

    Thanks for keeping us entertained, sweets.

    Have a great week.

    • ME too!!! coulda posted more but Thursday is another day! IKR I saw severl pics in the vid that I don’t have, WTF??? That just ain’t right!! Not at all!

      mah pleasure Darin!

      Happy Monday to you all. Hope this goofy post made it a bit more enjoyable.

  5. rita01tx

    Great post BB! Love ALL the hot photos and super cute gifs, especially the bump and grind one…perfect timing with the music on my radio right now!
    My ideal way of keeping warm this winter is bundling all naked under a big, thick quilt in front of an open fire with Rob!!

  6. haystackhair

    If you are trying to kill me you have succeeded. You have also caused my ovaries to explode right before death
    T H U D!!!

  7. smittenkitten

    2 words…FUCK ME!

  8. So I take it, Rob is the special guest?? Isn’t he always the guest?

    Btw, the last gif makes me kind of, tingle all over…

    • Yes Rob is always The Special guest. We have his penthouse suit always ready and waiting. the last Gif…I have no clue what he’s acually doing bu heh heh heh you see where my pervy mind went.

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